Five Keys

Level by Florian Essl (March, 2003)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

start with a flyby of a gate opening and then closing. Be careful of the fire and go south to dive into the water. Swim north and down a hole. Avoid the crocodile and follow the underwater tunnel. Pull up into a dark room and many doors open. Kill six scorpions that walk towards you. Search the west wall alcoves for the crossbow. Search the east wall openings for Guardian Key #1. Go to the south wall and press a button on the dark wall. You need a flare to actually see it. Turn around and go north. The cage has dropped so pick up Canopic Jar 2 from the pedestal. Watch out for the scissors blade and enter the doorway to the north. The two vases are empty. Reach into the hole at the north wall for Guardian Key #2. Go back to the water and swim back to the starting corridor.


Go north and enter a room with two statues and a water trench. There are items in the water trench that you cannot get. However, dive into the trench and swim to the bottom to lure a crocodile. Swim south to pull up to the ledge and kill the crocodile. Then dive back into the water and swim to the bottom at the north end. You get secret #1 and a shotgun. It does not seem possible to pick up the jar or the shotgun shells. Get out of the water trench and go south back into the starting corridor. Look up to the ceiling just before the fire and see a hole. Pull up into the hole and into a tunnel.


Follow the tunnel to an outdoor area. You see an item in a cage. Pick up two large medipacks from the steps around the cage. Go to the north-east and pick up a small medipack. Go to the back of the north-east column and press the button. You get a cut scene of the cage dropping around the item. Go to the steps and pick up Canopic Jar 1. Two demigods appear but they seem to be not killable. Just run to the north-west tunnel and drop back into the starting corridor. Go north back to the room with the two statues. Place the Canopic Jars at the backs of the statues and the water trench freezes. Go to the trench and pick up Guardian Key #3 and a Golden Vraeus. The gate in the north room opens. Go there and go through the open gate and into a small room.


Go east through a gateway and into a large outdoor area. To the north just beside the entrance door is crossbow explosive ammo on the ground. Kill three ninjas and pick up red shotgun shells and crossbow explosive ammo. Go into an opening in the south wall for crossbow poison ammo. Continue north to kill two crocodiles at the water pool. Dive into the water and swim north into an underwater tunnel. Pull up into a room and pick up Guardian Key #4 and red shotgun shells from pedestals. Swim back to the outdoor area. There is a closed gate in the north-east corner. Climb onto the big structure at the east wall. Pick up Guardian Key #5 from the north side. In the center, crawl under into the opening for crossbow poison ammo. Hop onto the top of the opening for a revolver. Go to the south-east corner and push the wall button. You get a cut scene of a cage dropping somewhere. Turn to the south and follow the tunnel to the end to pick up red shotgun shells.


Return to the entrance area and go north under the archways. Enter an area with an obelisk and kill three scorpions. There is a closed door in the north wall. Enter the large opening in the east wall. Reach into the hole in the north wall for blue shotgun shells. One hole in the south wall is empty. The other hole is a reach-in switch to open the east gate. In the next room, push the wall button on the north wall to open the door in the east wall. Follow the tunnel to a room and place five guardian keys into the receptacles. The door in the west wall opens. Go there and place the Golden Vraeus. You get a cut scene of a door opening. Go west and pick up a Guardian Key. You may have picked up the key earlier from the pool area if you explored the north-east corner. Go back to the entrance area and under the north archways again. The door in the north wall is open. Go to the open door and run into the tunnel to end the level.