Author: Norman Scherke (Lexx)


Unpack the Copy the wav files into the Audio folder, the tut1.tr4 into the data folder and the rest into the main folder. Run the game and enjoy!


Note from moderator:  For those who prefer more detail, an alternate walkthough by Phil Lambeth follows this one.



Follow up the escalator, kill the tramp and shoot the fuse-box at the most right slot machine. Climb up the stairs and after taking care of some rats find the SECRET #1 under the dropping floor in the left-hand corner. Be careful as the other dropping floors are traps. Enter the door and open the other one. Jump into the water and find the place where Lara can get some air in the left-hand corner next to the escalators, this side of the grate. Now you have to swim down to the bottom of the escalators at least five times 'till Lara can pull all the tree levels and get the supply. Swim back to the place where the water began and start swimming again but swim to the left at the first corner now. A door opens there, pull the lever inside, but before doing this get the SECRET #2: the Shotgun.

Getting back into the dark corridor another tramp attacks Lara. The door opens, collect the CARD #1. Return to the first escalators, a door has opened there too. Continuing the corridors kill the tramp and reach the subway. Kill the rats and shoot the opposite grate to the right. You have to sprint there avoiding the metro. Turn around and shoot another grate in front of you, get the Laser Sight and return the way you have came. There's a new grate to the left, a bit far from you, shooting it collect the SECRET #3: the Desert Eagle. Return into the right-hand passage and reach a shaft. Jump onto the platform on the left, then to the left and swinging to the right get the second CARD #2. Jump onto the ladder in front of Lara, but don't climb towards the crawlspace first but to the right and collect the SECRET #4: the Grenade Gun.

Now you can get into the crawlspace. Climb down on its end and combining the Desert Eagle with the Laser Sight and shoot the fuse-box quickly. Now sprint into the end of the corridor and jump into the open gap -the other one is a trap. Slide down and save your game. A crazy rush will be the next step, followed by an army of rats. :-) You have to find 4 buttons 'till the door opens in that room where you slid down earlier. meanwhile get the CARD #3. Now enter a small room where after some monkey-swinging and pulling levers get the CARD #4. Now don't leave the room but pull down the lever high on the wall above the exit. Return into the room as there’s the SECRET #5 in the left-hand alcove.

Now you can get to the last spot. Climb up onto the upper level to the right just notice the different colour of the wall there. Pull the lever above and place the CARDS onto the pyramids below (approaching the correct pyramid the grate descends and you can collect them from outside). before getting to the last spot save your game. Lara has to fight with the chief badguy. You are not able to kill him only push him back using the Shotgun. Instead climb up onto the floor as he doesn't make trouble to Lara if she's there. As for me I was shooting at him as long as he was stucked into the place where I came from. Above shoot all the chains one after another and after collecting all pickups leave the room. Your last objective is to climbing up out of this gruesome place and the level finishes.

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Alternate walkthrough by Phil Lambeth


Slide down a bumpy shaft and land at a subway station. Go N up the escalator, and at the top draw your pistols and kill the bum who resents your invasion of his territory.  Looks like this place has been deserted for quite a while.  Go to the far side of the E phone booth and see the fuse box.  Jump up and shoot it, then go up the stairs N.  Clear the dark area of rats when you reach the upper floor, then step onto the collapsing tiles SE (to the right of the stairs with a closed gate at the top) and pick up assorted goodies and a Laden (which I assume is German for "load") for SECRET #1.  Avoid the other collapsing tiles at the N and S walls, as they cover death traps. 


Enter the open doorway leading to the Eastbound Platform, pass a closed door to your left, pause for some shotgun ammo behind the column right after that, and pull down a wall switch at the far end.  The door opens silently, so go into the hallway and turn right.  Go S down the stairs and into a water-filled area.   Continue down to your left and swim into the flooded Down Street Station.  Go across to the NW corner and find the air hole next to a closed gate.  Fill your lungs with air, then loop around N and get the desert eagle ammo on the other side of the gate before swimming down the escalator into a small area stacked with crates.  There's desert eagle ammo on the floor to your right and a large medi-pack in a hole N. Find an underwater lever in a hole in the SE corner, then rush back for some air.  Return to the flooded crate room and locate some flares on the floor near the NW corner.  Not far away is a hole in the SW corner where you'll find a second lever, and a third underwater lever on the side of a crate above where you picked up the flares.  You probably won't have enough air to pull both levers during the same trip. 


After all three levers have been pulled, swim back up and exit the Down Street Station.  Turn right into the passage just before the stairs and find a small medi-pack in the large alcove to the right of the W opening.  Swim inside the small room and pick up the SHOTGUN and a Laden in the corner where a crate has been lowered, for SECRET #2. Pull another underwater lever nearby, then leave this room, turn right and follow the stairs to get some air.  Run up the stairs N and retrace your steps along the red-tinged passage until you're met by another bum.  Kill him, then find the doorway to your right that has been opened. Go inside and pick up a TAROT CARD. Pull down the wall switch on your way out and kill a rat.  Return to where you began this level (past the flaming trash can) and locate an opened doorway in the N wall.  Go inside and kill another bum.  Pick up the flares in an alcove to your right (the passage directly opposite is blocked by a grate) and continue E and around the corner.  Pull down the wall switch to open the gate leading to the railroad tracks. 


Step out onto the tracks, but don't stray more than a few steps from the doorway.  Clear the area of rats, then face NE and shoot the grate in the far wall.  Use your sprint key to get inside the opening before you're run over by the speeding subway, then shoot the grate S and go over there for the LASER SIGHT and some flares.  Step back out and head W down the tracks.  You'll see another grate in the wall to your right.  Shoot it out, then sprint into the opening before the train gets you.  Pick up the DESERT EAGLE, a large medi-pack and a Laden for SECRET #3.  Exit and go back E.  Enter the N passage and crawl over the crate.  Drop down on the other side and step forward to face a steep shaft.


Take a running jump W and grab the ledge.  Pull up and endure a plague of locusts.  That grate in the W wall is climbable, so jump to it and shift to your right and downward.  Drop down into the N alcove formed by the crates, then turn to face N with your right shoulder against the crate, drop back and grab the edge, and shimmy right and around two corners until you're able to pull up into an opening.  Pick up the large medi-pack and a second TAROT CARD.  Drop down to the lower alcove and locate the long ladder S and slightly to your left.  Take a running jump and grab the ladder.  Climb down a bit, and your obvious next stop is that crawl space off to your left.  However, the metal surfaces to your right are also climbable, so shift right and around two corners until you're able to drop down into an alcove.  Pick up the GRENADE GUN LAUNCHER, a large medi-pack, flares, shotgun ammo and a Laden for SECRET #4. Jump back to the climbing surface and shift left, past the ladder, until Lara is able to pull up in front of the crawl space.


Crawl inside and follow to an intersection.  Drop down into the small hole to your left for some desert eagle ammo.  Then ready your combined desert eagle and laser sight and save your game before dropping down on the S side.  As soon as you land a giant tunnel borer is triggered, so turn to your right, draw that desert eagle and run E (away from the tunnel borer).  Turn around near the end of the tunnel and quickly shoot the fuse box up to your left, then reverse roll and continue running E (avoiding the lowering crate on the floor to your left, which reveals a death trap) until you slide down into a dark new area.  You're not safe here, however.  As soon as you start moving around you release a horde of rats, so pull up quickly into the S opening and hop down on the other side while your heels are being nibbled.  Avoid the green trench areas at all costs, as you'll burn and die if you leave the safe ledges.


Run and jump along the ledges in search of four wall switches.  You'll find the first one on the E side, the next one beyond an opened gate W, the third one beyond an opened larger gate N, and the last one beyond the opened gate S.  You'll also find here another TAROT CARD, a large medi-pack and some grenade gun ammo.  When you've picked up everything, pull down that fourth switch and make your way back to the exit N.  Continue through the passage and the door shuts behind you to block off all rats that aren't literally on your heels.  Turn the corner to face a room with that familiar deadly TR3 goo on the floor.  Jump up to grab the ceiling, and monkey swing over to the W alcove.  (Be sure to follow the marked pathway.) Drop down inside and pull down the wall switch.  Then monkey swing over to the N alcove and pull down the wall switch there.  Finally, monkey swing over to the E alcove and drop down for another TAROT CARD.  Monkey swing back to the S exit, but instead of moving forward locate the jump switch in the ceiling hole there and activate it.  Monkey swing back to the W alcove and find that a door has been opened there.  Drop down inside for some flares, a small medi-pack and a Laden for SECRET #5.


Monkey swing to the S exit and time a jump past the teeth doors to slide down the W slope, and when you reach the second slope be prepared to jump a two gaps before winding up in an enclosed area down below.  As you step forward, though, the W door opens.  Enter a new area lined with that TR3 goo.  Run forward to the central intersection past the first two cages and turn right.  Run to the N end of the ledge and turn left.  Note the climbable texture on the pillar ahead.  Take a running jump, grab it and climb nearly to the top.  Back flip onto the higher ledge.  Now make your way along the ledges (don't try to use the tops of the cages, as they're not stable, but the translucent ledges are okay) until you reach the S end.  Pull down the wall switch there to lower one of the cages behind you.  Hop down and go to the exposed pyramid.  Stand next to it facing S and insert one of your Tarot Cards.  The cage to your right lowers.  Stand next to that pyramid, facing E, and insert another Tarot Card.  Again, the cage to your right lowers.  Go to that pyramid, stand to it facing N, and insert another Tarot Card.  The final cage lowers.  Stand next to it, facing W, and save your game.  When you insert the last Tarot Card, a flyby is triggered and an invulnerable skeletal Boss is awakened.


You can't kill it, but you can slow it down with your shotgun.  During a lull in the action, run down the N ledge and take a running jump W to that ladder.  Climb up and back flip to the upper ledge where you'll be safe from further attack. Combine your grenade launcher with the laser sight (the desert eagle doesn't seem to work) and shoot the four chains that are keeping the pyramids suspended.  Then arm yourself with the shotgun once again and drop down to the lower ledge.  Stun the Boss, run down the W ledge and quickly pick up the HAMMER DER FREIMAURER.  This starts an earthquake and closes the door behind you so that the Boss is no longer a threat.  Pause for the large medi-pack, then climb up W and around and just above the burner tile.  Back flip into an alcove, turn around and run forward as a door closes behind you.  Climb up N and back flip into an alcove.  Turn around and shoot the grate at the end of the passage.  Step forward into the finish trigger.