Powell's Hidden Valley Demo

Author: Donald Forgues (Dnf Productions)

Unpack the DonaldForgues-PowellsHiddenValleyDemo.zip. Copy the files from the Audio into the Audio folder, the files from the Graphics/Wads into the Graphics/Wads folder and the rest into the main folder. Run the Level Converter and build the artic.TOM file up. Run the game and have fun!


Shoot the guard behind the house and enter the house. After taking care of another guard, collect all pickups. At the junction head to the left first. Kill the 2 dogs attacking Lara. Shoot the lock and get inside. Standing on the top of the box, shoot the red spot on the box of the electric switch. Shoot the soldier patrolling on the other side of the chasm. Get over and climb on the block; then on the gallery, pull the lever. Return on the other side of the chasm where you came in, and after carefully jumping over on the other side enter the door. Shoot the soldier awaiting Lara and get the BRONZE KEY which he drops. On your way back in the chasm, jump onto the platform and pull the lever on the other side. Enter the corridor. Climbing up, pull the lever and return to the chasm. Get back to the junction, but notice the open large gate behind the house as there's the snow-mobile. Collect some ammos on the storey. Leave the snow-mobile alone for the time being although you can ride it if you would like.

Now head to the right at the junction. Shoot the dog behind the house. Get up onto the roof of the house as you will find the Secret #1 there: a small medipack and the Uzi. Using your Key, enter the house and pull the lever but notice the now closed armoury. Exiting the house, head to the right and find the FUSE on the top of a block behind the generator. Place it on the generator and climb down the ladder on the right side of the house. Kill the soldier inside and collect the SILVER KEY which he drops and neither forget the CROWBAR. Now return to the armoury, using your Crowbar force open the door on the corridor and pull the lever inside. Climb down carefully on the wall of the house and enter. Shooting a box on the left find a large medipack and beneath the moveable block some Shotgun ammos.

Exit and use the Key in the lock of the door on the left. Get down and through the door. Inside find another SILVER KEY on the table and a small medipack on the other. Pull the lever. Leave the room and open the other door. Kill the guard and getting up to the storey collect the NITRO from the table. You can also look in the kitchen but you don't have Key for this yet. Now return to the snow-mobile, fit in the Nitro and get on it. Jump over the chasm (don't forget that pushing the sprint button the snow-mobile also can pick up speed). At the small chasm stop and get off your vehicle. On the left side climbing up onto the small block get the KITCHEN KEY. Now get on the snow-mobile but don't try to jump over the chasm. Drive on the top of the house to the right then slowly and carefully get on the sloping area in the middle. Now you can enter the kitchen below and get the SECRET #2: Shotgun ammo and a large medipack.

Return and jump over the chasm again. On the other side run over all enemies and get off the snow-mobile on the small square. Enter the door on the left side. Notice the closed door to the left. Head to the right and shooting the Cola slot-machine get the CIRCUIT BOARD. In the store-room in front of you pull the lever behind the moveable block and after taking care of the soldier turn to the other store. Find some Uzi ammo beneath an another moveable block. Open up the trapdoor and pull the lever below, on the other side of the room. Return to the now open door which you have seen earlier. After a small swimming pull the underwater lever, get some air and swim into the open passage. Swimming to the left pull the other underwater lever and climb out towards the opposite direction. Kill the soldiers and pull the underwater lever in the opposite room. Now you have to be very fast as the door in the previous room is timed. Use the Card on the storey and jumping into the water swim back all the way to the first lever. Now you can swim straight ahead and to the right then a current catches Lara and' and that's the end of the level.

Images: http://treditor.freeweb.hu/english/powells_hidden_valley_demo_eng.htm

Walkthrough by OBig from TombRaider.hu TM
Translated by Petunia from TombRaider.hu TM