Levels by Hendrik Kunze

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This walkthrough is posted with the kind permission of Litepulsar.

Ten secrets found, out of eleven.

Note from the builder, posted in April of 2003: There's a little mistake in the first level and now I corrected this. In the new version, you find the crossbow in the third level only. In the old [new?] version you must find the revolver in the saloon, because you'll need this weapon in the second level part (train).


Level 1: Silverado Town

The music really adds to the atmosphere of this level, you're treated to a lovely flyby of a cowboy getting on his horse, which you immediately have to kill. Once you have dispatched of him, pick up the jailhouse keys he's dropped and head for the Silverado Bank. Shoot the left pane and go through to the back of the room, from the left window ledge do a jump/grab to the upper walkway, turn around and you should see a switch. Climb back up for some Uzi clips and flares which are on the upper ledge nearest the door, you can reach it from the central structure's upper glassless windows.

Directly opposite the bank is a grated door, and in the far left corner there's a well-concealed trapdoor, don't worry about those for now. From the bank, go left, passing another grated door and you'll soon reach the entrance you saw in the flyby opening. Before going deeper in the pool, make your way to the small ledge in the top left corner, and pull the jump switch, then make your way down to the watery passages that lead to the next area, picking up a mudpack and shotgun shells on your way, and watch out for the croc! Take note of the closed gates (one that needs a gem), you'll have to be revisiting this area too. For now, find the crawl space and climb the ladder, back flip, then slide/jump/grab to the higher ladder. The push/pull levers in this level are positioned at an angle, and the best way I found of being able to use them properly is to position Lara as far left as possible to where she needs to push. Otherwise Lara refuses to push them. *rolls eyes*

When you go through the newly opened grate, go through a small courtyard and enter a dark brown wooden building, go to your immediate left and find the jumpswitch (you'll be accessing that area later), then go back to the entrance, then make your way down the right hand side of the building till you spot the trapdoor, climb down, pick up the grenades and curse in annoyance at the crossbow tantalisingly out of reach. Don't worry; you'll be getting that soon. Follow the corridor into a new part of Silverado. When this is all over, make sure you take Lara for a well-deserved drink in the salon. Before you step forth, you'll see behind you a door that needs the crowbar.

Take an immediate right, and go to the corner between the fence and a sloped roof. Go up against the fence, and back flip onto the slope, immediately grabbing the ledge and push the newly discovered lever. Then go back the way you came and take the alleyway down the left side of the salon and make your way up some steps to a door. On the balcony, pick up the binoculars, and some revolver bullets at the far end, then take a peek through those binoculars and you'll see a swinging ball you need to shoot (yes we really need that crossbow, or the revolver would be better!) Make your way back down and go into the central wooden structure, follow the veranda all the way around on the left and pick up some Uzi clips. Go back along the veranda and find a door that takes you up to the next level of the central building. Out on the balcony, you'll come out above the salon, you can do a running jump to the open ledge across the way, and from there pick up some goodies on the balconies of the local pub.

There are more pickups inside the Salon, but be prepared for a gunfight to get them.
Then make your way back up to the balcony again and go left all the way round till you see one of the gates you opened and a lever on the roof which opens the trapdoor in the cells. Go inside and pick up the crowbar, beware of the spikes and the two dogs who will jump out at you as the gate opens, inside you can pick up a medipak and find the stand for the Medicine Man. Go back out then jump up to grab the roof and shimmy left to the lever. Push that then walk back to the edge of the roof, and do a standing jump to the other side of the sloped roof. Immediately jump and slide/grab on the opposite roof. Shimmy along and grab the jump switch, then drop down in front of the jail. Use the jail keys to get the lasersight and a note from Billy the Kid, as well as picking up the shotgun and shells in the room above. Now take the shortcut back to the bank (you can't miss it, the grated door is just before the big gates, and the jump switch to open it is right beside it) and the newly opened trapdoor in the corner. YES! The crossbow (but see note at beginning of this walkthrough), a medipak and some crossbow ammo are now in your possession, before you take the balcony where you found the binoculars, directly below use your crowbar on the entrance to the stables, and take care of a Larson look-alike, ignore the climbing pole for now and pick up the flares and shotgun shells. Then make your way up the pole to the stables loft, take care of the cowboy on your left and climb a ladder for some shotgun and revolver shells, further down you'll see another Larson clone and the Medicine Man head, make your way to stand on the other side of the loft, opposite your prize and find a shootable item for more target practice (no, not Larson lol). This will lower a block so you can reach the head and a medipak.

I think, though not sure, that shooting the swinging ball makes the gem appear in the cell where you picked up the sight and note... but nonetheless it appears there, so go fetch that and make your way back to the pool area near the bank. Placing the gem opens a gate high up in the stone arch, use your crossbow and sight to shoot the bell, then head over to the ladder and climb up, doing a back flip and a midair roll to grab the ledge. Pull up and pick up the Medicine Man handle, then monkey swing to the corner from that entrance and pick up some crossbow ammo. Head back to the upper storey of the central house and place the Medicine Man in the room where you found the crowbar.

Make your way down and go through the newly opened large gates. Take care of the scorpions. Ahead of you, you'll see a large pinkish house as the main central structure, the path directly ahead of you takes you to the doors of the house, go inside and pick up some goodies, then make your way back to where you started. Now take the path on your right (when facing the house) and you'll immediately spot a dark wooden porch, inside is a jump switch which raises a block just a little further down.

Pull up, turn round and jump to the terracotta sloping roof, then shimmy left to the end and back flip onto the wooden roof behind you, then a standing jump to the higher wooden roof. Face the house and have a look around, you'll notice dormer windows on the sliding roof of the house, as well as a grated window, some shotgun shells on the right and another direction to take on your left. Lets get those shotgun shells and a secret first Position Lara so she is facing the first dormer window, and where the window meets the roof and not the ledge (Lara should be at a slight diagonal angle). Do a running jump without pressing action and you should land just on the edge of the window, then do a running jump to the shotgun shells and make your way back to the same window, this time doing running jumps to the third dormer window. Do another running jump to the pink roof and you'll fall down into a gap containing a secret. Then go back to the wooden roofs and take the route left.

Cross the brown roof till you see another terracotta roofed building, do a jump to that and shimmy all the way round to the other side till you can't shimmy no more. Then, shimmy left a little; pull up and do a midair/midair roll to grab the climbable buttress behind you.

Make sure Lara goes into her climbing animation; sometimes she refuses to go round the corners. Shimmy all the way round to the other side of the buttress, and then do a midair twist and you'll land near a switch. This switch opens the door by the cells, it's the exit so don't bother going there for now. Throw that then do a jump/grab back onto the buttress, and climb down to the ground, then make your way back again to the dormer windows, this time on the central one, face the roof's apex and do a standing jump. There's a closed door inside the attic, as far as I know it only leads outside! Instead, climb back up the ladder, back flip onto the ledge behind you, turn round and jump back then grab, shimmy to your right till you can see the other central dormer window on the other side of the house, pull up and slide down to it, ignore the jumpswitch you'll have spotted for now, you need to grab something else first.

Do a running jump to the roof the switch is on, then do continuous slide/jumps, all the while veering Lara right (or left, depending which way you landed on the roof) whilst in midair, till she lands on the balcony behind the jump switch. Before going in the doorway, go to the end of the balcony and do a running jump to get some Uzi clips, then come back the same way. Inside in the hallway, take a left and open the careful, dogs try to take a chunk out of your butt, so take care of them. Go through the crawlspace, pick up the medipack, kill the bats and throw the switch. Climb back up and go back down the hallway, carrying on till you see some Uzi clips and an open trapdoor. Climb up and pick up the Medicine Man head and two sets of crossbow ammo. Now make your way back to the central dormer window and do a standing jump to that jumpswitch.

Hehehe yet again...make your way back to that same dormer window, this time go to the end of the house and face that lovely vista of canyons Walk Lara towards the sandy/grassy banks, peer down then to your right, you should see a small sloping ledge, in the left corner there's a place for Lara to stand. This jump's a little tricky, make Lara walk back two steps and face her towards that little corner and do a standing jump. Then turn Lara to face the house, and you'll see the small gate you opened, do a jump grab and prepare for a big gunfight, so I'd save at this point. Try not to jig in time to the music else Lara might die. Pick up the Medicine Man handle and make your way to the exit door by the cells, using the Medicine Man to gain access to the end of the level and the beginning of a train ride.

Level 2: Locomotive Breath

Tip from RonBate: Before taking the train ride, crawl underneath for a secret.

A superb train level, which is very atmospheric of the Wild'll be too busy enjoying the music and scenery to raid. In the first carriage, hunt around for a secret, take note of the "Star holder" and throw the switch, then jump across to the next carriage. Take care of Larson's 7th or 8th brother then pick up some grenade shells in one of the rooms. Make your way to the end of this carriage and do a running jump to the green tarpaulin, shimmy along the right side of this till you come to a space to pull up, take care of the cowboy, pick up the revolver bullets he's dropped then slide down the rest of the way to the end, do a standing jump onto the ladder and climb up to the next carriage and take care of those irritating cowboys once more, one of them will pop back down into the carriage so chase after him and finish him off.... an explosive crossbow shot always gets rid of the little s*** pretty quick.

Hunt round for another secret and some more goodies, then climb back out and jump to the platform with the trucks on, taking the left side, if you run pretty quickly, you can avoid much damage from the gun. You can't destroy it from here, so save your health and ammo, and jump to the black-roof of the next carriage. The only way I know of to destroy the gun inside the next cabin is to have the revolver, which can be got from behind a moveable block in the salon. Or, if you've missed this weapon, the crossbow (what I used). To get there, go to the right side of the first dark metal topped carriage and jump back off the ledge then grab, shimmying alongside till you find the entrance. This carriage counts as a secret, you'll find some goodies here and the grenade gun, you need to destroy the automatic weapon in front of you, you'll need to access the crawlspace in front of it to get back on the roof (unfortunately, you can't avoid the gun altogether and go back out the way you came in).

Head on over to the last carriage, the entrance is at the back and as you climb in, pick up some revolver bullets and a media, then climb over the box to fight another cowboy and three wild pigs. Once you've killed them, pick up the shotgun shells and the Star of Wyatt Earp; the trapdoor above you will open. Stand directly in front of the sliding ramp, and then do a back flip, immediately jumping without sliding to grab the carriage roof. Make your way back to the front of the train, place the Star and jump to the very front to end the level.

Level 3: The Quick And The Dead

The train ride ends in a very picturesque Indian Reservation; head past the wooden hut, immediately on your left is a pushable block. Pull this towards you and to one side, and then pick up the first secret, the crossbow and some crossbow ammo. Throughout the level, keep tabs on the unlit pyres; the first one you'll find is to the right of the t-junction as you go past where you found the first secret. Opposite it, open the wooden door with your crowbar and activate the switch. Now take the other path, go through the crawlspace and go through the first arch, you'll come into the area which you saw in the cut scene...there's another pyre just before the second arch, and a third if you take the path on the right further down, you'll also see a metal wire door in the top-right hand corner and switches on high rocky ledges.

Go back under the arches near where you found the second pyre, you'll find a block to climb up on to reach the upper levels. Climb onto the highest block, face away from the large statues and look to your far right, you'll see a medipak, if you think it's worth getting, here's how. You'll have to come back this way to do the switches, but you'll only need to pull the final one second time around. Immediately to your left (still facing the switch opposite) is a ledge you can stand on. To the right of that is a slope, doing a running jump to this and shimmy along to your right till you come to a larger area where you can pull up. Do a standing jump to the block in the corner, then a running jump to the first switch, pull this then shimmy round the block immediately to your right and pull up. Above the first switch is some crossbow ammo, which can only be accessed in the crawlspace from the front of the ledge.

Get back onto the block, and do a running jump to the next ledge, it's a bit hard to make out but it'll become clear when you see the huge hulking bear padding in and out of his cave. Take care of him and his mate, then go into the cave to pull the second switch and pick up a medipak. Come back out of the cave and use the lasersight and crossbow (or revolver) to take out the bit of wood that blocks the crack immediately to your left (when facing outwards from the cave). Don't do a standing jump to the crack just yet, do a jump/grab to the ledge above and shimmy along till you come to the small entrance and the large medipak, another secret, then make your way again to the last switch by shimmying round the crack till it's safe to drop into the alcove. You still have a few things to do before you can go through the newly opened gate, so head back to the niche by the archway and climb up by the statues. Immediately behind them are three archways, go through the middle one and activate a jump switch, which opens a gate past the left-hand arch, this in turn leads to another pyre and a unlit lamp. But first we need the torch... take the right hand arch and enter into a room with low buildings and a bonfire, kill the Indian and the dog then make your way round the low rise building on your left, pass the first closed gate (you can't access this from here) to another wooden gate which leads you to the torch (you can use your crowbar on this one). Light the torch and run back out, straight across into the other room light the pyre (don't stand ultra-flammable Lara too close, else she'll become barbecued) and don't forget the lamp at the back of the shrine. Then go back through the arches, and make your way down doing standing jumps to light the other two fires just below. You'll be ambushed by two Indians as you finish lighting those two, take care of the men then head back to where you started to light the penultimate pyre, you can toss the torch through the crawl space, it's a bit tricky but it can be done, save your game and reload if the torch doesn't quite make it (hint: Lara doesn't have to crawl that far as it might appear) On your way back, stand near the widest gap before you duck to crawl, and toss the torch back through there.

Head back to the room where you found the first bonfire, using standing jumps to get up onto the blocks with the torch. Keep hold of the torch and soon as you come to the entrance of the bonfire room, do a standing jump onto the first building. Straight ahead a little to your right is a taller building tucked in the corner, do a running jump without holding the action button down onto the wooden flat roof. Follow the corridor round and drop down through the newly opened trapdoor to light the last pyre. Immediately behind you a door opens to reveal the Little Big Horn (LOL-otherwise known as a guardian key). Climb up the climbable ladder through the trapdoor, and go back to the other adobe building, climb the ladder and back flip onto a long wooden walkway, take care of the vulture then drop down into a small room at the other end and pick up the revolver. Now, you can finally go through that gate the switches opened.

Take down the first fence, but when you reach a junction, don't turn left or right just yet, use the crossbow to take out another fence further down. Run down this way and quickly turn left to escape the boulder, and then use Little Big Horn to gain access to a rather tricky series of jumps. This is the easiest way I found to cross the crumbling platforms...position Lara so her line of sight takes in both the first and second platforms. I recommend saving your game at this point hehehe. Make sure Lara is on the edge and do two standing jumps to each platform, arcing Lara left a little whilst in midair before landing on the second one. On the second platform, pivot Lara left a little, then do a standing jump to the third platform, which is a little further up, and to Lara's left. Immediately pivot Lara nearly 45 degrees anticlockwise, then do a final standing jump to the last platform, side-flipping right to safety.

<addition by Josť>: Small detour to get the next secret: Standing in front of the first breakable tile, look to your right and see a different grey wall with orange stains. This wall is climbable. Grab the wall and shimmy all the way to your left around the corners until you find a safe tile with a ladder. Climb the ladder to get another secret: revolver ammo. Return to the starting point the way you came.

Climb the ladder to only find...yes another deadly trap lol. Take out the breakable fence just past the chomping doors. Time your run carefully through them, over the crumbling tiles and turn immediately right, then stop...if you're lucky you might slide through the next chomping doors unharmed, but you can have a little rest before hand in this safe area. Slide down the long ramp with a couple of boulders on your heels, as you reach the end, jump and arc right in midair to avoid being crush, as you land in the water immediately fight against the current so you don't get squished underwater either. The current isn't too hard to beat in this underground pool, but ignore the door on your right and fight the current to follow the pool round and find a place to climb out. Watch out for the hungry crocs. Climb out by a couple of huts, boxes and a bonfire, pick up the medipak by the skeleton and some revolver bullets on top of a tall block, then go back to where you climbed out. Facing the huts, turn right and follow the lakeside ledge all the way round till you come to a fixed camera angle (you'll shoot a large wasp enroute), then jump back off the ledge and shimmy right, around the corner, until you can pull up and climb the ladder to get another Little Big Horn. This also releases another croc below. Either swim or shimmy back round to where the huts are, then find a place where you can jump to the ledge on the other side of the lake. Follow the ledge all the way round, pass the door till you come to a place where you can put the Little Big Horn key, face outwards and you'll see a shootable fence underwater, not much past the entrance to where you got the Little Big Horn. A rope will come down as a result of you placing the key, which you can use to swing across for a head start on the strong current, then swim through the open gap to pull an underwater switch. Head back to the newly opened gate, clamber through the small gaps till you come to a switch to use the crowbar on; this opens a trapdoor immediately to your right.

The next few moves are a bit difficult especially for the secret. Climb the ladder to the very top till Lara can go no further, then climb back down three steps, no more. Back flip and do a midair roll to grab the ladder behind you. Then, climb up the second ladder, there's a fixed camera at this point that shows you a crumbling platform and a third ladder, beneath the platform are some spikes and some shotgun shells. Climb till Lara's hat disappears beneath the third ladder, back flip onto the platform, then immediately jump back, do a jump/grab and climb up for another secret. The spikes have now safely retracted, so climb down and drop to get the shotgun shells.

Climb all the way down to the bottom of the second ladder, and let Lara fall on to the slope, immediately grabbing its edge and shimmying right, pulling up into the small gap. You come out into a narrow corridor, monkey swing down then to your left till you find a crack in the wall you can drop/grab onto, then shimmy right and pull up into another crawlspace. Immediately above you is another small gap, pull up into that one and follow it round, picking up the revolver ammo in the left corner. As soon as you stand up, don't follow the corridor down to the pool, it's a dead end. Immediately on your right, up high, is another crawlspace. Follow that to a small niche facing a sloping block. Do a running jump to the lowest left corner, don't slide but immediately jump to grab the crack opposite the block and shimmy right till you see a ladder and crawlspace. Once in the next crawl space, take care of the bats and rotate Lara round till she's facing the closed door and shoot the padlock. Then, turn her around and climb out of the crawlspace without climbing down the ladder, do a back flip and a midair roll to grab the ledge behind you, then pull up, throw the switch and do a running jump to the higher ladder opposite. Get the star, then go back down to the crawlspace, going further right a little till you can jump across the lava into a corridor with another ladder. Be careful of the ceiling when doing a running jump here.

Climb the ladder and you'll come to a small poolroom. Go down the edge of the pool, and face the pillar on the opposite side, move to your right a few steps and do a running jump. Kill the bee that tries to sting you. Go round the pillar to it's opposite side, facing the pool, look up and left. You'll see a shootable ball.... take a few steps back, else you'll be squished by a boulder when hitting your target. Jump into the water and go through the opened door, picking up a medipak on your left on the way in, then swimming around to the right to find an underwater switch. Find a place to climb out, then do another running jump to the other side, and find the newly opened metal door.

You're ready for the final battle... Von Croy is overjoyed to see you but.... once you've beat the boss, you and Von Croy can escape from the reservation. Use the key, place the star and go grab Von Croy....THE END.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!