Temple Of The Naked Women
Author: Kjartan

Some may say that this is a dubious addition to our growing collection of walkthroughs. However, let it never be said that we discriminate....

Walkthrough by Obig

I didn't take care of finding and describing the secrets, I left them on the players as bonuses. :-) I think the essence is the walkthrough.

Jump into the water. Notice the two openings above. Swim up into the one to the left and push the button. Now head into the other opening and do the same. Kill the croc and enter the door. Shooting the vases in the room, find the Shotgun. Push the button on the other side, next to the Shotgun ammo. Return to the corridor and climb up to the story behind the open door. Jump to the right on the top of the column in the corner and push the button. Return above and entering the door reach up to the other button on the opposite side. The door opens below and Lara can get the CANOPIC JAR #1. Push the button here, jump back into the water and swim down.

Climbing up in the room, push all three buttons, shoot the croc and the scorpions. Head into the passage to the left and take care of the ninja. Jump along on the top of the columns to the opposite side and push the button.

Now climb up and drop into the water. Choose the passage in the middle. In the next room two ninjas await Lara. Climb up onto the platforms from the small rise on the right and jump into the passage from here. Somewhere you can climb up to the right. Pushing the button here the door of the 3 passages opens. Jump into the water again and swim towards them. Get the CANOPIC JAR #2 in the end of the room. Return all the way to the beginning of the level and use them on both sides of the large gate.

Collect the small medipack and slide down. On the back right side jump over the small chasm and push the button. Head to the opposite direction and don't forget to pick up the small medipack next to the stairs. Kill the ninjas in the room, get the small medipack and the Shotgun ammo at the back. Climb up onto the small platform there and collect the GUARDIAN KEY. Climb up the ladder.

Jump to the button on the top of the columns and push it. Notice the GUARDIAN KEY in front of you - you can get it later. Get down back on the stairs as the large gate has opened. Climbing up onto the first platform get up onto the story, kill the ninja on the way if you like. Use the GUARDIAN KEY above. In the next room push the button on one of the columns. Climb up onto the lower column, jump onto the one in the middle and the third one for getting some ammo. Return and swinging the rope jump onto the ladder in the middle. Don't climb down to the most bottom of the rope but you can jump successfully from the centre of the rope. Push the button above and get back down carefully.

From the top of the center column jump onto the other ladder and climb up. In the room with the pool get the Revolver and get up to the small waterfall, as this opens the underwater door. In the water first swim to the left, climbing up outside jump over and push the button. Now swim back to the opposite direction.

You are in a multi-story room. Collect the ammo from the left-hand corner and step onto the floor tile with the skull and crossbones which opens the timed door. So you have to hurry! A ninja attacks Lara meanwhile, you can kill him if you like. Jump over the traps and you are on the first floor. Push the button and get the Revolver ammo from the block. Head into the next passage where another ninja disturbs you. Reach up onto the second floor. Push the button there and get up onto the third floor with a tricky jump (hitting the CTRL button in the very final moment).

Swing the rope and push the button. You have to jump over here as the grate is only a disguise. After getting out of the corridor, jump along the platforms on the other side and slide down carefully. Don't do anything at the first obstacle but push the CTRL key at the second one so Lara can grab the ledge. At the final obstacle after a long jump you are on the bottom. Head up and descending into the small depression collect the GUARDIAN KEY.

Unfortunately you must get up all the way now - it's a bit annoying but you don't have other choices. Continue your way and enter the final room. Jump to the gap in the right-hand wall and get the GUARDIAN KEY #2. Use the Keys opening the door. Descend into the hole and the level finishes.