Tomb Of Ingvild

Level by Kjartan

Walkthrough by Yoav

Head over to the closed double black gate (it will open automatically) and look at the flyby, it shows you a deep large pit with a few high pillars to pass. Start with the right side, run and jump, you land onto the high first pillar, turn face to the left, run jump forward and grab the next pillar. Turn to left side, run jump forward and grab the pillar, proceed over the next and grab it too. Face to the right, run jump over the pillar you land onto it, now run and jump the last jumping, turn to the left side and crawl into an crawlspace. Get the medipack from the right side, then proceed crawling left side and drop down. Take running and jump across the gap, grab the other side edge, pull up and go through the open brown door to a new place.

Shoot on a small garbage can and pick up uzi clips, go and climb onto the yellow block and get the Uzis. Climb up stairs over the next stairs, at the top there're closed double gates and from both sides a brown door. Take the left side, the brown door will open, go and step onto the yellow tile, it will open a timed brown door at the other side. It's easy timed running and you can make it with the first try, anyway when you pass this door and get to the room with a pool, the door will be closed after you.

Go around the pool, kill the soldier, proceed further around the pool and pick up uzi clips. Now get in a pool and swim over the bottom, look for closed trapdoor, proceed swimming into the opening through the underwater passage to next pool and get out of the water. Head over to the three pillars that are covered with woman picture (I'm guessing it's the author), kill the soldier, look for jumpswitch at the west wall. Turn and go to the large oriental designed block and climb onto it, run jump over the first pillar. Proceed and jump over the pillar with a medipack, pick it up, then jump back to first pillar.

Turn and face the west wall, run jump and pull the jumpswitch, it opens the brown door at the east wall. Go and climb again on the oriental block, run and toward the first pillar, turn right run and jump to pillar and from there forward to the open door. Go to the end of the passageway, there's a lever floor. Pull it and flyby will show the double black gate at the top of the stairs are opened, also the trapdoor you saw earlier in a first pool is open now. Back to the pool and swim to first pool, keep swimming through the open trapdoor into an underwater passage, get out of the water and pull the lever to open the brown door.

Climp up the stairs into a room with two other closed gates, head to the the yellow block and look for brown door. From the yellow block jump forward and land onto a high pillar with yellow block, pass the next two pillars over the painting face wall. Climb up in a room above, follow the yellow way up to the parked motorbike, you'll see picture of young couple (so far a nice gallery picture and it's not the end as you will see more later at the maze). Get on the motorbike and drive back down onto the pillars, forward through the open brown door and get outside to a race track.

Drive forward and look for closed gate from your left side, proceed over the two soldiers down the road, get off the motorbike and pick up medipaks, keep driving beyond the bend along the road, at the next closed gate turn and drive to beginning of the race track. Get off the motorbike and stand facing to west side, run jump across the gap and proceed to the left side, climb on a half brown stair, run jump across the gap and pull the lever floor. The gate down at the race track is open now, back to the motorbike and once again drive the race past the open gate, stay in full speed to cross the gap ahead.

Keep driving over the slope and stop at the top, get off the motorbike and climb onto the block with the picture face, pull the lever to open the faraway gate. Get on the motorbike again and with full speed to cross the gap, keep going and pass the open gate, you return to the room where you've been before. Drive through the gate that was closed before to get back to the race track, run over the soldier, turn left where the gate was closed now it's open.

Drive into the room and get off the motorbike, from the west side a closed gate and in a pool brown door closed. Climb onto the egyptian block, run jump forward to the large block with the woman picture, from there you need to run and jump onto each large block, over the last one to pull the lever to open the brown door in the pool. Get into the pool, swim through the passage to next pool, when you get out of the pool a flyby will show you what a deep pit you have to pass.

Go to the right, run and jump over the ledge rock, turn face to west wall, run jump across the gap and grab the crack, shimmy to the right side and drop on a ledge. Run jump forward to next ledge, climb on a half block, turn face to north, run jump across the gap, you need to land onto the slope ledge. Turn face to east wall, then run and jump to opposite ledge, turn face to the wall you come from and run jump back to ledge at the other side of the column. From here take standing jump to grab the climbable column, move to right side and drop onto the ledge, jump and grab the next half climbable column again, move to the right and drop on the ledge. Jump grab the ceiling, do monkeyswing over the faraway ledge, drop on the edge and go pull the lever, it opens the gate at the room with a pool where you came from.

Go and stand close to the edge of the ledge, turn 45 degrees, run jump and land onto a half column at the west wall, climb the wall into the opening above, enter the maze. From here in each of a dead end passageway you'll see picture, if you follow this walkthrough, here is the right way. Turn to the left side, then turn right when you reach the next corner, again to the right, head straight, turn left side and immediately to the right, keep forward when you get to the opening, drop directly into a pool below.

Kill the soldier, then get on the motorbike, drive outside this room, keep driving over the narrow ramp, follow the narrow path but be careful not to fall down to pit from both sides. Right before the next ramp start driving fast across the gap to land onto a sharp slope, keep driving over the yard, head forward to the black wall and finish the level.