Creator: Dirk Arnicke (WebKnight)
Walkthrough by: Anurag


The level starts with Lara sliding down a chute, after that a cut-scene follows which gives a panoramic view of the corridor.

Cut-Scene 1:

Lara: "Phew, I think it will take me much time to get out of here. I think it would be better for me to search for another way."

Continue forward & the Green Grated door opens.


Continue to a room with a statue. Push the statue backwards i.e. east. A cut-scene shows that all the torches in the room get lit. There is a crawlspace in the Southeast corner, on the South wall. Crawl in & kill 4 Scorpions. From the T-intersection, first go to right side & pick up the UZI CLIPS. Now go straight at the intersection, until you reach another intersection, overlook the opening on left & continue forward. At the end pick up NORMAL SHOTGUN AMMO & UZI CLIPS. Return to the intersection & take right. Follow the passage until it goes downhill. Run through thus passage as a SPIKED BALL is following you & jump over a pit. The BALL falls into the pit. To the left of Lara is a opening with FLARES & SMALL-MEDIPACK. Now drop down holding the edge of the block & shimmy across to the right over the pit. On this block there are 3 sets of SPIKES, 2 on ground & 1 on ceiling. Avoid them, & continue to a room with an opening in the ground.


Drop down the opening into a pool. Swim in the opening in the North wall. When you reach a green Grated door, turn left & surface in a room. Go to the Northwest corner & light a flare to figure out a crawlspace. Go in & pick up 2 sets of UZI CLIPS, this is SECRET# 1. Go out & push the LEVER, you can hear water gushing down. Swim out to the large pool, you will notice that the water level has risen. There is a small opening in the South wall. Swim through it & get the SHOTGUN, this is SECRET# 2. Continue back to the pool, swim to the surface if you are low on air. Then go through the opening in the North wall; continue forward & surface up in an opening above. Continue forward & watch the cut-scene, which gives a view of the room.

Cut-Scene 2:

Lara: "You the one who reads this, may the anger of Menes be with you, cause you are the one who raised the war between Horus & Seth. Menes's slaves shall cut you & will leave you in eternal sleep."

All the vases in the room are empty so don't bother blasting them. Continue forward & 3 MUMMIES get triggered. There is a spike trap which gets triggered only once, now pick up the CARTOUCHE PIECE 1. Go back to the main pool. Swim again through the opening of North Wall, when you reach the first intersection, continue straight. At second intersection, go left first & pick up UZI CLIPS & SMALL-MEDIPACK. Now go straight at the intersection & surface up into a large hall.


From your ledge jump to the rope & from there to the right hand side ledge, enter the opening & push the LEVER. Come out & swing to the other side via the rope. Now make sure you have 100% Health, SAFETY-DROP from the right side, it is a fatal drop. Continue forward until you reach a pathway lit with fire, as you will approach the door on the opposite side will open. Jump over the fire to the other side & into the door, this door is timed so be fast. Continue forward & climb the ladder, drop to the right side. Push the LEVER besides Lara & return to the hall with ropes. Swing through the ropes to the opposite side & collect the CARTOUCHE PIECE 2 from the opening. When you return to the large hall you can see that the bottom of the hall gets filled with water. Drop down into the water. Swim towards the South ledge, pick up 2 UZI CLIPS & the UZIS. Now swim to the North ledge, Pick up a LARGE-MEDIPACK & 2 SHOTGUN NORMAL AMMO, return to the hall through the passage lit with fire as given above. From there jump through the rope to the North ledge. Continue inside climb the ladder & drop on right side. Continue forward & slide down the chute into the room with statue.


Combine CARTOUCHE PIECE 1 & CARTOUCHE PIECE 2 to make BA CARTOUCHE & use it on the East wall slot, the gate besides it opens. Continue in & kill 4 SCORPIONS.


Jump on a block in the Southeast corner. ROLL, & climb on the block on west, from there jump to the sloped ledge in the east, then another, then another & another, this time with ACTION to grab the ledge ahead. Approach a LEVER; push it, this opens a door in the pool. Now jump into the pool & swim into the opening in East wall. Surface & climb up, proceed through the now open door. Monkey swing to the other side to avoid the pit with spikes below. Push the LEVER, which opens a door in the previous area & pick up the HAND OF SIRIUS. Return to the place where you had pushed the previous LEVER, the door ahead is now open. Pick up the HAND OF ORION. Now continue through the other passage & jump to the middle structure. There is a crawlspace in the middle region of the wall. Crawl in & pick up 2 sets of UZI CLIPS. Crawl out, from here go to the lowest step & SAFETY-DROP down. Go to the 2 Mummy statues & use the HAND OF ORION & THE HAND OF SIRIUS. The Temple door opens, continue forward, drop down & then continue forward to the Palace of Menes.

A Part of a great epic ends. I recommend playing all the 3 parts together though.