Setback 3 En suivant les oiseaux by Thierry Stoorne

Walkthrough by Litepulsar, originally posted at Lara's Home

Secrets found: seven

At the start of level 3, as Lara is sliding down the ramp, there's a place in the roof to pull up into activate a vital switch. I've provided a savegame (Savegame.7) if you miss this, or just want to skip it, but it's fairly easy, you just need to time your jump right If you've managed to grab that ledge, pull up and go through the crawlspace to pull the chainswitch and pick up some flares. Crawl back out and carry on ahead, down a ladder then round a central structure til you come to the newly-opened gate. Do a standing jump to the ladder, once at the bottom you'll spot a closed gate, above is a crawlspace that leads to a long drop into a pool.

To get your bearings, go back up to get some air from where you fell then position Lara facing South, below in the water are three underwater doors. Take the first one on the left. Climb out into a small room and activate the jump switch, now head back into the water to open the middle door. Head up the steep corridor into a room covered in plants and a closed door, to the right of the door is a well-hidden passageway behind a plant. This object is very poorly placed in the level, because it's very hard to get past this, it can be done but I think it's worth downloading a savegame at this point (Savegame.8) For those who want to risk it, after getting past the plant swim through the vine-infested corridor, up to a place where you can pull out and grab the 2nd jumpswitch. Now had back down to the last unopened underwater door, swim through then head on up into the crawlspace.

The next area is not as tricky as it looks, as you stand up you'll spot a slope to your immediate right, a tall pillar in the middle on your left (obviously you can't jump to this because of the structure coming down from the ceiling!) and another sloping ramp in the far left corner. Behind the first slope on your right is also another pillar with a wooden crate on top. Here's how to get down to the floor without breaking your neck, take a look down, you'll see poor Indy Jones and behind him a low ramp, this is what you need to jump to. Make sure Lara is at full health. From where you stood up out of the crawl space, sidestep three (or four) times, hop back and do a running jump over the high righthand ramp to the low ramp further down below, Lara will lose a LOT of heatlh, good job there's a medipak handy down there! There's probably a safer (but not easier that's for certain LOL) way to get down, but I couldn't find it. Pick up the shotgun shells and the medipak, then find the climable ladder up to the wooden crate. Once on top, activate the jump switch then turn back round. Position Lara so she can do a running jump safely over the slope and to the ledge where you first came in.

Now head back to the first underwater door you went through, and up onto the newly-risen block. Go along the crawlspace, then down the first ladder. Head on down the second, but be careful at this point, there are spikes at the bottom. Climb down safely til Lara can backflip onto a ledge. Use your crowbar on the door, head on through and you'll see a lovely cutscene. Once that's finished, walk carefully forward til you reach the top of the ramp. There's another crawlspace above this that you definitely need to jump and grab, else you'll be fried alive hehehe. (Use Savegame.9 if you wish to skip this bit).

As Lara stands up, she should be directly facing North. Directly ahead is a gate, a smaller one to the East, and another one that needs the Pharoahs pillar to the North-East and finally a seemingly unreachable gate in the West. In the South-West, shoot the crate and pick up the crossbow bolts, then head on round to the crate in the North-West, using running jumps, to get some revolver bullets.

Go back to where you came in, walk to the ledge between two posts facing the North gate, hop back and do a standing jump into the pool below, where you can pick up a medipak and unfortunately can't access that underwater gate yet. Pull up by the poor old bony sod on the floor and face North again. Straight ahead on the North wall is a jump switch which can be reached by a small block, behind you and to your left is a climable vine that takes you back to the top. Do the switch and take care of the two harpies that ambush you, then head on up to the top to the North door that has now opened to reveal another switch. Jump round til you can reach it, then make your way down by doing that standing jump again, because of the pillars on that small platform where you climbed up to via the vines, you can't jump back onto this climbable wall to get back down. Head on over to the west wall and climb up to go through the higher west doorway.

Be careful of a spike trap once through another door, I recommend saving your game at this point because once you pick up the gem, two demigods will attack. Once you've taken care of them, head back to the main room, climb down then up and go through the newly-opened East door, using the gem to gain access to an acid pool and a tricky series of jumps. As you enter, there are four main ramps in the pool, one directly below Lara, a second leading to one closed door, the third to another closed door, and a fourth. At the other end of the room are two platforms and another sloping ramp, use the binoculars to get a closer look. You need to make your way to the lower platform first, walk Lara to the edge of the platform, and position her so she's facing the second ramp, hop back and do a standing jump onto this second slide, grab and shimmy right til the end and round til she can pull up onto this low platform. Facing the higher platform, you'll see halfway up it is a small ramp in a niche, then higher still (above you) another slippery slope. Do a jump/grab to the one in the niche, then backflip onto the higher one, immediately jumping to grab a safe platform further up ahead. Climb this to a third closed gate, behind you is a jump switch. Activate this, then make your way safely back down to the lower platform by dropping/grabbing it from the highest slippery ramp directly above. The door by the second ramp in the acid pool is now open. Drop carefully off and shimmy your way back round, doing a backflip to get inside this gate.

Be very careful of the chopping blades, then the spikes, carefully time your steps to not only pull the chain, but also pick up a medipak and the shotgun. Now make your way back up to where the jump switch was, and through the gate to another room with a jump switch, hit this then pick up the revolver bullets and the Pharoahs pillar in the sarcophagus. You'll be ambushed by a skeleton guard, so use your shotgun to blast him into the acid pool. The only way I can see to get out of there is to do a standing jump to the second ramp, then shimmy left, pull up and TRY to jump to the high platform and the way out. I've tried to find a climable wall, or see if Lara can monkey swing, but to no avail. And I most certainly can't do the above, so I had to DOZY my way out of this bit. I've also added another savegame (Savegame.10), but since it's affected by the DOZY, I've doctored it so Lara's inventory only has what was there originally, but still with unlimited medipaks and flares.

Now head back out and go place the Pharoahs pillar, head on through the upper North-West door and you'll come to a large room with a central walkway and chopping blades, on either side is a pool. To the left of the door, pick up the shotgun shells and head on down the walkway to the bottom, minding you don't get sliced in half Or you can shimmy to the end...either way, stop immediately after the last blades and be wary of the spike trap. Do a standing jump to one of the blocks either side, and take note of the doors set in recesses left and right, go pull the chain in the middle and take care of the harpies that attack you, this is a bit annoying because they have a habit of pushing you off the edges grrrr.

There's no way to turn the flames off, so from the chain rope switch block, do a standing jump to the fireblock below the newly opened door on your right (if facing the wall). Now shimmy right,round the edges, til you come to a full stop against the wall. Pull up, and nudge Lara to face the entrance, so she can climb up without getting set on fire.
Trust me, this is not difficult

Be mindful of the blades, and head on down the high walkway, shoot the box at the far end and pick up the mechanical beetle. Save your game before taking care of the six skeletons that ambush you, nine times out of ten they'll keep pushing you into the water, so knock them off the edges with the shotgun. Now go activate the jumpswitch at the end of the walkway that was behind the box, and you'll be treated to a gorgeous cutscene of the next place to go. Head on back out, at the door on the left hand side, drop down in the same place you pulled up, shimmy back round the ledge and pull up at the first corner, then jump to the block that's at the side of the spikes. Obviously, you can use the same fire-avoiding tactics on getting in and out at the next door

In the next area, avoid the blades at the entrance, and take note of your immediate surroundings. As in the cutscene, you know there are long sloping ramps on the other side, and a switch you need to get to. On the lower ground is a shootable box, directly ahead is a sloping ramp facing away from you, and on on the left coming towards you. Do a standing jump to the one directly ahead, as you pull up and slide, only let Lara slide for a tiny bit, then immediately do a standing jump. You should land on another sloping ramp, slide down that and do another jump, sliding backwards and grabbing to shimmy right and pull the switch. Now turn round and do a standing jump, shimmying along until you come to a ladder that leads down to the ground. As you come to the bottom, let go then immediately press action to grab the lower ladder, pulling up to get the medipak. Now face outwards, and do a standing jump to your left over the spikes. Head on around the corner to get the windup key and take care of a demigod, and come back to stand by the spikes. Get as close as you can without injuring Lara, and face towards the sloping ramp that is exactly opposite from where you picked up the medipak. She should be at a 45 degree angle. You might want to save your game for this next bit. Do a standing jump onto this slope, immediately doing a backflip to land on the ledge. Next, angle Lara so she can do a running jump over the spikes to her right, and go activate the jump switch.

The next bit is even more trickier, but time the spikes right and it can be done. Get Lara as close as you can to the spikes without getting killed, and as the spikes are just about retracting into the ground, start Lara sprinting to the other side. Go back up to the ledge between the two ladders as mentioned earlier. Turn around and do a running jump to the ladder above the sloping ramp opposite, climb up so Lara only moves twice, then do a backflip, turning in midair to grab the higher ladder behind you. Climb up, then pull up and slide, so Lara hangs without going into her climbing animation, and shimmy right. Pull up and climb up onto the ramp ahead of you. Go to its far right, light a flare and pull up, slide then jump, arcing Lara right in midair. She should land facing backwards down another sliding ramp which is quite well hidden in that corner, shimmy along this and backflip to safety, then head on out to the pool.

Drop down into the water (it doesn't matter so much if you set Lara alight now she'll soon be extinguished) and find the underwater hole. Carry on downhill, through a sloping underwater corridor and take the first right. This leads to a secret, and the underwater door that you first saw in the pool earlier on in the level. Open this up for some air if you wish, then come back and carry on down the watery tunnel. Now take the next left, and you'll come into the pool room where you picked up the beetle, hunt around for another secret and go back, heading a little further down where Lara can climb out, to end up in a dark corridor where you can use the beetle and key....and to finish the level!

Here's another walkthrough for the same level, written by Dutchy...

Setback 3
“By following Birds.”

Level: Thierry Stoorne.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

CS=crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, MP= med-pack, Jmp= jump.

Slide down the slope and jmp/grab from the end to a CS above, you can always backflip back to the slope and jmp/grab if you missed, go get some flares inside and pull the Chain. Drop down and follow the passage to an opened door, climb down and go to a closed gate, jmp/grab the CS above and drop into a deep shaft, swim into the E UW door and use the Jmpswitch, swim out and open the S door, swim up the sloped tunnel to a small room, look in the R hand corner, behind the palm tree for a tunnel, side swim (“shift”, L arrow) and back up a bit, then dive in, pull the Jmpswitch in the end and return to the room with the doors, the Palm tree will be in the way, just wriggle a bit and up and down in L corner to get through. Now swim into the W UW door, go up in the CS to a room with a pit and pillars. Stand on the edge, just R of the CS when facing into the room, standjmp with a light L curve onto the big sloped block on N wall, slide down and jmp/grab with a R curve to the block on S wall, stand in the NW corner, face S and turn R a bit, sidejmp onto the slope in the SW corner, slide and grab the edge, pull up/backflip/roll/grab the ledge next to the wooden crate. Get up on the crate to use the Jmpswitch and climb the crate again to go down the ladder into the pit. Have a good laugh as poor Indy didn’t make it and grab the Goodies, climb back up and a runjmp from the crate over the slope will bring you back to the CS. Go to the E UW room and climb the block, go up in the upper CS, follow to a deep shaft with a ladder, go down to the spikes and backflip into the passage, open the Crowbar door and a flyby will show a big room.

Fountain room.

Slide down the passage and it will burst out in flames, quickly jmp/grab the ladder and go up in the CS, to the top of the room. Go around (notice all closed doors) to pick up Ammo in the boxes and from one of the ledges S or N, runjmp down into the fountain, get a MP on the bottom near the Skeleton and climb out N, get on the block, runjmp/grab the Jmpswitch on N wall and run for one of the corners of the room, stand back in the corner and shoot (with pistols is just fine) the 2 Harpies, without them harming you, the door you opened is up in N wall, go over to the S flames slope and just R of it, you can climb the Vines to go over to the door. A reach-in switch will open a door in E wall, jmp down and climb the Vines to that door, jmp through the Spikes after opening the Crowbar door and get the Gem from the block, shoot 2 Demigods and head back to the big room. Go down and up the S wall, to the open door W and open a door inside with the Gem, follow to a Poison pool room.

Poison Pool room jmps- Pharos Pillar.

Run off the ledge to land on the high slope below, slide/grab and go L all the way to a ledge in the corner, stand in the NW corner of it and turn to the corner a bit, now when you backflip, you’ll land on the big slope, jmp from it with a R curve to land on the slope above the ledge and jmp again to backflip to a higher flat ledge, climb into the passage here and use the Jmpswitch over the hole to open the W door in the pool room. From the ledge you land on after the switch, hop back onto the slope below, so you can shimmy the edge to the open door, just past the lower slope. Pull up and backflip in. Go through the Scissors and Spikes to get the Shotgun, a ½ MP and pull the Chain to open the door in the upper passage with the Jmpswitch, so get back up there and go down to a room where you can get the Pharos Pillar in the coffin and some Ammo on the floor, use the Jmpswitch W to open the exit, roll quickly, run to the Scissors and draw the Shotgun, blow the Skeleton into the pool. Stand in the exit, L side and standjmp/grab the L slope, go L to the end and pull up, immediately jmp with a L curve to land back on the entrance ledge. Go out to the big room and L, open the door there with the Pharos Pillar and go in.

The Scissor room.

Get the Ammo L, go through all the Scissors or shimmy past them and when you past the last one, jmp up the block with the Chain. Better stand back to the wall when you pull the Chain, as 2 Harpies come in, shoot them and get onto the block next to the Spikes E side. From standing with your back to the Spikes do a standjmp/grab to the burner block under the door, go R to the wall and pull up. Turn to face the wall and turn a fraction L, jmp/grab up to get in the door.

Skeleton room- Mechanical Scarab Beetle.

Through the Scissors to a large room with burners and stand on a ledge close to one of the not burning ledges along the wall L or R, shoot the box from afar and pull the Shotgun, shoot all the Skeletons into the water after you jmped onto the safe ledge one of them came from, hit them in mid-air and the will drop down. Go for the Mechanical Scarab Beetle and a Jmpswitch on the far wall behind it. A flyby will show a room with slopes and a Chain, the opposite door in the Scissor room. Hop in the pool below, get Secret #6, Ammo between the 2 E pillars and swim to the tunnel in the bottom S side, go to a crossing and R/L, open the UW door and find yourself back in the Fountain room. Climb out and go up to the Pharos door and into the Scissor room again. Over the Spikes and burner to the L door.

Slope room- Winding Key.

Standjmp over the high slope facing away from the entrance and slide a bit, then jmp and land on a lower slope, jmp again and keep jmping R to the Chain, pull it and jmp back to the slopes so you can get to the ladder, go down and hang over the alcove with the MP, drop/grab and get it, run out to the S and go around to the box with the Winding Key, shoot the Demigod that attacks from the back and head back to the Spikes, stand facing N, close to them and as they’re up, do a runjmp over to the Jmpswitch N, use it to open a door somewhere. Runjmp back through the Spikes and face the wall of the MP alcove, backflip onto the slope over the Spikes as they are down and jmp/grab into the alcove, runjmp/grab to the ladder over the slope. Go up a bit and backflip/roll/grab to the ladder over the alcove, go up and R to the flat ledge at the Spikes, now you have to run over the Spike ledge (go when they are up) and jmp to the SE corner slope, jmp back to the entrance with a R curve.

Go back to the Scissor room and drop in the pool below, find the tunnel behind the pointy block along W wall and follow down the tunnel, go R at the crossing, get Secret #7, a MP. (the door leads to the Fountain no need to get back there, just swim back, at the crossing R and follow to climb up to a passage where you can use the Mechanical Beetle to kill the Spike traps, go up the ladder, the Beetle stays behind and walk out of this level…oh no! it came up the ladder too…