by George Maciver (GeorgeM)

Walkthrough by RJB (followed by an alternate walkthrough provided by Dutchy)

Note from George: Many, many thanks to RJB of tombraiderchronicles for all his help in beta testing Exodus, and for the walkthrough.


It’s a bright sunny day, perfect for a swim. Lara slides down a sandy rock and splashes into the water. What looks like a stable bit of bank isn’t stable at all, it seems, so it’s down into the underwater cavern. There is nothing to find here and there is only one exit. When you surface and pull out there is a short music piece, which calls you to be wary.

Ahead through the crawl space, torches flicker around the walls of a pool. As you crawl forward, there is a brief cut scene of a T Rex. The poolroom is impressive and tastefully decorated. Hang and drop to the poolside safely as no enemies appear. There is nothing in the vase. There is a lever, a hand of Sirius receptor, a hand of Orion receptor, and six gates leading off.

Pull the lever and a gate obligingly opens into a room with a somewhat intimidating hole. There is a robed ninja to be disposed of first, who drops a small MEDIPAK. Slide down into the fire opening with the wolf’s heads surrounding it, and shimmy round until you find the crawlspace. Drop, pull yourself up and then crawl forward into a small cave. SG SHELLS on the left, in a dark corner. Drop and hang into luxurious room with marbled floor and lever switch. Immediately on landing you are ambushed by another son of the desert, and there is also a slow moving mummy to contend with. Pull the switch and run into the next room, taking care to run around the mummy.

Two more robed ninjas attack when you enter the room. One of them drops SG SHELLS. Shoot the vase and pick up the SHOTGUN. Pick up the REVOLVER and the HAND OF ORION from the pedestals. Picking up the revolver opens the door. In the passage climb the pole and back flip into a short passage, climb two blocks and a door automatically opens allowing you back into the original poolroom.

Use the Hand of Orion in one of the 2 receptors and a gate opens. When you enter the room, flames appear on the bridge ahead. The floor of the room is lava. There is a block on either side with flames on top. Take another couple of steps and the door drops down ominously behind you. Hang on the block on the left and shimmy round to find a small MEDIPAK. Shimmy back, then hang on the right block and shimmy round. There is a crevice below the safe platform. Drop and cling from the platform edge and shimmy to the right, round the corner and drop. Jump to the monkey swing and make your way across the room.

Take the doorway to the left. This is another lava room. There is a gate on the right and an opening you can’t reach above you to the right. Drop to lower platform and jump across to platform by the gate. Jump across to the long platform and shoot the vase, which opens the gate. Jump across for the FLARES and make your way into the next room.

The gate drops down behind you. There is a lever switch and a pole leading up to a passage. There is a gate in the passage so you must pull the lever. There is a camera shot of a gate opening back in the first lava room, and the lever also opens the gate in the passage above you. Climb the pole and back flip into the short passage. Hang and drop, then climb back into the first lava room. The fire closest to the wall on the bridge is now out. Pull yourself up and collect SECRET 1 Revolver ammo. Then through the gate to the next lava room.

This is a luxuriously textured room, with an amazingly expensive ceiling. Across the room is a crevice. Below to the right is a block with flames. Beyond that is another higher block. Position yourself carefully to the right of the opening. Tap back and then take a run and jump, curving in mid air to land on the higher block, jumping over the lower block. Run and jump to the crevice and shimmy left. Pull up into the next lava room.

Jump across the blocks to the far side, taking care to avoid the darts, and pick up the HAND OF SIRIUS from the pedestal. Take the passage and run and jump over the firetraps. Take a running jump and continuing running while holding down jump is the quickest way across. Continue along the passage until a door opens back into the original poolroom. A robed ninja is waiting for you so draw weapons. Use the Hand of Sirius in the receptacle and another door opens.

Inside this room there are 2 robed ninja guards, one of which drops SG SHELLS. At far end of this large, slightly darker room is a pedestal with one part of the EYE OF HORUS, flanked by lion statues. Pick it up and there is a welcome musical interlude and a camera shot of the final door back in the poolroom opening. Take the final gate out of the poolroom into a small antechamber, and the gate drops behind you.

Shooting the vase releases a scorpion. Ahead there is a recess above a passage leading downwards into shadow. Sprint down the passage into a second poolroom to avoid the spiked ball, which falls from the recess.

There is a sarcophagus with two flares to your right, with a high crawlspace tucked away in a corner behind it. Across the pool are double doors. To the right is a key receptacle. In the pool are two underwater doors. Shoot the vase to open the right hand door in the pool. Swim along the passage and climb out. This is a bright open area with two temples surrounded by a wall. These are attractive, clean; imposing marble buildings of the kind the Egyptians or Romans might have built to impress everyone else on their 'stature'. Two robed ninja guards attack from behind the temples. One of the ninjas drops SG SHELLS. There is a key receptacle to the side of the door leading into the right hand temple. Approaching the other temple door, it opens automatically. Inside is another robed ninja who drops another HAND OF ORION. Use this to open the other temple door, go in and pull the lever. There is a camera cut scene showing the other door back in the second pool opening.

The left hand gate leading out of the second pool drops behind you as you swim through. Hoist out and walk forward to an exit overlooking an odd area. ‘Watch out’ music warns you to beware. There are ominous standing stones set below a black sky. Darkness falls quickly in the desert. Drop down and move forward. Three robed ninjas stop out from behind standing stones to attack. They are spread out and none of them drop anything.

Left hand opening leads to slate-paved plaza with high surrounding marble walls, with an opening high on the right. There is a partitioning wall too high to climb. The pool has a central column and there is a gate through which you can see a passage beyond. There is another standing stone off towards the back of the room.

Go to right hand opening from standing stone room. There is an impression temple with two high crawlspaces along one sidewall, and one crawlspace along the other sidewall. There are two high double doors at the front of the temple. When you take the opening into the next area you are attacked by another robed ninja. This is dark area with a large purple Egyptian mural with a crevice above, which is too high to reach. Moving along the mural gives you a remote camera view. At the far end in a corner is a crawl space hidden in the shadows.

Take the long drop into a cave, which doesn’t lose you health, and follow the passage round. At some point you will be attacked by a robed Ninja who drops SG SHELLS.

There is a passage to the right, marked by a wolf’s head. Continue straight on and turn the corner until you come to another passage leading off to the right, this time marked by a rabbit’s head. This right passage simply leads back to the original passage marked by the wolf’s head. Take this right hand passage until you are attacked by a robed ninja. There is a little alcove tucked away nearby with a ladder leading up to a small room. Take the revolver rounds, which is SECRET 2, and go back to the rabbit’s head.

Follow the passage, taking care of one final robed ninja, until you reach another rabbit’s head and a junction. Going right leads to a dead end with a grille above. You can see the blue sky from the two temples outdoor area. Go back to the rabbit’s head and continue to the right until you come to a T-junction. Going to the right you find a passage leading up with a ladder. Continuing back to explore the rest of the cave you find another dead end with another ladder leading up. Take the furthest away ladder first. Standing on the wolf’s head picture on the floor opens a gate, which you can hear. Go back to the first ladder and climb up. Go through the gate and along the passage. There is another gate at the end and another floor plate which opens a gate back in the first upper cave room. Go back and open the final gate by standing on another plate.

Follow the passage round, then hang and drop and shimmy along the purple Egyptian mural, enjoying a surreal remote camera shot. Continue along the passage until you crawl out on one of the side buttress pillars opposite the big temple. There is a remote camera angle here, so be careful with your jump to the opening in the side of the temple. You can hear footsteps from within the temple. Pressing action should see Lara land safely on the ledge, and as she does so, the temple doors open. Take care of the robed ninja and drop to pick up REVOLVER ROUNDS and a LARGE MEDIPAK from within the temple. There is a small ramp enabling you to climb back onto the central pillar in the temple.

From the top of the pillar, jump to other wall opening. Best way is to tap back and run and jump. You can jump from here to the right hand buttress, but take a standing jump straight ahead and hoist up. Crawl to the small room lit by flares. There is another Wolf’s head plate on the floor. Along the passage is a sarcophagus room, nicely lit by flares. The gate leading out is timed. From the Wolf’s head plate, sprint down the passage. Just before the end, stop sprinting and turn into the sarcophagus room. Take a running jump and immediately sprint again, aiming Lara towards the corner. This can be tricky, but the running jump is the secret to doing it. When you make it through, the gate opens again and stays open so you can go back and explore or come this way again if you drop from the buttress by mistake. Stepping onto the buttress rewards you with monastic achievement music. Line Lara up for a run and jump to the right. Grab the wall and pull yourself up. Drop down and jump up onto the stone floor leading through the rocky walls. Shoot two scorpions and make your way inside the mausoleum through the only opening. Take one of the ramps and monkey swing to the central block. Go along the passage and take half of the cartouche piece from the pedestal between the two statues. Camera shot shows the underwater door in the pool in the marbled area opening. Go through the gate which opened in this room, slide down and make your way to the pool and swim through, hoisting up into a small room with a ram statue and flares.

There is a crawl space in one corner leading into a small cave. Take the SG SHELLS and go to the opening. Tension music breaks in as you look out over a huge cavern with a sandy floor and standing stones. To the right is a gate, which you can’t reach. Go to the left and take care of the T Rex. The easiest way is to simply run between his legs and fire the shotgun or the revolver into its chest. Time it correctly, and one shot will do. At the far end is another closed gate. To the right is a black you can hoist up onto. From there run and jump to the ledge and make your way through to a smaller cavern. Take the FLARES from the corner to your left and then go to the right where there is a passage. Before going along the passage, look to your right. There is a ledge nearby with SG SHELLS. This is SECRET 3. Go along the passage and go through the gate, which drops down behind you, and strange, lonely music warns you to be careful.

You are in a dark cave. Use your flares as you step forward. Running jumps are needed to get from platform to platform. There is nothing to get below. As you move along there is an opening in the cave above you, which is too high to reach. You see a flare ahead of you in the distance. The cave wall suddenly opens to your right. Take another run and jump to the next platform and pull yourself up. Use a flare and check to your left where there is a hidden platform. Jump across and then onto the block in corner and pull yourself up into a small room. Make you way to the top of the series of small rooms by taking standing forward jumps and hoisting up, taking care of two scorpions as you go. Take the FLARES at the top and head into the passage.

You come to another cave system, this time with lava below. Run and jump to the first platform and then the second. For the third you need to run and jump and grab, then pull yourself up. When Lara slides, jump to the next platform. The route turns right here, to further platforms above lava. There are two simple jumps to platforms and then a run and jump and grab. Hoist up and when Lara slides, a jump and grab is required to reach the last platform. Take the REVOLVER rounds, which is SECRET 4. To your right and below is a cave entrance. Run off the platform and press action. Lara should land on the lip of the cave. Make you way down the passage, then hang and drop down into the original dark cave where you saw the opening above you. Continue along the cave, jumping from platform to platform until you reach the passage below the Wolf’s head and the flare. Turn the corner in the passage and you come to a huge flares and pillars room.

There is an extended camera fly-by with extended ‘wonder and tension’ music. There are many different high columns, most with flames on top, some having a wolf’s head, some having a rabbit’s head plate instead. There is a pedestal on the far side with a laser sight, and there is a gate nearby.

First jump is a run and jump to the nearest pillar to the left. There is a Wolf head on the pillar and as you land, the flame on the next pillar goes out. Run and jump and move forward to the rabbit’s head plate. As you do so, the flame behind you lights up again. The wolf’s heads are triggers that put flames out and rabbit’s heads are triggers that light them. Monkey swing to the next pillar some way ahead. The Wolf’s head puts off the far off flame of the four in a line. Run and jump and catch the edge of the first of the four flames platform, then shimmy along to where it’s now safe to hoist up.

Jump diagonally left to the rabbit’s head pillar, which lights the flame behind you. Jump diagonally to the Wolf’s head pillar beside you to your right, avoiding the flames. At the back of this pillar is a ladder leading down. At the bottom is another Wolf’s head plate, which turns off another flame somewhere above you. Push the lever and a camera shot shows the door back in the T Rex cavern opening. Make your way to the back of the lever and hand and drop to the ledge. Pick up the FLARES. Drop to the floor of the room and search for the CROSSBOW and EXPLOSIVE BOLTS, which is SECRET 5, then make your way back to the top of the room the same way you came down.

You can now go back via the ‘four flames’ platform, by running and jumping and shimmying until you can pull up where it is now safe. Jump to the pillar, which is now out, and then to the Wolf’s head, which puts out a flame on the other side of the room. You can now make your way to the last Wolf’s head, which puts out the last flame, allowing you onto the platform with the gate and the pedestal. Take the LASER SIGHT, which opens the gate, and make your way to the end of the T Rex cavern.

The gate drops down behind you and you are in another cavern. There is an opening on the left. The ground can sometimes be seen to be moving a little. Go to the right hand corner of this cavern where there is a small ledge tucked away that you can jump to. Take the SG SHELLS, which is SECRET 6. Run through to the next part of the cavern and take care of the T Rex. Jump up on the pillar and jump across to the other pillars, and step on the Wolf’s head plate to open the gate into the next cavern. Kill the T rex of simply sprint to the far side and enter the small room. Take the second CARTOUCHE piece from the pedestal, which opens the final gate out of the caverns, and combine it with the first, completing the key. Make your way to the last gate, go up the passage, drop down into the second poolroom and use the CARTOUCHE piece to open the double doors.

Go up the slope and the doors close behind you. There is a trench half way up the slope. Jump over the left hand side of the trench, and face back down the slope. When the two spiked balls come thundering down, run into the trench and duck. The right hand spiked ball falls into the trench beside you, but the right hand spiked ball jumps over the trench and carried on down the slope.

At the top you reach a large, open Egyptian-type area, and you are greeted by 'gentle, interest' music. To your left is an aperture in the wall with a pedestal with the second piece of the Eye of Horus on it. There is a passage leading up to it, which is blocked by flames, Straight ahead is a ramp with a closed gate. Take the passage to the right leading to a large indoor pool guarded by four lion statues. There is a closed gate across the pool, with a lever switch inside. Dive into the pool and swim along the short passage to a room with two doors and a vase. Shoot the vase, which opens the door back in the poolroom. Push the lever and swim back along the passage to find one of the two doors now open. Go down the passage beyond the right hand gate, until you come to a long narrow room, with a high ceiling. There are two climbable pillars. Climb the first one, and when you can go no further, back flip and twist and catch the other climbing pillar. Hoist up at the top and shoot the robed ninja. Using the revolver and laser sight, shoot the vase at the far end of the room. This opens the other gate in the room you just came from.

When you enter this room, you find it is very high, and the music makes you wary. Two back flips and twists are necessary to get to the top. Pick up the REVOLVER rounds. You are in vast lava filled cavern. Using the revolver and the laser sight again, shoot the vase over in the far corner of the lava cavern. This puts out the flames in the passage leading up to the second piece of the Eye of Horus.

Take care going down as a robed ninja is waiting for you. You will have to reach the bottom before you can shoot him. When you reach the poolroom and hoist out, there will be two robed ninjas running around somewhere. Go up the passage and pick up the second piece of the EYE OF HORUS. A camera cut scene shows you the final gate opening, and two robed ninjas running towards you. Take care of the ninjas, piece the Eye of Horus together and open the large door with it.

Go along the passage and slide down to a small cavern. Shoot the T Rex or sprint to the opening in the cavern floor. Slide down the passage and step out into the sunshine to find your jeep and the end of the level.


Level by George Maciver.

Unauthorized Walkthrough by D&G Productions.

We will not mention all the enemies. And to make things more difficult, there’s no compass.

"Lara finds a hidden underground tomb by a desert oasis. However, her initial adventures become a search to find a way to escape."

Just slide into the water, swim into the opening in the wall and follow straight to the end where you can climb out. Go into the CS and get a preview of Mama-T, whom you will meet later.

Room with Gates.

Drop into the room with many gates and go for the lever on the other side of the pool. Turn L from the lever and go to the closest gate opened in the same wall.

Shotgun, Revolver.

Follow the passage to a room with a pit in the middle. Shoot the Ninja for the ½ MP and go stand on the opposite side to where the wall torch is burning, hop backwards into the pit, sliding down the floor and grab the edge, drop/grab to the CS and get in. Go to where you see a CS and get into the passage L of it for the Ammo, then crawl into the new room and shoot the Ninja, dodge the Mummy and go for the lever in the other end. Then go into the only passage to another room and shoot the dark vase in front as soon as you get the chance, grab the Shotgun from it and use it right away. Then go collect the Hand of Orion and the Revolver from the pedestals, the door will open. (If you shot the Ninjas in time, there might be some Ammo lying around)

Room with Gates.

Go to the new open door and up the pole, backflip to the upper passage and go climb up to a gate that will open on approach, you’re back in the Room with Gates. Go L and use the Hand in the first receptacle you see, the gate R of it opens.

Burner room.

Grab the edge of the L block and shimmy around, get a ½ MP there and then go around to the other side of the ledge, past the two blocks, drop/hang from the side of the ledge and drop/grab the crack below. Shimmy R and drop to a lower ledge where you can use the MS to go over the lava, go L and down to the ledge at the entrance of the new room, standjump to the gate and then go jump to the other side of the room, shoot the vase to get the Flares and also the gate on the other side of the room will be open now, so jump back and go in to use the lever that will open a gate in the Burner room. Climb the pole, backflip to the upper passage and drop down into the entrance of the room, climb back to the burner room and go L. Climb up on the ledge of the bridge where the flames are gone now, grab Secret#1, Ammo and head for the open gate.

The Hand of Sirius.

Through the open gate to another lava room with a nasty banana jump (sharp curved runjump) around the R to get to the pillar, then runjump/grab over to the crack in the opposite wall and shimmy to the opening L. Runjump to the ledge (no avoiding the Dart-traps here) to the R and then to the other one L, from there to the ledge with the Hand of Sirius on a pedestal, leave the room and jump over all the pits (hold "run" and "jump" together) and finally come back to the Room with Gates.

Room with Gates.

Go L and use the Hand in the first receptacle you see, the gate R of it opens.

1st Eye Piece.

Shoot the Ninjas and get a ½ MP dropped by one of them go to the end of the room to get the 1st Eye Piece, go out again and to the Room with Gates. To the L is the newly opened gate, Save at the ramp and sprint down, a Boulder at your heels, go sharp R inside the Cartouche Room, to avoid the Boulder.

The Cartouche Room.

Shooting the vase in the corner R of coming in, will open the R hand UW gate in the pool. Dive into the pool and follow the tunnel up to an outside area, shoot the Ninjas for another Shotgun and go to the L building (from where you entered the place) and shoot the ninja inside to get the Hand of Orion, use that to open the other building and throw the lever around the corner L to open the other UW gate back in the pool. Go out and swim back to the Cartouche Room, R and into the other gate, follow up to a dark passage, leading to a wide square. Go to the opposite wall and into the R hand corner opening, go R before the building and R again to another area. To the far end and find a CS up in the wall to the R. climb in and safety drop into the Underground Maze.

The Underground Maze.

Main thing here is to just keep going R where possible and you’ll encounter Ninjas, some will drop Ammo. After the second Ninja you will find a ladder on the wall, go up for Secret#2, Ammo and down again, R from the ladder and go on going R everywhere, in one of the dead ends is a ladder(#1) up to a closed gate, ignore the ladder for now, but go on going R till you are in the next dead end, go up the ladder there and step on the Tile to open the gate at ladder#1, go back down and L/L, up the ladder and into the open gate, go to a cave with a gate and a Tile, the Tile will open the gate at ladder#2, so back down it is again and R/R from the ladder up ladder#2 and into the open gate, step on the Tile to open the last gate at ladder#1. So head back down and go L/L to ladder#1, up and follow through to the last gate, into the CS beyond and come to the area you’ve passed through earlier.

Drop/hang from the edge and shimmy R to the next door CS. Follow to where you crawl out, the camera is fixed, but there’s another opening straight ahead, just standjump/grab to get in, in the next room is a Ninja below. He drops Ammo after you dropped him, get down from the higher ledge and go get it, in the other side of the room is a MP, turn around after picking that up and go to the L side of the block, from the higher part of the floor you can get back up to the block and follow the rest of the ledges to where you can runjump/grab over to another CS in the opposite wall, follow to a room with a Tile to the R.

Timed Run. (it’s a tight run)

The Tile will trigger a timed gate to open, Save on the tile, facing the red passage and first go investigate where that gate is, in the back (R) of the next room, go back to your save and sprint through the passage going L a bit and then curve L, go across the room diagonally and into the open (hopefully) gate. (you can try to hit "Alt" in the end of the run, so you will dive/roll through the closing gate)

Cartouche Part 1.

In the next room you have to runjump/grab to the wall to the R, drop into the enclosed area with the black rock and climb up to the opening in the wall. Inside is another opening between the golden pillars go up either one of the ramps in the room and use the MS to get to the opening in the wall, go to a room with Cartouche Part 1, grab that and leave through the gate that opened to the R, slide and crawl to the area with the buildings, drop down and go to the front of the building, enter and go onto the block again, jump to the same CS you went in before and follow through the Timed run room (you don’t have to repeat that) and to the area with the pool, drop down and in the opposite side of the pool is that UW gate you opened.


Swim through and look in the upper L corner of the next room. Go through the CS and get some Ammo, then save and go down into the next wide cave, Mama-T (T-Rex) will come out to play, if you have the nerve, just run till you are right under that soft belly and fire one round, that should be enough…

Go all the way to the back of the cave and in the R hand corner is a pillar you can climb, runjump/grab into the opening in the wall and follow in, get the Flares to the L and go to the other side of the cave, there’s a dark gate in the back wall, jump up to the gate and turn around first, look L and go get Secret#3, some Ammo before you enter that gate. It will open on approach, the room is very dark, walk to the edge of the bridge and runjump/grab, then a standjump. Two more runjump/grabs and then look L in the dark, runjump to the ledge in the air, jump R to the ledge in the corner and climb up, go on through the openings in the ceilings till you reach the upper level, a box of Flares is to be found in a corner.

Go up the passage and come to the top of that dark cave, a standjump. Then 2 runjump/grabs and pull up on the sloped pillar, slide and jump to the flat corner pillar, turn R and two standjumps and two runjump/grabs and finally a slide to the end and jump/grab to the pillar with Secret#4, Ammo and a ½ MP. Now for getting out of here you have to turn R and look down in the wall of the cave, there’s an opening and if you just run off the pillar while grabbing, you’ll land right inside. Follow the passage down to a hole in the end, safety drop down backwards and turn L, jump over the same ledges as you did before and now go all the way to the end, enter the gate and watch the flyby showing the safe Wolf Tiles and a Lasersight.

Burning Pillars, Crossbow and Lasersight. (see Map)

Stepping on a Wolf Tile will extinguish a Burner Tile and when you step on a Cat face Tile, the burners are active again. Runjump to the first pillar L, the next burner goes off, runjump over to the pillar and from the Cat Tile you can grab the MS go to almost the end and drop to the next pillar, turn R and runjump/grab the burner ledge. Shimmy L and pull up on the safe side, grab the next MS and go over to the pillar, turn R and runjump/grab to the burner ledge there, shimmy around to the last one and pull up. This one is extinguished, turn to the pedestal with the Lasersight and standjump to the next cat Tile, then to the Wolf and turn around, back to the pedestal and drop grab backwards from the Tile, climb down to a ledge with a lever, throw it and see a gate open up in the cave of Mama-T.

Light another flare and walk past the lever, drop down to get the Flares and then go down once more along a ladder. Turn R and go down to a pitch dark pit, just light some flares and follow the wall to your r to finally stumble across Secret#5, Crossbow and Ammo. Go on along the R hand wall or just cross over to the other side and climb back up to the ladder, go up and see you will go over a Wolf Tile just before you climb the top ladder, that Tile will extinguish a burner tile on the other side of the room, you can see it if you turn R from climbing up.

Standjump back to the Cat Tile R and from there a R curved standjump/grab to the end of the 4 burnerblock, shimmy to the other end and runjump to the extinguished burner to the R, from there on to the Wolf Tile in the corner and now the last and crucial burner will be off so you can reach the last Wolf Tile on the other side of the room. So go back to the 4 burnerblock and shimmy to the other side, standjump to the Cat R (from with your back to the 4 burners) then onwards to the burners and finally from the burner at the wall to the L runjump/grab is possible, even though there’s a MS.

This last Tile will finally kill the burner on the pillar that will be the connection to the ledge with the Lasersight, so make your way back around the room and get the Lasersight from the ledge, the gate opens. Slide down and go to the other side of the cave where you shot mama-T before and through the open gate in the back wall there, in the next cave is an opening to the L and some rocks on the floor, go to the far R hand corner and do a runjump up into that corner to find Secret#6, Ammo behind the ledge.

Cartouche Part 2.

Slide down and now enter the opening in the other end of the cave, meet Mama-T’s sister and take her out as you did the other one. From entering the cave, there’s a wall in front of you, climb the R hand pillar and jump to the wall, go step on the Tile to open a gate behind you, go through the gate and meet Daddy-T. Give him the same treatment or be eaten. Go to the other side of this cave and find the room with Cartouche Part 2. A gate opens.

More Dino Meat.

Go back through the T-rex room and in the one where you shot Sister-T (with the Tile on the wall) you will find that open gate in the far R hand corner. Go follow to a CS and dropping out of that one will bring you back in the Cartouche Room, go place the Ba Cartouche in the opposite corner and go through the newly opened doors, get a ½ MP from the pit and climb straight up, go up the ramp along the L side till you will have to cross over to the R after Boulder#1 passed. (Second way to do this is: jump over the pit on the L side and go up a bit, roll and run back into the pit, hop back and duck as that Boulder will go over the pit, then get the ½ MP). Go up to a big room with statues and ramps, go up the R hand ramp.

Dive into a pool and swim through the tunnel L, in the next room is a vase, shoot that to open the gate at the first pool, so swim back and climb out to the L. Enter the gate and throw a lever to open one of the gates in the room where you shot the vase, so go swim back and go into that gate, up the ladder ion the next room and backflip/roll/grab the ladder behind, up to the top, shoot that nasty Ninja and shoot the vase on the far ledge, the second gate opens in the room where the vase was. So go back down and out of the gate, to the R to enter the new open gate. Again some climbing to do, backflip/roll/grab every time you reach the end of the ladder and finally get some Ammo on top, turn L and from facing the Lava lake you should just be able to vaguely see a vase in the distance, shoot it with the Revolver and Lasersight (it’s very hard to see, you can also start shooting with pistols and turning L slowly till you see the vase shattering).

2nd Eye Piece.

Get down from the pillars, go back to the pool and swim to the first pool, climb out R and head back to the room with the ramps. Go to the opposite corner and up the blue steps, over a burner floor you extinguished and get the 2nd Eye Piece, a flyby will show you where to go next, better stay here for a bit and await for the Ninjas coming up the stairs one by one, then go down and into the gate to the Horus Door, combine the Eye parts and place the Eye of Horus to open the door. Follow the passage to Grandpa-T and take him out, drop into the hole in the floor and find your way down to the Jeep to go home…

The level ends here.