Level by Jamie White (April, 2003)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

On a north ledge are Uzi clips. In the north-west corner is a small medipack hiding in the dark. In the south-east corner is a large medipack. Go north and open the door. Watch the drop and go left to open a door. Go to the south-west corner and pick up the Pharos Knot off a desk. Get out and go north-west for a laser sight. Open the next door and go north. Pick up a large medipack and pull the jump switch to the left. Get out and go to the last door. Enter and climb the ladder to the left. Pull the jump switch and exit the room. Go down the ramp to the next level. Open the door at the bottom but it seems to be empty. Go west to enter the room. Go to the right and step on a brown floor and the door opens. Inside pick up a large medipack and use the jump switch. Go back outside and go west to the door that has opened. Pick up flares and light one. Follow the tunnel to a cave with a door. Open the door and go up the ramp to the outside. Notice the nice sun flare effect on the way up. Head east and the view changes as you run through a canyon. At the end go down the ramp to get shotgun shells from in front of the closed door in a pit. Go to the south-east and climb the ladder structure.

Jump around the columns until you see a down slope to the north. Slide down for secret #1, the Uzi's and three Uzi clips. Climb the green wall next to you to get back up to continue the climb. At the top notice a jump switch to the south. Go south and run/jump to a slope on the north wall. Go to the end and jump and grab the gray pillar. Shimmy around to the right and back flip to a ledge. Jump to the west ledges to get a large medipack. Use the jump switch and get a cut scene of the door in the pit opening. Get down and enter the door. Go through a tunnel and pull up to a room. Go forward to the grass area and kill six ninjas. Crawl under the yellow ledge to get secret #2, two flares, large medipack, shotgun, shotgun shells and a small medipack. Go to the south-east corner and climb up into the wide opening. The camera view changes again until the end where you fall into the swamp. Go south and look west for something like a crate top floating in the water. This marks a hole where you can pick up the Pharos Pillar. The door in the south-east corner is now open, so go there and kill a ninja annoying you. Enter and pick up four flares.

Open the door at the end and peer into the darkness at two more doors. Now you know why you have so many flares. Go to the end and pick up a large medipack. Enter the second door, nearest to you, and enter the first door to the right. Pull the jump switch. Exit and go west for a large medipack and shotgun shells. Open the door ahead to see a closed brown door, which I call door X. Go north, open the door, turn right and open the door. Go in for shotgun shells and a jump switch. Go to the corridor and a brown door has opened. Use the jump switch there. Go out to the initial corridor and use the first door. Notice that a brown door has opened. Pick up shotgun shells and open the door. Pick up shotgun shells and a large medipack. Use the jump switch and go back to the earlier corridor to see that door X is open. Jump down and follow the tunnel and go up ramps to a closed door. Open the door and enter to get Lara's theme music. The camera view is confusing but go a little south and open the door. Enter for the revolver and revolver ammo.

Exit and run towards the camera and down the steps. At the bottom you fall into a hole. Kill a ninja behind you. Go to the far right door first and open it. Ignore the guy at the desk and pick up the Horseman’s Gem and the crossbow. Exit and open the other door. A bookcase has moved revealing a cave. Enter and pick up shotgun shells, normal crossbow ammo, and three grenade shells. Pull the jump switch and exit to see that the brown door has opened. Open the other door and enter an open area. Go right and ignore the ramp to go right again to the end to open a door. Enter to get secret #3, a small medipack, two large medipacks, and the grenade gun. There is also a motorcycle that you cannot use. Go back and up the ramp you saw before. There is a closed underwater brown door. Dive in and swim into a tunnel in the west wall. You pass two more closed brown doors and surface for air. Pull up for Uzi clips and two shotgun shells. Pull the jump switch and safety drop back into the dry tunnel. Go south and turn left to run up a ramp. At the top, look over the edge for a jump switch and use it.

Drop into the water and swim north though the open underwater door. Just after you turn left, pick up the crowbar from the tunnel floor. Continue swimming and pull up into an area with a building and kill seven ninjas. Go to the north-east corner and drop into a hole for secret #4 and four grenade shells. Use the crowbar to open the brown door. The animation looks funny but you do get in. Open the door at the end of the hallway. Go in and turn left to kill a ninja. The view changes to annoy you but you can walk into the desk area you see and pull a jump switch to open the brown door. Go inside and open another door. Enter a corridor with three doors and a brown door. The binoculars are useful here to see inside the room since the camera view is annoying. In the first room, get a small medipack from the north-west corner and exit. In the second room kill two ninjas and pick up the grenade gun they drop. Pick up a small medipack and explosive crossbow ammo against the north wall. In the third room kill a ninja and get his shotgun shells. Pull the jump switch and exit to the open brown door. Notice the hallway to the south-east.

At the end of the hallway open the door. Enter another annoying camera view. Draw your guns and run forward to kill a ninja. Pick up the revolver he drops. There may be revolver ammo in the north-east corner if the ninja did not get it first. Go to the ladder and climb it to pull the jump switch. Go back to that south-east hallway and enter the open brown door there. Follow the hallway up some ramps to a closed door. Enter it and you are in a library-like room with an annoying camera view. However, when you get past the desks, the view gets decent again. In the south-east corner is a crawl space. Get inside for shotgun shells and a jump switch. Use it and get more Lara music. Exit and go up the ramp to the second floor. Enter the open door and slide down the slope. On the second slope the level ends by crashing to the desktop