Trouble in Rome

Level by Bruce Zaremba (sleeper)

Walkthrough by Yoav

NOTE: I found one secret and could not mention a few pickups.

Start in city street, nice fountain in front of you, run around, follow and straight, turn right to place with shallow water, pick up small medipack, there is a black closed gate (didn't find anything to open it). Turn and go back to fountain, proceed left, pick up shotgun and ammo, kick in door and get into hotel. Go to left, light a flare and press switch, it puts out the fire in the fireplace in one of the rooms of the hotel. Follow upstairs, kick in door, shoot thug, pick up uzis, proceed to next room, kick in door and pick up big medipack.

Proceed to next floor, go to room 204, pick up medipack, now go to room 201, pull the block in wall and climb on ladder, pick up flares, shotgun ammo and pull switch. (Note: there is block in wall but nothing to do with this.)

Get back to corridor, the elevator is open, pick up few Ammos, get back to lobby, jump and catch the ladder, climb down to basement. Run around, nothing to do until the thug will show himself, shoot him and pick up Coliseum Key. Get out of the hotel, proceed to fountain, run around and follow downstairs, use the Coliseum Key and get into the Subway.

Shoot dog, run around the station, follow downstairs to railroad track. Be careful not to step on railroad, go left, run and jump over the railroad, short monkeyswing to other side, once again jump over the railroad, press the switch. Climb down to shallow water, pick up shotgun ammo, and climb up on high column, the door will open automatically, proceed in short tunnel.

Find yourself in a nice place, follow into the building, from the stairs shoot thug, jump forward, light a flare, go left and crawl into crawlspace to secret, pick up ammo. Crawl out and climb up, run and jump to structure, shoot thug and pick up Card.

Do your way back to railroad track and use the card, inside the room pull switch. When you get out from the room, flyby shows that you have possibility walking on the railroad track. Push the block INTO wall to end, proceed and move left the other block, now push the block that was behind to end and pick up shotgun ammo. Get back, shoot the dog, the black gate is open. Climb up, follow in the corridor, press switch and push the block, get out to small courtyard, follow onto ramp, press switch, get into room and find between boxes the Key.

Do all the way back to beginning, pass the hotel, follow upstairs and use the key, go through the gate and finish the level.