Meeting Race

Level by Dirk Arnicke (June, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] This level has no save capability. If you die you start over at the beginning. I do not know the purpose of this level. If it was a timed run, I never made it. [End note]

You start with a short flyby that ends with Lara saying something. Run forward to the motorcycle and Von Croy walks up to say something. Drive east through the pillars and then to the south-east. Loop around to the north-west and then north over a ledge between two water pits. Drive down the trench and into a tunnel. At the end, turn right, but keep to the left wall to drive over a complex bridge over the water floor. Enter a room and dismount. Pick up the Nitrous Oxide Canister and the gate opens in the south wall. Drive through the gate and pass a closed door. Follow to the end to dismount again. Hop onto a block for a crowbar. Pry the feeder pipe off the wall. Combine the items and attached the pipe and oxide to the motorcycle. Drive back and the door is open.

Drive north, then east, and accelerate north again to jump the ramp over the water. Continue north through a corridor and turn left to face another ramp. Do not race up the ramp. Take it slow because at the top is another complex bridge to traverse over water. Continue south and enter an outside valley area. Run over three ninjas and continue south. Continue and turn east to run over two guards and drive through a wall. Accelerate east to drive up a ramp to jump over water and crash through another wall.

Drive east to manoeuvre through the boxes and then turn north. Drive down a ramp and see a guard far ahead of you. As you get close the door opens and a sentry gun shoots at you from the right side. Accelerate though the room and into the next to jump a ramp over the water. You may drive over another two guards depending upon where they are when you drive through. Another gate at the north wall opens. Accelerate up the dirt ramp as a sentry gun shoots you in the back. At the top, jump the last water pit. Stop as Lara says something again. There is no end trigger so just exit.