Written by Moonpooka

Start level in long passage, go through doors and enter room, on left and right of you are two floor hatches, open up one to your left and go down.

Go through and shoot a guard, go into where he came from and pull lever, this raises a block in the first room and is timed so hurry to it and climb up.

Once up there grab ceiling ladder and make your way to next room.

Shoot the machine and take the crow bar.

Go back out and down shooting dog on the way.

Go back to where you shot the guard and see a switch on the wall, use it and go into small office room, in middle of room is floor hatch, with back to sofa open it, go in and use the lever there, this puts out flames so you can get to next room.

Come out and go left to door at other end of passageway, open door and go right, see where fire should have been, go on and use crow bar on door ahead of you.

Go through and kill guard, go left to find water pool room, look up at both walls on N and S walls there are two grates to shoot out, do this and climb into left one to retrieve token.

Go into other to a star room with a dog to kill at other end, return to door in star room and go through.

One approaching the next door the camera angle changes and a guard appears, kill him and go forwards, wait for next door to open that you can't see at that camera angle but don't go fully in, next is a timed run to get back out before door closes behind you and locks you in for good.

Sprint in and straight forward to end wall, jump up and pull wall lever, flip round and sprint out again before door closes.

Now go back round to water passage and see a new floor switch, use it to turn the spikes off in that last timed area.

Go back round and use the token on the machine there to open the door.

Go through and watch flyby.

Go right at next junction and slide down, avoid flames by jumping at edge sideways.

Move up the blocks and enter next room, ignore guards locked in room and head left, left again and kill a guard, use both levers here at each end and go back out and to the left, kill another guard and use the switch at the end of this room, go back to the room where the two guards were shut in and they are out, kill them, go in and use the wall switch there, look left of you and see a shoot able grate, get in there and retrieve the shot gun and a key.

Go back to far end of room and through the white door on your right, it will open when you approach.

Go through and up ladder into next room, nothing to do here except use the key to open the door.

Go through alien room and straight on and then left.

Next room has a short flyby, make note of pool and go down the stairs, DO NOT kill the person in the passage way, she's there to help Lara, as you go on a wraith appears, go back to water and get rid of it.

Go back down stairs and enter the Robot room, on leaving through the white door in the left corner a Robot comes to life and attacks, run away and through to next room killing a guard on the way, your friend comes to help you and kills the Robots for you so just keep going.

Climb ladder and see another Robot running around, avoid him and go left, over to the switch on the EAST wall, the black areas of the floor are instant death so avoid them.

When you're at the switch it's timed to raise a block by the tall block in middle of ledge with a key on it, you also need to avoid that Robot who eventually finds his way down to you so use switch, and make it to that timed block, go up and get key and use it on the door at the top of the stairs.

Leave and go round passage, kill another guard on your way, go through next room and through door there, go left and slide down, go through tunnel and enter the outside area.

Kill guards and see a closed door to your left, go to pool on right of area and kill two more guards, go into water and swim under the river bank, get medi pack if you need it and climb out, this action has released a Minator so just run because that door is also now open.

Go in and down the tunnel and level is finished!