Entrance To Yha-nthlei

Level by Jose Alberto Morales Cobos (April, 2003)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

start in a cave in front of a closed door. Run barefoot through the snow to the west and then turn to the north to shoot a bear. Pull down a jump switch in the north-east corner to open the door in the north wall. Enter the room and turn to your right to pull down the jump switch on the north wall to open the next door. The wall switch on the block in the corner is a spike trap. Enter the next corridor and find a 4-way juntion. Go north to a crawl space. Follow the crawl space to the end and pull down a wall switch. Then return to the corridor.


The door in the west corridor is open. Enter the door and see a large pit in front of you. Turn around and climb the wall ladder down to the pit floor. Do not pick up the key. Run over the tile with the key and a rock drops from the ceiling. Now crawl under the rock and crouch to pick up the Gold Key. Climb the wall ladder back to the room entrance. Go east and use the key to open the next door. Enter a long room with a shallow green water pool. Shoot the sailed-backed crocodile and go across the pool and pull up onto the block in front of the east wall opening.


Enter the next room and shoot three bats. Notice a closed small gate in the north-west wall. Go east pass a closed large gate and go to the north-east corner for a large medipack. Return and see a closed small gate in the south-east wall. Continue back to the west and you see a closed large gate and an opening in the south wall. Enter the opening and turn to the right. Pull down the wall switch and return to the main room. Kill two bears and enter the open gate in the north-west wall.


Enter the room to pick up the shotgun and pull down a wall switch in the corner. Exit and go to the open large gate in the south wall. Enter the room and there is nothing on the pedestal. Pull down the corner wall switch and exit this room. Go to the open small gate in the south-east wall. Enter the room and pick up a large medipack from the floor. Pull down the wall switch near the entrance and exit this room. Enter the last open gate and dive into the pool in the room.


Swim to the end and pull up onto a west ledge. Pull down the south wall switch to open the gate in the east wall. The north wall switch is a spike trap. Swim across to the east wall and run down the east tunnel. Just drop off the end and fall into water. Pick up a small medipack, shotgun normal ammo and shotgun wide shot ammo. Open the underwater door and swim through the crocodiles. Swim into the partially flooded room and find a place to pull up and shoot the four sailed-backed crocodiles.


Swim to the middle of the north wall area and swim into a room to pick up a Gold Key from the corner floor. Swim back south to the entrance area and pull up to a ledge. Go west to jump into an alcove with a key lock. Use the key and the door opens in the east wall. Jump into the water and swim to the middle of the room. Pull up to a ledge for a small medipack. Now swim to the ledge near the east wall door and pull up. If you turn around you can see five ahmets on the ledges around the room.


Ignore them and enter the east tunnel. At the end, monkey swing south across the deep pit. Drop on front of another pit. Turn around and climb down a ladder. Slide down a slope and stop in front of the sea. You can see two ahmets on an island. There does not seen to be an end trigger so if you swim to the island and shoot the ahmets, you could consider that to be the end. The author states that the end of the level is when you reach the sea.