The Great Race of Yith

Level by Jose Alberto Morales Cobos (April, 2003)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

start in a large room with a central structure of skull faces. Look at the wall and see two buttons. Go north to the wall and turn to the left. Go to the left corner of the structure and press the wall button. Go to the west wall and enter the open gate. Shoot the vases for the shotgun and red shotgun shells. Now return to the wall and press the button on the right corner. Go around the structure to the north wall. Shoot two ahmets that emerge from the gate. As you jump around be careful of the wall fires, as they can set you on fire. Enter the open north gate and go north to shoot two raptors.


Follow the corridor to a wall. Pull up into the crawlspace and drop on the other side. Run north-west where you see a closed gate as a spike ceiling descends on top of you. Go to the north wall and face a closed gate. Turn around and go south to press the button on the wall. Go to the south-west to shoot a raptor and enter the open gate in the west wall. Run through the room and jump up into an opening in the south-west corner as another spike ceiling descends. Follow the corridor to shoot a raptor. In the end room, press the button on the west wall.


Now go back to the north gate and it is open. Follow the corridor to a crawl space and drop on the other side. Run through the corridor to avoid another spike ceiling. Shoot another raptor and come to a T-junction. Take either path as they both go to the same place. Go north to another room and see some fires on pedestals behind a closed gate. Shoot the two pterodactyls. Climb the ladder in the south-west corner.


Shoot two T-rex and ignore the helicopter. Go to the south-west corner of the room. Turn around and press the button you see on a column. Go back down the ladder and go north to the open gate. Run up to the device at the back of the room. This is a small level so I guess this is the end. There seems to be no end level trigger.