Level by Dirk Arnicke (WebKnight)

Walkthrough by Cher, originally posted at and posted here with permission.

Follow a passage to start, emerge in a temple and watch the flyby. Ahead is a barred opening with a high opening above, flanked by 2 grassy ledges. On each side closed doors. Jump into the pool and find the tunnel, swim to the end and pull the wall switch, return to the other room. Jump to grab one of the grassy ledges, from there, jump to grab the opening. Crawl under the crawl space to pick up 2 sets Uzi Clips, go back out and down the other path. This floor previously had been burning, you shut off the fire with the wall switch.

Follow the ledge around to monkey swing to the other side. Go through the crawl space and approach a slope. Although this is an older level, this is still one of the best, classic jumping/sliding spike traps, even today. At the end of the slope, jump to the sloped block and then to grab the grass covered tall pillar, climb to the top and watch the flyby. Notice the jump lever behind Lara, this is your ultimate target. Use the ceiling to monkey swing over to the shorter block ahead and just to the left. From there save your game, run and jump to grab the shimmy crack, shimmy left, around the corner to the end where you can climb up a bit, just barely above the spikes. Back flip/twist to jump off 5 blocks, sliding a bit on the 5th to grab the edge of the 6th block. You may want to save your game before starting these jumps, that last one to grab the 6th block is tough. When you pull up on the block to slide to the next, you see spikes, donít worry, they go down as you start to slide. From that block, turn right and jump to pull the lever and land in a spike-free spot.

Go through an opening near the jump switch and come out in the starting room, the lever opened the 2 doors, so go on through the one on the other side.

As you enter, fires start burning all over this area and as you watch the flyby, you can see that you are going to have to find a lot of artifacts. As you enter the room, your first enemy, a Demigod attacks from the right. When youíve finished him off, may as well head around to the left and take care of another one, after putting him down, continue into the room and fight yet a 3rd Demigod.

Go up the steps and right to step on the small ledge on the East wall, jump to grab and swing across. Crawl into the crawl space and drop down to pick up the Crowbar. Exit the room, watching for the fires, at the other end, the door opens as you approach, go left and back up the stairs again.

Return to the ledge and monkey swing across again, jump to the next ledge, up on the block and the door opens. Enter the room, jump into another opening and follow a passage to a ladder to climb. Jump to catch the rope and swing into a higher opening across. As you enter, the scarabs start, you must pull 2 reach in switches, go through the opened door to pull 2 jump switches, go through the opened door once again, drop and hang from the ledge and let the scarabs drop down the pit. Pull back up and run/jump to catch the shimmy crack, shimmy right till the ladder like surface, climb down and drop/grab the next crack and pull up to slide into a new room. Open the coffin to grab the Pharohís Pillar and exit, part way down, pull into an opening on the left to grab a Small Medi.

You are back, overlooking the pools area where you battled the Demigods. Go to the hall where you need all the artifacts, place the Pillar, a door opens, pull a jump switch and you see a cut scene of a closed door, you need all these artifacts to open this door.

Facing the artifacts door, turn left and go around the corner and left at the first passage, follow the steps up and work your way through the spike traps. Again, a door opens as you approach, jump to the ledge on the right and be ready to battle a Harpy. Work your way around left and as you get to the back of the room, 2 more Harpies attack, your best course of action is to get to the point where you drop down a ledge, Iíve found in tight spaces like this, to just keep firing and rolling. After pulling the jump switch, yet another Harpy attacks, try and get back to the ledge you just came from to fight it. Go up one ledge to run/jump to the center below where you opened a door, another Harpy attacks. Pick up the Music Scroll, pull the jump switch to open the exit. Jump over the fire and exit, place your Scroll and pull the jump switch in the open room to see the door again, turn and head straight back to the next area

Find a jump switch to open the door, head through and as you enter, a Demigod attacks. From the entrance, go to the room on the left, drop/hang over the pit, and drop again to the lower edge, crawl through for a Secret a Large Medi. Crawl back out and drop into a lake. This is a really tough area, itís loaded with skeletons and Iíve never, to this point playing this level found a shotgun.

Swim over the the South East corner, see the golden double doors? We need to get those open. On the West side is another pool with a door we must open first. So hereís how to proceed. Pull out of the lake facing the South wall, thereís an opening there; you need to follow the passage with all those skeletons on your tail, to pull a jump switch at the end, this opens the door in the other pool. There is also some Crossbow Ammo to pick up but as I have no crossbow to this point and there are several skeletons hacking me to bits, I opted to make for the pool.

This is a nasty, extensive underwater maze in which you need to find 5 jump switches to open doors. Also available are several pickups, including the Crossbow, Explosive Crossbow Ammo and a Small Medi. As many times as Iíve played this level, I have no clear cut directions through this maze. I do know that to start, if you head straight back and keep following right, youíll find the first jump switch. These switches open 2 underwater doors to access subsequent switches and pick ups. Once the 2 undewater doors are opened, you get to that area from the start, swimming into the maze, turning at the first left, and left again into a bigger open area, surface and grab the Hathor Effigy, leave the maze and the double doors are now open on the East side of the underground lake. Go thru the doors and jump on a block to pull a jump switch, this raises another block to jump ahead and pick up the Ornate Handle. Return to the maney artifacts area and use your Portal Guardian.

While you are still in a swimming mood, go back down the steps and jump into the shallow pool, against the wall is a small space Lara can swim through, just follow the path to an underwater door to open, continue on to another door and surface. Between the 2 pools is a crowbar door, blast a skeleton first. Go through the door and past some scissor blades to climb a wall, back flip near to top to a ledge, cross the room with 4 fires, blasting 2 skeletons. Keep going straight to climb onto a slope, part way down the slide, grab a ladder ahead and climb to the top. Ahead jump to a ledge and dive into the water, grab the Horsemanís Gem, swim through a passage, surface and exit on either side of the room.

Now go a place your gem and pull the last jump switch, see the doors opening, exit the door and turn left, towards the music scroll, left again and the 2nd left and a right to the now open doors. Go through and onto the transporter to take Lara to another room.

Find some stairs, at the top, a Demigod attacks, when heís eliminated, another attacks. Pull the jump switch to open the doors, enter and fall through the floor and slide to end the level.