Caribbean Disaster 4-6

Levels by Christian Schleicher (SilentViper)

Walkthrough by Sutekh

CS = Crawlspace - MS = Monkey Swing - L = Left - R = Right - N, S, E, W = Cardinal Points - UW = Underwater

SJ = Standing Jump - SJ+G = Standing Jump + Grab - RJ = Running Jump - RJ+G = Running Jump + Grab

-- Level 4: The Cave --

Enemies: SAS, Gunmen, Bear, Crows, Carribean Warriors, Crocodile, Compies, Raptors, T-Rex
Items of note: Key 1, Beneli M4Super90, 2 Coinpieces, 2 Golden Birds, Key 2, Thistle, Jewel
Secret: A Rose

-- A Warm Welcome --

You start in a large cave, standing on a metallic structure emerging from the water. Straight ahead in the distance, half hidden by crates and plants, is your very first enemy: a SAS. Don't lose time pondering on the situation, draw your pistols and kill him before he kills you.

Now take a look around: the water is clear, blue and inviting but you won't find anything of interest in it. Would you dive anyway, you'd spot a large immerged metallic structure to the S, but a strong stream prevents you from going there. So stay where you are and look L (NW) and up to the wall ahead: there's a CS there. Go to the NW corner of the structure you're on and do a SJ to grab the edge of the CS, noticing the whole wall is climbable. Pull up in the CS to pick up the metal Key.

Drop from the CS to grab the climbable wall and go R. Backflip on the structure and from there do a SJ to the crates area ahead (N) [or drop in the water from the CS, swim R (E) and pull up on said area]. Run ahead (N) past the plants to the crates, drawing your pistols on the way to shoot down the gunman who was waiting in ambush there. Pick up some 12 gauge (aka: shotgun normal ammo) he left behind, and prepare yourself for a Secret.

Run behind the crates toward the N wall and turn R (E). There's a low CS blocked by some stone plates. Go to it and use Action so Lara kicks it open. Crawl through it to pick up Secret #1: A Rose.

Time to leave the cave now. Run ahead (W), turn L (S) at the wall and go to the greenery covered W wall just before the metallic fence. It's climbable so jump, grab and climb to the top to pull up in a metallic corridor. Use the Key on the keyhole on your R (N) to open the rusty door ahead. Safety drop from the now accessible opening to a ledge below.

-- The Clearing --

You find yourself high above what seems to be an underground clearing. From where you stand, you can spot a white stairway to the R (SW), a big stone head to the L (NW) and a house in the center.

Turn R (N) and hop back while holding action to safety drop on the ledge below. Turn around and follow the ledge until you're one tile away from the back of a slope. SJ to land on the slope, SJ again to the slope ahead and eventually do a last SJ to the ledge (N) [or stand one step away from the slope, turn 45 R (NW) to face the ledge, hop back and do a RJ with a R curve in mid-air to land on it]. Pick up the large medipack near the W wall. Now you have to get down on floor level.

Go to the NE corner of the ledge to face the House and do a SJ to the flat triangular part of the roof. Do another SJ to jump over the steep slope through the hole in the center, turning L in mid-air as to land on the highest platform below. Turn around (S) and safety drop down from the house to the clearing.

Getting some Fire Power and Small Change

Turn around again (N), locate the big Stone Head on your L (NW) and run there to pass through the mouth. Run ahead (N) through the black stone corridor past the junction and pull up in the cave at the end. As many caves go, this one's inhabited by a bear. So draw your pistols and kill it before it slashes Lara with its sharp claws. Once it's done, you may take the time to notice the Swinging Blade ahead and Uzis beyond. Don't bother getting it though, it's trapped with falling stones and you won't ever be able to pick it up.

Run toward the blade, turn R (E) and run without stopping until you're next to a huge tree as stones fall from the ceiling as you pass. On your way, ignore the flat tile beyond the slopes to your L as well. It's collapsible and would send Lara impaling herself on an instant death spikes trap.

Go L (S) at the tree and locate the slope against the S wall. At this point, you should hear wings flapping meaning you've just disturbed some other occupants: 2 crows. Shoot them while keeping Lara's back against the wall and you should be fine. Once they're both down, go to the slope, turn E so it's on Lara's back and look up to spot the ledge above. Backflip to the slope and immediately jump while holding action to grab the higher ledge and pull up on it.

Run along the wall until you reach a raised part of the floor in the NE corner. Turn L (W) to spot another higher ledge and, with Lara's right shoulder against the wall, jump, grab an pull up. Turn L (S), notice the closed "door" ahead (which is in fact a block) and go pick up some 12 gauge, 2 12 gauge Wideshot and the huge Beneli M4Super90 (aka Shotgun). Now go to the extending ledge past the tree, turn R (SW) and look up to spot a big silver star above. You need to shoot it to lower the nearby block.

Since you don't have any LaserSight, you'll have to use the Beneli. You can sort of "aim" with it by using the Look key. Position Lara as shown in this screenshot, draw the Beneli, press Look and look up at the star. You should then easily break it and lower the block to the S. Enter the newly accessible corridor and pick up the 1st Coinpiece on the pedestal. Make your way back down to the cave by safety dropping from ledge to ledge, then leave it (mind the swinging blade on your way) and go back to the black stone corridor.

Turn L (E) at the junction and run through the long grey corridor with your Beneli in hands since a SAS is waiting in ambush around the corner. Once he's down, run to the end of the corridor and pull up in a small room with a pool and a square structure in the center. Turn R (SE) and run to the ladder on the S wall. Climb it, backflip to the square structure and go pick up the 2nd Coinpiece in the NE corner. Drop down in the room below and return to the Clearing.

Two Golden Birds and Moving Some Blocks

From the big stone head, run ahead (S) across the clearing then L of the wide stairways to the SW corner. There you'll find a square hole blocked by some grey blocks and a Coin Receptacle. Combine both Coinpieces and use the Coin in the receptacle to lower one of the blocks in the nearby hole. Drop down in the hole and through the new floor opening to pick up the 1st Golden Bird in a small cache below. Go back up to the Clearing.

Ahead of you (N) is a stairway leading to a bamboo structure against the W wall. Climb the stairs to the top, turn L (E) and jump, grab and pull up in the room above. Immediately draw your Beneli to deal with the two gunmen there then locate the lighter block in the NW corner: it's the first of a series of moveable blocks. You may try to solve this moveable blocks puzzle by yourself or read the details in the Spoiler Section at the end of this walkthrough. Once the puzzle solved, you'll have the 2nd Golden Bird in your inventory.

Leaving the Clearing

Return to the Clearing and head to the metal crate ahead (E). Climb on it, go to its opposite edge (E) then do a SJ+G to the opening in the house. There's a Golden Bird Receptacle here so use the 1st Golden Bird on it. Hop back, SJ to the higher ledge and drop down to the lower one. Turn around (W) to use the 2nd Golden Bird on its Receptacle.

Drop down to the clearing and immediately draw your pistols as 2 Caribbean Warriors come to attack you. They are the local version of the Tin Man and their sword does a good deal of damage so the trick here is to not let them hit you. They only can be hurt when facing them so keep running back and forth while shooting, jumping over them if needed. You'll eventually hear them falling with a low scream.

Run to the wide stairways to the S and pass through the large doors you just opened with the Golden Birds. You find yourself in a rather small room with a pool in the center and a closed wooden door ahead (S) with a serpent head receptacle on its R. Go to the edge of the pool but don't dive yet: there's a crocodile in there, so shoot it from your safe dry location first.

Now dive and pick up the Skull Key in the NE corner of the pool, exit the water and go use the key on the serpent head receptacle to open the nearby door. Go through the door to find yourself by a cascade and a canal. If you want all the kills, run L (E) first then do a RJ over the canal while drawing your Beneli to dispatch a soldier and a gunman. If you don't care or are in a pacifist mood, just run straight ahead from the door and do a RJ over the canal to land on a sloping cascade which will lead you to the next area.

-- Dinosaurs of the Caribbean --

Swim to the R (W) ledge of the pool you're now in and exit the water from here. Quickly run and jump on the block ahead to safely shoot 2 compies. To get all the kills, drop down in the jungle and run around to kill a compy and 2 raptors (keep moving for the latters and try shooting them in the face or the rear) and return to the block.

Turn to face E and do a SJ+G to pull up on the higher ledge ahead then do a RJ to the next one. Stop here a while to kill 3 more compies frolicking around on the terrace ahead then do a SJ there. Locate an opening in the fence to the R (S) and go there. Dispatch the 2 compies on the other terrace ahead before doing a slightly L angled RJ over the plants to land there. Go pick up the Thistle in the far L corner (SE) and return to the N edge. A Raptor has just made an appearance in the terrace ahead so take it off before doing a SJ to there.

Run ahead (N) to the Serpent Head Receptacle and use the Thistle on it to open a door to your R (E). Run up the ramp to the ladder then climb to the top and pull up in a short wooden corridor. Go to the opening to get a fly-by showing the next area: a square place with closed tall yellow doors and three serpent switches. Safety drop down from the opening to the crates below and turn around.

The loud stomps and shaking ground can only mean one thing: there's a T-Rex on the loose and it's after Lara right now. To make a bad situation worse, it comes in the company of 4 compies, which doesn't help. Try to kill the compies first from your safe higher location and, when you're sure they're all dead, draw your Beneli and drop down to face the beast. If you're lucky and find its weak spot (the belly), you can take it off with a single cartridge.

Once the beast dead, go pick up the Beneli in the center of the area then activate the two Serpent Switches to the W to open the yellow doors. Go through it, ignoring the third switch which would only raise some spikes near one of the others, to enter what seems to be a graveyard. Draw your pistols to deal with 2 raptors near the entrance then a Caribbean warrior a bit further. Notice the closed wooden door and the Serpent Head Receptacle in the NE corner (far L from the entrance) then run S (R of the entrance) toward the middle of the wall, turn around (N) and open the sarcophagus to pick up a jewel.

Go use it on the Serpent Head Receptacle in the NE corner to enter...

-- Level 5: Sanctuary --

Enemies: Critters, Black Dressed Men, Black Hood Man, Gunman
Items of note: 2 Coinpieces, 2 Sheets, Torch, Jewel, Keycard, 2 Thistles

-- Two Coinpieces --

First things first, draw your pistols and shoot 2 critters running at you then pick up the 12 gauge at your feet. Now take a look around: You're in the Starting Room. There's a heavy stone sarcophagus ahead (N) in the center and a closed wrought-iron door to the L (W) with a serpent head receptacle on its L and a stream running behind. Apart from those, nothing special and no apparent way out.

Turn R (E) and run past the red pillar then R again (S) to locate a button to your R (E) on the pillar and push it. This will move the heavy sarcophagus and open an exit. Drop in the corridor below and run N until your reach a room with slopes, two openings (R/E and L/W) and a closed grate ahead (N) with a Coin Receptacle on its L. You're in the Four Openings Room.

Turn L (W) to go through the opening, turn L (S) and draw you Beneli to dispatch a Black Dressed Man in the corridor beyond. Run to the end of the corridor then crouch and crawl in the next room until you can stand up again. It's partially flooded and, looking down, you can see it's sort of a treasure room. The perfect place to find a coin. So dive and swim to the R to pick up the Coinpiece in the SE corner then turn around and collect the other Coinpiece in the NE corner.

-- Two Sheets --

Exit the water and return to the Four Openings Room. Turn L (N) and run to the closed door. Combine the two Coinpieces and use the resulting Coin on the Coin Receptacle to open the nearby door. Pass it and run along the corridor to enter the library.

[Important: Don't use the jumpswitch there before you collect both sheets or you'll be locked in the Library forever and have to reload]

First turn around and look up to notice a high Jumpswitch above the entrance then turn L (E) then L again (N) at the junction. Run to the corner ahead and pick up the notice Sheet on the floor. This will close the entrance door and trigger a Black Hood Man (which is another version of the Tin Man). Dispose of him properly: he'll leave another Sheet behind him. Read the first sheet to learn you need to burn some paper (ie: the 2nd sheet) to light a fire somewhere.

Now run to the W wall and turn R (N) then R around the corner and along the bookshelves toward the E wall. Turn R (S) at the last bookshelf: its' a bit lower than the others. Climb on it and run S to the Jumpswitch above the entrance, doing a SJ from one bookshelf to the other at the end. Do a SJ to grab the Jumpswitch and activate it, which will reopen the entrance door. Drop down in the room below and return to the Four Openings Room.

-- Burning the Floor --

Turn L (E) and run to the Pink Lit Room. There's a Torch on the floor just after the entrance, a low CS to the L (N), a wooden floor ahead (E) and a stand to the R (S). Your task is to burn the floor to get access below, but first we'll go for a Secret:

Go L and crawl through the CS until you can stand up and pick up Secret #2: Magnum Rounds and the Desert Eagle. Return to the Pink Lit Room.

Run to the stand and use the 2nd Sheet on it. This will light a fire on the reddish slopes in the nearby corner (SW). Now go get the Torch and light it on the fire then run to the wooden floor.

Stand one tile away from the middle of it and toss (hit Draw) the lit torch on it to set it on fire. Wait a little while for the floor to burn completely, jump over the new hole and drop down from the middle of the edge in the room below. Watch the lower red tiles here: they're deadly burning floor. Pick up the Jewel then return to the tile where you landed, face E and jump to grab the block above which side is climbable. Pull up in the Pink Lit Room and return to the Starting Room via the Four Openings Room and the L (S) opening.

-- Getting the Keycard --

Use the Jewel on the Serpent Head Receptacle to open the nearby door. Turn R (N), slide down the slope then climb the ladder to pull up in a blue lit corridor. To your R (E) is a closed wrought-iron door and a card slot. Since you haven't any card to use with it, turn L (W) and run into the shadow where the corridor turns R (N).

You now can see blue lasers ahead and an opening to your R (E). Draw you Beneli: a black dressed man and a gunman are waiting for you in the room beyond. Dispatch them quickly, enter the small room, turn L (N) and go activate the jumpswitch in the NW corner to turn off the lasers.

Exit the room, turn R (N) and run past the lasers to the end of the corridor: You can see two Serpent Head Receptacles on the E and W walls but for the moment just pick up the Keycard on the floor and return to the other end of the corridor to use it on the Card Slot and open the wrought-iron door to the E.

-- Two Thistles to Leave the Sanctuary --

Pass the door and run ahead in the red lit corridor ignoring the room to your L (N) for now. Enter the room at the end of the corridor. There are two burning tiles with a grate-like one between. Run quickly over it, triggering an on/off spikes trap to pick up the 1st Thistle near the S wall and return to the corridor carefully dealing with the spikes.

Run through the red-lit corridor then the short blue-lit one, draw your Beneli and turn R (N) to enter the room. Turn L (W) to dispatch the black dressed man there and pick up the 9mm ammo (ie: Uzi ammo) he left behind. Don't jump in the water (there's a key in there, but it's useless). Locate the ladder on the E wall instead and do a slightly L (NEE) angled SJ from the edge to grab it, climb and pull up in a metallic corridor.

Run through it to reach an opening overlooking a large green-lit, luxuriant garden. Do a RJ+G to the roof ahead (E), pull up and go up to the center to pick up a large medipack, a MAC10 (aka Uzi), some 12 gauge, a Beneli and some 9mm ammo on the highest block.

Now run to the edge of the ledge extending from the roof to the E and drop down from it to the ledge below and from there to floor level. Pick up the 2nd Thistle on the pedestal near the E wall. If you want all the kills, turn around and run through the passage under the floor then turn L (S) then L again (E) to notice a bear has appeared ahead among the vegetation. Kill it but don't go where it appeared: the area is riddled with spikes traps (as is the whole middle part of the room from N to S). Return to the pedestal through the passage.

Climb on the crate nearby and turn W. Do a SJ+G to the edge of the slope above and shimmy to the R to pull up on the flat ledge. Turn R (E), climb on the higher block and turn around (W). Jump to grab the climbable side of the ledge above, climb and pull up. Run ahead across the roof to the edge and do a RJ+G to the metallic corridor.

Go to the Serpent Head Receptacles we spotted a while ago via the pool room and the blue-lit corridor with lasers and use the Thistles on them. This opens a door above the wrought-iron one you opened with the Keycard. So return there through the corridor, stopping just before the opened wrought-iron door.

Turn around and look up to spot a ledge above and a now opened wooden door. Jump, grab, pull up and pass through the newly opened door to leave the Sanctuary and enter the next level.

-- Level 6: Mountain Escape --

Enemies: Snake, SAS
Items of note: none

Higher, Higher, Higher to the Top

No peace, no rest. You only just arrived in the outdoor jungle and you already have to face your first enemy. This one's sneaky, though. Look closely to the light green bush to your R (NW) and spot the snake hidden there. No time to lose with petty ophidians, shoot it from where you stand.

Now take a look around (or rather up, to be accurate). You're at the bottom of a pit with no apparent way up. The walls are lined with slopes and ledges, there's a high closed door to the R and a zip line high above.

Turn L and run to the SE corner past the column. Here the floor is a tad higher. Turn to the column (N), walk to the edge of the slope and jump, grab and pull up on the top of the column. Do a SJ to the ledge ahead and run to the opening in the N wall. Draw your Beneli and enter the passage where a SAS was patiently waiting. Duely reward him for his patience then locate the button at the end of the passage to the R (E). Push it to open the door above.

Leave the passage and turn L (E) at the exit to return to the "start" of the ledge you're on. The wall here is climbable so jump, grab and climb until you can go L and past the first grey triangular edge to land on the sandy ledge. Go to the other end of the ledge, facing a slope ahead (W). Position Lara in the middle (roughly) turn very slightly to the L (SWW) and do a RJ to the slope. Immediately jump and press action to grab the climbable N side of the next slope.
Go to the R as much as possible then climb and pull up. Jump as soon you land on the sloped side with a slight L curve in mid-air then jump again and press Action to grab another climbable "wall". Climb an pull up on the flat ledge above. At this point, a fixed camera will make it very difficult to run and orient Lara so you'd better save before going further.

Cautiously run on the ledge around the walls until you can see some crates. Go L (N) behind them, pull up then L again on the nearby rock to get rid of the camera. Draw your weapon of choice to dispatch the SAS who's shooting at you from the L (S) then turn around (N - notice the closed door to the W) to pull up on the ledge above.

A Bit Down and the Final Escape

Turn around (S) to face the bridge and do a RJ to it, hitting Action to grab the edge at the very last moment. Turn L (E) toward the ledge with the zip-line and do a RJ to land there from the edge of the bridge. Go to the zip-line and use it. Let go as soon as you've passed the "wall" of foliage to land on a ledge (if you slide to the end, you'll fall in the water below and will be stuck there forever).

Turn R (N) and go to the switch ahead to activate it, opening the last closed door you spotted before. Turn around (S) and run toward the opposite end of the ledge. Turn 45 L (SE) to the foliage and do a SJ to land on the slope below, then immediately jump and grab the climbable ledge side ahead (E). Pull up to be back on the fixed camera ledge.

Make your way back to the crates, going to the L rock again to get rid of the camera and turn to the newly opened door to the W. Walk to the middle of the edge, do a RJ to the rock before the door then pass it to enter a brick corridor going R (N). Run through it until you can pull up on a jungle area and draw your best weapon as you're immediately attacked by no less than 4 SAS at a time, coming from the R (NE)

Retaliate until they're all down, or don't. Whatever method you choose, run to the large wooden doors to the E to escape the Caribbean jungle and end the level.


---- Solution to the Blocks Puzzle

Here's the starting position: Map
- Pull block 1 twice E then once S
- Push block 2 once
- Turn R (N) and run to Block 3 to push it once.

Current position: Map
- Turn L (S) and push block 4 twice then L (E) and around it to push it W twice.
- Turn around and pull block 5 twice. Go E past it to collect the 2nd
Golden Bird.
- Finally, Turn L (N) and push block 6 twice to open a shorter way back to the room.

Final position: Map