Dome of Hills

Level by Christian Schleicher (SilentViper)

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start the level in a yard. Light a flare and go over to the W dark corner, pick up Grenade gun Super Ammo Shotgun and Ammo. Head over to the opening at the N and slide down the long slope, be ready to take a jump forward before you get to the end to avoid from the first rolling spiked boulder. Wait a few seconds and the rest of the rolling spiked boulders roll down in front of you, they will soon stop rocking back and forth, you can easily get past them and proceed over the closed gate. From both sides there's a lever wall but first you need to pass the spike traps, just jump above the spikes over the wall, throw two wall levers to open the gate, pass the next big hall.

Go and pick up the Flares near the foundation at the middle, proceed around toward the goblet. Pull/push it over the circle mosaic and place it onto the small one in front of the gate, it will open the pink grate at the E side. Go over there and pick up the Key, make your way toward the black gate at the W wall, use the key to open the gate. Enter the lava room, jump and grab the ceiling, monkeyswing over the small ledge, take running and jump over the lava and land on the next ledge. The next monkey swing will bring you to the next room with
shallow murky water pool, get into the pool and go toward the block. Climbing onto the block with the usual way does not help you much, as Lara falls down each time she will be on the block, it must be some kind of BUG. Take standing jump, Lara lands onto the block, pick up the Music Scroll and go back the same way over to the big hall. Place the Music Scroll in the right place in the foundation, it will open the gate to the next room.

Follow to the next room two, mummies will come over to you, avoid from them and throw the four levers in each block around, that will make short circuit between the two foundations and open the the high gate. In the meantime, Templar Knight will show up too, but he's far away from you. Climb into the next room with low ceiling and light a flare (it's quite dark), head to E wall and push the double door. Note, could be a BUG here, as Lara might get freezing in funny situation but she will be able to open the door. Shoot the two small scorpions and bat, follow into the Secret room and pick up the Grenade gun with Ammo.

Go toward the large pool and take care of the three crocodiles, you do not need to jump into the pool. Go to the right side and walk onto the block, then get out from the pool, take standing jump, slide and jump over the next slope, one more jump and land onto the next block. Short jump to the block from your right, now take running with jump across the gap over the block in front of you and grab the edge.

One more running jump and Lara will land onto the last block, turn face toward the wall with the torch and jump over the stone ledge, grab the edge and pull Lara onto it. Follow the ledge and jump up over the slope, a few steps and slide down the next slope and go to the opening.

Drop down into an Oriental room, from both sides two Templar Knights will close on you, also take care for the poison darts, as you can see there're two doors but I think it not be possible to open them and they might be a part of the textures. Turn W over the passage, you will come to a small room with a ball hanging from the ceiling, stand facing the ball, draw your pistols, jump and shot the ball. This act will light the wall torch and open the gate from the left, quickly run forward to avoid from the falling of the spiked boulder. Pull Lara into the high crawlspace, turn and drop down into empty big room, oops two small monsters come in front of Lara to attack, send them to hell, also the mummies that show up.

Enter the next room, shoot the two vases from each side ot the room, then the two vases that stand onto the wooden basis. Pick up the Gem and put in the receptacles left of the door, soon as the door will open the level will get to the end.