Author: Leroy Perkins


This level is a very good one, with spectacular and huge places. You have to collect the 2 Cartouche Pieces. But you will also need the Guardian Key, the Golden Vraeus, the Gate Key and the Crowbar too. For the first time surely I missed the Golden Vraeus at the rolling stone. In the end you will get a Scroll but you won't use it anywhere. There are some timed runs and jumps in the level but they aren't annoying. Unfortunately there's a save bug in the end, opening the last iron gate my game crashed. The solution was that I didn't save between pulling the underwater levers and entering the iron gate. I missed a secret somewhere, I think it was the second one. The game counted secrets collecting a small medipack and a large medipack. I will more attentive in my second gamethrough. The added sounds are great. There are not too many enemies: some ninjas and scorpions. It was a good adventure, I recommend it to everybody.


Look around carefully and find the numerous ammo. Getting outside find the gap in the rock, down in the valley, on the other side of the bridge. Go there but collect the Uzi from the rocks to the right meantime. 3 scorpions attack Lara. Climb over above the spikes and avoid the next bunch dropping down into a crawlspace. Get up and first head to the right, finding the SECRET #1: a small medipack. Continue your way. Reach into the hole on the wall and going to the left enter a room with lava. Jump over to the opposite side and to the right. Shimmy around holding the gap on the wall, kill the ninja, pulling the lever the fire extinguishes. Now you can push the button. After another jump return to the doors outside.

The other grate has opened too. Now all the 4 ropes must be in one line of Lara's head's middle. After sprint, escaping from the rolling stone. Jump on the rope, climb the wall and make a somersault. Finally climb into a crawlspace and find the CROWBAR. Collect the Uzi ammo from the right and pulling the lever there the fire extinguishes. Now you can force the doors open but start with the one on the right because entering another can be opened to the left. Slide down and open the next one so the door will stop the rolling stone ball. Now you can return for the GOLDEN VRAEUS. Place it outside and get the GATE KEY.

Continue your way and after the death of the 2 ninjas return on the bridge. Head to the opposite direction. Notice the grey step of the stairs: this is the switch of the doors but there’s a timer on it so be fast to enter the door in front of you. 3 ninjas attacking Lara. After taking care of them find the GUARDIAN KEY in the alcove to the right. Pull the lever on the top of one the columns and you can reach the SECRET #2: Uzi ammo. Get outside on the bridge and climb down the rocks on the same side. Collect the Flares from the rocks and force the door open. Enter and find the 2 trapdoors. Open up them and climb up onto the floor at the center column. Use your key on one of the columns and push the button behind the open grate. Kill the scorpions below. Climb down again and get the CARTOUCHE PIECE. Climb up and climb down outside, until the floor switch. Hurry into the door to the right and open the gate. Get down on the ground inside and pull the lever. Get outside.

Head to the right and before the water reach into the gap. The grate opens over the water. Pull the block once. Return and get up the slope. Jump over the chasm but turn back from the second column. Find the SECRET #3 above: a large medipack. Jump into the water, get up and jump over onto the rooftops. Kill the ninja and dropping down on the other side push the button. A grate has opened above. Kill the ninja and reach to the ladder on the other side. Find another ladder on the roof above. Push in the block totally below and pull it away 'cause there's the CARTOUCHE PIECE 2 behind it. Reach in the wall hole and jumping into the water get down. Now you can enter the building. Shoot the ninja and the vases and a grate opens above, on the floor. Get up and find the HAND OF ORION. Place it in the building. A grate has opened up in the water, pull the underwater lever.
Now save your game as there will be a save bug now. Swim in and pull the lever to the right. Swim fast but collect the small medipack meantime. 2 ninjas await Lara above. Climb down the ladder and kill another 2 ninjas. Climb up the other small ladder. Standing close to the ladder, being the sloping area on Lara's right jump + grab to the right. Crawl through the gap and force the door open. The save bug appeared here in my game: after I have opened the door the game crashed. My solution was that I didn't make a save between the swimming and this point of the level. 2 ninjas welcome Lara again inside. Combine and use your key and push the button on both sides. The door has opened outside. Open up the trapdoor and drop down into the water. The current gets Lara back to the starting point where she can collect the TWIN TOWERS MAP. Get up the slope and the level ends.

Walkthrough by OBig from

Translated by Petunia from