The Croft Woman 4

Level by Linden

Walkthrough written for Lara’s Home by Moonpooka (and posted here with permission)

Regarding; the first gate key pick up. The legal way to get the key is written in the walkthrough, but I have also added a paragraph after this part because if you run back up the passage from the boulder, instead of taking the left turn to avoid it, then the key appears to be inaccessible. However, there is another way to the key, and although this is not the legal way, it will enable you to proceed. See italic paragraph insert in the walkthrough

There are four secrets to collect.

You begin the level with Lara falling into a passage. Light a flare and crawl through the passage to the end where you will come to a slope. Take the slope backwards so that Lara can slide and grab the end. You will hear a boulder fall but it won’t harm Lara. Drop again onto a second slope, then slide and catch the end. You will see a crawl space below you, drop and grab then crawl in. Go through and drop into the tiny room ahead, then kill the pig and take 1st Secret – LMP – SMP.

Return through the crawl space and drop down onto the slope below the crawl space. A hatch has opened at the bottom of the slope so be sure and grab the end of the slope to save Lara a nasty fall. You can now do a safety drop into the room below.

As you land in the room below, two pigs will attack from the crawl space in the north wall, see them off then enter the crawl space and make your way to the end.

Look up into the hole at the end of the passage and notice there are ladders on three sides. Take the south wall ladder and climb to the top. The camera angle will change and you will just see Lara's head above a slope that is behind her. Back flip onto the slope then slide and catch the edge. Shimmy left along the slope and continue round to the east wall. Now pull up into a safe alcove in the east wall.

From here, you can see a large med pack up in the north alcove. It is possible to run jump up the slope to it, but if you are feeling lazy then the easier way is to jump over into the west passage, then jump over for the med pack.

Now get back to the west passage and head up the stairs. There is a sleeping skeleton here but he is no threat. Head up the second flight of stairs and stop half way up to let a boulder fall at the top of the stairs. The boulder will not come down the stairs, but be sure to wait for it to lie still before proceeding as even the slightest movement from the boulder will kill Lara.

Jump past the boulder onto the next flight of stairs, and go about half way up. Stop here and turn to face west, then look up to see a crawl space above the stairs. Pull up inside and go through for 2nd Secret – Shotgun – Shotgun Ammo x 3. Now drop back to the stairs.

Continue on up the stairs and round to the left. Stop at the small slope as a boulder will crash down when you step on it; and also beware as a skeleton is lurking in the dark alcove behind the slope. Nip onto the slope then quickly jump back to avoid the boulder, then run into the west passage and up the stairs where you are safe from that skeleton, he doesn’t seem to want to follow, hmm luck you!

At the top of the stairs you will come to a new room. This room is lethal as spike traps litter the floor. Stop at the entrance and let Lara take a look at her destination, and then collect the Crowbar that is lying on the tile just ahead of the entrance of the room. You now need to get across the room to the far west wall in one piece. Here’s how you do it…..

Look to the east wall and you will see two slopes, jump to the tile between them SCREEN ONE
Next jump, is to the first tile in front of the second slope SCREEN TWO
From here, jump to the third tile from the east wall, between the two slopes SCREEN THREE
And finally, jump over in a NW direction to land on the tile next to the sloped west wall SCREEN FOUR

That’s it, you made it!

Now jump over the slope and land in a passage behind. Head north and go down the stairs, then make your way up the long passage which will take you to the upper balconies of the room.

As you walk out onto the first balcony a skeleton awakes, load up your shotgun and blast him off the edge. Walk to the entrance of the passage in the north wall and there is a slope ahead with a spiked hole. Jump up and grab the ceiling ladder to get across, then swing to the left and drop off into a new passage.

Draw guns as a pig attacks, and then run ahead to the end of the passage. Use the crowbar on the door and go through to a tiny room with a deep central hole. Shimmy round the hole to the south side then pull up and head forwards a short way.

You can now go either left or right, but do not take the right passage route yet, as there is a secret to collect first.

So, ignore the passage to the right for now and go to the edge of the passage to the left. Turn and drop back grabbing the edge, and then shimmy right. Keep going across the wall until you can pull up for 3rd Secret – Uzi – Uzi Ammo x 4. Now shimmy back to the passage entrance.

From here head forwards and go round into the left passage. Now be ready for some fast moves! As you approach the key at the end of the passage, a boulder will fall. Lara will not have time to take the key so do not even try it. Instead, nip into the left passage but be quick to jump a deadly spike pit. Now the boulder will have fallen Lara is safe, and she can now use the ceiling ladder above the spike pit to go back for the Gate Key.

Now return over the spike pit and go to the right to use the key on the gate there.

If by chance you did not run left of the falling boulder, but turned and ran back up the passage, your way to the key the legal way is now blocked by the boulder. However, you can still get the key and this is how.

From the boulder passage, go to the entrance where you shimmied to secret 3. Drop down to ground landing in the passage behind the long slope at the spike floor room. Head south, and at the end of the path you will see a small slope at the south wall. Stand at that slope and face SE. Now do a standing jump up onto a flat area at the south end of the long slope. Face west then jump up into the west wall doorway and go through. To your left you will see the gate key door, and ahead you will see the gate key over a deep spike trap pit. Use the ceiling ladder above the pit to retrieve the key, then return via the ceiling ladder to the gate key door

Go through the new passage, and at the end you are faced with a slope leading down to the spike floor room, hmm, you don’t want to go down there do you? So, jump right onto the safe ledge then do a standing jump to the high brown pillar to the east. Shimmy all the way around the pillar until you can drop off at a new south wall passage.

Make your way through the passage until you come to a small room with central pool. Dive in and swim south through the watery passages until you can swim up and climb out into a small courtyard. Three crocodiles will be on your tail by now, and when you pull out of the water, three pigs also await poor Lara. Gun the enemies down then return to the pool.
Near the surface of the pool, in the SE corner, you will find another Gate key, take it and climb back out into the courtyard. There is a boulder trap at the north wall, so you can go have some fun with them, or simply avoid them and go use the gate key on the east gate and head through to the next area.

Enter the new room and notice there are some stairs leading up ahead of you. Ignore them for now and shoot out the barrier to the south. This will open up a small room. Light a flare then go inside and kill the three pigs that attack. Take the Horseman’s Gem from the floor, then light another flare to see a high crawl space in the south wall. Pull up and go through for 4th Secret – Crossbow – Arrows x 3, and then return to the stairs outside.

Head up the stairs and if you are feeling a bit mean, kill the crocodile that is minding its own business in the small east pool.
Shoot out the two barriers at the south wall to reveal a long and dangerous slope. You will see two boulders hanging from the ceiling above the slope, and at the bottom of the slope there are two closed gates, and behind those gates are more barriers. Now, you are going to have to work fast here, and this will take many tries.

Load up your crossbow and explosive arrows if you found them, if not you will have to use any weapon you did find, or simply be stuck with using pistols which I found quite hard to do this task with. Have chosen your weapon in hand and slide down the slope preferably on the right or left side of the boulders, this is so you stand a better chance of hitting the barriers when the gates open at the bottom of the slope. As you slide down the boulders will fall behind Lara, but she will continue to slide, activating the gates at the bottom of the slope. As soon as you see them open, blast away the barriers beyond the gates; and at the same time hit jump at the very end of the slope so that Lara jumps through the gates while still having to blast away another barrier. She will land on another slope and will have to make one final jump over a deep dark fire pit to finally end her adventure.

The End