Video Walkthrough by JoeTheCrazyGamer can be found here

WALKTHROUGH BY Anya Marie McDonald

NOTE: I have listed no secrets or pickups unless the pickup is in a secret or is something that the player needs to perform a task. Sorry, but I feel that the players should not be given everything in a walkthrough and that they should just use a walkthrough as a guide to get from the beginning to the end of a level. Everything else in the level should be done by the individual players.

The Level starts with Lara dropping onto a slightly raised blue/green block; there are four tiny pyramids with energy flashing around them at the corners of the block. Look around and you notice that this place is made up of floating blocks and islands(very strange). Now head forward and jump to the nearest floating block, then jump to the next one by the closed gate. Then turn right and jump to the block. Next, go down the steps, turn left and jump down to the next block. Now drop down to the block to your right, then run/jump to the steps, turn right, then jun/jump to the cross-shaped blocks.

Now run/jump over to the island, pull up onto the ledge, then head forward. You come to a fire area with a key stone in the corner to your far right. You have to jump from block to block to get to the key stone and watch a cut scene, then back again and head back to the closed gate you passed earlier. Take care or avoid any skeletons that you come to on your way back to the gate. Once you get to the gate and go through it, head to the end of this passage, but watch out for the gap or you will fall.

When you reach the end, turn around, jumpback/slide/slide/grab/drop to the block below. Turn around, jump to the next block and watch the skeleton to your right try to jump onto the island, then fall into oblivion(too bad - sniffle - he won't be missed). Now head over to the sloping blocks, take out the skeleton, then save your game. Align Lara with the first sloping block, then jump/grab/pullup/slide/jump/grab/pullup/slide/jump onto the next floating block and deal with the skeleton. Now run/jump to the floating island (this is the top part of the one you got the guardian key from) and make your way to the other side.

Once you are on the other side, watch a flyby of some uninvited guests rising up to greet Lara; deal with them, then go and press the two buttons on either side of the gate past the window ledges (on the left window ledge is the laser sight) to open the gate.

Go through the gate, jump to the catwalk to your left, then align Lara with the window, then jump to the grate and then quickly jump to the window and place the key stone in the receptacle. Then head over to the open gate on the catwalk to the south. Go through the gate, then through the opening to your left down the steps to the next room. Notice a closed gate to your left, a window to your right and steps in front of you. Head up the steps to the next room and press the switch in the wall to your left as you enter the room, to open the closed gate in here.

Head through the now open gate and slide down to the next room. This room has five waterholes and a closed gate up on the wall to your right. Now drop into the closest right hand water hole, then swim through the opening to your right, then turn right again and swim up, turn right once more then turn left. Surface, exit the water and press the tile button in the corner, now head back to the room you just came from. Surface, exit the water, then drop into the first waterhole to the left of the way you entered the room. Swim through the opening down to an open underwater gate, follow the underwater passage til you can surface and exit the water in the next room.

In this room are four tables that need to be moved onto the proper black dot. Each table has a letter on it N/S/E/W so use your compass to find out where each table goes. Once the tables are in their proper place head back to the room you slid into and go through the now open gate and up the steps to the next room. There is a metal island surrounded by lava with the stone of destiny on a small pyramid protected by fire in the middle of this room. Jump to the island, then get attacked by a swarm of hornets, then jump to the safe place to your left.

Now jump over the lavahole, next go into the passage beyond the opening. Avoid the ball coming behind you, then jump over the pit and grab the ledge of the pit, then shimmy to the left til you can pull up into the next room. (Note: if you step into the passage then quickly back out and let the ball pass by; you can then follow it on its next trip over the pit to grab the ledge of the pit and shimmy to safety.)

In this room there is a tile button to your right and another swarm of hornets will attack. Go press the tile button, then watch a flyby, then take out the two skeletons. Now head back to the room with the metal island, just remember you still have to avoid the ball on your way back to the room with the metal island. Once you are back in the room with the metal island, grab the hand off the pyramid, then go back to the room with the five waterholes and up the steps that used to be a ramp. Now head to where you saw the closed gate across from the window which is now open, taking care of a skeleton along the way. Go through the open gate into the passage and slide down to the next room. You are in another lava room, so jump over the first fireblower to the safe block beyond, then jump/grab/hang on to the edge of the next block with a fireblower.

This next jump is tricky, you have to run/jump/grab the ladder without getting burned, but once you make it climb the ladder to the next passage.

Follow this passage to a sloping passage, then slide down jump/grab the block across the lava pit while avoiding a ball coming behind you. Once you are safe climb the next block, then drop down into a small pit, notice the receptacle for another key stone, then jump/grab/pullup into a crawlspace. Follow the crawlspace while a swarm of hornets attack til you can stand. You are overlooking a room with a key stone on a pedestal in the corner. Jump down, get the key stone, then quickly climb the ladder to avoid the skeleton, now head back to the receptacle you saw before getting the key stone and place it there.

After you place the key stone in its receptacle you hear a door or gate opening somewhere, so turn to your left, then jump/grab/pullup, then walk to the edge of the block. Jump/grab/climb the ladder to the passage above you and head through the open gate into the next room. Notice the spike tiles on the floor in a shallow pit; the spikes will start popping up and down as you near the shallow pit. Time the spikes, then run to the opening beyond the spikes. Once you are past the spikes turn left down the next passage to a pole, climb the pole to the next room. In the next room look to your right and notice that you are on the other side of the gate in the area where you placed the first key stone. Now head away from the gate to the other end of this room, turn left and follow the big hall to the next room.

In this room is a small pyramid in the corner, but this room is not as it appears. Look into the mirror to see how to get to the small pyramid. Once you are at the small pyramid, grab another stone of destiny, watch a flyby, then leave this room.

After you have made it safely back to the steps in this room, go to the now open gate leading back to the room you used the first key stone in. Next, head to the open gate on the catwalk to the north. Once you are through the gate and into the next area run and jump to the steps, then make your way to the building you saw in the last flyby, dealing with skeletons on your way to it. Then, when you reach the building, run into the energy ball to end the level.



SECRET #1: From the skeleton platform with a hole in the middle, hop on the adjacent floating island to the W and, behind its top, find a big medpack.

SECRET #2: From the skeleton platform behind the twin slope sequence, don't go into the floating octahedron room but hop on the standable rocks to the SE and traverse around the structure exterior until You reach a place where You can pull up on the roof. Hop on the stairs to the top and pick up some explosive arrows.

SECRET #3: In the area with the first crystal hand, pull up into the crawlspace at the N end of the rollingball ramp for some more explosive arrows.