Break Out

Level by Dirk Wouters (January, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

start in a closed room. Turn around and pull back the body of the dead guard. Pull down the jump switch at the west wall to open the door. Exit the room and enter a long red-lit tunnel. Go to the end and enter a large room. Shoot two guards and then go to the north-west corner. Pull down the jump switch behind the column. Then go to the north-east corner and enter the open door. Follow the dark tunnel to another large room. Go west and run up the steps to shoot a guard. Continue up the steps and shoot another guard. At the top of the steps you have a choice of directions to go around the balcony.


Go south and turn to the east to shoot the barricade to the first room. Enter the room and pick up Uziís. Exit the room and continue east. The second room contains nothing. Enter a third room and use the floor lever inside the green-lit alcove. Enter the fourth room for Uzi ammo. Go around the corner and see a closed door. Turn the next corner and now you are going to the west. The first room has Uzi ammo. The second room has nothing. The third room has Uzi ammo. The fourth room has an open door in the north wall. Kill a guard and go behind the console in the north-west corner. You get secret #1 and pick up the Nitrous Oxide Feeder. Exit the rooms and shoot three guards. Now go to the closed door to the east that you passed earlier.


Open the door and follow the tunnel to overlook a large outside area. Safety drop to a ledge and kill two guards. They safety drop to the ground and get on the motorcycle. Drive north into the center of the wall. The sentry guns in the corners do little damage. Run over two guards and get off the motorcycle. Go to the north-west corner and use the slopes to back flip and jump forward with a curve onto the high pillar. Pick up crossbow normal ammo and safety drop to the ground.


Install the Nitrous Oxide Feeder to the motorcycle. Face east and aim the motorcycle onto the third row of tiles from the right wall. Drive up the east hill and drive over a large deep pit. You could get off the motorcycle at the top of the hill and jump to a pillar and then jump to the other side of the deep pit. Then get off the motorcycle and enter the crawl space in the south wall. Stand up on the other side and slide into a tunnel. At the end, climb the wall and pull up into a large open area. Shoot three guards and pick up Uzi ammo, red shotgun shells, and the shotgun.


Go behind the boxes in the south-east corner and drop onto a ledge. Swim into the pool and search the bottom for revolver ammo and flares. Get out of the pool and enter the open doorway in the south wall. Slide down a slope and jump forward over the deadly fire trap to grab a crawl space. Crawl inside and pick up flares. On the other side is a large room with a structure in the middle. Run up any steps to the top of the structure. The red tiles are deadly fire traps. Jump to the safe middle tile and pick up the revolver and grenade gun. Jump back to safety and return down the steps. Go to the south wall and see an open door.


You have to jump a series of eight slopes. At the end, run down a tunnel and enter another room. Jump onto the east ledge and shoot two guards on the other side. The door in the south wall is a fake. Open it and two guards appear behind you. Open the east door and enter a large area with tall sloped walls. There is nothing behind the slopes. Go east to the closed door and turn to the left. Pull back the body of a dead guard and pull down the jump switch to open the door.


Follow the tunnel to a large pit with a deadly floor. Jump up to grab the ceiling and follow the monkey swing. At the end, release and drop onto a ledge before a large open area.Shoot any barricade and go forward through the opening. The level ends by crashing to the desktop.