By Debbie Overstreet
Walkthrough written and provided by the author.

This level was not made and is not supported by Core Design Ltd. and Eidos Interactive.
This level was made for entertainment purposes by the author.

Many of the textures included in Haunted Castles were made by the author. They are free to use in noncomercial projects in exchange for a credit in your readme file. Thank you.


This adventure begins as Lara finds herself in the midst of a large dark castle. Grab the shotgun and then run over to the fountain to your left, jump in and get the medipak. Notice there is a locked door here. We will get to that later. For now get out of the fountain and run ahead towards the dark metal door. There is a dirt ledge Lara will have to jump up on in order to get to another ledge with two levers. Jump to the ledge with the levers and pull them both. One opens the door and the other raises the block.

Go into the castle. Once inside turn Lara to her right and shoot the vase. A ghostly knight appears. Get him and grab the blue diamond he leaves behind. Now shoot all the vases in the area. One of them has a large medipak. Proceed to the next area. Look for an opening near the top of a wall to Lara's right. There are two shatter vases and a block that needs to be raised between them. Climb the ledge across from the vases and block and jump across so that you are standing near both vases. Shoot them and you will raise the block and find a small medipak. A lethal fire begins across from you.

Climb up into the crawl space to get the key. Once out go to the next locked door and use the key. You have found another castle with a mote. Jump into the water to find an underwater switch. Pull that and quickly climb out next to the now open doors of the castle. Watch for two hungry crocs. Now grab the shotgun ammo and aim at the skeleton you have awakened. Blow him into the water. Jump in after him and grab the medipak. Climb out and look around. Notice there is a locked door nearby. Go into the hallway and up the stairs and climb the ladder at the top.

You are in the puzzle room. Go and push the green planet onto the green lighted square and do the same with the rest of the planets. Various boxes will raise. Climb to pull the switches. There is a small room at the top. Climb the boxes to get to the center ladder. Climb up and pull the three switches. A camera shot will show two trapdoors open. One releases a wraith and the other holds ammo. The third trapdoor opens toward the gray brick area. Climb down the ladder and go to this area and climb down. Crawl through the passageway to get some goodies including the key to the locked door you noticed before you came to the puzzleroom.

Go further in the tunnel and pull up on the other end and find the sixshooter and ammo, jump into the little fountain to kill the wraith.

Now climb down and go back through the crawlspace and into the puzzle room again. Go the the open pit and grab the ammo. Now go back down the long ladder you took to get here. Climb down. Turn and go down the stairs but watch out for the rollerball. Run fast down the stairs as soon as you hear the music and onto the fountain ledge below. Go to the locked door and use the key.

Go through the small room and turn left at the door and jump down into a small area. There is a block to push. Just push the wall and the block will move. This is also secret#1. Grab all the stuff including the key to the door. Go back out and open the next door with the key and run through the path. Climb up and out and you are in another castle area and tower. There is some ammo behind the tree to your right. Grab that and then jump into the fountain and swim down and up into the tower.

Climb the stairs, kill the knight, grab the blue diamond and jump into the area that drops down next to the stairs. There is secret#2: the crowbar. Continue up the stairs. The next knight you run into does not have a diamond. Kill him and climb the ladder. At the top there are two ways for Lara to go. If you choose to grab the flares Lara will find herself in a waterway that isn't so easy to navigate (but it is possible to make it.) At the end of this tunnel Lara must pull two underwater switches and then swim up and out.

You are back at the beginning. Turn and jump into the fountain and go through the now open door and grab the ammo. You are back inside the first castle. Just run through the now open doors and go back to the tower.
Back at the top of the tower grab the small medipak, the floor crumbles and Lara finds herself in a waterway filled with wraiths. Swim through the tunnel and eventually pull up and out in the next castle area. You are faced with a ghostly knight and his horse.

Kill the knight and grab the blue diamond. There are raised blocks preventing you from using the puzzle pieces. Turn towards the waterpath you just left and then look to your right. Go over and climb the ledge into the next room. It is a pool with a timed switch nearby. Save your game at the timed switch. The only way I've been able to beat the switch is by pulling the lever and doing a side jump into the water, swim straight down and to the left and directly to the switch on the wall. Have Lara ready to flip as soon as she pulls the underwater lever.

Swim near the top of the ceiling and up and out as the block raises behind you. The underwater switch opens the dark metal door. Go through the opening and grab the flares. This is the dungeon area once kept by the owners of the castle. You will have to find the switch that will lower the first box back in the room with the knight and his horse. Continue through this area and watch out for ghostly wolves. Kill any you find and go forward to the back of the room. It is dark and there will be a switch behind a wall near the end of the room. Pull the switch and go back out into the block area. Place the first puzzle piece into its slot.

A door opens close by. Go in and pull the switch which lowers the next block. Turn around and go back out the the fancy floor. The next puzzle slot is to your right. Go over and place the second puzzle piece. The door next to it will open. Go through the opening. You are in the tomb area. Watch out. Go to the fountain towards the back and grab a medipak inside. Then go to the back of the room on the right. There is a shatter vase with crossbow ammo and a falling floor. Get the ammo and step onto the floor to drop into a shallow pit. There you will find the crossbow! Get it and load it with explosive ammo and climb out and destroy the skeletons.

Avoid the opposite falling floor area; it is a trap. Go to the front of the room and look for a switch to shoot on the ceiling. Shoot that to lower the next block outside. Go out and place the 3rd puzzle piece into its slot and go through the next open door. Drop into the pit and slide down to meet three very large scorpions. Kill them and if the trapdoor doesn't open you will need to go into the dark nest area and shoot the ceiling switch to open the trapdoor for Lara to escape. Oh and don't forget the key lying nearby.

Jump into the water and swim up and pull the switch at the top and climb out. Two wraiths will annoy you along the way but they will be taken care of at the top by the little green statue. Once out go to the metal door and unlock it. Watch out for a couple of scorpions and grab the large medical pak. Jump onto the pole, do a back flip at the top to land on the ledge behind you. Jump and grab the ceiling and climb until you can drop onto the slope. Slide and jump, or back flip to land on the next ledge.

Climb out and drop into the hole. Lara will land in a large canal. Swim forward and two doors will open. The door to the left is a fire trap and the door to the right contains the scroll puzzle piece. Make sure you grab the scroll! Now swim up and onto the gray brick ledge and p/u the medipak and push the block. Push the block again on the left or right to find the hidden switch. Pull the switch watch the camera shot and jump back into water. Swim through the tunnel and once you pass the now open door keep your eye out for the next key. It is somewhere to your right after you pass the open door. Grab the key and continue to swim until you come to an opening in the ceiling. Give Lara some air and continue on until you come to one of two underwater switches. Pull the first one and pull the 2nd one when you get to it. A trapdoor will open on the ceiling. Swim up and into the small room and claim secret #3 amulet.

Now jump back into the tunnel and swim on and out into another pool area. Climb out onto a ledge. Jump into the opposite section of the pool and fine sixshooter ammo on a ledge. Then climb up and out and go the metal door. Use the key and go inside. Lara can't go down the hallway because it is a trap. Climb up onto the lower block with the shatter vase and shoot it and the other vase next to it so Lara can climb up on the taller block. Stand facing the back of the large sloping block edge. Lara needs to stand at the forward edge and do a jump, leap and grab.

Once there climb up and slide and leap and grab the ladder ahead. Climb up and walk along the ledge to the right where there is an opening. Lara must grab the ladder on the wall above the opening and climb down until she is hanging by her hands. Release and grab the lower edge of the opening. Pull up and go into the hall and p/u the key for the mechanical beetle that will be used to turn off the spikes. After she gets the key, turn Lara with her back to the opening and jump out and grab the edge. Do a back flip and grab to get the ledge behind and drop Lara to the floor.

Climb the blocks again and as before get Lara onto the ladder to continue her climb up. Once on the ledge go to the block with another shatter vase. Shoot it and climb up. Turn and face the ledge above. Go the edge and do another leap and grab. Pull up and turn to face the center of the room. Load the laser site onto the revolver or the crossbow and aim and shoot the switch in the center of the ceiling. The door behind you will now open. Go through and to the back of the room.

Climb the ledge at the back to claim the mechanical beetle and kill any intruders you run into. There is an opening on one of the walls. It is secret#4 but it may not be what you expect.

Leave the area and go out onto the ledge turn and jump to the right and onto the block you climbed a minute ago. Go along the blue ledge and lower Lara down using the ladder. Have full life and drop to the floor. Proceed to the spike area and stop on the gray tile. Combine the mechanical beetle with the key and use it. The beetle will turn off the spikes. Lara can now run down the hall to the block at the end.

Climb up and grab the key. Turn to your right, jump down and push the wall/block into the next room and secret #5: a prized beetle fixture. Use the crowbar to get the beetle off the wall and continue into the next room. Climb the stairs and near the top the teethspikes will shoot out. Notice the area on the left with the flames and the two blocks. There is a small room and switches to pull that will get you to the end of the level.

There is a timed switch on the right side of the room. You will need to save the game before pulling the switch. Pull the switch to lower the block. Lara must do a flip as soon as possible once she pulls the switch. Run fast to the stairs. Go quickly up the stairs leaping over a couple of steps and jump from near the top of the stairs into the opening. If too slow Lara will burn or be trapped as the box raises. Once inside the room pull the center switch and the one left of center. The one on the right releases a wraith. One of the switches lowers the block behind Lara so she can get out of this area and the other switch raises a block on the stairs so that Lara can jump over the spikes.

Climb up and jump over and out of this little room. Go up the stairs and climb the block. Walk to the very forward edge and jump over to reach the scroll puzzle slot. Place the scroll and the door ahead will open. Jump over the scroll puzzle and go through the door. Get the star off the wall with the crowbar and then turn to notice another block has been raised. Climb this block and jump over it the same way as before. Go to star puzzle slot and place the star piece. The door will open. The end music plays. Slide down the dark hallway towards the blue lightning. You have reached the end of the level. Congratulations!

Special thanks to Michiel for his program Wadmerger and the TRLE search engine, especially for the underwater switch and other objects used in this level.