Aboard the Neptune
By Leroy Perkins (LePerk)

Also by Leroy Perkins

If you liked the level you'll probably like this walkthru too. The story and some acknowledgements are in the readme. Could I also take this moment to thank all the reviewers of my previous levels, your comments have help shape this level. And a special thank you to Michael Prager. Lets get on with it.

After the introductory flyby the screen goes black, press ACTION and Lara will pick up some flares. Crack one for a nice front on shot of Lara's new outfit. In front of her is a crowbar, use it to crack this crate open. Lara is facing the stern (back) of the ship so the port (left) side of the side is to her right. Also on that side is a box you can shoot that contains some shotgun shells. To the starboard (right side of the ship) side you can see some more shoty shells, crawl through and get them. Keep crawling through and you should see a grate in the floor, use it. You can see the Security Pass but can't get it yet, pull that level. Climb onto the crates, you can pull one of the crates out to reveal secret #1 Grenade Ammo. Jump from the red crate to the alcove, use ACTION so Lara wont hit her head.

Notice the electricity in the room you pass, lets call this the Electric Room, you can't go in yet, no Security Pass. Press the button and go through the door, turn left to go up the stairs. Welcome to the Blue Room, far right is a jump switch. You have to be running (not sprinting) along the railing to get the angle correct. This opens the door so you now have a clear run for a timed door. When Lara goes near the button down here a camera will show you where the door is. At the end of this run hold SPRINT but let go of FORWARD so Lara will slide to the edge and not go in the drink. What careless sod forget to put the railing in just the place you need it.

Watch out for the guy with the uzi, at the bow (front) is a Small Medipack. Notice the Crane, Cargo Hold and Control Room way up high. Use the front door, there is a gate stopping access to a lever near the lever is a texture that has a picture of the crane. Some people have had trouble with this part. The yellow and black strips represent the Engine Room, the green rectangle represents the button that must be activated before the engines will come on. Once done the crane has power and can be used, but that's later. Now crawl under the pipes, down the ladder to the Gas Room. Use the lever to turn off the fire then climb up the ladder, keeping going till Lara is on the grate. Jump, spin and grab. Shimmy around then take a running jump to the switch. Climb up again, there is a lever just above Lara that opens the cage in the Blue Room.

The button in the cage opens three doors. From here on there are many ways to do this level, for the best route take the top door first. You don't need to press that button, if you do this level correctly, you never go through the door at the top of the chain. But there is some ammo up there so get that then head back down to the mid level door. In this room is a crate with the shoty. Look above you and you should see a crawl space covered with a grate. Bounce off the slope behind you and shot out the grate, Climb into the crawl space, get the medipack then crawl around the corner and drop down. There are three Restricted Area levers, A, B and C; you must pull all three, in any order, to open the restricted area later on. This one here is A, now jump in the water. The propellers wont hurt you, behind the port propeller is a space you can swim into, careful of that current. Climb up the ladder so Lara's hands are on the run above the black bit. Leap backwards and jump again a!
nd grab, pull up and jump again. Step back and take a running jump to the ladder. Climb up, leaving enough head room for one last jump and spin and grab. The first blue key, this is for the Engine Room, use the grate to get out. Notice the hanging box, too high to get on, so you'll have to lower it.

Port side is a button and door, climb into the duct (jump grab, hang on then press crawl). In the duct is some ammo and a medipack, use the next grate to get down into a room with lots of windows. Push that lever, clinck, clink, clink; the box is now lowered go back the way you came. Climb onto the box run, jump, grab the next gantries, then climb on the pillar and run and jump (don't grab) to the big gantries, aim for the lowest bit; don't forget the pickups around here. Jump onto the mid level deck. Port side is some ammo and a hallway with more ammo and a ladder. Use the door up here to get onto the upper deck. Climb the ladder to the roof, don't jump on that smoking funnel, you'll burn. If you go to the front you can see the bow, you can even dangle over the front and look in the Control Room. Notice how the roof gets narrower at the front and the knobbly bits either side splitting up the front and the middle area, slide down backward in the middle area, port side is pro!
bably best. Get the ammo and drop down to the middle deck, use the passageway that leads to the starboard side. Look in the window, that is the Restricted Area. Jump over the railing to land at the bow. Head back to the Blue Room.

Use the lowest door now to enter the Engine Room. The whole idea behind the Engine Room is to get Lara airborne, flying around in side a ship appealed to me (not DOZY flying). First kill the two guys down here. Just to the right of the entrance you'll see a grate above Lara's head, jump up and grab the grate to activate secret #2. To the left of the entrance is a block low enough to jump up and grab, pull up the do the jumps, holding action on the last one to grab to ledge with the fire, shimmy round and drop. Climb the ladder then do a jump, spin, grab on the vents above the fire. Climb round to the ledge. Blow that guy away from up here. Jump over to the ledge on the starboard side. Face the stern now jump over to that button. Jump around the corner to the Restricted Area lever B. Drop down to where that guy was, to see the Blue keyhole. Now jump across the blocks again, climb, jump, spin, grab, etc. Now this time face the bow and run, jump, no grab to the open gate. Push !
that button. Now the engines will start when you push their buttons. The port side engine button is a tricky jump, jump straight then when you pass the ladder hit RIGHT. Get that ammo. The bow crane is now powered up and ready to use. Now to get secret #2 (forget about that already didn't you) go around behind the port side upper engine, jump to the block then jump again and grab, pull up. To get these jumps correct you have to position Lara so she doesn't jump over the block or hit her head on the vent above.

Now lets go get that Armour and Security Pass. Go back to the bow of the ship, via the Gas Room, the timed door is too quick now. That front room lever is now accessible. That noise sounds like it might be the door but it's supposed to be the crane. Use that port side door to get the first yellow key. Lift the hydraulic block so Lara can reach the crane and monkey swing into the cargo hold. Open the grate under the cargo hold. Don't forget the armour in the crate or the level wont finish. Now go get that long waited for Security Pass. Get back out to the room you started in, circles are wonderful things. Now you can go into the Electricity Room, pull/push that block to the other side, lift up the hydraulic block with the push block on it. Now pull/push the block over the electricity. Go through the now open door, pull the first block, push the second use the ceiling grate to get access to Restricted Area lever C. Go back out to the Electric Room, reset the lever then go back!
to the two block room, jump down the hole, TriKey piece 1. Proving once and for all that you don't need darkness to hide things. (Dark levels are a pet hate of mine, if I load a level and I can't see what Lara is doing I'll delete that sucker faster than you can say, "Light Switch". Notice how this level takes place at night but you can still see what your doing, you too can create the impression of darkness without actually making it dark.)

Now for the third and final secret (#3), something to go with that grenade ammo I reckon would be good. Go to the bow via the Gas Room and jump in the drink just to the port side of the middle of the bow. The current will take you to a hole underneath the ship, swim in. To get back on the ship you'll have to do that ladder climbing and jumping thing again.

Climb on the box Lara lowered earlier and get onto the mid deck. Go to the starboard side there's a guy back here who has some shoty shells, so if you want them make sure he doesn't die over the rail, if you don't care about the shotgun now because you have a grenade launcher, blow that fucker over the rail. Go in the door here and use the switch, nice shot of the stars and that smoke puffing out; no more burny, burny. Get onto the roof climb onto the first funnel, back flip to the second, get the second blue key.

Jump down to the lowest stern deck, use the second door on the port side. Go into the room over the Blue Room, there are two guys here. Get up into the duct crawl around to the next grate. To the left is a large medipack. If you didn't use the grenade launcher earlier on the two guys you'll have to shot out the grate blocking the pack. Get out of this duct. Surrounded by boxes. You can only push one then come back and push the other one, which is now moveable. Push the third block twice. You can get the ammo in the box and go on or you can get TriKey piece 2, we'll do that. Move that first block under the hole you came in. Pull that third block out go round the other side and push it once. Get the TriKey. Now pull push it back so you can get out. Up into the duct, shot out the grates then up into a brown room with a ladder. You can go up and see the receptacle for the second yellow key and a closed door and a metal ceiling texture. What's that doing there? Go back down and o!
ut the door onto the mid level port side deck. Go through the passage round to the starboard side, in the door to the Radar Room. Notice the Restricted Area sign, you have to have pulled all three restricted area levers for this door to work with the blue key.

Welcome to the Restricted Area you will notice the window at the front, door at the back, a box containing the second yellow key in the middle and two guys trying to kill you to your right. You will not have noticed the Code Disk on the left desk. Go back to that long brown room at the top of the ladder. Use the yellow key, hear the purposefully inappropriate music and pump those little Lara legs to the doorway. Use the TriKey, enter the Control Room. If you have Alexander's Armour when you use the disk you get a nice bit of camera work, if not get the Armour and come back here. After the camera work you can take a look at the view from here. When you try to leave the control room the level will end. THE END

Time: 42:50
Distance: 4316m

In creating this level I wanted to give it a unique look and enough unique puzzles to give it a feel unlike any other level. This is quite difficult given that there is almost a thousand other custom levels plus official ones too. It's up to you to decide if I succeeded. If there are any levels like this out there please tell me about them I would like to play them.