By Yasin Topcu.

Walkthrough written by Elvis t. aka eTux (with lots of help by the author).

This walkthrough might not mention all pickups and enemies, despite that it serves its purpose and gets you through the adventure.

Designations: Level’s name, Specific area, Enemy, Pickup, Secret, Cardinal points, reference points – actions and specific guide-marks.

River of Shama (2 parts)

As the level starts, you see Lara with a lot of pickups (if you used the savegame you’ll already have all of them) they are all very important so pick up the Sun key (1), Earth key (2), flares (3), small medipacks (4, 5, 6), large medipacks (7, 8), revolver ammo (9, 10), grenade gun normal ammo (11), crossbow explosive bolts (12), the crossbow (13), Uzi (14), Uzi clips (15, 16), shotgun (17), shotgun wideshot ammo (18) and shotgun normal ammo (19). You will see a beautiful but deadly river in front of you, just like in Madubu gorge and a drawbridge.

Admire the scenery and go to the SE part of this platform, jump on the rock and then inside the building. Climb up the ladder and into the opening to your left. Activate the lever here and return outside. The door, near the place where you started will be open now. As you enter the room a native (1) will attack Lara from her back. Dispose of him and activate the lever inside here. This action opens the trapdoor outside and you now can climb up with the pole inside this part of the building too. From here jump from this part's opening into the main temple's opening.

At the end of the hallway there is a ladder – climb down it. Here is another hallway, at the end of it yet another ladder leading up. Climb it up, and though it is rather light in here light a flare to spot a movable block. Pull it outwards 2 times so that you had space to enter the next small hallway. As you enter the hallway deeper a ball drops from the ceiling. After a few seconds blades pop out of it, so be careful. Pick up the corridor door gem (20) and crawl under the ball to bypass it.

Exit to the starting area the same way you entered it. In the SW if you look down you’ll see a flat safe platform on which you can land. The lower step to your south is flat enough to stand on it too, so get down on it. Then jump on the lone stone in the middle of the deadly stream. Then spot another platform you can jump on down the stream and do so. Go to the end of it and grab the ceiling and swing across to the other side of the river.

There is nothing to do to your left (down) here, so go to your right. When at the top you will hear a raptor (2) below. Draw a weapon of your choice and dispose of him. Here you have to look up on the ceiling for a surface you can monkey swing on. Do so to get on the other side of the stream. Go to the end of the hallway and climb up the ladder. There are 2 poles, which are needed to get on the other side of the stream. Do a running jump to the one closer to the other side of the stream.

Face the stream from which you jumped here once on the pole and jump backwards to the safe spot. The same procedure if you want to go back. Go to the end and pick up shotgun normal ammo (21) and a small medipack (22) – return the same way you got here. Go as far as you can on this side and at the end of the way you’ll be able to place your corridor door gem. After it has been placed enter the next area that opened for you.

Go straight and then to your left – enter the shadow and you’ll be attacked by 4 raptors (3,4,5,6). Then pick up the revolver ammo (24) in the NE corner. Then return to the skeletons and pick up what they have left for you – flares, uzi ammo (25, 26). Return to the start of this area and go up the stairs. Lets move along the ledge first. If you wish to go the other way first ignore the next paragraph for now, but believe me, this will be more efficient.

The ledge.

At the end of the ledge activate the switch and the door will open. As you enter the room the door will close behind you and another one will open as you approach it. But it closes once you’ve passed it too, so there’s no way back. Climb up and be prepared for quite a run! The first step you make further already triggers rolling balls from each side, so evade them! Sprint to avoid 2 more rolling balls and 4 spike balls dropping from the ceiling. Near the end of the slope jump on the higher slope but you can’t rest yet! (It would even be a good time to save in a different slot, just to spare you everything that’s been before.)

The next part is not really so tough, but is more something like silence before the real storm. You can run normally now, but be aware of the spikes popping out from your behind and of the swinging blades between the walkways. The real fun begins once you reach the crawlspace (again a good time to save) there are fire streams which halt your progression here, but to put more fire under your butt the spike inferno doesn’t stop yet and you have to crawl fast to avoid them in time. A good advice I can give here is to save before attempting to pass the streams and immediately reload. The streams will pause then and give you more time to escape from the spikes.

Once on the face pad you are safe. Approach the door you’ll hear spikes popping out, but the door opens soon too and you can escape them. Climb on the orange rock in the middle of the room and pick up your prize the rusty key (27), which actually is very shiny. Now go straight to end up near where you placed the corridor door gem and move on.

The hallway.

Go down the stairs and find yourself near the start again – just on the other side of the river, look up, light a flare and grab the ceiling. Swing to the other side of the river. In the middle of the monkey swing, near where the rock goes down is a differently applied texture, swing on it and you’ll find out that you can swing there too. I hope your flare is still burning cause this will help you to see the way a lot. Swing to the right and drop on the shore of the river and hear the sound chimes for the only secret in River of Shama. Pick up the grenade gun normal ammo (28) and monkey swing back on the other side of the river.

Here in this area you have to jump on 4 stones to open a door to the solar star. It’s pretty simple actually. First jump to the nearest block on your right, then forward to the next block, then to both blocks in front of you. You can walk on ground during this puzzle, but jumping to other stones will automatically close the door and you have to restart it again (not a big tragedy though). Now that the door on the ledge is open get up on it and pick up the solar star (29).

Now return back to where you found the rusty key and place the solar star nearby. Pick up the shotgun wideshot ammo (30) and activate the switch behind the door. There is no bigger use in continuing your way on the ledge than just being familiar with this place, because you don’t have 2 crucial items yet. Return to the area where the raptors attacked you.

Below the face picture is a room where you’ll find the 1st Serpents Ruby (31) to which the way opened once you activated the last switch. When you exit this room a native (7) will attack you. Now return back where you found the solar star. Go to the SW and look down in the river. Jump on the safe rock in the middle of it (note – the parts of the rock where you see even a little bit water are dangerous too!), and then look for a crawlspace in the wall.

Get inside it and crawl till you can stand up. As you enter the next room a door will open up. Jump on the other side of the stream and pick up the small medipack (32) on your right. Go to the open door and enter it. It’ll close when you do so. As you can guess a rolling ball will burst down on Lara when she’s far enough from it to feel safe. You can avoid it in 2 ways – since this slope is steep enough the boulder will bounce. And if you can find out which parts it’ll fly over you can use this to your advantage and dodge the ball. Or you can do it the traditional way and run like mad. Be aware of the pits with the fire though. Look and figure out which squares are safe and with avoiding the fire pass this room with the help of them. Pick up some uzi ammo (33) on the way.

You will now exit to an outside area with another river section now. Even though this river will not kill you instantly, it is not good to jump in there. Go to your left on the edge of the gorge. Jump over the waterfall and take note of the crack in the wall. Jump and grab it and shimmy to the other side till, you can drop down safely. When on the other side go and jump on the bridge. Lets go west first; however if you wish to go east first skip the next paragraph for now. As I’ve said before - my way is the efficient one, but the choice is yours.

Goin’ West

As you enter this room a native (8) charges at you, so be prepared. Now you may climb up for your own interest, but it’s not really required since you can see everything you have to from below too. Look how the first poles and the movable blocks are put here (yes, the blocks in the higher spots are movable!). Then look where the other 2 are, you have to move the 2 blocks underneath them! When you do so the door will open. Enter the green room and pick up the large medipack (34). The skull key (35) lies next to the door and picking it up opens the door too. The passage through the door leads you back to where you were puzzling for the solar star, but you need to go east now.

Goin’ East

When you get to the bottom and step on the face square spikes pop out in all the platforms in front of you. This is a very tough sequence and there is no 100% sure way how to pass this, but I’ll explain how I passed here. Approach the nearest left corner of the spike pad, but don’t step on it or go too near to it either. Face the square, which is in the middle of them all, and wait for the spikes to pop out. Once they do, wait a second and then do a running jump towards it, if you land successfully, you will be able to do the next jump well too. Once you feel the spikes are about to pop out jump sideways to the pad nearest to the exit of this mad puzzle. And then you just have to swiftly align yourself with the safe square and jump sideways (more efficient).

If you were lucky and fast enough you got through successfully. You will see a keyhole and a door ahead, but go left now instead. The rusty key opens that door, but just don’t go there yet to avoid backtrackings. At the end of the passage there is another stream and another monkey swing ceiling again. Figure out what to do, he, he. There is another monkey swing ceiling on the other side of the river, which leads you to a hole. Climb down in it and find yourself in a vast water area.

Of course the way away from here is yet another monkey swing ceiling. A camera will help you to orientate after a while. At the end of this part you’ll find yourself at the top of a column. Drop down and go till the next obstacle where the solution again is a monkey swing ceiling. And then go and swing over the stream to the switch and activate it. Return all the way back to the keyhole and use the rusty key in it. Climb down in here now and find yourself in the vast water area again.

Now grab the climbable wall and climb all the way to the left down the waterfall. At the end of it back flip to land on a rock from which you can jump to another rock. That’s where you opened the door. Enter the door and a level jump will take place.

Part 2

With a simple jump, jump to another ledge nearby and go all the way up as far as it goes. In the cave a raptor (9) will attack you. Once he’s down go where he came from and jump over the stream. A camera will show you a great view now, enjoy it. It also shows you what you have to do to get further – hang down the ledge and shimmy to your right to get on the next ledge. With a running jump get to the next platform and there look above and grab the ceiling once more and swing over to the opening.

Once in here go and climb up on a low rock platform and face the way you came here. Jump up and grab the ledge – climb up and go further to end up with a view to the whole area. Go on the bit lower flat platform and hang down from it. Shimmy to the left till you reach a flat platform to stand on – ignore the climbable wall for now. From the flat platform jump on the rock structure and from here to the crawlspace – crawl and stand up to activate a switch, then climb down.

Climb up on the slope and slide down – jump to get on the flat platform. From here get on the nearby climbable wall and climb all the way back to the flat platform. From here shimmy back to where the climbable wall was. Climb down and do a running jump to get inside the opening. Grab the ceiling here and monkey swing all the way to the end. Pick up the 2nd Serpent’s Ruby (36) and leave the same way you got here – and I mean the whole level! It might get a bit more complicated in the place you had to shimmy, but a curved jump will get you back in the opening.

If you need some directions then read on – if not then just continue from the next heading. Align Lara so, so that the opening you have to jump to is on your right – stand in the left corner and take a step backwards – just like you prepare for any other jump too. Now execute a running jump and shift to the right in the air to get in the opening – easy, wasn’t it? Don’t press the action button though, as this wont allow you to execute curved jumps. If the camera paralyses you then don’t worry a running jump over the stream will do, and you know rest of the route already.

Part 1 revisited

Of course no new route is invented now too – return via the climbing walls just as you got here. Return to the bridge and from there through the green room to the stone puzzle where you got the solar star before. Now go back all the way to where you placed the corridor door gem and then through the open door to where you placed the solar star.

Now go to the end of this ledge and place the 2 serpent ruby’s to open the door. Enter this room and go to where you see the fire – use the skull key you already should have and it’ll turn the fire of. Climb up and go activate the switch – a fly-by will show how one of the giant stones in this room was lifted up and what it caused. Yes you guessed it right – the drawbridge at the start was lowered!

Now go down on the first floor and go back to the opening from which you entered this area. Climb down and return all the way back to the start the same way you got here. Cross the bridge, enter the temple and the level ends.

Completed level’s Summary:

Possible kills: 9
Possible pickups: 36
Secrets: 1 of 1

4 Statues (3 parts)

Now the river is gone and you start in a valley. Go down and crawl inside the cave. Look on the east wall above the slope for a climbable wall. Jump towards it closer to the lower part of the slope to grab it. Climb up in another small cave. Crawl to the outside snow and a vulture (1) will approach you from the sky. Pass the next cave with the double door and the keyhole to the puddle. On the other side of the puddle 2 some kind of mutated (they were blinking all the time for me) scorpions (2,3) attack.

Go up the hill and kill the 2 crocodiles (4,5) swimming down in the lake. Do a running jump to the floating rock and from there to the other one. Look above for a differently looking stone texture then jump and grab it – yes you guessed it – a monkey swing wall. At the end of the monkey swing ceiling drop on the ledge and then jump and grab the crack on the pillar. Shimmy around till Lara can climb a part of it and climb down as much as you can. Let go the wall and grab the edge again. Hold the crawl button and climb in the opening – crawl in the cave. If you don’t press the crawl button Lara will just be pushed in the water.

To the left in the cave you can pick up some shotgun normal ammo (1), then go back and climb out of here. Climb to your right and pass the crack in the pillar this way. Climb to the left on the pillar and backflip and press the grab button to land on the rock. From here face a crawlspace, jump to it and get inside. Hang down on the other side and shimmy to your right and climb in the passage. Go further and find yourself on a ledge atop an icy cave. A raptor (2) will charge at you from your back. He can also fall down from the ledge, but that’s not essential.

At the end of the passage you enter a room, where there is a fire a lever and a movable block (the one with the face on). As you activate the switch the fire is turned off and a raptor (3) charges at you from your back. Pull the block on the square where the fire was and a camera will show you a door opening somewhere. Return now all the way you came till the water hole. Drop in it and pick up a large medipack (2) in theeast and locate a ledge in the north of the lake. Climb on it and via the climbable wall get back up on where you entered this area. Go down to the puzzle area and look for the place where the door opened in south.

In here a native (4) will attack. There’s also some uzi ammo (3) between 2 of the pillars. Go further and you’ll end up in a room with some pads and 2 closed doors, which guard 2 switches. The next puzzle will open those. Enter the cave in the middle of this room and enter the next one cross the room on the other side and look on the wall – note which head is on which side (the gray is on the left and the brown on the right).

Now return to the room with the bamboo doors. And now comes the logic of the puzzle. Let’s open the left-hand door first. The colored pads you see on the floor represent the blocks themselves but don’t show how the blocks must be moved! Now look on the ceiling to the symbol, which corresponds to the colored floor tile – this now shows in which direction the block must be moved. This is how you find out how the movable blocks in the next room must be moved. In case this is too mind-boggling for you here’s the solution:

LEFT SIDE: 1st Block – right, 2nd block – left, 3rd block – right
RIGHT SIDE: 1st Block – right, 2nd block - right, 3rd block – left
Right =
west; Left = east.

When both switches are activated a fly-by will show you that the deadly water is drained and you can go and get the Serpent’s Ruby (4) and Skull key (5). To get out of here find a differently looking wall in the north. There’s also some uzi ammo (6) near the first movable block in the right hand sequence. When you’ve got everything return to the cave before the puddle and use the skull key to open the double door.

Go to the end here and slide down in the next area – a vulture (5) will attack. Enter the temple. Before continuing you can get a secret and some pickups. Jump on the gray faced block in the middle of this room and with a standing jump and grab get on the 2nd floor of this area. You can go around on the other part and pick up a small medipack (7), but here, where you climbed up, where the ground is a bit elevated look for a crawlspace to jump to (use your binoculars lights) in here lies the 1st secret with a large medipack (8) and some crossbow explosive arrows (9).

Get back down on the floor level. The next part will be tricky. Enter the next room and go up the slope – a boulder in the middle will start rolling down – jump right to avoid it, but also look out for fire! Jump back to the middle platform when it passes you by. When the next one in the middle will roll down, you’ll see that the right side is just as dangerous, but even if a boulder started rolling on the left side too, you can just get of the middle slope in time to avoid the boulder and jump back to avoid the one on your left. Now you’re safe.

Go up the slope and climb out of here. A fly-by will show that you have finally reached the 4 statues. You need 4 serpent rubies to activate the 4 statues – you may place the one you already have to see a beam coming out from the mirror it is holding towards the giant ruby in the middle. Go into the NW direction in the ice caves and look for a triangular opening you can climb into here. Do so and go up to find secret no. 2revolver ammo (10) and explosive crossbow arrows (11) – leave this small place the same way you got here.

Near the southern statue in SE is an opening from which you can get to a raptor (6) and a large medipack (12). But your way further is in the NE near the eastern statue. This will start the hunt for the 3 serpent rubies. Enter the arch and this part of the level is over for now.

Part 2.

Here you have a choice in what to do now. You can either do the ice maze, a timed run a little further or the switch puzzle together part 3 of these levels. Choose what you’d like to finish first and find the paragraph below.

The Ice Maze.

In the main area move the movable block with the face on it on the gray square next to it, to light the vessel in the middle of this room. Now go in the SE corner to pick up the torch. Light the torch from the burning vessel and light the torch to open the door in the east. Drop this torch now, and pass the small puddle and climb out at the other end in this cave.

Go up till the skeleton and the campfire. Pick up the torch in here and light it from the campfire. Now enter the next room and carefully drop the torch here, because you’ll have to fight a vulture (6) here. After it’s down pick up the torch and we can go on. This is a very cunning maze since there are 3 more structures like these, which actually look the same. Your quest in the maze is to light 3 sconces. Lighting them one by one will start earthquakes, which will block some ways and make the route easier to follow. Enter the path opposite the one you entered first – go down the icy cave till the green lighten cave.

Go down the stone hallways to a lower part of the maze. Go to your left and enter the nearest west opening, which should be just around the corner here. Continue going here and you’ll find yourself in a lower part of one of the identical maze parts. In the NW corner of the maze the first sconce is located – go there and light it. And earthquake will take place as mentioned before and block some of the ways – the north, south and west route – so you can only go east now. This will actually return you back to the place after the stone passage down and where you went to light the first sconce. Now find the opening in the SE and continue your path there.

After some wandering around the caves you’ll come out in a brightly lit room. Now there are ways to go – one in the north and one hidden in a shadow in the west. Go in the western opening now and bypass another entrance to a stone hallway on the way to find yourself in the 2nd sconce area. The sconce is in the NW corner just like before. Light it to block the passages in the north and east. Go to the west passage now. Continue here and you’ll eventually get to the last sconce area. This time the sconce is in NE. Light it and another earthquake will make your quest easier – south, north and east passages are closed now.

So now backtrack to the previous sconce area and take the south path here. Now here enter the first stone passage you meet and go up. Enter the upper part of one of the 3 identical areas and find out that some ways are blocked here too, now you have to find what you came here for – the serpent’s ruby. Go into the only open passage here and go till the way branches into 2. The one going up leads to the exit of this maze – but go the way down first, as you shouldn’t leave without the ruby. Go till you have a choice again – a stone passage or another one of those identical area puzzles.

Go down the stone passage now and at the bottom, when coming out in the icy caves again – go right. Now go here till you have a choice again – go right to pick up the Serpent’s ruby (13). Now return through the stone passage you came here till the place where I mentioned about ways going up and going down. Now go up to find yourself in one of the identical puzzle areas. The only open way besides the one you entered is the exit from here. Drop the torch and leave to the main area. If you wish you can return to part 1 and place this serpents gem too.

The Switch puzzle and path to part 3.

Activate the 2 switches on the 2 pillars near the double door here. Enter this room here and drop in the water. Swim into the next room and on the north wall of the furthest ice pillar activate an underwater switch. Climb out and activate the switch on this ledge, and the one in the trapezium shaped opening. There’s also one switch behind some bamboo bars, but that’s for later. Once all switches available activated climb on the second floor of this area via the ladder on the pillar – once you’ve climbed up, climb left and around the corner to get on the ledge.

Now find a switch in a separate room in the south and activate the switch in there to flood the area. The water has lifted a block and you can activate a switch here too. Do so and drain the area again – get down on the 1st level and see that the bamboo bars are now gone – activate the switch they were hiding and return to the second floor to pick up the corridor door gem (14) and then return to the main area the same way you got here.

The Village.

You might have noticed an opening in the wall at the main area. Go there and through a leafy passage end up in a small native village and as you enter it 2 natives (7, 8) will charge at Lara. Here in this area you will be able to find 2 of the Serpent’s rubies – one is located in this part, the other one in part 3 of 4 statues. Since finding one of the rubies in this level got on the way, we could look into that now too – if you wish to go on to part 3, ignore the next paragraph for now and return here later then.

The Timed run.

Now in the village area go to the west wall and find an opening here. Go in and as you move on here a raptor (9) will attack. Enter the next room, which has a small stream. In here on the face drawing is a switch – it starts a rather tricky timed run, but if you keep in mind that this is a timed run and act fast where needed it is not that bad. Now the door below has opened. Go there and through a cave passage end up before a river and some pillars standing out from it. There’s nothing extremely difficult about them, so I wont explain the details now – just use standard jumps, running jumps etc. to maneuver on the pillars until you get into an opening in the cliff, of course, as I said, keep in mind that this is a timed run! Don’t stress much about pillars, as you will fall down in the stream if you do and aren’t careful, but don’t take yourself the time you would if this wouldn’t be a timed run too!

Don’t hesitate in the cliff’s opening – go near the edge of this opening and with a standard jump get on the slope you see nearby, bounce from this slope to the next one and from that one to the other slope and get inside another opening. Now run as fast as you can – light a flare if needed, and get into the bones to pick up the serpent’s ruby (15) at the end and get out as quickly as possible. If the gem is on fire, you are too late and have to do the timed run again – only faster. Exiting the now open door will close it again. If you didn’t get the gem go into the west opening to do it again – if you did, let’s move on.

The Village.

Going in the SE direction will eventually bring you to part 3 of 4 statues…

Part 3.

Continue your way further and step on a face picture carved in stone to open the door nearby to it. Enter it and go up the ramp to find yourself near some fire pits. After the first vertical fire steam calms down jump on one of the triangles. Now comes a rather tricky jump and you have to read what is written here carefully and follow my directions. Stand in the middle of the edge from which you could hang down (you don’t have to do it – this is just a reference point, cause there’s only one edge from which you can do that) and run a bit diagonally towards the narrow part of this ledge and perform a jump towards the next triangular spot you see ahead.

Presuming that you got there this is what you have to do – don’t stop! Continue running and jump on the next triangular spot or a rolling ball will smash Lara – once there you’re safe. With a curved standard jump get into the wall opening. Going down this path will lead you to a room with a switch. It is a bit too high for you to activate now, so you’ll have to fix the floor a bit in order to reach it. To do that, go left first. Here is a small pool, a burning switch and a few doors here – some being locked with a key. First go in the valley to the east. Here between 2 pillars is a stone face. Step on it to turn the fire off the switch and run like mad towards it as this is a timed run.

All I can suggest is to start the run with a backwards jump + roll in the air and then dash by the small lake, through it’s shallow part and then again towards it. When activating the switch do a backwards jump to avoid the fire incase it is turned on suddenly. Now near the small pool a door will be opened up. Inside activate the switch to fix the floor in the previous area – so return there. When activating it a rolling ball falls down somewhere – go into the right opening now. To your left here is a closed door and to the right some waterfalls and a small bridge. Go left now and when getting over the bridge and a raptor (10) will attack you.

There is no reason to go further from where the raptor came from, so jump on one of the waterfalls near the bridge and slide down in the river. Swim in the direction of the spikes, but don’t come too close to them, as a current will pull you into them then. Approach a high ledge from this side and see that there’s a lower ledge through which you can climb up. Even if it’s hard to spot look for some ceiling parts, which look different from the others – you can monkey swing on them. Swing to the switch and activate it to drop another boulder. Monkey swing back and from this ledge jump in the river and swim below the ledge to pick up a skull key (16).

Climb out on the lower ledge you haven’t been before. Go up the icy passage here – roll and dash down from where the ramp becomes lighter as a rolling ball comes down from here. When it calms down go up the ramp again. Up the ramp a door will open. Use the climbing wall that looks like the ceiling you monkey swung on to climb out near the bridge and waterfalls again. Now go to the valley where the burning switch was and still is. Use the skull key to open the door and go inside. Jump on the rock platform in the middle and from there to the ledge – go and activate a lever to drop another rolling ball.

Now go to the waterfalls where the raptor went from to find yourself outside again. You might see the receptacle for the corridor door gem in a wooden ledge in the distance. Drop down from this bridge and approach it. Below the wooden bridge there is a slope nearby – jump backwards on it and bounce from it to grab the bridge. Use the corridor door gem to open a door to where this bridge is leading. Go there – the slope ahead you will lead to Lara’s death, the slope to your left is for later, so you must go to the opening above first. With a running jump you can get to a flat spot higher, from which you can get into the opening.

Go up this path and find yourself in a room above lava. Pick up a small medipack (17) here. Go near the edge – light and throw away flares to spot 2 invisible ledges. Use them to get on the other side and pick up a torch here. Light it near the burning vessel nearby – also take note of the statue nearby it, and return all the way to where you entered after placing the corridor door gem. Now slide down on the safe slope together with the torch. Here a vulture (11) will attack you. Now if you took note of the statue back at the vessel you’ll know what to do here – light a statue that looks like that one here, so it would blow fire and melt the ice. The torch isn’t needed anymore.

Enter the next room – it’s a broken bridge and an underwater lake of some sort. In case you fall into water – there’s a ledge in the south, with which’s help you can get out of the water. If you have dropped all 3 rolling balls then there will be some rock pillars in the middle of the water, which were made after the earthquake the 3 balls caused. If you see that there aren’t any rocks in here, then you have missed a rolling ball. If you have missed a rolling ball return to the previous room and via the ice passage in the SW corner go back to find yourself on the bridge near where the raptor was. But if everything’s OK use the rock pillars to get behind the waterfall and through a passage to get to the room of the serpent’s ruby. Pick the serpent’s ruby (18) and return to the icy room with the vulture. Go through the passage I mentioned before and drop down from the bridge – return to part 2.

Part 2.

If you have both rubies from this part and the one from part 3 too, you can now return to part 1 the same way you came here the same way you got here. If not return to the previous paragraphs and collect them now.

Part 1.

Place the all serpents’ rubies to release the beams and start an earthquake. 3 raptors (12, 13, 14) and a T-Rex (15) also appear after placing all the rubies. If you want you can dispose of them, but that’s not necessary. Jump on one of the statue’s legs and wait for 4 electrical beams to appear round the middle pillar. When the 4 electrical beams appear go to the pillar in the middle and drop in the opening that is there now to end the level.

Completed level’s Summary:

Possible kills: 15
Possible pickups: 18
Secrets: 2 of 2

Moon Temple of aR (2 parts)

You will fall from where you dropped in the 4 statues but the environment is much spookier now – you have fallen from the sky on a sort of a floating/hilltop temple. Go up and slide in the temple – a door will close behind you. Now go either left or right, but you’ll come out in the same place again. Enter the next room with the shallow pool. Pick up the flares (1) and the revolver (2) by the skeleton. A wasp (1) will approach you while you’re doing this, so be alert. Now go further, but be aware of some darts in front of you.

In the next room there is a closed door a narrow way leading up and a wider way leading up. If you go the narrow way up you’ll see the 4 rubies you placed and 4 receptacles for masks you will get here. But there’s nothing to do here yet, so return to the previous room and go up the wider way. Here the way becomes more narrow too and almost immediately as you take the first step there a rolling blade comes down to you – escape them same way as rolling balls. Go up and slide down the next slope to end up in a crossroad where you have 4 more ways to go. They are elemental puzzles, so that means it gets non-linear here again:

North route – earth section.

As you slide down the door closes behind you. After another slope you find yourself in the caves. As you go up a slope you get a glimpse of a raptor (2) running around nearby. Dispose of him and go further to find yourself next to a mud lake you have to pass now. When wading through this mud lake it would be a good idea to keep your weapons drawn as 3 wasps (3, 4, 5) start chasing you after a few steps into the lake. When you lose the camera control take note from where the camera is looking at you – go in the direction of this camera, as disobeying the higher powers, which sent you this sign will lead you to Lara’s death.

Go around the central cliff and find some lower ledges in the south, which you can climb up. Go on the slope to climb inside a crawlspace in the wall from here. Climb out till Lara can stand up and go further. Approach a bright red pit, which of course kills Lara and some other doors nearby and with a switch in distance. Perform a running jump and land on the slope. Slide and bounce from it to grab the edge of the platform where the switch is on - go activate it. It opens the door back before the pit, so return back with a running jump, from the flat spot, which is the nearest to the slope.

When back jump on the slope opposite the open door so that you would face the door and jump from here without pressing the grab button – Lara will land into the passageway. The switch here is timed and the passageway just to fool you, as there’s no way you can do this in time if you go there, as far as I know. Activate the switch and get out on the safe spot – face a slope in the wall with your back and with a backwards jump get on it and bounce to the slope to which you can jump to thanks to the timed switch. Slide and jump to grab the edge – get into the crawlspace. Crawl till you can stand up and go in the only way you can to find yourself atop the mud lake. Pick up the Oceanic mask (3) – and as you exit this area an earthquake starts.

In the room with the torch, where you got after the crawlspace a new way has opened and also the floor has cracked and released some orange burning water. Jump past it and enter the newly opened passage. In the next room climb on a higher block and from there to the rock. Go up here, avoiding the rolling blade, which may come down. Up this ramp to your right lies a small medipack (4). Once you have it go further and drop in the water – a strong current will pull you some of the way further, but you’ll have to swim the rest on your own. Climb out of the water and go along this passage. Slide down at the end of it and while avoiding the darts pick up some revolver ammo (5) and climb into the next room to pick up a small medipack (6).
Slide down the slope and find yourself back at the crossroad with 4 ways.

South route – water section.

As you slide down the slope the door closes behind you. When you fall into the water a trapdoor disables you from grabbing some fresh air, so you must act fast to be safe. If you think you’re fast enough pick up the large medipack (7) on the way here, but you can return for it later too. Swim further and in the next room where you seemingly have 2 ways to go – take the one on your right, when facing them, as it has a current that helps you. In the next room face the north wall and take the passage on your right.

Activate an underwater switch at the end of it and return back through the same way and now get some air in the trapdoor that opened here. This is a nice spot to save now. Now take the other way in the north and at the end of this tube swim in the next one to activate an underwater switch here – return to the trapdoor. Now swim back through the other tube back to where you only had the choice between 2 tubes. Here if you remember was a door – it is opened now and you can activate another underwater switch – return to the trapdoor again. Take the tube in the east and activate 2 underwater switches on each side of the exit. This opens a door near the medipack at the start of this puzzle.

Return and catch your breath at the trapdoor and then return to the door near the start of this puzzle. Enter it and swim up and climb out of this pool. Slide down this slope and enter the next puzzle room. 2 wasps (6, 7) will attack you. Pick up the revolver ammo (8) in the NE corner and climb up the ladder to the 2nd floor. Pick up the small medipack (9) nearby. Jump on the NE platform and enter the hint room. Activate the switch and the camera will hint you in what order a sequence nearby must be done – in case you didn’t get it: first comes blue – then comes red and the last one is green. The other 3 rooms on the second floor show you where the pressure pads for each color are.

But finding out where the pad is, is not as obvious as it might seem – step on the higher gray pad and face the 4 tiles – the brighter white one represents the blocks starting position and the colorful one where the pad for the corresponding color is. In the room where the green pad is revealed a wasp (8) attacks you. Now jump on the platform with the movable block. Move the block on the colorful pads as it was shown in the 3 rooms before. In case you didn’t understand how this should’ve been found out, here comes the solution:

Blue pad – in the SE corner of this platform.
Red pad – in the
NE corner of this platform.
Green pad – in the SW corner of this platform.

After this is done a trapdoor on the ground floor is raised – now you can move a movable block to its resting place (the gray stone circle) too. Once that is done the door nearby opens. Enter it and again a current will carry you till some point – swim out on the surface and climb out. Pick up the oceanic mask (10) and go up the stairs nearby (don’t let the fallen in passage fool you) and slide down the slope to the crossroad again.

East route – air section.

As you slide down the slope the door closes behind you. Go up the stairs and hear some rolling blades being activated. Once you enter the room the door closes behind you. Here your quest is to activate is to activate a bunch of jump-switches while the blade is gone (the blades here are rolling perpetually). Start with the jump-switch on your left – approach it and wait till the blade starts rolling away. Go on its track and activate the jump-switch. When Lara falls down after activating it side-jump to the wall quickly, so the blade wouldn’t roll over Lara.

Repeat the same procedure with each of the other jump-switches too – it’s not so hard, cause there are no rolling blades standing next to each other, which roll in the same direction, so you can easily avoid one that is coming to smash you, by going on the “neighbors” track, cause it is gone. After all 4 are activated the double door opens and you can enter the next room – once you do the double door behind you closes. Climb up the ladder and go further into the next room with the skeleton. The door closes behind you, once you enter. Here you will have to escape a moving spike wall. As you jump on the block the sequence starts – grab the bars on the ceiling and swing to the end of it till Lara lets them go all by herself (well, she should do this, if she doesn’t, don’t hesitate thinking why) and slides down.

The next part is just rough ground, which you have to pass by jumping carefully, and timing your jumping here well, as the spike wall doesn’t wait. Once you enter the next room the door closes behind and also a wasp (9) and an ahmet (10) attacks you. When going further, don’t forget to pick up some normal shotgun ammo (11) in here. In the next room there is some of the orange deadly water below you and a spiked ceiling high above you (it doesn’t move yet). Use the ledges and your jumping skills to get up on the high ledge with the switch. When you activate the switch the ledge above the orange water, which consisted of trapdoors, is lowered (so you wouldn’t try safety dropping down) and the spiked ceiling slowly moves down. Don’t waste your time and get with Lara’s back on the nearby wall (not the one with the switch) and with a running jump and grab get down on the lower ledge – takes some health, but saves some time.

Get as fast as possible on the ledge with the door and from there to the now open door, where you have to activate a switch and get back to the closed door, which is open now – now you’ll appreciate the few seconds you could save. Enter the newly opened passage and enter the darkness for a brief visit in part 2.

Part 2 – valley of aR.

Slide down from your pedestal and go to the end of the hallway to pick up an oceanic mask (12). Return through the same passage and find out that the central structure has shifted to the side a bit. Jump on it again to return to part 1.

Part 1.

If you followed the walkthrough, or just were in the earth section before, this place will look very familiar to you. This was the room after the earth puzzle with the small medipack and below are the darts. Slide down the slopes back to the crossroad again.

West route – fire section.

As you slide down the slope the door closes behind you. Now comes a very tight timed run. Run on the gray stone circle to extinguish some of the flames on your right (for approximately 20 seconds – could be a second more or less) and don’t stop running – jump on the now safe squares and avoiding the swinging blade the best you can jump on the ledge with the switch – activating it activates a trapdoor and extinguishes the fire next to it for approximately 16 seconds, and here comes the tough part, while still keeping in time with the previous timed run with fires, which shouldn’t cause much trouble, you have to activate another switch and get back to safety.

Here’s what you do – activate the switch, roll and jump on the nearest platform, from here run and jump towards the trapdoor, roll here and with a running jump and grab get on the ledge with the switch, activate it, roll and perform a running jump and grab, with shifting a bit on the left, still while running to grab the left part of the trapdoor, climb up and perform a standard jump curved to the left to land on the safe block in the middle, just when the trapdoor is dropping down. Return back near the slope you entered this room and find a now opened opening in the north wall. Enter the next room – jump and grab the climbable wall below the fire stream. Climb up on the slope and immediately bounce from it to the next one, from which you can bounce to the part of a ladder.

Climb up and with jumping on the few ledges here get into the stairway. When atop it, the door closes behind you and you can pick up the oceanic mask (13) on your left. Use the ladder to escape this area – pick up some normal grenade gun ammo (14) at the top of it. Slide down to the crossroad area.

After the elemental puzzles.

Now all 4 doors are closed and you have to jump down on the ledge, cause the door below is open. Jump on the teal block inside and Lara will be teleported to an area earlier in the level. When you step off the ledge here the door nearby opens and the double door ahead closes. You’ll realize you’ve been here before so go left up to where the rubies and the receptacles for the masks are. Place all of them and a new teleporter will be revealed. Jump in the middle block to teleport Lara to a different part of the temple.

Part 2 – valley of aR.

Here you are again at a different hilltop or floating rock. When going further a mean – fire and locust spitting dragon in the middle of the rock appears. And you have to activate a bunch of switches around him while he is doing his thing to make matters worse. You can avoid both the fireballs and the locusts with the save and reload trick (they are gone after doing the before mentioned actions), but since the dragon likes to do that pretty often it could get rather tedious and I’d advise to use the pillars as a shelter from it’s fireballs and use medipacks when the locusts attack as you should have many by now.

A walkthrough further really isn’t needed, only someone to hold your hand if the task frightens you. You have to activate 4 switches to imprison the dragon (we can count this as the last kill – no. 11, just for the feeling of accomplishment) – start with the furthest ones. The furthest one on the left must be used to activate only one switch, but on the furthest one on the right you must activate 2 switches – to one you can get almost immediately, to the other one you have to jump on a few platforms. And end this with the short pillar on your left, near where you entered this area. Once all 4 switches are activated a fly-by shows you the dragon being imprisoned by a sort of a magical event.

When the fly-by ends you can see that a wall of water surrounds the dragon now. You also can see that a new green platform has appeared beyond this hilltop/floating rock. Go there and find the last pickup in this chapter of the search for the forgotten city of Sanus – the Moon key (15), pick it up to end the game (well, you don’t have to pick it up according to the readme, but I’ll count it into the pickups anyway). Congratulations, you’ve now finished this chapter of the game!

Completed level’s Summary:

Possible kills: 11
Possible pickups: 15
Secrets: 0 of 0

Whole Series’ Summary:

Possible kills: 35
Possible pickups: 69
Secrets: 3 of 3