City of Khamoon Revisited (Demo)

Level by Darren Topps (DT)

Walkthrough by Yoav

Immediately when you begin the level draw your pistols and shoot the black panther attacking you. Turn left onto the side path and climb onto the blocks to the top and let Lara slide down to the small valley, shoot another panther that comes from the E behind the columns. Head left and follow the stairs into the structure, near the lying skeleton drop into a hole but be careful not to fall down into the next hole with the spikes. Slide down a short slope and proceed forward on the path into a cave, pick up the Sand Star. Back up the path and turn left, the gate will open automatically, jump over the hole and get out from there back to the small valley. Climb onto the half block, jump over the next, grab it and pull Lara onto it, turn to face the next one, run jump land onto it. Make the last jump, run jump and grab the edge of the column and pull Lara onto it, turn to face the dune, jump over it and back to the beginning.

Head N path between the sand dune and drop into an opening to underground passage just to see statue cat at the end. Climb out and proceed the path; don't turn E, keep forward and drop into the other underground passage, pick up Shotgun Ammo.

Back up the path and proceed E, you'll come to a large area, shoot on a panther that comes in front of you and take care for another one coming from the pyramid. Head W along the dune and see Shotgun Ammo at the top of a dune, if you want to get it and return back over the beginning. Climb up two blocks and jump to N, run on the dunes, jump across the gap over the path, keep proceeding N, go carefully close to the edge and pick up the Shotgun Ammo. Slide down and head N over the pyramid but don't climb yet, instead turn E over the small oasis. Pass the place toward the rocks, jump over it into hidden passage, pick up more Shotgun Ammo.

Jump back to the oasis and head over the pyramid and climb on high stairs, shoot the black panther and another one just from the high stairs above. You can climb to the top of the pyramid but it will give nothing, better for you to go around the pyramid, you come to closed gate with star receptacles. Leave it a while and climb again one stairs, turn to face the dune and look for crack, run jump and grab it. Shimmy left, then pull Lara into the opening, jump over the next block and climb up. In front of you there's few high column with slope at the top, take series of easy jumps and pass the slope, grab the breakable ledge.

Climb onto it and run over the next structure, pick up Large Medipack, now slide down and back to the pyramid. Place the Sand Star to open the gate and enter into the pyramid, drop down to the passage, run forward and the level will get to the END.