The level starts with Lara facing a pool with a croc in it, there is an opening beyond the pool. Now head to either the left or right up the embankment and avoid the croc in the pool as you make your way to the opening. As you get near the opening several
crocs come out of hiding to attack Lara, so make a complete set of luggage out of them.
Now head through the opening. When you reach the end of the passage you just entered
and have turned left, deal with the ninjas that ambush Lara, then head through the opening they came from. Go to the opening in the back of this area, now go right til you come to a room where you have to climb some metal blocks, so climb the first set, then jump/grab/pullup to the next set, then use the monkeyswing to get across the burning floor below. Once you are at the other side turn left and go to the opening and jump to the block across from the opening.

Now you have to get from where you are to the opening you see across from you. When you go through the opening deal with the ninja that attacks from your right and continue on through this area dealing with another ninja and two scorpions on your way to the next room. In this room is another scorpion and a closed gate, so deal with the scorpion and then use the button over where the raised block of ice is. Once the button is pressed the gate opens, so go through
the gate and then through the opening to the right. Now slide down the ramp and jump to your left to land on the flat area (it is tricky, but it can be done), once there climb the ladder. At the top of the ladder deal with the croc there, then the one in the room below. One they have both been made in to shoes, purse and matching accessories, then jumpback/hang/drop to the room below and turn around. There are two openings in this room, one in front of you and one to your right, so let's go to the one on the right first. As you enter this room deal with yet another croc (hmmmm...I always thought crocidiles were warm blooded creatures.
These must be genetic
mutations). Then go through the crawlspace in the northeast corner. Crawl til you can stand, then enter the next room. In this room are three raised areas with vases on them, a column with a green man on all four sides, a closed door and a place for Lara to place something in. Ok, so go over to the column and pick up the canopic jar, then deal with the four ninjas that attack. After you have dispatched the varmints go and place the jar in the recepticle and open the door, then head over there. Slide down the ramp through the door you just opened and shoot the scorpion. Next go through the crawlspace, stand and shoot the two scorpions that come to attack Lara. Now go into the deep alcove to your left and use the button there, then exit the alcove, turn left and go to the raised bolck in the dead-end passage. Get on top of the block and notice the slanted block slightly to your left; well, jump/grab/pullup/slide/jump to the flat block before you. Then turn left jump/grab/pullup/slide/jump/grab/pull up and get the guardian key. Go back to the raised block that you started from to get the key and place it in its receptacle to open the door behind and slightly to your left. Now
go through the open door. Head down the passage til you are outside, deal with the crocs that cross your path. Next jump up to the ledge to your left and go into the building. In the room you are now in
is a closed door and a button next to it, go and use the button and the level ends.