Edinburgh Castles
by Maxime Guidoni.

This very good Scottish level is the sequel of Little escape in Cambodia. You can also play it as a stand alone level, using the savegame included in the zip file.


Pick up shotgun ammo upon a block on the left, kill two bats. Ahead is a closed gate, you need to find a key to open it. Go into the opening on the right side and climb. You arrive soon in another area. Pick up a small medipack near the skeleton. Continue, kill a spider, crawl in the opening. You are now in an area with a closed gate with a button behind a protection on the right (there are flares to pick up nearby). A bit farther are big doors, on the left another closed gate, and below a pool. Kill a bat, pick up desert eagle ammo and dive into the pool. Pull the underwater switch (south wall): an underwater gate opens. Swim in, then up. Pull another underwater switch to open a gate in a room with two dog statues. Go out of the water, kill a spider.

There is a closed gate ahead, another one on the right and a library on the left. Go right, the door opens when Lara is approaching and follow down the corridor until an underground room with sloped blocks and spikes on the floor below. Slide down, jump, grab the ladder, slide and jump to a flat block with a switch. Pull it, a gate opens at the end of a corridor in the library area. Make a standing jump in diagonal to the block at the right side of the switch, kill a spider and climb the ladder. Go right into the library. Upon the bookshelves on the left, press a button to give more light: this is SECRET #1. Pick up the shotgun in a corner and climb the bookshelves on the other side. Shoot the little gate with the pistols and crawl in the opening. Kill a spider and go down the corridor until the end. Crawl in and pick up the FIRST RUSTY KEY near a skeleton. You are done now with this part of the level, so return to the pool. When coming out, kill a SAS carrying desert eagle ammo. Return at the beginning of the level, kill a dog statue that comes to life and use the rusty key.

Follow the next corridor to a courtyard, kill a dog and a SAS, pick up harpoon poison ammo. Climb upon the bigger wooden crate, and make a running jump to the west wall covered with red ivy. There is a corridor behind the ivy, pull the switch in there: a gate in the courtyard opens. Go down and follow your way up until a bigger area with a crashed plane on the roof of a castle. Kill two SAS, one carrying shotgun ammos. If you want, you can climb on the wooden crates on the right side near by the switch and make a running jump to the sloped block to pick up harpoon poison ammo. Pull the switch, a fly-by shows that the protection on the button you saw earlier is off, and also the opening of the gates nearby which is a shortcut to the pool area.


Go and push this button to arrive in a courtyard with a crate and an elevator. Push a movable box and press the button, the door of the building opens and four SAS appear. When the path is clear, enter into the classroom (the map of Great Britain on the wall is upside down, lol). There is an opening hidden behind the blue curtain in the north-west corner near a button. Place Lara in front of the curtain, press Action+Up keys and crawl into the opening. Come up to a crouch and shoot the grate to your left. Crawl forward until you can stand. When you see a fixed camera, push the box at the left of Lara and enter. Kill a bat and pull the switch: a camera shows that the elevator has raised the crate in the courtyard. Return to the classroom. Save your game before pressing the button in the north-west corner to open the timed door in the opposite corner. Make a roll and begin to run before the end of the camera sequence, dash a bit and make one or two jumps over the chairs to enter before the door closes. Follow the corridor and pull a switch to open the door of the balcony. Make a running jump to the raised crate and another long one to the corridor where you see a switch. Pull it, a camera shows the opening of a door somewhere. Return to the crashed plane area.


There are two ladders, a long one and a shorter one in the middle of this area. Go down the shorter ladder to wooden ledges below. Your goal now is to enter the room where you see a fire burner on a wall. From these wooden ledges, jump on the triangular rocks that you see ahead and to the other ones on the right, pass the corner to enter in the room. Pick up goodies near the skeleton. Follow the corridor lighted with the fire burner on the wall, kill a dog
statue that comes to life and pick up the 2ND RUSTY KEY near a second skeleton.
Return to the previous room where the first skeleton is, go right and dive in a hole of water. Swim in the tunnel to return on the wooden ledges (on the right is another underwater tunnel leading to a closed gate) and get out of the water. Climb the ladder and use the rusty key to open one of the two beige doors of this area. Enter, kill a SAS, pick up all the goodies and enter the door on the right. Go down the stairs, the door closes behind you. You arrive in a cave with a deep pit. Ahead is an opening, on the left a closed gate and a corridor. Go to the corridor. Before diving into the water notice a little opening in the left wall. Get out of the water. Jump to the other ledge above. Before entering the next corridor, make a running jump to grab the grille above the water and monkey swing to the opening to find SECRET #2: Harpoon and ammos.

After that, you can enter the next corridor. Beware of the moving spiked wall, turn right and quickly run to pull the switch near a couple of closed gates: the spiked wall stops and a trap door opens. Jump to the ladder. In the room above, shoot the opening in a corner to get SECRET #3: big medipack and uzi clips. Pull the switch: the first gate below opens. Go down and pick up the 3RD RUSTY KEY located between the two gates: the second door opens (you are back in the cave with the deep pit).

Make a long running jump to the left, kill a bat and a bunch of spiders, pick up a big medipack, and use the rusty key. Climb the ladder to an outside area.


Jump/grab the red ivy at the left side of the metallic door, shift left and land on a ledge. Jump/grab the fissure, shimmy left, pull up. Jump/grab the ceiling and monkey swing until you reach an opening in a corner. Pull the switch. A camera shows the opening of the big doors in the pool area, and a fly-by shows the opening of the metallic door below and a knight has appeared. Go where the knight comes from and climb the ladder near the elevator. On the ledge, jump to the other side, shoot the opening with the pistols, crawl in, shoot another opening. Go down. In the new room, pick up goodies, push a movable crate to reveal a keyhole, and pull a switch: the elevator raises a wooden platform. Go back there and pick up the 4TH RUSTY KEY, which was hidden under the wooden platform. Return in the room to use the rusty key: a camera shows the opening of a door located just before the courtyard.

Return to the courtyard, go down the ladder and turn left. Hop down into the hole and follow the corridor textured with ivy, avoid another knight and find the Grenade gun on the floor. The next door opens automatically, allowing Lara to come back to the crashed plane area. Climb the ladder and leave this area for now: return to the pool area nearby.


Enter the new castle with caution because of the deadly green floor. Kill spiders and pull the switch on the left side to open the library on the right side. Kill a SAS and find goodies on the ground. Climb the bookshelves on the left, shift left and pull up to a little ledge. Make a running jump to the red ivy, climb the wall, then jump backwards with a roll. Up there are spikes in the middle, jump to the left side where Lara can stand on the sloped block, then jump to the switch. Pull it, return, run/grab the ivy again, go down. Make a running jump using the action key to the next ledge. Make another jump in diagonal to where the small medipack is, then another running jump in diagonal to the opposite corner. Pull the switch in the alcove and go down at the bottom of the library. A door, which was camouflaged in bookshelves, is now opened.

Enter a little room (beware of spikes) and pull a switch: a camera shows the opening
of the second beige door in the crashed plane area. Go outside, the shortcut leading there is now closed again, so you have to do the long way by returning to the beginning of the level, killing a spider, some SAS and two dogs on the way. Once back in the crashed plane area, enter the opened beige door (beware of the deadly green floor) and before grabbing the artifact, save your game for the sequel of this entertaining series. End of the level.