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In the temple Lara begins her journey home.
Run forwards through the passage and enter your first room. Take a left and climb the tall pillar to retrieve a LMP then nip to ground and use the wall lever at the south wall, this will open the door at the north wall so head over there but before leaving move the light coloured Buddha block to your left to find some FLARES.

Now you can go through the new door and alert a tiger as you make your way through the passage, pick him off then continue on until you come to a small room with a hole to your left, no thereís nothing in the hole but you will find the SHOTGUN in the NW corner so take it then continue on via the east passage. Go through and jump up to next passage, half way through you will drop down a hole so take a right and find some SHOTGUN AMMO then return to the passage. Head through to the east and arrive at a small lava room.


Drop down to the first safe tile in the lava then jump to the next one SE, jump over to the next tile and at the west wall then use the lever to open the door up in the east wall.

Take the FLARES at your feet then go back to the previous tile and take a long run and jump without action to land on the block at the north wall and from here you can jump up into the new door. Go through and at the end climb up one level to your left to find another wall lever to open the last door in the lava room. Head back out and jump to the north wall block again, now face south and do a long running jump to grab the sloped pillar ahead of you, climb up and immediately jump forwards as you slide to land on a safe block in the lava. You can now go two ways to the door, one is to take a jump over to the blocks to your left then do a rather tricky left curve jump into the doorway, or you can do a long run and jump without action to land on the block in the SW corner, then nip up into the new door in the south wall.

Go through and crawl for a bit then stand and jump back, grab the edge of the hole and drop but grab again to catch the crawl space below, crawl through and collect some SHOTGUN AMMO then crawl out and drop down the hole. You will hit a sloped pillar at the bottom and slide into a new room with pillars and a small pool.


Head over to the SE corner and see a green and brown coloured texture on the south wall to the left of a pillar, this is a wall ladder so climb up to the room above and enter it carefully. There are spike traps in the centre of the room so make you way round the edges and collect SECRET ONE - UZI Ė AMMO then return to ground.

Now head over to the SW corner and find a wall lever in the dark corner to open the door in the north wall, go enter that new door and head up the steps to alert another tiger, send it packing then continue on up the steps and climb into a new room with two movable blocks and a central block system with lethal tile blocks surrounding a safe block.


You donít need to move both blocks only the one at the west wall, this will reveal a wall lever to open the door up in the north wall, use the lever then jump to the central safe block avoiding the lethal fire blocks surrounding it. Now jump and grab the higher east balcony and take some UZI AMMO now use the slopes to get round to the SW corner and find more UZI AMMO.

You can now head over to the north door and make your way through carefully stopping at the top of the slope. Sprint down the slope and head left at the bottom as a boulder crashes down behind you blocking your path back (you can actually jump the boulder to return but you will miss the final secret and I donít think the author intended this route back).

Ok so take a look now in the east room, you need a key to open that door so head out and enter the north passage, climb the blocks to the top and enter a new room. You are high above a large pool and there are ledges running round the outside walls.


Go left for two tile spaces then look on the south wall for a greenish coloured textured wall ladder and climb up, climb off to the right then head north over the ledges until you reach the north wall, pick up the SMP then continue on over the ledges to the east and find the KEY on the corner ledge. Take a dive down into the pool and climb out at the east side to fid a wall lever which opens a door back at the pillar and small pool room. Now nip back into the water and go tot eh NE corner, look in the east wall for an under water tunnel and swim through, swim R-R-L-L to find some FLARES, then turn and swim R-R-L-L to get back out to the pool for air. Return to the under water tunnel and swim L-L-R-L to collect a SMP then turn and swim R-2nd L-R-L to get back to the pool with your stash.

Climb out at the north side of the pool then find the wall ladder to your left and climb up to the first set of ledges where you arrived in this room on. Go back to the south door and make your way back to the boulder room.

Head into the east room and use the key to open the door then head through into a muddy tunnel.


You will head down some steps but at the bottom donít go left yet, instead look right and see an odd textured part of the west wall, this is a wall ladder so climb up then shimmy right to get round to a crawl space, let Lara hang and drop for a split second then grab and press up and crawl keys for her to climb into the crawl space and collect SECRET TWO Ė LMP.

Now make your way back down to the muddy tunnel and continue on east. You will enter a nicely lit passage so head through until you can see a pinkish glow by a pillar to your left, go to the north side of the pillar and climb up to find some more UZI AMMO then return to ground and continue on through the passage. You will eventually come to a cave textured tunnel so go left and make your way along until you see a closed door ahead of you, just before the closed door is a tunnel to the left so head through then climb the brown wall at the end, back flip off at the top into a new cave room with a deep pit. Oh how on earth can you get to the other side? Well there is an invisible path ahead of you so stand at the pit edge in the centre and do a standing jump forwards to land on the path, from here you can jump up and grab a ceiling ladder and swing your way over to the other side of the room.

Use the wall lever to your right to open the door back in the cave tunnel then head left and make your way to the end of the tunnel. Climb down the hole at the end to get back to the lit passage, then head south until you come back to the cave tunnel door which is now open.

Go through and make your way down the tunnel then drop down the hole at the end, you will now fall into water below and find yourself back at the pillar and small pool room.


You will now leave these areas never to return so head over to the west wall and enter the newly opened door, go through the passage and make your way past two statues to enter a new passage but stop at the end as the floor is fire trapped tiles. Itís easy enough to jump over them so do so then nip up over the fire tiles onto the block at the NE corner to take some UZI AMMO.

Jump back down then head up the slope to the west to find closed double doors ahead, go into the right alcove and stand on the black tile to open the door to the jungle room area.


Be ready for a shoot out as two tigers attack, thereís no need to shoot the baboons that show up as they wonít harm Lara but itís hard to miss them and you will also get a rather peculiar thing happen if you do so maybe you might like to amuse yourself by doing so anyway.

Ok, so letís begin the penultimate room of this level and head over to SE corner. Find the short passage to the south and climb the block at the end to your right. Use the obvious wall ladder to climb to a room above then take the SHOTGUN AMMO from the corner. You can now return to ground and head back out into the jungle room.

Go north, stopping off at the pool to collect some more SHOTGUN AMMO then see a fallen boulder and opposite is an alcove in the wall, climb up into the alcove then turn and jump over to grab the wall ladder above the boulder. Climb up and carefully enter this room as the central floor tiles are fire trapped, so crawl your way around the outside of the room until you reach the NW corner where you can stand and climb to a room above. Stand on the black tile to open the last door of this level outside in the jungle room. Now make your way back the way you came and get to ground. Jump again into the alcove by the boulder and face east, you can now see the final door so nip over and enter the new passage, go through and slide down into the final room. Thereís nothing to collect here so simply run towards the blue north wall to end the level.