The Lost Compass

Level by Dirk Wouters

Walkthrough by Yoav

You begin with Lara standing facing a train in a subway station. Not much
to do here and it's better for you to move away from railroad track, it's a burning trap. Look for blue closed door in the subway south side, then turn and go to north side, climb onto the blue boxes. Keep climbing up the climbable column into a ground area above, kill the soldiers.

Go further on behind the yellow boxes and get on the motorbike, take a drive over the ground ramp but stay close to the right wall. When you get to the top just past the narrow gap that has a burning floor, get off the motorbike. Back to the gap and jump inside to left side onto a safe tile, get the Shotgun, jump out from the gap and kill the soldier.

Right now you do not need the motorbike, so leave it a while. Head down into the 'control room' (didn't found any other matching name), read the warning DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE on each two basis. It means don't climb onto them, just go around and you'll see short slope between them at the right side.

Jump over the slope into a hole, then turn around and pull the jumpswitch, it opens the blue door under the EURO CHUNNELS LTD badge in the next place. Get out of the hole and go forward to the place ahead, look for grate trapdoor in the left alcove. Enter the room you just opened and pull the jumpswitch, screenshot shows you the blue door at the station is open now.

Return to the motorbike and drive down the ground ramp over the place below, get off the motorbike, then climb down back to the train station. Head to the south, go through the short passage, turn and climb down to next passage. Run along the passage out to a place with yellow boxes, I almost forgot, kill the soldier then proceed toward the pool.

Take a swim through the opening into a short passage over the next pool, keep swimming to bottom and get the shotgun ammo. Turn to north side, then swim over the ledge and climb onto it, push the lever floor, it opens the grate trapdoor you saw earlier.

Make your way back to the place where you left behind the motorbike, then drive back to the 'control room' (if you're interested to know, I was not able to open the double glass door). Keep driving from there over the next place, then get off the motorbike near by the opening grate.

Drop into the passage above and run forward, you'll come to a big lava room, head to the left side, get down from the rouky, then climb onto the next rouky and turn to face to left side, where you can see blue wall with slope. Take a jump over the slope, slide and grab the edge, shimmy right till you reach the ledge with few yellow boxes. Climb up onto the grate column, then run jump forward, grab the rope, swing toward the opposite wall, run onto the wall forward to the opening ahead.

In front of you there're a few boxes, just go around them then kill the soldier. Turn left into another room with boxes, climb onto the single yellow box in front of you and past it to next room. Go to the left side, you'll find the second motorbike parked, save the game if you want before you start driving, it's a small place without maneuvering wide open space. Anyway, drive over the ramp to cross the gap over the yellow box and get out from there.

Keep driving forward and turn to west side over the square, driving around kill the soldiers, then head to the east. Two sentry guns will start shooting on you like crazy, stay close to the wall and drive faster over the corner with the soldier. Get off the motorbike then jump through the hole into underwater passage, swim toward the exit and climb into the panel control room. Kill the soldiers there, then look in front of you, in the alcove at the other side of the room you finally found the Lost Compass. Notice as soon as you try to pick it up, the level will end.