Level by Cem Filiz

Walkthrough by Yoav

You begin when Lara is under attack by a sentry gun and four soldiers shooting from the back. Don't waste time and health. Pull the jumpswitch and enter into the hotel. In the lobby there are three doors, the left RECEPTION brown door is for later and the blue door from the right apparently needs a key. Go to the middle blue door and pull the jumpswitch, pass the opening and get a flyby back and forth of the long main hallway with rooms from both sides.

Go to the right room and open it, enter inside and climb onto a bed for medipack, shotgun ammo on the floor and grenade gun normal ammo on a small cupboard. Back to the hallway and open the left side room for 2xshotgun ammo, then turn around and kill dog and soldier. Back to the hallway and cross it to the right room for crossbow gun on a bed. Back to the hallway and open the next room with boxes, get the flares and revolver ammo then climb onto the boxes for medipack. Back to the hallway and cross it left to open the W.C. Enter inside for revolver ammo in front of the left door, then open it and kill the soldier in the toilet, get his medipack. The second toilet is empty so back to the hallway. Open the next room for revolver ammo, medipack and shotgun on a bed, then cross the hallway to the right room and get the revolver ammo. Back to the hallway and go to the end, pull the jumpswitch.

Pass the brown door you opened to the next hallway. The north side is blocked by a breakable wall, so turn south and follow to the end. Pull the lever and get screenie of the opening RECEPTION brown door. Turn around and kill the soldier, get his revolver. A little bit further kill another soldier and get the revolver ammo he will drop, then make your way back to the lobby. Go through the brown door you just opened and see some brown doors in front of you. Open the MANAGER Mr. FILIZ office. Kill the soldier then you get screenie of Chinese flag on the west wall. Pick up the Keys then go south-east for clips. Back to the lobby and cross it north, use the keys on a blue door to open it.

Follow the hallway, turn left, at the top of the stairs get short flyby focusing on a picture while four soldiers are shooting from the back. Quickly turn around and kill them all, then pick up the uzis, medipack clips and shotgun ammo. Head forward, reach the picture and pick up the greande gun. Notice the brown door in your left, then move further for clips. Run forward, get downstairs, turn left just to see the brown doors from the other side, then turn around and on your way back to the brown door kill two soldiers. Back at the brown door (it should open automatically) and pass to the next hallway.

Friendly baby face soldiers welcome you. Go behind the door for pulling the jumpswitch. Open the right door and enter the room for clips and medipack, then back to the hallway. Open the left door for getting medipack on a double bed and revolver ammo. While you return to the hallway your friends are taking care of the soldiers around. The next turning left leads you to the parked motorbike, so leave it right now. Open the door at the right side and enter into a boxes room for revolver ammo and two medipacks. Back to the hallway to open the next door and enter to a room with picture on the wall and some piano with revolver ammo which I could not manage to pick it up. Turn around, exit the room and cross the hallway left to open the next room. Enter inside and get an angle camera showing you the floor covered by a poster of Lara. Pick up two shotgun ammos and kill a dog. Back to the hallway and open the next room, there is breakable wall. Turn around and exit this room, cross the hallway over the last room and follow out to the balcony. Pull the lever and get a screenie of opening stone door.

Now back to the motorbike, drive out the hallway and into a next room over the breakable wall, which leads you outside the hotel. You are behind the Jeeps and the sentry gun, avoid from the sentry gun and drive back into the hotel. Keep driving into the main hallway, drive over the soldiers and reach the end, then turn north into the breakable wall. Follow the next hallway and drive over the soldiers ahead, reach the exit stone door, drive outside the hotel and end this level.