Castle Riverrun
By Masha Frenkel

Walkthrough by Dutchy

Castle Riverrun (part 1)

When the level starts, you are in the yard in front of a Castle, Climb the rocks to get the ½ MP on top, shoot the Wolf before you climb down all the way. Look for the jmpswitch on the pillar in the NE corner and use it to open the doors of the Castle.

The Horseman.

Enter and walk over the bridge, a nice flyby will show you the surroundings, and a Horseman will mount his horse to chase you off the premises, just run to the door in the end, avoiding him and shoot a Wolf on the L ledge, jmp on it and stay there, shooting at the Horseman, finally he will drop from the horse, get off the ledge and hop back from him, while shooting constantly and finally he will go down, get the Scroll he drops and examine it, it’s a hint for a puzzle later in your quest.

Go back in the direction of the W doors you entered from, just before the second pillar L and look down or a reddish plant, covering the wall of the bridge, you can climb down here and under the bridge, there’s a ledge with the Shotgun, which is your Secret # 1.Look W on the S side of the bridge near the doors you entered from and see the ledge you can climb, after you swam over, try to shoot all Croc o-sharks while roaming the bottom of the water for Goodies. Go back to the ledge every time you collected some Croc o-sharks and shoot them.

Timed Run.

On the lower ledge is a switch, timed, which will open a gate in the S wall, save in front, pull/roll(hit “look”) run and jmp to the pillar, do a running jmp to the ledge on the wall, you’ll land on a sloped part, jmp around the corner L to the pillar, running jmp forward and L a bit, running jmp to the far L pillar, (never mind the one L of you) running jmp sharp R and a standjmp/grab into the gate, light a flare and slide down the slope, jmp in the last moment, hold the run button otherwise the Boulder will hit your behind.

1st Globe Room.

There are 4 gates and 4 Globes, pull the Globes to the 4 marked tiles on the floor, doesn’t matter which one first or where you put them, 3 gates open and an UW gate in the Castle moat outside. The NW gate which stays closed needs 2 Gems. Enter the gate NE gate and there is Globe room #2.

2nd Globe Room.

The Scroll gives a hint, first we look for the Origin, which seems to be the Globe in the NE corner, because it is on a different texture, then divide the number Pi up in sections like 3/1-4/1-5/9-2/6-5/4 (not too obvious). So the square of the puzzle field next to it is number 1/1. Go push this blue Globe to 3/1, the 3rd tile in row 1 (it’s just in front of the closed gate), you’ll get a screenshot of the gate, so you know it is the right place. Then go to the red Globe in front of the gate and put it on 4/1. Then push the grey Globe to 5/9, quite a haul, to the other side. Now go to the red Globe on the N side and put it on 2/6, the green Globe to 5/4 and the gate should open, maybe there are different combinations possible, but because it was not clear which Globe to push after the blue one, this is how I did it and it worked. Go into the room you opened and shoot the Wolves. Get the 1st Gem and the Ammo in the back. Return to the 1st Globe room.

The Mirror room.

Go into the SE gate and follow to the mirror room, the pillar R of the entrance is climbable, so you can climb out of the pit later, on the floor of the pit are 3 colored Tiles with a design you saw before, you have to step on all 3, but first go over to the E side to pull the switch on the ledge in NE corner, notice the pillar with the sign over it, drop down to the pit floor in the corner of the switch and you already stepped on the 1st Tile, a Boulder drops in the pit. Go carefully over to the SE Tile at the mirror, looking in the mirror where the burners are, the next Boulder comes down, retrace your steps and go around the pillar to the NW to the next Tile. This was the last, go across to the L side of the pillar at the entrance where you see 2 brown edges on the corners, there is some Ammo next to it, now climb the pillar and go over to the E side of the room again, the pillar on the ledge is down, get the Revolver where the pillar was. Go back to the W side and to the 1st Globe room. Enter the SW gate.

The Timed Run room.

The Tile at the entrance will open the gate on the other side of the room, Timed of course! Go stand on the far R corner of the tile, turn L a little bit and save, do a sidejmp R, standjmp to the 1st pillar, running jmp to the next, and do more running jmps with curves to reach the gate. Get the 2nd Gem and drop into the pit with the pillars, look on the N side next to the 1st pillar for a different structure on the wall, you can pull out the green block, put it next to the pillar so you can go in.

Switch Maze.

Go R and follow around L corner to a passage L, pull the switch in the back R, go back, get the ½ MP and L, in this alcove you can push the R side block in and pull the switch behind it, turn back and go past the entrance to the maze, follow around R corner and L into passage, pull the switch in the back L, turn and L, switch L in the end, turn back, L in to room with a pillar, pull the switch behind it and the pillar goes down, get Secret # 2, the Uzis. Return outside to the pit with the pillars and go L, there is a raised block next to the pillar you jmped on first, look behind the pillar for Ammo and climb the block, jmp to the exit ledge and go to the 1st Globe room. Place the 2 Gems in the slots next to the NW gate, go in and get the ½ MP under the L sloped ledge, stand in the centre of the ledge and with your back to it, walk one square forward and backflip, you land on the edge of it, jmp and keep jmping, on the 5th jmp, grab the brown edge.

Climb up in to the 1st Castle Garden. Shoot the Wolf and get the Golden Key on the pedestal. Run to the door in the N wall, never mind those Wolves, just run and do a nice (shift/jmp/forward) dive into the Moat below, swim N to the gate you opened moving the Globes in the 1st Globe room. Swim in and up.

Castle Riverrun (Part 2)

The Sunken Church.

Go through the gate in front and watch the cutscene, showing you the Church on the bottom of the pool, when the camera goes around the back of the Church, you can just see an UW lever on the pillar behind the Church. Shoot some Croc o-Sharks from the ledges. Swim in NW direction and get out on the ledge where you can see a monkeyswing on the ceiling. Jmp/grab the monkeyswing and go follow (you will pass the platform with the Lasersight, you will get later) to the open gate in the end, drop and in this small Globe room are 3 Globes, the corners are coloured and one has a Star sign, put the right colour Globe in each of the 3 corners and look in the S wall (with a flare) for a pushblock, put this one in the corner with the star and you’ll see a gate opening up.

Get into the crawlspace where you pulled out the block, climb up R and follow to a pit with a monkeyswing. Go over to the other side and drop, kill the Bat and drop into the pit, find the crawlspace and get Secret # 3, Supplies. Go out, R and climb out of the pit, go over the MS again and follow to the switch at the gate, pull the switch and a gate opens on the other side of the pool. Shoot a Croc o Shark and swim over there, get out on the ledge on E wall and pull the switch. This will open a gate behind the pillar along the N wall, next to the Church. Swim down to the N back end of the church and into the gate behind the pillar, follow the tunnels to the Arch room.

The Arch room.

The cutscene will show all the UW levers and the Gem on top of the Arch structure. Go pull a switch in the NE corner and climb the ladder, backflip onto the white arch, pull the switch in the open gate and enter the gate outside, after you shot all the vases on the surrounding ledges to reveal some Ammo. Roll in the end and jmp/grab the ladder, climb up till you see the camera angle change, go down a bit till you can see the floor of the passage behind, backflip in and get some Flares, pull out the block in the end 3 times and jmp back to the ladder, go up to the next passage behind, backflip in and climb down the ladder in the end, now you are behind the pushblock, pull the switch in the end of the passage and climb back up the ladder, jmp on to the 1st ladder and climb it to the top. Stop in front of the Spiketrap, on the face tile.

Start to sprint as soon as the 1st set is down and go on to the end, release sprint and runjmp/grab the ladder. Go down all the way and pull the jmpswitch there, exit the gate and get some ammo on the arch, enter the next gate R. Here’s the Chain room, get in to the L side, avoiding the chains and burner tiles, go through the next chains around L corner to the burner alley. Standjmp to the Star tile in the alley and jmp to one of the slopes on the side, start jmping and steering towards the gate, slide to the 2nd star tile and standjmp to the gate, go through and R into the next, run through the next room, with all the pillars to the end, follow the passage behind the gate to reach a room with hanging climbable pillars and burners on the floor.

See the jmpswitch on the L pillar, stand R of the entrance and runjmp/grab the 1st pillar, go around the L and backflip/roll/grab to the one behind you, around L and backflip to the pillar with the jmpswitch, go L and up, drop to the switch and grab/pull, drop to the floor And turn R, climb the sloped block N and slide/jmp, slide/jmp to the block at the entrance, runjmp/grab to the 1st pillar again and follow the burner path on the floor till you reach the other side f the room, backflip (no grab to the ledge and pull the switch on the wall, get the Torch N side and stand in front of the switch, looking into the room, standjmp to the sloped block below, keep jmping and sliding to the other side. Light the Torch on the lit wall torch and go to the other pillar room, light the wall torch where the pillar went down and do the other 3 too, leave the Torch here.

The gate opens, go in and at the death face tile, jmp and run into the passage up L, run into the alcove L or R. Wait for the Boulder to pass and run up, into the next alcove, the last slope, walk backwards up the slope, facing one of the alcoves, so you can jmp back in as soon as you hear the Boulder coming. Now climb the passage up in the end of the slope and follow it to the top of the Arch room. Pull the switch there and drop to the top of the arch, take the Gem and dive into the water, pull 4 UW levers on the 1st level and collect whatever Ammo you didn’t pick up yet and then go for air, back down for the last lever at the bottom pit and through the tunnel in the W back to the Church pool.

If you got enough air left, go R when you get there and go pull the UW lever behind the pillar, which has the Ammo on top. The doors of the Church will open. Get a ½ MP on a ledge in the NE corner and dive to the entrance of the Church, get some Ammo on the corner of the Bell tower and go in, swim up into the bell tower and pull the switch there, the blocks at the altar go down, go over and get the Gem and ½ MP. Swim out of the church after you took a breath of air and go R, under the ledge on S wall is an open gate, swim in and up into a machine room, go over to the S wheel and climb down the ladder, into the crawlspace for Secret # 4, the Crossbow.

Climb back out and pull both switches on the E wall, the machine starts, get out through the gate which opened in the W wall, back to the Church pool, all the way up to the platform with the Lasersight on it, up on wall, then to the hole in the ceiling in the centre of the room, gat out and place both Gems. Get out through the gate and reach the 2nd Castle garden, get the Bronze Key after you dealt with the Wolves, go to the door in S wall and on to the roof R get some Ammo in the end, dive into the moat below and go to the ledge to climb to the bridge again, over to the door in the end and place both Keys, the door open, shoot the Wolves inside and go forward into the Castle.

To be continued?

****I did it My Way****