Author: Quentin Cartier


This is an interesting level. Your objective is to get onto the top of a tower. Meanwhile you have to solve puzzles and shoot enemies. There are harpies, crocs, bats, skeletons, mummies and demigods on the level. You have quite enough weaponry against them. Right at the beginning of the level find the Shotgun in the water, and the UZI, the Revolver and the Crossbow from the Secrets. There are 3 Secrets on the level. After a small underwater maze I found very hard the first one: the UZI, in a crawlspace behind a sarcophagus. Unfortunately there are no added sounds but the textures are fit well to the level.

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Head to the left outside, jump into the water and swim through the rolling blades. Find a small gap to the right, pull the lever inside and the grate opens. Get a bit air above, and find a Small Medi Pack. Getting back head to the left next to the rolling blades and get the Shotgun in a small alcove. Swim back, get out of the water, collect the Revolver Ammo from the left and climb up the ladders. Go around the building, shoot the harpy, and climb up onto the small platform on the other side. Head towards the sloping area but in front of it take a level upwards to the right. Get to the lever and pull it. Get back and head up the slope, through the open door. Head left and jump into the right-hand alcove because a rolling stone smashes down. Slide down, grab the ladder and pull the lever above.

Admiring the animation notice that the spikes has drawn back. Sliding down jump to the left because another stone is rolling down behind Lara. Get down. Starting from the place where the spikes has disappeared get up and collect the Horseman's Gem. Head to the place where you climbed up onto the platform earlier and place it in the right-hand corner. Climb up to the open door. On the other side get trough a rolling blade and spikes, then pull the lever. Get back and enter another open door.

Jump into the water. Swimming up in the middle find a Medi Pack and pull a lever aside. Swim up and get out of the water. You are in a chamber. Force open the opposite door, explore the sarcophagus and pull down the lever on the wall. Behind the sarcophagus, in a crawlspace find the Secret #1: the UZI. The block on the wall has get down. Pull a lever inside.

Get back to the water and climb up the ladder. Push the blocks above. In front of you find the Secret #2: the Revolver. Heading to the right find the outer area and the lever you have seen in the animation earlier. Watch out the poisonous spikes. Save your game before the lever because the block rises only for a while. Climb up and pull down the trapdoor. Climb up the ladder. 2 demigods attack Lara above but they are in good sporting spirit as they attack one by one.

Go out onto the bridge, kill the harpy and shoot the vases. Take care as the first vase on the right hides a skeleton. Collect the Revolver Ammo and climb up the pole in the left-hand corner. Kill the bats above and pull down the lever on the wall. Now you can get the Cartouche Piece #1 from the pedestal. Getting back jump down from the bridge and land on the platform below. Monkey swing to the other side and find the Secret#3: the Crossbow and some Ammo. Also pull the lever. Kill the mummy. Get down on the ground floor. Heading to the left get on a higher column where collect numerous Ammos.

Go around and climb up the ladder. Climb above the visible block because there's an invisible block above it. Jump aside and then over to the building. Climb back to the place where you met the demigods earlier. Get back onto the bridge, jump along around the small platforms. Grab the gap on the wall, shimmy along and collect the Cartouche Piece #2. Return into the chamber, combine and use it. Getting outside jump around again, by the wall. Climb up the ladder. Head to the right first, pull the block once. Now head to the opposite direction, get the Revolver Ammo from a gap. On the other side climb over before the blocks and push once the earlier block. Push the blocks until you can pull the lever. Find some UZI Ammo beneath one of them. Return to the ladder, the door has opened.

Shoot the croc, jump down and immediately back up and wait till the rolling stone smashing down. Go ahead, climb down to the stone to the left and get the Cartouche Piece #2. Continue your way but turn back in time because another stone comes. Go along and monkey-swing on the ceiling to the Cartouche Piece #1. Getting outside jump to the right for a Medi Pack, then heading in the opposite direction collect the Pharos Pillar on the other side. Get back to the middle, jump onto the platform on the wall. Getting to the left grab the edge of the burning platform, and place the Pillar in its receptacle. Grab the gap, shimmy all over to the right. Swing the rope and through the tall pillar get back on the building. Heading to the right reach the place where you have found the Cartouches earlier. Climb on the risen block and get a level up.

Jump on the outer corner of the small fountain, then up. Going to the left crawl through next to the block. Watch out the spikes and jump along. Pull the lever on the wall next to the brown floor tile. Get back and pull once the block. Get outside and climb up from the block. Reach a pool above. Kill the crocs and the harpies and pull the underwater lever. The grate opens where the small fountains have been. Enter, the vases hide some Revolver Ammo and a scorpion. Push the lever and get outside on the other side. Get up into the room with pool again. The water has disappeared from the pool. Climbing down the ladder push the lever. Getting up find some UZI Ammo next to the risen block, and a skeleton in the room.

On the other side get to the block and climb on it. Find a still closed grate above. Go to the left, all over onto the other side. Pull the lever next to the closed grate. 2 Demigods are inside but don't enter the room. You can kill him with the pistols by standing jumping. They drop 2 Horseman's Gems. Place them inside. Earthquake begins and the 2 other grates also open. Getting outside climb onto the top floor. Walking towards the center of the tower the level finishes.

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