Level by Christian Schleicher (SilentViper) (July, 2003)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

This is a very different young Lara level because she is armed. Pick up flares to you right and shotgun shells in front of you. As you go forward to the stairs, the camera view changes. Go north and through a doorway. Follow to a corridor. Shoot out all the windows to the right and pick up a key between the chairs. In the parallel corridor, go north and kick in a door. Pick up a small medipack and normal arrows in front of the toilet. At the end is a shallow pool of water. Exit this area and go to the south side of the room. A door opens for you so enter the dining room. At the end of the room open the doors into the kitchen. At the rear, open the screen door to the outside. Go out and kill a dog. Notice to the right of the door a square receptacle for an item. That's all to do here so return to the stairs.

Go up the stairs into the alcove at the top to see a padlocked door. Exit and go up the north stairs. Turn east and go to the end of the corridor. Enter a bedroom on the right and use CTRL to search a short cabinet to the right. You pick up a shotgun. Exit and return to go south to the other corridor. Kill a little ghost that tries to attack you. Go down the corridor and enter a door on the left. Behind the armed gunman, who is ignoring you, pick up the crowbar off the floor. Go back down the stairs to the alcove. Use the crowbar to open the door and step outside into a garden. Go to the right and kill another little ghost. Continue to a shed and go inside. Search the short cabinet to get a heart. Exit and go left and run down behind the shed and kill a little ghost. At the very end, search the bush for normal arrows and the crossbow. Exit back to the house and go to the south stairs. Enter the hallway straight ahead and turn right. At the end is a closed gate. Turn into the left hallway and climb into the crawl space on the right. Crawl to the very back to get secret #1 and a shotgun. Get out and go up the stairs to open a door. Enter and kill three birds. If you stand in a corner, they cannot damage you. Go to the west wall and use the pushbutton switch. Then turn around, and jump up to a ledge. Pull up and pick up flares.

Now exit back out and go to the closed gate to the left. It is now open so enter it to pick up shotgun shells. Go to the left side and jump to an alcove. Use the key you have to open the door. Enter a room and pick up a large medipack, shotgun shells, poison arrows and a crossbow. Enter a corridor to the north and pick up a crank. Exit the room and go to the ground floor. Open the screen door and go outside. Go south and then east to the end. Kill two birds that attack you. Look on the wall for a switch and pull it. You get a cut scene that flies you through the house to show you an open door at the top of the north stairs. If you go to the west wall by the bars, you can grab the slope and shimmy left through the bars. Other the killing a dog there is nothing to find there. Go back into the house and go downstairs. Go through the dining room and kitchen to use the heart in the square receptacle. The door opens so enter the chapel and pick up Bonepowder from the floor in front of the stained glass windows. Now enter the house and go up the north stairs into the open door.

Go left and loop right into an alcove. Use the Bonepowder and the door at the end of the corridor opens. Go to the north-west corner and use the crank. The door besides you rolls up into the ceiling. Safety drop down into the room. Run down between the fires and a soldier attacks. Kill him and pick up the crowbar that he drops. Use it to open the door at the back of the room and the level ends.