Level by Peter Tedstone (Storm Chaser)

Walkthrough by Dutchy

The Castle Moat.

You start the level by sliding into the water of the castle moat, climb out just to the right of where you landed and climb the next ledge after you shot the Bat. Jmp to the ledge in the SE and runjmp over to the dark banks in the E, go to the NE corner to get Secret # 1, the CD player. Swim W and climb onto the crate floating in the water, onto S ledge and get some ammo, over to the N ledge for flares and ammo, swim on to the SE corner and find the Lasersight behind the crates. Go up the stairs leading N and one of the Undead will come down, just shoot him with the pistols, while hopping backwards. Proceed up the stairs and see the closed gate. Left your keys at home? No problem, turn W and runjmp/grab over the gap to the roofs and go R. In the end R and get that Key.

1st “Guardian key”

Go back and follow the roofs to the other end and stand on the block, jmp/grab the monkeyswing and go over to the E corner, drop and jmp up to the next ledge, look N and down and see the “Guardian key”. Make it over there and get it, a Wraith will come after you, so just run off into the moat below, wait for it to kill itself and swim to the stairs again. Go up to use the Key on the Gate. Go inside and climb the center structure, find the Shotgun in he E alcove and flares and a switch in the N one, the switch will open the N wall, runjmp in and go L, kill 2 Wolves and follow to the end, get the flares on the pillar and return to the entrance.

2nd “Guardian key”.

Go E this time and jmp left to the sloped wall, shimmy left to a pillar and up to the higher wall near the gate, jmp over to the ledge in the N to get the 2nd “Guardian key”. Runjmp to the sloped wall N and slide into the water, swim all the way W and climb up he alcove to get the Gate Key, drop back in the water and climb out to the courtyard. Go to the crate SE and move it aside, get Secret # 2, the Glasses. There are some arrows in the SW corner of the courtyard.

3rd “Guardian key”.

Climb the ledges in the S, near the crate and go over the bridge to the N structure, an Undead will come out to play so play with him, enter the structure after he’s gone and get the 3rd “Guardian key” on the R and some arrows to the L. Now go out and drop to the courtyard near the water, find the hole in the bottom and swim N (S is the way to the beginning of the level in case you forgot something) and into a big lake with a waterfall, swim to the rock in the NW and climb out on the SW point, sidejmp to the ledge with the flares and runjmp to the rock face N.

4th “Guardian key”.

Go along the rock to the E side and over the wall there, notice the 4th “Guardian key” on the pillar in the ravine to the L, jmp over to get it and proceed to the Castle in the S. Shoot some Bats here.

5th “Guardian key”

Climb the crates to the W of the gate and on to the roof, go E and climb the pointy wall on it’s NE side, get the Crossbow and turn around, jmp to the wall in the E and go behind it to take the 5th “Guardian key”. Now go to the W side of the roof and R, look N and see the ledge at the gate left, runjmp to get Secret # 3, the passport. Go down to the gate you saw and open it with the Key. Go in and L into the Big Hall, an Undead will come for you so take him out and take the Gate key he drops. Up the stairs and jmp/grab over to the chandelier, turn around and backflip to the steel bridge, go W and R, runjmp/ grab in the very last moment and pull up the landing on other side, go over to the receptacles for the “Guardian keys”, place them and enter the room that just opened at the end of the landing, stay low as darts fly through the room, go over to the far R corner and use the Key in the lock, a trapdoor over your head opens, climb in and be careful for the knife ball falling from the ceiling, go under and at the next gate, which will open automatically, wait before entering, save your game here.

Moving Spikewall Room.

Run in to the right and jmp into the opening in the wall on your right, wait for the spike wall to pass and proceed with caution, a moving pillar will be activated, (lots of things moving around here) jmp past and go R jmp into the opening in the wall behind the pillar and pull the switch there, back out and into the green passage, up L in the end and runjmp/grab the ladder on the wall as high as possible, climb up quick, I don’t have to tell you why, and into the opening, stop at once when you’re in.

Spike Pit.

Look down and see why, find the best spot on the 2nd square from the right and turn around, slide backwards, jmp and slide. Drop from the slope on to the next and slide a bit and then jmp again and you’ll probably fall unharmed into the water below. (otherwise try again)
Swim N and get out on the ledge, kill some Bats and get the arrows, climb the block and intro the N passage, follow to the Burner room.

The “Golden Vraeus”.

Runjmp to the pillar in front and look around, you will have to go to the opening in the W wall, of course the hard way, all the way around. Turn to the E and runjmp/grab in the last moment and on this pillar, stand just before the side burner facing the blade in the E, when the burner is down and the blade left, runjmp/grab the pillar on the E wall, turn L and over the next burner, in the corner, face W and stand on the L side of the ledge a couple of runjmps and you’re in the corner with the “Golden Vraeus”. Stand in the corner of the 2 burners and run forward when you can, get the “Vraeus” and hop back, now runjmp over the burner to the ledge at the blade and climb the stairs, go L and open the gate with the switch, climb down and you’re back in the Dart Room, go to the Big hall and jmp to the chandelier, slide to the floor and go open the big gate with the “Golden Vraeus”. Go in and L, follow to a room with tables, get the Key R and a medpack L, prepare to shoot some Wolves and an Undead. Return to the Big Gate and follow the passage straight till you see a gate in front (don’t bother exploring the other passages).

Open the gate with the Key and enter. Just next to the steps you’re on, on the L side is a switch, pull it to open a gate in the S of the room, go in and 1st R. up on the wooden crate pile and move the golden crate according to the marking on the ceiling. A gate on he other side of the passage opens, go in and pull the switch, get out quick and L into the passage, go R into the room with the boulders and 5 switches on the block, only pull the 2nd from the L and go out to the passage again, opposite door is open, push the crate in and then left, pull out the other crate and into the exit, take the Key from behind it and put the crate back, so you can leave, go L and open the gate in the end of the passage with your Key.

The Castle Grounds.

Jmp to the pillar in the courtyard and climb down the backside, get the medpack and drop to the floor, go climb the blocks on the W wall and jmp over to the ones in the NW corner, up the highest one and jmp/grab the steel bridge, swing over to the E and drop on the pillar in front of the wooden floor. Go forward and left, into the passage, kill the Undead and go L into passage, follow to get the Gate Key in the end, back to 1st passage and L, follow up the high steps and get Secret # 4, the Stopwatch. Notice another key behind the grated window on your way back down. Go to the Courtyard again and open the gate in the E with your Key. Enter the Pool, arm yourself with the Crossbow and explosive arrows and swim into the tunnel in the top of the block, go N and follow to a big flooded basement, in to the alcove in the center of the E wall and up into the tunnel, follow to a small garden. Draw the Crossbow and blast the Wolves that attack all in 1 shot. Get the flares and go climb the pillar in the NE, run back to the water as a Wraith will attack. From the pillar jmp to the big one S and L to the path over the rocks, to the SE corner. Kill some bats there and follow the path over a block, be careful, there’s a spike trap behind it and go to the small hill on the base of the Castle in the W, when you encounter another wraith, you can only go down and run for water and then all the way up again. On the hill is the Gate Key for the gate near the water, But first, from the Key, jmp to the ladder on the pillar and climb up, shimmy to the N and get the arrows, go in the small passage and equip the Crossbow with the Lasersight, shoot the swinging ball through the gap in the R wall and go outside again drop from the ledge into the water below and open the gate.

Timed Run.

In front of you is a wooden platform, as you stand on it, a gate in the cave opens, explore the route and save standing on the platform, with a fresh flare in hand. It’s not necessary to sprint, just run and jmp the slopes. Enter the gate.

Rotating Blades.

Go R from the entrance gate and climb the N pillar, stand in the center and wait for the L and closest rotating blade to just go over the Key, standjmp and standjmp again over this blade and you’re on top of the key, get it, turn L on the spot and stand jmp to the L side of the SE pillar, the blade should be R, do a run-through jmp to the wall. Now there are 2 ways to return to the Castle courtyard, the easy way and the hard way.

Hard way.

Go W and leave through the open gate, go into L passage and be careful of the knife ball falling from the ceiling, get the “Golden Vraeus” to the L and go out quick, shoot the Undead in the safe passage and go in again to get the Gate Key to the R and return to the gate to open it.


Climb the blocks in front, stand on the L side and slide down jmp over the spike trap, wait for the boulder in front of you to get close and sidejmp R out of it’s path. Follow the passage up and slide backwards down to the blocks on the W wall of the courtyard.

Easy way.

Go get the “Golden Vraeus” in the W passage as described in the “Hard way” and return to the timed gate, pull the switch next to it till it opens and follow the path you went to arrive here back to the courtyard (the Sissy route).

The "Gem of Fear".

When you arrive in the courtyard, climb on to the steel bridge again and go to the E, open the gate with the “Golden Vraeus” and enter, get the Gate key R and shoot the Undead that’s running around below, go to the other end of the passage and open the trapdoor with the Key, climb up and you’re back in the passage with the Puzzle Rooms, follow to the room with the receptacle for the “Guardian Key” next to the gate L. Enter to get the ”Gem of Fear“ from the block, stand facing NW and get it, hop back and turn R quick, crawl under the knife ball and get out, running about to get rid of those Locust, watch the health. Go climb the pillar in the NW corner and grab the monkeyswing, go over to the SE corner and drop where the fire was before, climb the ladder and get out to a pool, jmp in and swim for the exit.

End of the level.

****I did it My Way****