Laboratory of Time-Space Technology

Level by Piotr Klonowski (Pedros)

Walkthrough by Sutekh

CS = Crawlspace - MS = Monkey Swing - L = Left - R = Right - N, S, E, W = Cardinal Points - UW = Underwater

SJ = Standing Jump - SJ+G = Standing Jump + Grab - RJ = Running Jump - RJ+G = Running Jump + Grab

Enemies: SAS
Items of note: Security area access disk, VCI Access Card, Lift Access Disk 1, Lift Access Disk 2, Key to Security Room, Gate Key

You start your adventure in a minimalist metal room without any apparent way out. But, of course there is one. Go to the NW corner, facing the W wall and look up: there's a trapdoor there in the ceiling. Jump and grab to open it. Turn R (N) and jump and grab to pull up in the CS above.

Crawl through the ventilation shaft until you reach an opening and drop in the wide corridor below, facing E. Go ahead to the end of the corridor. Notice the purple door on your L, it will open much later. Draw your guns to dispatch the first of a very long series of SAS. They are tough and you won't get that many medipacks through the level, so be careful and keep moving while shooting to minimize damage.

Once he's down, resume running to the end of the corridor (E) then turn R (S). Ahead in the distance, you can spot a computer and a grey door with a keyhole on its R. Don't go there yet, since you have nothing to use there but turn L (E) at the first junction and run to either of the two automatic doors there. Those doors open as you approach, revealing another SAS in the room beyond. Send him to say a little hello to his ancestors.

The Security Area Access Disk

You're now in the Control Room. In front of you (E) is a big machine made of control panels and grey blocks. If you go around it to the other side of the room, you'll see a big diamond-shaped alcove in the wall, with two card slots on each side locked up in glass cases. Going to the N side of the room, and turning to the big machine, you'll see a button. It opens the rightmost glass cases. You may as well push it now, but you don't have any card to use in the card slot yet.

What you can do though is climbing on the machine by its end where the button is and facing E. Look up: there's a trapdoor here too. Jump and grab to open it. Turn around (W) and climb up into the ventilation shaft. You may if you want visit the other E one but there's absolutely nothing there. There's a small breakable grate on your R (N). Shoot it to open the way and crawl/run through the shaft until you reach another breakable grate. Shoot it.

You're standing in an opening overlooking a blue-lit high room. In front of you (N) is a ladder and some ledges against the wall. Looking down, you can spot two doors on each side (E and W). Time to get down now. Do a RJ to the ladder and grab. Climb down to the bottom of the room. The door on your R (E) is closed so turn L (W), pass the two automatic doors and run to the NW corner of the room to push the button there.

This opens the E door in the Ladder Room, so go back there and enter the corridor to the E. Run through it, entering a long hallway lit by flashing red lights. Run to its end (N) and notice the electric box up on the wall and R of the opening. Draw your pistols and shoot at it while jumping to break the red button. This will open a door nearby.

Now go through the opening and first dispatch the SAS there. You're in a corridor with two doors at each end (W and E), the E one being open by now. To the N are also two automatic doors. Let's go E first, and enter the red-lit room over there.

Don't sheath your pistols, there's another SAS waiting in ambush here. When you're done with him, run to the SE corner (ahead of the entrance) and climb on the crate to pick up some Uzi ammo. Turn to the N and run to the crates there. Look down to spot some other Uzi ammo on the floor, then climb on the crate to pick up the Shotgun (you might need to crouch to pick it up because of the pipe). Now go W to the NW corner, there's a floor trapdoor there. Jump in the hole then crawl N and around the corner. Shoot the breakable grate there and drop down in the new blue-lit room.

Crawl under or jump over the pipe to go to the other side of the room. First, go to the SW corner to pick up Shotgun normal ammo and Shotgun wideshot ammo. Now go to the NW corner and push the big white button on the N wall. This opens a set of three doors on the other end of the corridor beyond the red-lit room. Return to the corridor via the red-lit room.

Before going W through the newly opened doors, let's make a little detour to the two other rooms to the N to get some goodies. In the first one, you'll find Shotgun wideshot ammo on the floor in the SE corner. In the second one, Uzi ammo on the floor W, near metallic shelves. Now let's go west.

After passing the three doorways, you enter a large room with two (very deadly) pools ahead: The Toxic Pools Room. There's a door in the SW corner, a control room N and another door in the NE corner. Not that you really have the time to look around though, as a SAS immediately attacks from the R (NE corner). Another one will soon join him running out of the control room. Dispatch them both and carefully note where the second one falls: he leaves a very tiny Security area access disk behind him which may be very hard to spot in this dim-lit room.

-- The Security Area --

Pick it up and go in the control room to the N. Run around the big machine in the center: there's shotgun normal ammo waiting for you there on a stand. Now you can return to the Ladder Room through the S opening in the corridor, the flashing red lights hallway and up the ramp.

Climb up the ladder but don't go to the top. Stop at the ledges and go on the R one. Turn R (E) and look up to locate another ledge. Jump, grab and pull up. Turn R again (SW) to face the opening up there in the S wall. Don't angle Lara too much R, though, because you now need to do a RJ and grab that opening. Hop back, run, jump and turn L a bit in mid-air only at the very last moment then grab and pull up.

You're back in the ventilation shaft above the Control Room. So run/crawl through it, drop down in the room below and return to the Main Corridor. We need to use that access disk now. Run ahead in the corridor to the W wall then turn R (N). You can see a computer in the distance which is the one we're looking for right now. So run N past the junction and use the Security area access disk on the 'puter there. This opens a diamond-shaped gate immediately on your R (N). You've entered the Security Area.

The VCI Access Card

A short fly-by shows you a VCI access card on the floor in the next room beyond the pinkish window. This is what we need to get now, but given the name of the place it obviously won't be that easy.

Run N to the pink window then turn either L or R (doesn't matter) and run around the corner. Run N a bit then turn to locate an automatic door leading under the Pink Window Room. Turn to run N again until you reach two buttons locked up in glass cases. Turn L (W) and run through the corridor there until you reach a dark room. Draw your guns: a SAS is waiting for you there so dispatch him in the proper manner. Now run W across the room and turn around after the opening: there's a switch on its L. Activate it to open the glass cases and go back to them. Push the two buttons there.

It opens two big doors. The little high rooms beyond are in fact elevators. First go the the L one (NW). It isn't working though so climb up the ladder and pull up in the room. There are flares there on the floor. Pick them up and return to the ladder and down the elevator shaft. Now go to the other elevator (NE). This one works and you are lifted. Don't get out now or you'll be stuck forever and have to reload. However, you may use the ladder there to get up faster.

You enter a red-lit computers room. There's nothing to do here so simply run across to the opening ahead (E) and enter the dark room beyond. Turn R (S) to locate the CS and crawl through it and down to its other end.

Drop down in the very dark corridor below, turn around and immediately draw your weapon: there are 2 SAS here. One to your L (S) and one ahead (W) hidden behind some crates. It might be a good thing to go kill the S one first and avoid being shot by both at a time. Once they're down, run to the W over the crates to finally enter the Pink Window Room (although from this side said window is very blue). Pick up the VCI Access Card there then turn around to the entrance to locate a button on its R (NE corner). Push it to open a door in a room nearby which will allow you to return to the main corridor, access being currently cut by the elevator.

Go back to the very dark corridor and this time go S. Run down the ramp a while then through the automatic door to enter an octogonal red-lit computers room. The door you just opened is to your L in the E wall. Beyond is another elevator which will lead you up back to the Main Corridor.

-- The Lift Access Disk --

You're now about to explore a new part of this charming place. From the elevator, run ahead (W) toward the 'puter then turn L (S), run a little bit and turn R (W) at the junction. Run to the end of the corridor to the W wall. Turn L (S) and draw your weapon upon entering this new part: a SAS is watching over the place. Once he's down, head to the Lounge to the N and enter. There are 2 flights of stairs against the L (W) and R (E) walls there. Ignore the latter and climb up the former to reach a closed door and a card slot on its L. Use the Access card on the slot to open the door and resume climbing the stairs beyond.

You eventually reach a corridor with a closed (fake) door at the end. You can't open it now so stop under a hole in the ceiling and turn R (E) to spot a ladder. Climb it up, pull up in the CS at the top and crawl to the new room ahead. Draw your weapon as soon as you can stand to dispatch the 2 SAS roaming around. Now take a look around.

You're in a high ceilinged metal room with many crates scattered all over. You can see some ledges against the W wall above red machine gun signs. Don't climb on them, they're deadly fire traps, as are the higher ones again the N and S walls. The door under the signs are fake as is the tall one to the S so don't bother going there. There's a genuine opening to the N though and, looking up, you can notice a catwalk going around the room.

Go N and through the opening. There's another elevator there which will lift you up to a pink corridor leading to the catwalk. The door ahead (S) near the SE corner is very closed at the moment so turn R at the junction and run/crawl to the opposite side of the catwalk. Run S through the automatic door at its end. You ender a long room lined with xerox machines and ended by a closed door. So turn around (N) upon entering and look up to locate the trapdoor in the ceiling there. Jump and grab to open it then turn around and jump and grab again to pull up in the small alcove above and activate the switch there which opens the door below.

Drop down in the xerox room and go through the newly opened door. You enter a room littered with crates, shelves and whatnot. Make your way to the other side (E) and climb on the crates against the wall. Go R (S) to drop down in the SE corner where you can pick up Shotgun wideshot ammo and 2 Uzi ammos. Now climb back on the crates and return to the room. Go through the opening N near the NE corner.

Stay to the R and run along the E wall until you reach a stand. There's a Lift Access Disk to pick up there. Now run to the W side of the room and through the opening there and along a short corridor to be back to the catwalk. Now you need to get down and, again, the way back is cut by the elevator. The safest way to do that is to run to the opposite end of the catwalk then turn L and crawl under the block. Face N. You don't want to drop on the ledge against the wall since - as mentioned - it's a deadly trap but instead on the crate below. This way you won't lose any health.

You now need to make your way back to the Main Corridor via the CS, the short corridor and the Lounge. When exiting the Lounge, run ahead (S) then a bit L (E) at the junction. Run to the end then turn R (S) and run to the end and past the junction to reach the computer that's in front of a grey door. Use the Lift Access Disk here to open the elevator on your R and enter the latter.

-- The Glass Hall --

You're going to make a short stay in another level now: The Glass Hall" (which is a good thing, since Lara is now at full Health). Exit the elevator and run ahead (W) through automatic doors, de facto entering the new level. You'll soon find yourself in a wide hallway and even sooner will realize you've got company there so prepare yourself for a bit of action.

Kill the 2 SAS who are patrolling here then take some time to take a look around. In front of you is another computer on the W wall. The hallway you're in is lined with automatic doors (including the one you're coming from) and all the rooms behind them contains goodies so let's take a visit. Start by the one ahead (W) and go to the NE corner to pick up some flares and shotgun wideshot ammo. The reason why flares are provided in such a bright place will soon be revealed.

Leave the room and turn R (S), run a bit toward the next doors then turn R and run through the W one. Here you'll find a small medipack and Uzi ammo on a stand ahead. Leave the room and pass through the E automatic door to pick up a large medipack in the SE corner. Return to the hallway and draw your weapon to dispatch 2 SAS who have come to join the party, soon joined themselves by 2 more SAS. This is indeed a tough moment, so you might consider using some shotgun ammos here to save medipacks.

Now run ahead (S) to the last two automatic doors and turn R to go through the W one. Turn R upon entering to spot and pick up a precious Uzi on a stand against the N wall as well as Uzi ammo. Leave the room to enter the last one ahead (E) and find the flares and Shotgun wideshot ammo there in the NW corner.

Run along the hallway to the S and climb down the wide stairway until you reach a bright large room with a reflecting floor. There's no apparent way out here (except the one you came from, of course) and even though the doorways are climbable that won't lead you anywhere. But before starting to search all the walls, ceilings and floor go to the center of the room to pick up 2 small medipacks on the floor: one near the SW couch and the other near the NW one (again, you probably will need to crouch to pick them up). Now time to use those flares.

Light one and go to the NW corner L of the entrance. The lower part of the wall looks darker when lit there. So crouch, draw your weapon and shoot to break that hidden breakable wall revealing a CS. Crawl through it until you reach a breakable grate, shoot this one as well and enter the next room. The next task will cost you a good load of Health so prepare yourself to use them medipacks. Up on the N wall at the other end of the room is a closed door. On the wall ahead you can spot three switches which will open that door. Unfortunately, those switches come with harmful steam.

The only thing you can do is try to get your timing as good as possible to avoid losing too much health. Use those medipacks too, but only after the first two. Now that's the door is opened, climb up in the ventilation shaft there and run through it. You'll be briefly back in level 1, regaining full Health in the process, which is why using a medipack at this point would have been a waste of... well... medipacks.

Reach the small room at the end of the shaft and pick up the 2nd Lift Access Disk there on the floor. Then shoot at the electric box while jumping to break its red button. This opens the purple door in the Main Corridor. Now go back to the Glass Room, minding the steam on your way. You may hear footsteps, meaning you've got more company. So draw your weapon upon climbing up the stairway to the hallway and get rid of the 2 SAS there. Now run through the hallway all the way to the N and use the Disk on the computer there.

The good news is: it opened the elevator door nearby to your R (N). The bad news is: there is no elevator in there and that ladder isn't that easy to reach. Position Lara one tile away from the E wall, make one more step back so you may have a flatter angle and turn L (NEE) to the ladder. Do a SJ, turn R in mid-air and grab. Climb down and exit the elevator shaft: you're back in the Main Corridor and in level 1.

-- To the Time-Space Tunnel --

Run ahead (W) then N around the corner. Turn R (E) at the junction and run to the newly opened door ahead in the N wall. Run through the short corridor and enter a new room. Run under the pipe and turn L to the SW corner: the Key to Security Room is there on a stand. Pick it up and return to the Main Corridor.

Turn L (E) then R (S) at the junction and run to the end of the corridor past the junction. Use the key on the keyhole R of the door in the R (W) wall and enter the room nearby. Go to the SW corner. Ignore the ladder which obviously leads nowhere and pick up the Gate Key there on a stand. Return to the Main Corridor.

Turn L and run N then turn R (E) at the junction and through the automatic door to be back in the Control Room. If you haven't done so already go push the button on the N side of the central machine. Now go E by the diamond-shaped alcove and use the Gate Key in the card slot on its R, which opens the other glass case. Go use the Gate Key on the slot there as well to open the diamond-shaped alcove.

The walls there are steep slopes which might prove to be a bit of a problem. So first to a RJ through it to land as far as possible then keep jumping while holding the Right key. You'll eventually land on the other side.

Immediately turn around (S) and draw your weapon to dispatch the SAS coming at you. When it's done take a look. You're a a wide, sloping and quite dark corridor with "doors" at each end (N and S). They're very closed so run to the N, stop one tile away from the door there and look up. There's a trapdoor in the ceiling. Jump and grab to open it. Now turn R (E) and jump and grab again to pull up in the ventilation shaft above. Crawl though it until you reach a new room.

There's an automatic door ahead and on the L (NW corner) but don't go there yet. Instead, turn R and run through the corridor to the E. You'll soon enter another small room with two burning pipes. If you look to the SE corner, there's a button there on the S wall. This part is easier than it seems. Simply crouch and crawl to face the button, keeping the Duck key pressed. Wait for the fire to extinguish, stand up, push the button (which will open a door nearby) and immediately duck again. Crawl to the exit.

Now go through that automatic door we just spotted and draw your weapon to dispatch yet another SAS. Run across the room to the newly opened door (careful with the steam, though). Run through the corridor, stop midway and look up to locate a hole in the ceiling. Turn L (W) and pull up into the CS up there. Crawl along a bit and drop down into the next corridor.

Ignore the path ahead of you (W) for now, turn R (N) and run through the automatic door to enter a new room. Obviously, first kill the SAS there. Now run to the E wall and stop two tiles away from the wall. Turn L (N) to locate a switch and activate it. This opens a door far far away in the Toxic Room. Return to the corridor.

Now head W, turning R at the junction. If you want all the kills, turn L (S) at the junction and dispatch the SAS there. This part of the corridor leads to a room with nothing but crates in it so you may as well return to the former part and resume heading W.

You'll finally reach a new hallway, and this one is very full of SAS. So let's begin by killing the first one coming at you from the L (W). Ignore the lounge to the E and run toward the two openings to the W and in the N wall. Don't enter there: they lead to the restrooms and considering there are only males around this is certainly not a place for Lady Croft. This said the single secret of the level is nearby, so let's go for it.

Stop between the two opening and turn to the S wall. Walk to it and light a flare. You'll then be able to spot a darker breakable part low in the wall there. Crouch and shoot. Crawl through the rather long CS, you'll eventually hear the sweet secret chime and find 2 Uzi ammo a bit further. Oddly, this won't register as a secret in your statistics, though. Now, go back to the hallway.

Now run W to the lounge there then turn L (S) to face the next part of the hallway. It is lined with automatic doors but not all the rooms beyond contain goodies, so we'll only consider the useful ones. First on your R (W) is one of them so enter and locate the shotgun wideshot ammo on the floor to the N. Leave the room, noticing you've just attracted 2 SAS, so give them the shotgun treatment.

Run S and pass through the next door on your R (W). There, you'll find shotgun normal ammo in the NW corner. Now run S again, ignore the door to your L (E - there's nothing in there) and go through the opening to your R (W) and down the stairway. Draw your weapon, as the door at the bottom is an automatic one and a SAS awaits just behind. Another SAS will join from the stairway. Dispatch them and enjoy the silence.

You're now back in the Lounge near the Main Corridor, and it's now time to go back to the Toxic Pools Room. So head to the Control Room (L at the junction the R then L again) and pull up through the ceiling trapdoor there to be back to the ladder room. Climb the ladder down and go through the E corridor, the red flashing lights room then L (W) through the next corridor to eventually reach the Toxic Pools Room.

The opened door is the one in the NE corner. Pass it and run down a dark but short corridor to enter a small room riddled with steam and fire traps. Run to the next one (needless to say, go around the fire) which only has steam. Ignore the opening ahead (W - nothing there) and turn L (S) to enter the next safer room. Locate the electric box in the SW corner and shoot to break the red button, opening the other door in the SW corner of the Toxic Pools Room.

Return there (mind the traps!) and run through the newly opened door. You're about to find that Time-Space tunnel, by the way. Run through the corridor and across the first room then through the automatic door, entering the Electric Room. Notice the hole in the center, currently closed by an X-Marked Trapdoor.

The next part is a bit tricky, but it's the finale after all and if you're timing is good you'll make it without any problem. Ahead of you (E) you can spot a corridor with what seems to be green lasers and some on/off fire traps. The lasers are safe (they're green, right?), but of course the fire isn't. Secondly, every other tile is safe, so you may wait there for the next fire to be off. The best strategy is to run to a safe tile while the fire is off then repeat. Do so for the two first ones. But the third requires a special treatment because of another nasty trap beyond.

When you reach the safe tile between the second and the third fire, turn around. Stand one step away from the fire tile and wait for the fire to be off. Hop back twice holding Action to safety drop to the room below, avoiding landing on deadly floor, which would have been the case if you had run to it.

The room you're in isn't that friendly either. The green lasers show you the safe way so stay between them. But there's steam here too so don't wait on the same tile for too long. Follow the Green Laser Road to find a switch on the W wall and activate it. Now you have to make your way back to the Electric Room dealing with steam then fire traps.

For the first one (formerly known as the third), you'll have to use a special strategy again. The other ones are dealt with the "normal" way. Turn around and run through the green laser road again. Turn to the corridor above, jump and grab but don't pull up. Quickly shimmy as much as you can either R or L and wait for the fire to be off. Pull up. Since you're standing in the very corner of the tile, the fire can't reach you. So now, wait for it to be off again to run to the next safe tile. As said, deal with the other fire traps as you did before.

Run to the hole in the center of the Electric Room. Make sure Lara is healthy enough and drop from it to a reddish tunnel below. She'll lose about 2/3 health in the process. Turn S and run through the transluscent wall. Congratulations! You've entered the Time-Space Tunnel and completed the level.