Levels by Titak


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth


(An alternative walkthrough by Obig follows below)




After the brief opening flyby, showing Von Croy walking away from a young Lara, begin in a Cambodian jungle sometime in 1984As you move forward Von Croy runs to the base of a large tree and beckons you toward him.  Follow him as he runs this way and that, and allow him to pause and kill a wild boar for you.  He'll then seem to get confused and wander aimlessly, but eventually he'll lead you to a NW opening beyond a small lake occupied by two crocodiles (which you must ignore, as you have no weapons).


Follow to where Von Croy waits in front of a wall, continue when he darts into a N passage and pulls out at the end into another part of the jungle.  Allow him to kill another wild boar, then two more wild boars (you really need to be patient with him as he struggles to kill that last one).  Follow him into a passage dug into the side of a tree.  Pull out behind him as he stops on the roots of a large tree, beckoning you forward again.  Take a running jump W over the water and grab the ledge.  Pull up and jump W once more where Von Croy waits at a closed door.  A flyby shows a gate opening in a nearby crawl space.


Von Croy keeps beckoning as if he wants you to give him a key to open the door, but it's obvious that he's helpless at this point.  Leave him standing there and go to the crawl space to your left.  Follow to an opening and climb down into the water.  Wade along the trench until you reach another ladder.  Climb up into a room and jump up to grab the ceiling.  Don't monkey swing along the center of the track, or the triggered spikes will kill you.  Stay to the far left or right, sustaining slight health loss from the spikes, and release on the other side.  Push the floor lever and time a jump S over the spikes.


Climb back down into the water, wade to the far ladder and climb out. Return outdoors via the crawl space.  You could now jump into the water, swim into the opened S gate and finish the level, but you'd miss the bonus level and the fun of finding the four secrets here.


Jump back to the E ledge and from there to the opening between the two trees. Run slightly SE and drop down the hole in the E wall. Follow the jungle path SE and look up to your left to see something high up on the tree roots.  Go to the E side of that tree, pull up onto the roots of the next tree, turn around and jump NW to land on a flat triangular spot. Vault up W and grab the large medipack.  Hop down and jump into the E hole. Follow the path around to the wall and continue along the path to the first lake.  Go around it and continue along the path to the larger clearing where you began this level. 


Locate the W opening (near the SW corner behind a large tree) and go down to where you can see the sunbeams peeking through the foliage.  Turn left and go through the S opening in the tree trunk. Drop down into a darker area. Go around left and lower Lara down through the NE crawl space for a small medipack. Pull back out, go to the other side and lower Lara down the SW crawl space. Loop around to find another crawl space. Go through to find a sloped tree root. Face the W wall, back flip and jump off the slope to grab a higher sloped ledge.  Shimmy left, pull up and take a rolling back flip to grab an upper ledge. Pull up and turn right into a new area. 


Face N and jump to grab the ladder.  Climb up, shift right when you clear the ledge and pull up into a sunlit area with a temple structure ahead and to your left. Don't run forward (N), or you'll arouse a quartet of wild boars, and Von Croy isn't around to bail you out this time.  Instead, turn left and follow the temple wall S, jump over the tree root and go to the S wall where you'll find a deep shaft in the jungle floor.  Safety drop down (there's no ladder surface) and follow the water-filled trench until it's deep enough for you to swim.  Swim past the approaching crocodile, continue until you can wade forward and reach dry land. Quickly pick up the small medipack near the skeleton and find the ladder in the S wall.


Climb up to a torch-lit room and take a running jump N across the gap and grab the lower NE corner.   Pull up and find a GOLDEN SKULL at the skeleton for SECRET #1.  Jump back across S, climb down the ladder (the crocodile may be preoccupied elsewhere) and find a floor lever tucked away in the SW corner.  Push it to open the N door and climb the blocks to the temple veranda.  The wild boars are waiting, so run toward the E wall and find the ladder hole.  Just beyond it you can jump E through the foliage.  Locate the crawl space and follow around to a water hole.


Jump in and swim past an opened gate into a pool room where the camera angle changes.  Pull out to restore camera control and find a passage to the right of the waterfall in the E wall. Jump over the spike pit and follow the passage up to a ledge overlooking the pool.  Go around and face the S rope. Jump to grab it and swing across to the other side. Go around left and push the floor lever. Jump back to grab the rope, turn left to face W and swing-jump to land on the ledge there.  Step forward and pick up the GOLDEN SKULL for SECRET #2.


Jump into the water and exit W. The gate there has closed, so you can't go out that way. Return to the pool and pull out S.  There's an open doorway ahead, so enter and watch out for the triggered spikes. Climb either ladder, shift to drop down onto a raised platform and either jump or shimmy into the S opening. Push the floor lever inside and jump down to a safe area on the floor. The N door on the other side of the pool is now open, so go there and climb the ladder to a passage leading to the outdoor jungle area.


If you wish to take the time, you'll find that parts of the leaf canopy up here are solid enough to walk on.  It's tempting to use these sporadic areas, together with the tree limbs, to find two minor pickups up there.  However, I found no legal way to do this.  Instead, drop down to the jungle floor.  You can use the stump in the center of the clearing to jump and grab the N tree limb (near the trunk), then pull up and go around to a dark limb on the N side of the same tree for a more easily obtainable small medipack. Drop back down to the jungle floor, exit this clearing N, slide down and loop around left to find a block you can climb onto.  Continue S until you overlook the previous clearing.  Take a running jump S to land on a stable surface and continue forward until you reach a crawl space in the SW corner.  Enter and go around to a large medipack. Return and drop back down to the jungle floor.


Exit this clearing NW and follow the path to the first lake.  Three clusters of lily pads (one near the W tree and the two nearest the W opening) are solid enough to stand upon.  Jump to the first one, then to the second and third ones and hop into the bath house.  Jump into the water and swim down the shaft.  Follow the passage to where you can pull out next to a ladder.  Climb to the upper passage, jump over two spike pits and turn right at the spikes in front of you.  Climb down the ladder in the shaft and push the floor lever.  Climb back out to find that the last set of spikes have retracted. 


Proceed E into another pool room. Jump into the water, swim down to the bottom for SECRET #3 and a GOLDEN SKULL, and quickly surface and pull back out as a crocodile nibbles at your heels.  Grab the large medipack in the N alcove and exit W.  Jump over the two spike pits, climb down the ladder and swim back to the bath house.  Pull out E and hop to the first two lily pad clusters.  Jump SE to the shore and face due S.  Jump exactly between the two trees and grab the ledge. Pull up and turn left to find the crawl space.  Enter and climb down the ladder into a swamp. 


Wade S and pull out. Slide down, turn right and confront a spike trap.  Time a jump or a run NW to the ramp, then SW to a safe square in front of the W alcove.  Jump up S and pull up E. Hop SE to the ledge and climb the W ladder.  Run forward and push the floor lever.  Exit N, hop over the opening and pull up onto the higher ledge. Hop over S, pick up the GOLDEN SKULL for SECRET #4 and hop down to the lower ledge. Climb down the N ladder and time a running jump with grab SE to land in the opening beyond the spikes. Exit E, jump N over the slope and wade through the swamp to the ladder. Climb up to the crawl space and exit to the lake. Use the lilypad clusters to get to the E shore. 


Loop around left and enter that NW passage through which you followed Von Croy earlier. Continue until you reach the second lake, where Von Croy still waits patiently.  Jump into the water and swim through the S gateway that you opened long ago.  As you follow the passage you'll meet a crocodile, so swim past it and quickly pull out W onto a tile that looks spike-trapped but isn't. The adjacent tiles are, however, so face the ladder NW and take a walking-running jump (shift key followed by the jump key) to the safe square in front of the ladder. Climb to the roof of the temple and follow the raised platforms to an opening where you'll find a floor lever.  Push it for a cut scene of an impatiently pacing Von Croy and exit.


Take a running jump and grab N to the next platform. Pull up, turn left and find another floor lever.  Push it to open the door below, where Von Croy has been waiting all this time. Safety drop from the platform to find Von Croy inspecting something in the water.  Ignore him, go through the open W doorway and approach the ramp to finish the level.


Level 2: TEMPLE RUINS           


Somehow Von Croy has beaten you here. Turn to your right and go down the steps, where Von Croy appears to be mesmerized by something on the floor.  Continue past him to the W opening, and wait until he shakes off his stupor.  Watch out for the spike field ahead.  Go right to the N and side flip left. Climb the S ladder and back flip into an upper room.  Locate the floor lever and push it.  Climb back down the ladder and side flip right over the next spike field. Von Croy runs ahead of you into the open-air W area and takes up a position at the edge of a pool occupied by two crocodiles.  Don't try to swim across (you can't pull out W) but go along either side ledge and jump to the W ladder.


Climb up to face another floor lever.  Push it to trigger a flyby showing the N and S doors opening below.  Von Croy dashes into the S doorway and steps on the trigger tile that closes the door behind him.  The flyby continues to give you a tantalizing glimpse of an artifact.  Your goal, obviously, is to obtain it. 


Climb back down and, if you dare, swim brazenly past the two crocodiles and climb E out of the pool.  Turn left and go through the N doorway. The next room is empty save the pool.  Jump into the water and quickly swim forward and to your right.  If you keep moving steadily forward you'll avoid the spikes that pop out in your path.  When you reach a larger pool the camera angle changes. Loop around right and pull out.


Vault up E, turn right and follow the passage past sunken blade traps until you reach a ladder.  Climb up to find the inevitable floor lever.  Push it and climb back down the ladder.  Jump into the water and pull out SE onto the same ledge as you did earlier.  Vault up E, but this time turn left and find an E opening to your right.  Ignore it for now and hop across to the N ledge.  Continue counterclockwise (only one of the marked spike tiles -- the one directly beneath the N wall torch -- is really deadly as advertised) and jump into the water hole. 


Swim down, avoiding the spikes that pop out upon your approach, and pick up the GOLDEN SKULL at the bottom for SECRET #5.  Carefully make your way back up, pull out and go back to the open E doorway. Enter and go up the stairs to a raised platform overlooking the pool. Jump up, grab the ceiling and monkey swing W to the alcove.  Drop down and slide down W to another fixed (but brief) camera.  Two wild boars advance, so run past them and jump S into the water.


Swim into the S alcove, surface and pull out into a room with, yes, a floor lever.  Push it to open the N door in the outdoor area and go there as the wild boars give chase.  Enter the doorway and loop around the central structure to find a ladder.  Climb up to the rooftop area. Jump E over the railing, grab the roof and shimmy right and around the corner.  Pull up onto the ledge, go right and jump over the gap to the S ledge. Enter the S opening and find a ladder at the far end.  Climb down, note the spikes below you and back flip safely to the floor.


Turn around and jump into the pool. Flip turn and swim into the N opening.  Turn right and work your way past the spike traps to the S alcove for a GOLDEN SKULL and SECRET #6.  Go back the way you came and continue swimming along the W passage into a new area.  Turn left and swim S along the winding passage until you reach another gauntlet of spike traps.  Swim past them and turn left at the intersection into an underwater room.  Continue N, surface and pull out E.  Climb the S steps and the E ladder. Continue to an intersection of sorts and turn right. Go up the steps and follow the passage to a spike pit.


Turn around, hang from the edge and shimmy right around corners and past two dart traps until you can pull up into an alcove.  Turn around and jump to grab the gap in the N wall. Shimmy left past the dart traps until you can pull up into an alcove. Turn around and jump across S. Vault up onto the ledge and jump S to grab the rope (the shallow water below is deadly).  Swing forward and jump to grab the second rope. Turn right and swing to jump SW to the corner ledge. Enter the W opening (the marked spike tiles are all dormant for now) and run around the central structure to find the CRYSTAL OF THE DANCING LIGHT on the W ledge. Picking it up triggers all the spikes, so time your way past them to the previous ledge.


Use the nearer rope to swing across to the SE ledge. Insert the Crystal to open the E door.  Before entering, jump back to grab the previous rope. Turn right to face due N, swing forward and jump off at the apex of your swing to grab the upper ledge.  Pull up and grab the GOLDEN SKULL for SECRET #7. To get back, take a running jump with grab N down to the ledge you started from.  Use the two ropes to get back to the SE ledge.  Enter the E doorway and follow to a room with a central structure.  Go around to trigger spikes in the E opening and run past them, noting a receptacle in the E wall. Return to the previous room, exit S and watch out for the floor blade traps on your way down the steps.  Climb down the ladder at the S end and back flip away from the spikes below.  Turn around and go up the stairs to the room you saw in the earlier flyby (from the other side).


Loop around right into the SE passage and find another CRYSTAL OF THE DANCING LIGHT on a raised tile.  Be prepared to take some damage from a blade trap when you pick it up. Return to the S ladder (the spikes have been retracted) and climb up. Go back up N (the blade traps are still active) into the room with the central structure.  Time a run past the spikes into the E side room and insert the Crystal in the receptacle to trigger a flyby of that elusive artifact below you. 


Return to the previous room, exit S (those floor blade traps are still active), climb down the S ladder (the spikes below have returned), back flip to the steps, turn around and enter the room with the artifact.  Walk toward it along the solid but invisible floor and enjoy the concluding flyby.



Jungle Fever
Author: Titak

Walkthrough by Obig

1. Jungle Fever

Heading to the left find a narrow path leading into a rock cave. Jump backwards to the sloping area and forward, grab the edge, shimmy all the way to the left and pull up. Climbing up the ladder find yourself on a new area.
You must find 2 Golden Skulls here. Next to the temple turn left and find a hole on the ground, beyond the trees. Climb down. Swim fast as a croc is hungry for Lara. J Get the Small Medipack inside and climb up the ladder. Jump over to the skeleton on the right, from the broken floor. Get the Golden Skull #1. Push the lever in one of the corners below and get outside the temple.
Return to the place from where you came and get over through the plants. Find a crawlspace inside. After a short swim find yourself in a huge room. Find a corridor next to the waterfall, to the right - it leads on the storey. Swing the rope on the opposite side, push the lever and swing the rope again to the Golden Skull #2. Jump into the water, a large door opens below. Climb up the ladder inside and push another lever. The other door opens below and you are in the beginning of the level. Make a small deviating to the top of the trees and find the Small and Large Medipacks. Now follow the Professor and get to a small lake.
Take a look at the plants in the water. Walking on them get to the left-hand small temple. Jump into the water and after some swim climb up the ladder. Get into the passage. In front of the spikes head to the right, climb down into the small hole and push the lever. The spikes have disappeared above and you can collect the Golden Skull #3 in the water. Another crocodile attacks Lara but you will find a Large Medipack on the shore. Return to the small lake and from the 2nd plant jump to the right, on the shore. Standing on the water make a single jump and grab the edge. Climb into the crawlspace behind the tree. Climb down the ladder, get through the swamp and enter another temple. Head to the right, get behind the spikes, then to the left and climb up the ladder. Jump onto the opposite site, push the lever and climbing up outside collect the Golden Skull #4. Return to the lake and follow your Mentor; you have what you came for.

You can see a temple now with a small lake in front of it. Jumping along following the Prof., and notice the grate opening in the crawlspace. Get in, follow it and climb up the ladder. Monkey-swing on the ceiling and push the lever. Grab the border of the ladder and you won't fall down. Return the way you came and the grate has opened in the small lake. Swim in and climbing out find yourself in a small room. Avoid the crocodile. Jump into the left-hand corner next to the ladder and to the ladder. Climbing up push the lever and jumping over onto the small platform push another lever. The door has opened below. Slide down and enjoy the next level.

2. Temple Ruins

Jump over the first spiked pit on its right side and climb up the ladder. Jumping back push a lever. Get down and continue your way. On the other side of the pool climb up the ladder and push another lever. 2 doors open below. The Mentor enters one of them which closes behind him, so Lara must choose the other one. Jump into the water. Swim without stop so you won't be hurt by the spikes. In the next pool climb out to the right. Head to the right, run and jump, avoid the blades and climb up the ladder on the other side push a lever. Jump into the water and get out again but turn left now. Before entering the door go all the way to the left and find a small water pool in the corner. Swim down, collect the Golden Skull #5. Swim up and enter the door. Climb through the platform and slide down. Jump into the water. Swim up in front of one of the grates, pull a lever which opens a door below. Enter and climb up the ladder. You are on the roof. Grab the edge of the roof and shimmy right. Get on the other platform. Jump along, enter the door. Climb down the ladder but jump back standing on the last grade. In the water swim towards the stairway passage. Turn right in the junction and find the Golden Skull #6. Swimming in the opposite direction swim on the upper side of the passage and don't stop so Lara won't get hurt too much. Climb out of the water and climb up the ladder. Continue your way and you find yourself in a room with spikes. Grab the gap climb along and jump to the opposite side. Enter a huge room. Swing the ropes to the right first and get the Crystal of the Dancing Light. Use it at the opposite door. Swing the rope on the bridge with ropes and find the Golden Skull #7. In the next room head to the back room, there are 2 passages. Take the right one first. Climb down the ladder, jump back, avoid the spikes. In the yet inaccessible chamber of Iris head to the right and collect another Crystal of the Dancing Light. Return to the junction and get to the right place it in its receptacle. Getting back in the chamber of Iris meet your Professor. The level finishes here.

Walkthrough by OBig from TombRaider.hu

Translated by Petunia from TombRaider.hu