Level: UFO/Palo.

Walkthrough: Dutchy

CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, UW= underwater, Jmp =jump. Have fun!

Reactor Critical.

The Railway Station.

The train that took you from Strange World 1 takes you to a Station, go out of the train and N over the track, just in front of the steel doors is a covered CS, shoot the cover and go throw the lever inside. A Teleporter becomes active, go back to the train and to the S end of the sidewalk, L and shoot the glass and the Wasp that comes out, go into the hole to push the big button, go back out and enter the office R, opposite the train and inside you can step into the Teleporter, Woosh! which will take you to the Rusty room.

The Rusty Room.

There is a hole in the floor, drop down and see a burning pipe in the S wall, don’t go there now, look for the trapdoor in the SE corner, open it and go push the button in the end, rather easy to miss these buttons, eh? (It will open the door to the Reactor, but also close the door to the Lasersight we’ll get later) Back up in the rusty room, a door opened in the N, go to the Reactor room. (You may have noticed the passage in the SE of the room, it is a trap, nothing to do here, you’ll see the top end of this passage when you get the Home Dialer later.)

The Reactor Room.

Just R of the door, still in the Rusty room, is another trapdoor, you can open it, but don’t go in, you can have a little fun with it later. Just follow the walkway to the reactor core and runjmp around the L or R to the N walkway, in the end is a yellow marked edge L, stand on it and look down, a water hole will soften the impact when you standjmp with a grab down in it. Climb out and head E, look for a trapdoor under the small balcony there, open it and climb down, go W and jmp over the pipes, till you get a view through the window, go to the corner ledge and climb up the W wall, throw the lever there and see a door open in the Rusty room, the one giving access to the Lasersight.

The Crowbar.

Go back over the pipes and into the E passage, follow taking R turns everywhere to a passage going S up the blocks, notice the ladder on R wall, taking you back up to the reactor floor and go R in the end of the passage, go to the 2nd last Tile from the end and open the trapdoor, (this trapdoor is straight under the trapdoor you may have opened in the rusty room) dive in and get the Crowbar from the bottom.

The 1st Safe Vault Key.

Go back out of this passage and shoot the cover of the opposite CS, turn around and climb the ladder, stay on the wall till you are in the centre of the small wall in the alcove, drop/roll and get the Safe Vault Key off the wall, drop out of the alcove fast before you get burnt. Go out of the CS and to the ladder nearby, to climb back up to the reactor floor, go W and R/R, to the end and there is an activated Teleporter, the last in a row of four. (When they are active they are radiant blue) Step in and Woosh!

The Home Dialer.

Arrive in a new room, hop on the block in front of you and shoot out the cover on the NE CS, a Vulture comes out, shoot it and see a door opened in the W, go in and from this side of the room you can shoot the Blue crystal, a block raises, runjmp onto it and jmp into the passage shooting to take out the glass, Beetles chase you into the passage, roll just past the L passage and climb the ladder in the shaft, backflip into the passage behind and go to the room where you have to shoot the pipes, so you can use the lever. Go back down the ladder and the Beetles are gone, go into the R hand passage and push the button in the end, go back up to the room with the lever, as a wall went down there. Jmp over the pipe to get the Home Dialer from the NE corner, the sloped passage there would take you back to the Rusty room, but I won’t advise you to take it. Just go down the ladder and to the Teleporter you used before and back on the reactor floor, go to the second Teleporter from the L, place the Home Dialer R of it and step in. Woosh! You’re back in the Rusty room.

The Lasersight.

Drop down the hole and go get the Lasersight from the pedestal in the S passage, where the flames in the pipe are off and the door is open now.

The 2nd Safe Vault Key.

Go to the Reactor and jmp to the R hand walkway, to the R and up is a Green room where we go now, look on the Core and climb up the ladder, go R on top and backflip/roll into the passage, follow the CS and in the passage where you can stand again, R, shoot the Wasp and enter again, go R and just in front of the pipe around L corner, turn around and take care of the Wasp that is approaching. Then go under the pipe and sidejmp through the Can openers, run to the end of the passage and a strange screenshot takes over, drop down into the Green room and go S to shoot the pipe on the wall there, this action will kill the steam on the other side where the Vault Key is. Go over there and take the 2nd Safe Vault Key fast, sidejmp to the R quickly or you will be toasted. Shoot the glass window in front of the ledge in the glass wall and step to the yellow marked edge, don’t safety drop or you’ll die, just run forward to land on the walkway below.

1st Vault - Glass Labyrinth - The Revolver.

Go to the W walkway, runjmping around the Core and open the Vault there at the end of the walkway and step in, shoot the glass wall and go L/R/L/R/R and push the block once, drop down the hole in the floor R of you and turn E, walk up to the single block there and pull it once, go R and around to the E wall, pull the block there 3 times and sidejmp L, go along the E wall to the N and where the sloped floor part is, you can jmp/grab up to the 1st floor again, go forward to the big button and push to open the door behind the glass L, go back down the hole and to the Alien, jmp/grab up to the 1st floor and return to the entrance of the room, go L around the block and follow to the open door NW, there is a big open door in the N to an Alien Storage room, shoot the window on the L ledge and climb over to go down the ladder on the other end, go over the walkway to the NE corner, shoot the cover on the alcove and get the Ammo from inside, that’s all on this floor, go to the SE corner and climb down the ladder, shoot a Wasp and go to the dark NE corner (of course), shoot the glass from the alcove, turn and shoot the 2 Wasps, now you can climb in to get the Revolver from inside the hole.

The Old World Dialer.

Go out and to an alcove W, to get some Flares and go to the SE corner, there is a part of the walkway without the yellow marker, stand on the R side of it, looking SW and standjmp with a grab in the last moment and you should land on a lower ledge on S wall, run with a R curve into the SE corner to slide backwards and grab the edge, shimmy R to the flat ledge there, pull up, stand on the L side and save. Safety drop down to a ledge sticking out of the corner and immediately turn R, drop/grab back off the ledge and hang there while the Boulder comes by.

Pull up and run off the N side to land on a dark ledge below, get the Ammo and jmp/grab back to the ledge, hang on the L and pull up in the corner, turn R and shoot the cover of the CS in the wall, jmp/grab in there and follow to a room with a closed door and a covered pedestal, go R and see a sloped passage up in the SW corner, a Boulder hangs there waiting for you, climb up, hop back and grab the edge, let go and just stand there. The Boulder will go overhead, climb up the passage and shoot a Blue crystal in the R alcove, go back to the pedestal below and it will open, get the Old World Dialer and go S into the next room, there’s a sloped passage in the SE corner, go hop backwards onto the grey floor part and the door will open, problem is… the Boulder that was behind it is released too, so runjmp with a R curve back down into the room and go up after the Boulder settled in the corner, follow up to the room on top of the Alien storage and return to the Reactor through the Labyrinth, go over to the E vault on the walkway there.

2nd Vault – Ice World Dialer.

Open the Vault and go in, at the crossing, into the L forward (bluish) passage and to a room where there are 3 big buttons in the E wall passages, count them 1-2-3 from the L, in the SW is the Vault room.

Go push 2/3/1 and the centre W door in the Vault room opens, go in and turn inside, climb up in the shaft and go get the Ammo in the passage, drop in the end and you’re back in the vault room.

Now push 3/2/1 and a big door in the S wall of the Vault room opens, enter and in the next room and get a ½ MP in the S passage after shooting the glass, now you have to shoot the Blue crystal on the S pillar, save Ammo and throw the lever, climb the block and the pillar to shoot it, if you don’t care about the Ammo, shoot it from the ground floor with the Revolver and Lasersight.

A Wasp comes out of the door that opens in the N wall, next to the entrance, shoot it and enter to reach a pool, the W side has a strong current, keep to the E side as much as possible, runjmp to the other side to swim into the tunnel with the pipes, follow against the current and throw the lever in the room you climb out in. Swim back out and go immediately L as you come out, go along the window at the red pool to the SW corner and climb out there, you are now standing in front of a switch you uncovered with the lever, push it to lower the bridge in the red pool room. Go through the SW passage and on the bridge, you can see a Jmpswitch on the S wall. Line yourself up with the Binocs and runjmp/grab the switch, you drop on a black block, stay on these black ledge or you’ll burn, go get the Ice World Dialer on the pedestal in the NW corner. Go over the ledges to the ladder E, climb up and backflip/roll to the floor. Go back to the other room and at the button, cross the water once more, the door in the E wall opened, go in and get the MP (Yes that’s all folks) to the L. Go back out and over to the button, go back to the Vault room, through the new opened door L of the entrance and shoot the Wasp. Head back to the Reactor and jmp down into the water on N walkway, go over to the most R Teleporter with the Green slot L of it and place the Ice World Dialer. Step into the Teleporter and Woosh!

Strange World 2.

The Ice World- 2 Gate Interfaces and the Head.

Nice, bare armed in the freezing cold! Turn L and climb onto the NW corner of the ice hill, go over the N wall and slide into a pool, get the Ammo and ½ MP and use the UW lever, the Secret sounds, telling you that you’ve just picked up Secret #2, climb out on the ledge and climb the Icy ladder. Slide back to the lake and shoot the Croc’o Shark. Dive in and go R into the SE corner, save there and dive under the ice, into the tunnel, 2nd L and into a hole in the floor, go down and past the Croc’o Shark to the S and L, up into a dark room, follow the passage to a room with a hole in the floor, climb down into a piece of Swiss cheese and go to the NW, into the passage there which will take you to an Ice cave.

The 1st Gate Interface.

Follow the tunnel down and R at the crossing, straight to a slope in front of you, jmp up to have a look, there’s a pool behind it which will come in handy real soon, remember this pool and return to the crossing, go R and L into the SW corner of this cave, jmp up the slope to get the 1st Gate Interface inside, you will also pick up a Wraith, that’s what that pool was for, so sprint back there and dive in till it’s gone.

The 2nd Gate Interface.

Go back to the same cave and to the NE corner another Wraith will come out, go get rid of it first and return here, climb up in the small passage where you can see a Teleporter, go up to the pedestals and shoot the glass, turn to shoot the 2 Ice Demons and get the 2nd Interface and the Head. Go back to the last cave and R/R, to a big tunnel leading down, follow to the Teleporter, which will Whoosh you back to the Reactor floor. Go to the next (2nd from R) Teleporter and use the Old World Dialer to activate it. Step in and Whoosh!

The Old World – 2 Gate Interfaces-1 Handle (and a T-Rex).

Yugh! With your feet in the murky water. Go into the passage NW, next to the Teleporter and go R. 2nd L and under the pipe to throw the lever (You will see where you have to go next) and go back under the pipe, look in the E wall a bit to the L and spot a CS, go in, with your face in the S… and get Secret #1, Ammo and MP after you shot the pipe blocking your way. Go back to the Teleporter and E, through the door and up the wall, a Vulture attacks, go get some Flares in the S behind the plant, a Bat attacks, take it out too and hop on the ledge on E wall, runjmp/grab the tree and go up, shoot the glass around the pedestal and get the 3rd Gate Interface, shoot the Vulture and go throw the lever on the S walkway.

Mr. T and the 2nd Interface

Go N and through the door, go L and follow the big building, going R wherever possible, till you come inside, there you have to go L into a grey room with a Warpgate, shoot the glass and get the 4th Interface and the Handle. Go out after you shot the Vulture and L, look in the corner an see a small mount, climb the S wall there and look S, there’s the closed door and a lever up on the wall L of it, you can climb the wall in the corner next L of the door. Be quick as Mr. T will come for you, drop back off the wall when he walks away a bit and sidejmp R to the door and go back to the Teleporter, as you are done here.

Go into the W passage behind it and come to a storage room in the Train station, shoot the window and return to the office to use the Teleporter. It will take you to the Rusty room, drop down the hole and now comes the fun part, run into the trapdoor next to the reactor door and doooooown! you go, land in the water where you picked up the Crowbar, climb out and go R up the wall at the crossing, here is the room where you can place all the Interfaces. Climb back up to the Reactor floor, using the ladder in the lower passage, go W and in the next room, there are 4 buttons (on the grey blocks R and L) accessible now, push them all and go up to the big Warp Gate W and take the Blue shining block outside and R of the room and pull/push it all the way into the opposite Plasma tunnel, the door R of you will open, inside you can combine the Handle and the Head to make it a Secret Key, place on the block and Secret #3 is now revealed, turn around and enjoy the faces of the Level builders, UFO and Palo.

On your way out you can pick up some Ammo in the SE corner, pull the now fully charged pushblock out with you and push it into the SE corner inside the Warp room, the gate is ready to be activated. Only one more thing to do, stand at the entrance of the room and look up to the W through the gate, see a Blue crystal ball in an opened alcove, shoot it and jmp through the Warp Gate.

Perfect level!!