Levels by Lorane

Authorized walkthrough by Sutekh

CS = Crawlspace - MS = Monkey Swing - L = Left - R = Right - N, S, E, W = Cardinal Points - UW = Underwater

SJ = Standing Jump - SJ+G = Standing Jump + Grab - RJ = Running Jump - RJ+G = Running Jump + Grab

There are no secrets in this adventure.

-- Stargate 1 --

Enemies: Jaffas, Zombis, Giant Iguana, Goa'ulds, Tinnos Wasp
Items of note: Green Crystal, Blue Crystal, Chevron 1, Chevron 2
Traps - 1 Timed-Run

After sliding down a ramp, you - aka Major Samantha Carter - find yourself at the entrance of a very dark room: the Entrance Room. No time to look around, though, since you're immediately attacked by a Jaffa (ie SAS). So draw your pistols and quickly take him out while jumping around to minimize damage.

Once he's out of the way, take a moment to examine the room. In front of the entrance (W) are three doors. The leftmost one opened when you entered the room. Before passing it, light a flare and look down to pick up the Green Crystal the Jaffa left behind. Now go to that door, enter the green-lit alcove (if you look up, you'll realize you're in fact at the bottom of a shaft) and use the Crystal on its receptacle there.

The shaft fills with water and you're propelled to the top. To the W, you can spot some bookcases but an invisible wall prevents you from going there. Activate the UW lever to your R (N) before Sam drowns herself to drain the shaft which will grant you access to the Library.

-- A Blue Crystal in a Maze --

As you step in, a camera shows you a Blue Crystal waiting for you somewhere in some of the many nooks of this place which is in fact a maze. (click for a map) You're not alone, mind you, as you'll soon realize, two Zombis (ie Mummies) roam the place. You can't destroy them, so try and dodge them when and if they come too close. To spice up things a bit, there are also some traps there, the first of which you may spot (and hear) at the moment on your L (SW).

For now, go R (N) and run a bit until you reach a low block. Go over it and look down to spot a small medipack. Turn R (E) and run along the bookcases to the end of this corridor, where you'll find some flares. Now turn around and keep going past the low block on your L and turn L (S) at the second junction. Pick up the M16 normal ammo in the NW corner of this small room. Now return to the entrance by turning R (E) and going over the low block again. Once there, go to the L toward the trap.

Time to deal with those swinging chains. It's a simple matter of timing, complicated by the fact the first Zombi is probably around by now. Don't let him push you and sprint through the chains.

Ahead of you (W) you can now see another obstacle: a round blades trap. To overcome this one, turn to the bookcases, stand in the middle of the tile one sidestep away from the trap, wait for the blades to be wide opened and sidejump through.

Walk toward the mutilated corpse of the poor soldier lying there, and immediately draw your pistols. A giant iguana attacks from the W. Shoot it and try not to allow it to hit you, its claws and teeth are sharp and harmful. Once the beast is dead, return by the round blades trap (mind the second Zombi lurking around) and from there, run W, ignoring the first junction to your L. Turn R (N) then L (W) at the junction and run through the long corridor to its end where the Blue Crystal awaits. As you pick it up, you're shown a trapdoor opening somewhere in the maze. That's where you're going now.

Return to the round blades trap again and sidejump through it to the E. Turn R (S) at the second junction then R (W) again to get some flares. Turn around, go ahead (E) and around the corner then R (W) and around the corner (N) again. The trapdoor is there. Jump over it and safety drop from its N side to grab a ladder. Climb down the looooong shaft to eventually find yourself in a green-lit corridor. Run through it to reach a new room.

-- To Chevron 1 --

It's a rather large, dark place and apparently an Asgard graveyard. You don't have much time to look around, though: 2 Jaffas watch over the place and they don't like intruders. Dispatch them with your faithful pistols. They will leave a small medipack and crossbow explosive ammo behind them. Now take that look around.

In front of you (E) is a closed door and if you carefully look at the L (S) wall, you can spot a breakable grate up there. Shoot it while jumping and climb up into the CS. Crawl to its end to pick up a new weapon: the Crossbow, opening the door in the nearby room in the process. Make sure you load your crossbow with the explosive ammo, go back to the room and pass the newly opened door.

Run along the blue-lit corridor. At some point you'll hear a door sound. Ignore it, this is only the door to the Library closing in the Entrance Room. You're soon back there, by the way, falling in it from the ceiling. As you do so, the rightmost door (NW corner) opens. Go through it and along another blue-lit corridor until you reach a square room with nine levers.

The Levers Puzzle

On the R (E) you can see a high-ceilinged hallway blocked by three huge round translucent doors. You may also spot three unlit lamps on the floor (N, W and S). As for the levers, they're lit by colored lights, each of a different hue. Three of them will open the big round doors. The other six are deadly traps. If you look carefully to the lights and the big round doors you may easily find the solution to this puzzle. [If you don't, you'll read all the details at the end of this walkthrough.]

Enter the hallway with your pistols in hands since you're about to meet your first Goa'uld (ie: demigod). Jump sideway when possible to avoid his harmful rays. When he's dead, pick up the crossbow explosive ammo he left behind then run E to the end of the hallway to fetch Chevron 1 waiting for you there on a block. A camera shows you the Stargate in a remote place starting to come to life. Now go back to the Entrance Room via the room with levers and the corridor.

-- To Chevron 2 across the Lava --

Now the middle door is opened, so go through it. The next part is a bit tricky so you might want to save here. You're in a medium-sized shaft lined with slopes to the top. The trick is to jump from slope to slope turning L or R on your way up. Locate the block in the NW corner and position Sam on its R with her back against it. Jump to the low slope ahead, backflip to the slope on the block and jump again turning R in midair to hit the corner of a higher slope. Backflip then Jump turning L. Backflip then Jump turning R. Backflip then jump ahead and grab the ledge. Pull up.

Run along the corridor until you reach a ladder and climb up. You're now standing on a balcony overhanging a large blue lava room. A fly-by shows you a blue pyramid in the distance with a Chevron and, unfortunately, a goa'uld watching over it. Right in front of you there's a zip line so grab it and slide down to the room below.

Before going further, look L (S) to spot a small medipack. Pick it up then climb on the block the zip line is attached to, then down to a long bridge running across the room to the pyramid. Draw your guns, the goa'uld is close and he doesn't intend to let you get the Chevron that easily. Side jumping on that narrow bridge is definitely not a good idea, so kill him quickly before he kills you.

Go to the end of the bridge but don't go for the Chevron yet. Look down and to your L (S) to spot some ammo on a block down there. Safety drop from the bridge: this part is climbable, so climb down and eventually let go to safely land on a triangular ledge. Turn Sam a bit to the R (SW) and, with her back against the wall, SJ to another triangular ledge ahead. From there, do another SJ to the block and pick up the M16 normal ammo. Return to the bridge by directly RJ from the block to the far triangular ledge by the wall. At this point, you'll hear a buzz, meaning you've somehow bothered a Tinnos wasp which is coming after you right now. Stay where you are and wait for it, then shoot staying firmly where you stand so it doesn't push you in the lava.

Now you can go back on the bridge via the climbable wall. Once up there, turn to face the pyramid and run up the ramp to finally pick up Chevron 2. The wall ahead (W) is climbable as well, so climb to the top then R to find your way out [If Sam stops midway, go either L or R to resume climbing].

-- The Way to Stargate 2 --

Run along the corridor and stop at the first recess on the R (E). The receptacle for the Blue Crystal is there, so use the latter on the former to open the way ahead. A fly-by shows you a long blue-lit corridor overlooking another lava room. There's also a goa'uld strolling nearby, so draw your guns. Due to the sloping walls, sidejumping will be rather difficult so kill him as quickly as you can.

Now go to the lava room. You can see sloping pillars ahead, but none of them is close enough to be reached from where you stand. It's one of those moments when you really must trust the cause of your predicament, ie: the author. Hop back and do a RJ to the lava, hitting Action at the last moment to grab the edge of a block which has just emerged. Walk to the edge, stand one sidestep away from the R corner, turn slightly to the R to aim at the tip of the slope ahead and do a SJ. Keep Jump pressed to jump from pillar to pillar until you land on a flatter one. Turn to the NW and do a RJ to the next pillar. Now turn to the NE.

There's a opening down in the N wall, which is where you need to go. Ignore the low block below in the lava: it would disappear before you could land on it. Instead, aim for the sloping pillar in front of the entrance and do a RJ to its highest point. Slide down, jump to the entrance turning either L or R while in mid-air then sprint into the corridor before blades burst out the ball there. Now time for your first timed run.

There's a switch in the N wall at the corner. To your R (E) stretches a long corridor riddled with twisted spikes turning from the ceiling. This isn't a very difficult timed-run, but make sure Sam's as healthy as possible because you'll probably lose some health in the process. Now all you need to do is activate the switch, quickly turn R and sprint to the end of the corridor staying close to the L wall to go through the door there before it closes.

Enter the next room, a large hangar, and simply run straight ahead to the opposite side, since invisible walls prevent you to go anywhere else. Enter the corridor and run, you'll soon leave Level 1 and enter Level 2.

-- Stargate 2 --

Enemies: Electrical Spirits, Jaffas, Soldiers, Thor, Raptors, Giant Iguana, Pterodactyles, Crocodile
Items of note: Daniel's pass, Chevron 4, Level 28's pass, Laser-Sight, Chevron 3, Key of the Warehouse
Traps - 1 Timed-Run

-- Beam Me Up, Scotty --

Run ahead through the long tunnel made of spinning rings. Stay in the middle and be especially careful when dealing with corners (you may want to walk there, instead of running), lest you fall to certain death. When you arrive at the second corner, 2 Electrical Spirits (ie Fire Wraiths) will attack. Don't panic, cautiously deal with the corner and eventually run to the end of the tunnel. Sprint up the ramp and through the corridor and turn R at the very first junction. Salvation is there in the form of a pool. Jump in the water to get rid of the Spirits.

Surface, pull up on the E edge and go back to the corridor. Run S and around the corner to its end. You're in an opening overlooking a large place with some devices. Slide down and locate the switch in the center. Activate it to be teleported elsewhere in what looks very much like a military base.

Once again, a Jaffa is there to welcome you in the corridor to the E, so dispatch him. There's a trapdoor there. First jump over it (it will open) and pick up the small medipack the Jaffa has left behind. Now go to the trapdoor and jump through it down a very very very deep shaft to eventually find yourself safely swimming in a large pool.

Now you have the choice. If you're ready to risk Sam's life over a bunch of Crossbow normal ammo, pull up onto the S ledge and kill the soldier here then pick up what he's left behind. The problem is that as soon as you step out of the pool, another soldier appear along with Thor, and it's very unlikely that you can actually make it.

So a safer way is to forget about those ammo and pull up from the pool at the middle of the W ledge. Quickly sprint through the opening and the hallway beyond and stop at the junction. On each side is a button. Activate them both to create a wall of water and trap Thor inside the Pool Room.

You're now standing in the center of a cross made by hallways. The Pool Room is to the E and you can see closed doors in every other directions. Go R (N) toward the white one which will open as you approach. Cross the little grey room to the other door which will open as well, shoot the fence beyond and enter the next room, just in time to witness a poor soldier dying under your very eyes. Welcome to Jurassic Room!

-- Jurassic Chevron 4 --

On your R (E), there's a sort of vivarium holding some compies. You can't go in there (why would you, anyway) so ignore it. In front of you (N), you can see a trapdoor on the floor and beyond it a ladder leading to an upper level. To your L (W) are three cages with matching jumpswitches. One cage hold 2 raptors, another a giant iguana and finally the 3rd and closest one seems empty. Let's go there first. Activate the jumpswitch on the L of the door to open it, enter the cage (which is empty alright) and pick up the small medipack there. Return to the room.

Now go to the NW corner and activate the jumpswitch there to open the nearby cage and release the 2 Raptors. Keep moving while shooting but don't panic, those ones seems rather fragile and will go down after a few bullets. Enter their cage and activate the lever in the NW corner, which opens the trapdoor nearby. Before going there, let's deal with the giant iguana first. Activate the jumpswitch near the door of its cage to unleash it and shoot it to flaming death. Now go in its cage and activate the lever there in the SE corner. This will open a door at the western end of the crosswise hallways.

Now, go to the newly opened trapdoor and safety drop from its W side to climb down a ladder. Pick up Daniel's pass at the bottom and climb up back in the room. Since the exit door remains very closed, let's go up. Go to the ladder to the N and climb it to an upper level. Run W toward the end of the "road" to eventually stumble upon Chevron 4 (which is in fact your 3rd Chevron). Pick it up then immediately draw your explosive loaded crossbow to dispatch a Pterodactyle (ie Harpy) which immediately comes after you from the E.

Don't leave yet. Go further west in the dark area and light a flare to spot a chain-pole going down in a very dark pit. Jump to grab it and turn 90 to face N before going down. You'll need some room behind when you reach the bottom to backflip. Slide down and backflip just before reaching the bottom drawing your pistols to deal with the Crocodile which is waiting for you down there. Now light a flare and pick up the many goodies lying around: A Revolver, revolver ammo, some flares and a small medipack.

Return to Jurassic Room via the pole, the road and the ladder. The exit door is now open, so go back to the center of the crosswise hallways and turn R (W) to run through the western hallway and pass the now open door at its end.

-- The Warehouse and Chevron 3 --

Enter a large brightly lit room which looks very much like a kitchen. Draw your newly found revolver to cleanly dispatch the 2 soldiers waiting in ambush behind the blocks to the R (W). One of them will leave the Level 28's pass so pick it up. Now go S into the kitchen itself and pick up a small medipack by the stove on your R (W). Turn around to spot a switch on the wall in front of the fridge. Activate it to open the last door in the crosswise hallways, at the end of the southern one. Return to the hallways and run S through the door.

You're in a large room with crates scattered all around which obviously is a Warehouse. There are lots of things to do here, so let's have a look around beforehand. Standing in the doorway, you can spot some barbwires surrounding a revolver. Beyond them, in the SE corner is a high balcony with crates and a machine (as shown in the fly-by). Right below it is a closed door with a goa'uld quietly waiting behind. Near the entrance, to your L and R are high ledges, and you can spot a chain-pole near the E wall. If you go further in the room, you'll see an automated gun on your right, a climbable high platform in the center, a closed door up in the W wall with an opening down nearby. In the far R corner (SW) you can spot a swinging ball we'll need to shoot later. Eventually look up to see some ropes hanging from the ceiling and a monkey swing directly above the closest high ledges.

The Laser-Sight and Getting Rid of a Pesky Machine

The first thing you have to do is get rid of this annoying automated gun and to that effect you need a laser-sight. Let's go and find it. First, shoot the grey crate W of the entrance for some revolver ammo. Ignore the one you can spot in the distance to the W: it's empty. Go E instead and go grab the chain-pole while facing W. Climb your way up and backflip to land on the ledge behind. Run N then W along the wall then shoot the grey crate R of the beige one so you have room to do a RJ on the next platform ahead (W). The block there is a moveable one. Pull it once. Safety drop from the ledge from its N side (thus facing S) and shimmy to the R (you'll pass the moveable block without any problem). Pull up and pick-up the Laser-Sight there. Combine it with the revolver and get back down in the room below.

Return to the entrance then carefully run into the room past the high ledges on your R. Turn W to the Automated Gun, draw your Revolver and using the Look key, target at the little can-like thingie on its back. Shoot to destroy the Automated Gun. [If it isn't correctly oriented and you can't see the can, go around the room while remaining far enough from the gun until you find a better spot].

Exploring Around

Now you can quietly explore around. First go back up on the ledges near the place where you just found the Laser-Sight, but this time climb on the beige crate then the higher block nearby. Jump and grab the MS and swing your way to the other higher block. Pick up the small medipack there and go back down in the room. Now, from the entrance, go W towards the place where the automated gun stood and shoot the small crate for a small medipack. Go to the W wall and turn L (S). Again shoot the crates on your way, one of them hides a large medipack.

Continue S and turn L (E) at the corner to see the ball swinging there. No need to waste precious revolver ammo on this one. Simply draw your pistols and shoot it while jumping to break it. Don't sheath them: this has opened the door in the SE corner and released the quiet goa'uld, who isn't quiet anymore. Take him down while jumping sideways, but mind the barbwires nearby.

Don't enter the newly accessible little room yet. Go toward the E wall of the Warehouse and L of the small room. There are 3 moveable blocks there. Pull/push them to reveal 2M16 normal ammos. Now climb on the beige blocks nearby and face W. Look down at the center of the barbwires square to spot a Revolver there. SJ from the block over the barbwires and pick it up (you already have one, but it's there in case you missed the crocodile's lair before and you'll get ammo instead). Now don't lose any time and quickly jump over the barbwires (possibly over one corner). Draw your pistols: 2 raptors come to hunt you. One from the SW and another from the N. Since they're supposed to be extinct for a good while now, kill them without any remorse.

Now go into the small room where the goa'uld was. There's a lever on your R (SW corner). Activate it to open the door up in the W wall of the Warehouse. The 4 blocks against the E wall are moveable. Pull the two central ones to pick up 2 Revolver ammos and the rightmost one to reveal a door which is currently closed. Now go back in the Warehouse.

Go to the central high ledge and climb onto it by either of its sides. Once up there, draw your crossbow and turn toward the SE corner: a Pterodactyle attacks from there so properly deal with it. Once it's down for good, run to the W edge toward the newly opened door and do a RJ to the rope ahead. Grab, swing and jump to the doorway before Sam reaches the end and highest point of her arc in order not to land too far in the corridor. You'll soon understand why.

A Tight Race to Chevron 3

If you look L to the long mirror on the S wall, you can see there is more to that corridor that meets the eye: it's riddled with traps. Try to memorize their location before pushing the button on your R (N), which opens a very timed door.

Save at the button, push it, immediately turn 45 L and make 2 steps back (don't wait for the camera to end, do it while "blind"). Do a RJ over the closest trap, go ahead a bit (don't walk, run), stop briefly and do a SJ over the next trap then immediately another one over the third. Don't stop, keep running and do a RJ over the slope, stop briefly, do a SJ over the last trap and run through the door while it's opened. Several loud noises will resound on your way. Ignore them.

Stand one tile away from the W wall and look in the mirror to spot Chevron 3 at your feet. Pick it up. Now go N then E around the corner and stop before the slope. Pick up the Key of the Warehouse there. now slide down the slope back into the Warehouse. Time to leave now, but first a small detour to get some goodies.

Leaving the Warehouse

Exit the Warehouse and go back to the center of the crosswise hallways. Activate any of the 2 buttons there to remove the water wall. Thor is now gone and left some revolver ammo on the opposite ledge near the E wall. Don't shoot the soldiers, they won't attack (or shoot them on general principle in which case you'll get some extra Crossbow normal ammo). Go back to the Warehouse.

Return on the central high ledge via its climbable sides. Go to its SE corner and turn slightly R to face the long platform ahead. Do a RJ (don't grab) to it. Now turn S and do another RJ to land on the "balcony" above the goa'uld's little room. Leave the 2 moveable blocks in the SE corner alone and go use the Key of the Warehouse on the machine against the E wall. Immediately turn around toward the far W wall and draw your crossbow: another Pterodactyle is coming after you. Just kill it.

Now go back down on floor level and go into the goa'uld's little room to see the door there is now open. Go through it to leave the Warehouse as well as Level 2 and enter Level 3.

-- Stargate 3 --

Enemies: Jaffas, Soldiers, Babies Metallic Spiders, Mama Metallic Spider, Zombis, Set
Items of note: Sam's Pass, Small Waterskin, Large Waterskin, Daniel's Glasses, Chevron 7, Chevron 6, Chevron 5

-- Follow the Monkey, Sam --

Run E then turn R upon entering the hallway and head S. Most of the doors there are "fake", by the way. Run toward the end of the hallway to pass an opening to your R (W) and enter the Laboratory. A camera shows you a switch somewhere in a clear blue place.

To your left is a clear blue corridor (the switch is over there). If you go in, you'll see an opening in the ceiling with the switch beyond but it's too high for you to climb up in, so simply ignore it. To your right you can see a monkey trapped behind a closed door.

Climb on the white translucent block in front of the entrance and pick up the blue parchment, examine it from your inventory. It reads: "Dear Sam, put 4 litres in the gourd and follow the monkey! Take care. Daniel". If you look down through the block, you can spot a waterskin down there and on your R against the N wall, there's a scale with a Maat's Feather.

Look L (S) at a desk against the S wall on which lies a CD-Rom: Sam's Pass. Pick it up. Turn around to the N and look down to spot a slightly different tile against the far translucent block: it's a trapdoor. Go over it and turn S standing at its edge and press Action to open it. Get down to pick up a small and a large Waterskins. Now go in the little bedroom to the S. The only thing of interest here is the shower where you can fill your waterskins.

The Waterskins Puzzle

You need 4 litres and you've got a 3 litres waterskin and a 5 litres one. In order to solve this puzzle, you'll need to fill them while standing in the shower with Sam's feet in the water (use them from the inventory), and combine them from the inventory. A little bit of arithmetic should do the trick, but if you really can't find out, the detailed solution is at the end of this walkthrough. By the way, would you put the wrong amount of water in the scale, the Laboratory would be set on fire.

Now go back to the Laboratory and stand in front of the left pan, open your inventory and use the waterskin containing 4 litres, freeing the monkey. Do as told and follow him to the clear blue corridor (needless to say, DON'T kill him. Not only would he explode but you would be stuck forever and have to reload). When you both arrive below the opening, the monkey will climb up and activate the switch up there. Good boy.

This has opened a door in the hallway, but unfortunately released 2 Jaffas in the process. Use your Revolver to take them down quickly (2 bullets each are generally enough). Now run down the hallway to the N and go through the newly opened door on your L (W) and run along the corridor to a new room.

Quickly dispatch the soldier here while he's busy toying with the machines. Run to the opposite side (N) and use Level 28's Pass on the computer R of the door to open it. Follow the corridor to enter a small square room with a button in the NW corner. You're in an elevator. Push the button to be carried to Level 28.

-- Level 28 --

Exit the elevator. After a short corridor, you arrive in a small room with a dark alcove to the N, opposite the entrance. Draw your Revolver to take care of the Jaffa who's hiding there. Look down: there's a trapdoor on the floor. Open it while facing W and drop down into the hole. Light a flare and look to the N. The "wall" there is breakable, so shoot it to open the way.

Follow the corridor until you stand at the top of a steep slope. Look down: there are 2 "holes" in it. You'll have to jump over them to avoid falling on the barbwires at their bottom. Slide down and jump, then follow the corridor. You'll pass over some wire nettings on your way and if you look down through them, you'll realize you're just above the Stargate Room. This said, it's not accessible yet so keep running until you reach a hole at the end of the corridor. Safety drop down, turn W, draw your revolver and dispatch the Jaffa there.

You're standing on another set of wire nettings with a good sight on the Jaffa walking below. There's a trap door on the floor and a lever to the E. Activate it to open the trapdoor and drop down into the room below, immediately shooting at the Jaffa.

You're in a Three-Ways Hallway. To the W, there's a computer and a closed door with a Jaffa beyond. This is the door to the Stargate Room. To the E, a corridor leads to a hallway with some deadly lasers and another Jaffa. Ignore this for the moment as well. Eventually, to the S, you can spot a door in the distance, which seems to be eaten into by some corrosive substance, hinting there might be something quite dangerous over there. And this is why we're going there right now.

Sam Goes to Jail

Draw your pistols before entering the short hallway to the S and run to the corroded door. Soon, you'll hear tiny footsteps coming at you. Shoot mercilessly at the 3 Babies Metallic Spiders. They're not even cute and pretty hard to spot in that grey corridor. Now enter the room beyond the door: it looks like a Jail Area, with three closed cells on each side and a jumpswitch on the S wall. Two of the cells hold a Soldier (rather heavily armed for prisoners).

Run to the jumpswitch but don't activate it yet. Turn around (N) instead and look up. There's a hole in the ceiling above you. Jump, grab and pull up. Go pick up the small medipack there, then go back down in the room below.

[you may skip the following paragraph, but you'd miss and interesting enemy]

Now activate the jumpswitch and quickly turn around and draw your weapon of choice. The 2 soldiers are freed, but you also released Mama Metallic Spider in the process. It's scary indeed, but if you keep Sam's back against the wall it won't harm you much. Once you've taken care of your three opponents, leave the Jail Area: there's nothing more to do here.

[note: I was able to finish the level without doing what's described in the following paragraph. But since it seems to be meant that way, let's do it anyway.]

Return to the Three-Ways Hallways and go W to use Sam's pass on the computer. Shoot and kill the Jaffa you've just released. Enter the room and go push the button immediately R (N) of the entrance [I'm not sure what it does, though].

Go back again to the Three-Ways Hallway, and this time, go E to the hallway with the lasers.

Exploring, Pushing, Pulling and a Handy Find

First things first, dispatch the Jaffa who shoots at you from the other side of the Laser Hallway. Once he's down, take a look around. You can spot three doors, an opening and a ladder on the opposite wall (N), said ladder being blocked by a closed trapdoor at its top. Don't try to pass the laser, but look down and R of it. On the E wall, there's a breakable grate barring a CS. Shoot it and crawl in. Ready your crossbow as soon as you can stand up: there's a Zombi coming at you, so blow him up. Resume running alone the dark corridor until you reach another breakable grate. Shoot it and re-enter the Laser Hallway, this time on the good side of the lasers.

Look at the E wall to locate a door and a button. Push the latter to open the former and enter the room beyond which seems to be a dormitory. There are moveable blocks by and in the E wall and a white door to the S.

Ready your crossbow and run to the white door which will open as you approach. The room beyond is another dormitory, but it also contains a restless Zombi which you'd better blow up now before he catches you. Run to the shelves to the S and use Action to pick up the large medipack there. Don't leave yet, a very handy reward awaits you nearby. Go to the NW corner near the bed. Stand one tile away from the N wall and turn S. Look down: the tile just before the bed is slightly different. Guess what? It's a trapdoor. Use Action to open it. Drop in the hole and pick up the M16 there.

Now return to the first dormitory. Pull the rightmost moveable block to reveal some uzi ammo. Now pull the other moveable block twice and go around it to enter a small room to the E. Pick up the small medipack lying there and return to the Laser Hallway.

Finding Chevron 7

Go to the door in the W wall and use Daniel's pass on the card slot there to open it and enter Daniel's bedroom. First shoot the breakable grate near the door to pick up Revolver ammo and M16 normal ammo. Now turn W and pull the moveable block twice to reveal a trapdoor (make sure you pull it twice or going back up in this room will be rather difficult). Now go on the raised floor in the SW corner and pick up hard-to-spot Daniel's Glasses. This opens the nearby trapdoor.

Safety drop from its E side, but don't let go. You're in fact on a ladder, and since the room below is riddled with unmarked fire traps you need to do something first, at least to locate them. Stay on the ladder and go R and around the corner, clinging to that wall until you reach the SW corner. Let go (the tile is safe) and activate the switch on the S wall to reveal the concealed fire traps. Turn around (N) and locate a Chevron in the NW. SJ over the trap and go pick up Chevron 7. Now turn R (E) and pick up the small medipack on the closest tile. Turn R again (SE) and SJ over the traps aiming at the flares. Pick them up. Finally, turn L (E) to face the entrance and do a last SJ over the trap to reach the ladder. Climb up back in Daniel's bedroom and return to the Laser Hallway.

Now go through the opening in the W wall, L of Daniel's bedroom and run through the corridor, stopping right before the Round Blades Trap. It will activate as you approach. Turn to the wall, one sidestep away from the trap and wait for it to be open to sidejump through.

Continue along the corridor, ignoring the junction to your L and up the ramp until you reach a new room. Dispatch the Jaffa waiting for you there (time to try this newly acquired M16). You're in a meeting room, with a short corridor and a door to your R (W). First go L to the SE corner and locate the button there. Push it to open the door in the N end of the Laser Hallway.

Finally Collecting the Remaining Chevrons

Now go to the short corridor in the opposite corner (NW) near the entrance. Run to the door and use Action while in front of it to open it. Enter the small office beyond.

Light a flare to locate a floor trapdoor to the L in the SW corner and a ladder closed by a ceiling trapdoor to the R on the N wall. Now go behind the desk and walk on the tile with the armchair on it: this will open the ceiling trapdoor on top of the ladder. So go and climb up, going R at the top and let go to land in a small dark room. Stay where you are and light a flare to locate 2 deadly lasers ahead, between you and a glass case in the SE corner containing a Chevron. Turn around (W) and light another flare if needed to locate a jumpswitch right in front of you. Jump to it, grab and activate it, opening the floor trapdoor in the office below.

Go there and drop down in the hole. Turn N to spot a switch and activate it. This deactivate the lasers above. So go back up in the small dark room via the ladder. The laser are still there but motionless and harmless. Go through them to the glass case, shoot to break it and pick up Chevron 6. Now return to the Laser Hallway via the office below, the meeting room and again dealing with the Round Blades Trap on your way.

Go through the newly opened door to the N and by the ladder. Enter the room and shoot the Soldier there in the NE corner (he won't attack immediately, busy as he is, but he will eventually). The three grey crate against the E wall are breakable. Shoot the two rightmost ones to pick up Revolver ammo and M16 normal ammo. Now go where the soldier was standing and push the button there on the N wall, which will raise a block right behind you. Climb up onto it and look up, there's a trapdoor in the ceiling. Jump and grab to open it, then turn L (N) and climb up into the small alcove up there and pick up Chevron 5. Return to the Laser Hallway.

The Planets Puzzle

As soon as you step in and since you've now collected all seven Chevrons, the trapdoor on top of the N ladder opens. Climb up to the top then R and let go to land on another hallway lined with doors. They're all fake so run S to the end of the hallway, hearing the trapdoor closing behind you. Turn L (E) to enter a corridor and R (S) at the junction. You can spot a closed door at the end of the corridor you're in, with 2 Round Blades Traps on the way. Deal with them as you did with the previous ones and run to the door which will open as you approach.

You're in a dark, "starry" room with two Suns in the opposite SE and SW corners. Five planets stand around the room, but doors and water walls prevent you from reaching them right now. As for the floor, it's covered with Stargatians symbols. This is a rather devious puzzle, but once you find the trick it becomes quite easy. For now, remember that you have Seven Chevrons in your inventory, there are Seven Planets around and you've already seen some of the symbols on the floor (seven of them actually). What you need to do is moving the planets on the right symbols. [If you can't find them, the solution is given at the end of this walkthrough.]. Solving the puzzle will remove a water wall in the corridor W of the Laser Hallway, and grant access to the Stargate Control Room.

-- A Race Into the Stargate --

Now exit the Planets Room, deal again with the 2 Round Blades Traps, and turn R (E) at the corridor exit then N around the corner. There's a jumpswitch ahead and you can spot a Jaffa at the end of another corridor to your R (E). Dispatch him first, then activate the jumpswitch which will reopen the trapdoor back in the hallway. It will also set an alarm on, so draw your M16 and return to the now dark red lit hallway.

Kill the Jaffa there and go back down in Laser Hallway, then through the corridor to the W. Deal with the Round Blades Trap again, and dispatch the Jaffa ambushed at the end of the corridor. Don't sheath your weapon, turn L (S) at the junction and enter the Stargate Control Room.

Now time for the grand finale. Kill the 2 Jaffas there, and locate the switch on the E wall. Use it to activate the Stargate. This will also open some doors and bring in a new squad of 3 Jaffas, along with their very general: Set himself.

Run to the newly opened door to the W, run along the corridor and directly into the Stargate Room, ignoring the hallway on your R. You may want to dispatch the Jaffas there, but Set is invulnerable and casts very harmful blue rays, some of them even setting Sam on fire. So the safest way is to sprint to the Stargate as fast as you can and enter it before His Divinity can kill you.

You'll then be sucked by a strong stream, and eventually find yourself back at the start of Level 1 in the Tok'Ra's tunnels, de facto ending the adventure.


---- Solution to the Levers Puzzle (Stargate 1)

Look at the big round doors and notice they are themselves lit by colored lights: Blue, Red and Green. So the solution is simply to activate the Blue (SW corner), Red (center) and Green (E from the Red one) levers.

---- Solution to the Waterskins Puzzle (Stargate 3)

- Fill the Large 5 litres Waterskin.
- Combine it with the Small 3 litres one: you've got 2 litres left in the Large one.
- Empty the small one (use it from the inventory while standing anywhere but in the shower)
- Combine the Large one with the Small one again. The Large one is empty, the Small one contains 2 litres and so has room for 1 more.
- Fill the Large one again, then combine it with the Small one. It now contains 4 litres. Exactly what we need.

---- Solution to the Planets Puzzle (Stargate 3)

You need to move the planets on the symbols on the floor that match the one you can see on the Chevrons (if you look at them in your inventory). This must be done in order, which means first moving the 1st Sun on the symbol which is on Chevron 1 and the second sun on Chevron 2 symbol. This will open the door and water walls to the remaining 5 planets. Now move them on chevrons symbols, still following the order: Chevron 3, Chevron 4 and so on. It doesn't matter which planet goes on which symbol, only the order is to be considered.

Note that the Chevron 4 symbol is rather hard to find, because it isn't exactly the same on the floor and on the Chevron. Click here for a map showing the right places where to put the planets.