Levels by Justin

Authorized walkthrough by Phil Lambeth

NOTE: Some of you may have not tried these fine levels yet, scared off no doubt by warnings in the forum threads of some insidious savegame bug. However, when I renamed SCRIPT2.DAT to SCRIPT.DAT and used it (contrary to the erroneous instructions in the readme file), and when I started Level 8 without using a savegame from Dark Skies 7, I never encountered the savegame bug despite saving liberally throughout. Now that the Dark Skies series has been bundled into a single download at TRO-Online, none of this should continue to be a concern. So download, play, and submit your reviews!


You begin on a rocky slab facing a pedestal criss-crossed on the top with a green X. Turn to your left, draw weapons and shoot the box. Pick up the M-16 and then turn back to your right. Step up to the broken bridge leading west and enjoy the remote camera shot. Hit the look key to regain camera control, then take a running jump across the chasm to the bridge remnant on the other side. Ready your M-16 and run up the bridge toward the torch. Turn left and shoot the Ninja who's guarding the opening ahead. Go through the small archway, turn to the right and save your game.

You're looking into a corridor and down a long ramp with a giant cigar-cutter contraption at the bottom. Your next move requires the use of a lot of fingers on a lot of different keys at about the same time, so expect a little bit of frustration. Start running down the ramp, tap the look key quickly to regain camera control, then hold down the sprint key as a boulder starts following you down the ramp. When you reach the cigar cutter, stop briefly and reverse roll to get on the other side, sustaining some unavoidable loss of health. You'll slide down into a slight depression facing south. Step forward quickly and vault up into the passageway in barely enough time to avoid the boulder as it rumbles about and comes to rest in the same depression you just vacated.

After catching your breath, walk forward through the archway into a red-tinged area. You'll see openings ahead and to your right. Being careful not to fall off the edge on either side, walk out to the end of the broken bridge and turn right to face west. Take a standing jump to the opening and run inside. When you reach the juncture marked by a lit torch, turn left and draw weapons to take out the Ninja patrolling this area with the linoleum floor. Pick up the GRENADE LAUNCHER on a crate-like formation near the west wall. Nothing else to do here, so go back to the torch and shoot a nearby empty pot for target practice.

Go through the opposite opening to the north, turn right and go down the diamond-tiled stairs, and kill the Ninja in the room below. Pick up the UZIS he drops and go to the SE corner opposite the wall torch. Pull out the block twice and run around it into the revealed passage. Shoot the pot that's in your way and throw the switch to open a door in the third passage outside. Retrace your steps back up to the skull torch and turn right directly in front of the torch to enter the west opening. Wind your way along the tunnel and jump over the open pit to the adjacent  passage. Hop over another open pit and turn left to run down the west tunnel. Draw weapons and shoot the tiger that's prowling about in the room ahead. Just inside, turn right and push the floor switch. A cut scene shows a block lowering in the side of a cavern. Shoot the vase in the SW corner and pick up the flares. At the other end of this room is a ramp that's too steep for you to scale, so go back through the tunnel to the east, turn right and jump over the pit, then keep going back the way you came until you return to the red-tinged area east spanned by the broken bridge.

Take a standing forward jump with grab to land on the bridge fragment ahead, then turn right and take a standing jump toward the south opening. Run down the tunnel and draw weapons to kill a Ninja who's craftily waiting for you around one of the bends. Straight ahead you see the SUBARU in a private parking deck across the chasm. Ignore the short passage to your left and pick up the small medi-pack dropped by the Ninja. Step out into the wide-open spaces of the chasm and turn right. Walk along the ledge until you reach the ladder. Climb up to the top, pull up and turn left. Jump to the wooden walkway with the torch pole on the far end. Walk past the torch pole, although you needn't worry about catching Lara's hair on fire, and enter the opening in the north wall of the cavern. Make a hairpin turn to the left and throw the wall switch. A cut scene shows a ramped area. Reverse roll and go back the way you came, ignoring for now the new area to the north. Climb back down the ladder, also ignoring what looks like explorable territory to the east.

Reverse roll at the bottom and run to the end of the ledge. Turn right to face the Subaru and jump across the gap toward it. Turn right halfway across the bridge and take a running jump over the flaming holes. Run forward a short distance and jump over the gap. Continue west until you reach the end of the bridge. Turn around to locate the ladder in the west face, then hop back and grab the edge. Climb down the ladder into the inky blackness. When you can go no further, simply let go and you'll find you're already at the bottom. Sneaky, huh? Drop down into the hole to your left and throw the wall switch to open a block near the area where you began this level. Here's a quick and undocumented way to get there: simply hop backward and drop down into oblivion in a seemingly suicidal gesture. However, Lara won't die but will rather be transported to the beginning of the level.

Turn right and locate the newly opened area in the floor. Climb down the ladder in the south face and drop down into the area below for SECRET #1. Draw weapons and kill the tiger in the area just ahead, then step forward into the room where it was prowling. With weapons still drawn, shoot the pot in the NW corner and pick up the GRENADE GUN (if you didn't get it earlier) and some grenade gun ammo.

Climb back up the ladder and retrace your steps across the broken bridge to the west, down the now boulder-less ramp, into the south passage in the red-tinged area, and up the ladder in the Subaru cavern.

When you pull up at the top, reverse roll and hop over the gap to reach the east ledge you bypassed a little earlier. Slide down and continue in an easterly direction, hopping over gaps as necessary until you reach the end of the ledge and an opening to your left. Enter, dispatch the Ninja from behind you and to the right, and go down the stairs to your right. Slide down the ramp you saw in the cut scene earlier, and continue past the charming skull-design wallpaper.

You'll see another giant cigar cutter in the opening to your left at the end. You can either use the phantom wall two blocks from the end to bypass the cigar cutter completely, or you can post Lara facing sideways next to the deadly blades, and take a side flip just as the blades open and thereby get to the other side completely unscathed. Kill the tiger that comes out to welcome you, and run to the end of the hall where you'll find a hole in the floor.

Drop down into the lower level and run along the gray path until you reach another giant cigar cutter. Take a side flip through it as you did with the one earlier, then continue down the winding steps until you reach another drop-down to a still lower level. Continue to the end and turn right to pull up into a higher level. Make a hairpin turn to the right, then turn left to vault up onto some steps. Enter the archway to the south and turn left. Hop over the gap and run along the outside ledge as thunder crashes all around, until you reach the opening to your left.

Enter a flooded area with two waterfalls. Dive into the water and swim past the green pillar, under the ledge and between the two purplish pillars east. Locate the switch in the ceiling between these two pillars and pull it. A cut scene shows a door opening elsewhere. Swim back to the west and pull up onto the ledge near the waterfalls. Use the crawl space above the north waterfall to crawl forward, then left, and stand up to go through the door you just opened to your right.

Draw weapons and prepare to shoot a quartet of wasps agitated by your presence. You may have to jump down east to the lower level to flush them all out. When they've been exterminated, locate the blue ball swinging in the east wing of the cave and shoot it to open up the crawl space above the other waterfall. Return there by climbing up onto the corner block, turning and taking a standing jump and grab to the higher level, then using the crawl spaces to finally drop down into the waterfall room.

Turn right and run over to the east waterfall. Pull up into the crawl space and stand up as soon as you're able to. Run up to the end and take a right into a passageway overlooking an immense chamber. You'll hear the fluttering wings of an approaching wasp, so take time to dispatch it. Then take an angled running jump SE with grab to land on the block in front of the switch. Throw the switch to trigger a lingering flyby of the immense chamber beyond, and ending with a view of the now-drained waterfall room.

Tuen around and take a running jump back to the previous ledge, go through the open door and and return to the waterfall room via the crawl space. Get to the floor by running along the ledge to the west side and hopping down onto the first block. Jump down the remaining blocks until you reach the floor, then draw weapons to kill the waterlogged tiger that's running around trying to dry off. Go to the alcove in the NW corner and throw the wall switch to open up an area behind you. Reverse roll and run between the two pillars and past the hole in the floor (noting in passing the skulls on sticks posted here and there), and go through the opening you just created. A wasp descends from high up over your left shoulder, so take care of it before moving on.

Go up the steps to the south and climb up onto the greenish block. Jump up west to grab the ledge above, and pull up into a higher area. Turn to your right and locate the rope dangling from the ceiling. Walk out to the NE corner, turn to face the rope squarely, and take a standing (not a running) jump and grab to it. Slide down to the bottom, turn slightly to your left, and swing over to the north opening and release.

Straight ahead is a swinging blade above a couple of sloped structures. Go between the structures, turn Lara to face east with her nose against the taller structure. Then take a back flip onto the structure behind you, jump forward to the facing structure and jump off it to the south ledge. Hopefully you'll be able to time this jump so that Lara doesn't get sliced to ribbons in the process. Pick up the UZIS, test them on the empty pot at the east end, and throw the wall switch to open a door elsewhere. Hop back, grab the edge of the ledge and drop down to the floor below.

Turn to your right and run past the sloped structures into the next room. Lara's attention is drawn to a hand-shaped pedestal, so step up to it and pick up the TORCH. Take the torch with you back to the opening opposite the sloped structures. Toss the torch in the general direction of the rope to the floor far below, then take a running jump and grab to the rope. (If you miss, the fall to the floor may shake you up a bit, but it won't kill you.) Slide down to the bottom and release.

Locate your torch on the floor and pick it up. Off in the distance to the south you can see something flickering; hop down into the trench to your left and run to the end and turn right to face a flaming skeleton. Step carefully toward it, not crossing into the block it's on (lest Lara be set aflame) and light the torch. Turn around and run back along the trench. Make a hairpin left turn at the end and run up the ramp. Light the skull-on-a-stick next to the greenish block you climbed up earlier, then reverse roll and run down the left side of the ramp. Jump into the uneven opening connecting this chamber with the previously flooded room. Light all three skulls-on-a-stick along the north wall of the previously flooded room.

You can toss this torch now, as you won't be needing it any longer. Go back the way you came, to the previous chamber, run up the ramp and climb up onto the greenish block. Jump straight up and grab the ledge. Pull up to the higher level and run up the sloped structure slightly to your left as far as you can. At this point you'll hear the rhythmic discharges of a nearby dart gun. Turn around to face east, take a back flip and keep the jump key depressed to land on the upper ledge. Release the jump key so Lara won't lurch forward into the path of the lethal darts. Crouch down, crawl forward and pick up another M-16. Back up to the ledge, lower Lara back down and release to slide down to the lower ledge. Run forward along the walkway and turn right into either of the two openings south.

Go through the open door in the SW corner and run down the corridor past the stairway leading down to your left. (That's the route to the next secret, which you'll be coming back for a little later.) You'll soon reach a gauntlet of two horizontal blades rotating through slits in either wall of the narrow passage. Turn right at the intersection just past the blades and make a horseshoe turn past a single blade. Continue along the corridor until you come to a dark open area. Light a flare and make a hard left to run down some stairs. Throw the wall switch at the end, causing a torch to ignite across the room, ahead and to your left.

Turn around and run back up the stairs and into the corridor to the right. Run past the single blade trap to your left, then keep going straight through the next archway. Turn right and start running up the steps. When you reach the second step, stop and angle Lara to the right toward the platform below that has a dark speck in the middle of it. Take a running jump down to the platform and pick up the "dark speck," which turns out to be another TORCH. Turn to your left and take a standing jump over the railing to the east balcony. Light your torch with the flame near the wall. Run down the staircase to the room below. Straight ahead are two wall sconces for you to light now. To the left of these, past the pillar, is another one. Keep going to your left, past another pillar, and you'll see two more sconces in the west wall. Light them both, for a total of five. Then toss the torch aside temporarily and go through the opening to the south. In the little semi-enclosed room you'll find a pot in the NW corner. Shoot it and pick up the flares.

Now retrieve your torch and run diagonally across the large chamber in a SE direction, past the stairs you ran down earlier, and locate the open doorway in the corner around the pillar. Run up the stairs and turn right to follow the ramp upward. When you reach a landing, Lara's attention will be drawn to an alcove up in the wall. Take a standing jump forward to land inside the alcove, then step forward and light the torch that's sitting on a little stand. A cut scene shows a door opening, allowing access to the next secret down the stairs you passed by earlier.

Hop back to land inside the corridor, turn left and continue to follow the ramp upward and then downward. Toss the torch aside for good and draw weapons to kill the Tiger prowling about near the first landing below. Continue down the corridor until you reach an area overlooking the large chamber you explored a little earlier. Climb up the ladder to your left and pull up into a partially-enclosed corridor with a closed door at the other end. Turn around and hop over the gap. Pull up into the next room and make a hairpin turn to the left to face a wall switch. Save your game here and prepare for a nifty timed run.

Light a flare and throw the wall switch to open the timed door at the end of the partially-enclosed corridor down below. Hit the look key to regain camera control, hop back once and run forward to your left to drop down into the alcove. Take a standing jump forward with grab. If you were positioned just right, you'll land inside the corridor across the gap. If so, you've got plenty of time. Simply run forward along the corridor and through the open door to throw the wall switch. It's far more likely, however, that you'll grab and cling to the surface above the corridor. If you do, release immediately and grab the edge of the corridor, pull up and run forward with the aid of the sprint (?/) key. If you run close to the wall to your left, you should be able to make it inside the opening just before the door closes in your face.

When you throw the wall switch, a cut scene shows an opening leading to the next level, near the place where you began the current level. Before going there, let's detour for an essential pickup and a secret. Reverse roll and run back down the corridor. Hop over the gap and pull up into the room where you threw the timed switch. Continue past it along the walkway to the east, and pick up the HAND OF DEIMOS on the hand-shaped pedestal in front of the fountain to your right. Continue along the walkway and turn right (east) at the intersection. Take a left at the dead end and throw the wall switch. A cut scene shows an enormous pothole being repaired on the Subaru highway outside.

Reverse roll and head back down the stairs. Turn right at the landing and run west along the walkway. Turn right at the pillar and run up the stairs. Turn right and step into the opening at the end, and simply run off the edge to land on a platform below. Shoot the empty pot for target practice if you wish, then jump across the gap to the north and grab the ladder. Climb down to the platform below, then turn to your right and take a standing jump over to the stairway. Turn left and run a short distance to the top of the stairs. Turn right and run through the archway into the corridor guarded by the horizontal blades. Run past the first one to your left, make a horseshoe turn to the left past the dual blades, and turn right just past the next archway to descend a short flight of steps. Follow the corridor through the open door and into SECRET #2. Continue forward and pick up the large medi-pack. The way ahead is blocked, so reverse roll and retrace your steps.

You now need to find your way to the opening leading to the next level, so at the top of the steps take a right and return to the balcony overlooking the large chamber with the rope. Go down to the ledge above the greenish block and hop down onto it. Drop down to the ramp and run down the left side. Hop through the opening to the previously-flooded room to the north. Turn left and run to the other end of this room. Climb up the blocks surrounding the tall green pillar until you reach what used to be the waterfall room. Run down the corridor to the south until you reach the outside area. Turn right and run along the outside ledge. Turn right into the opening at the end, hop down into the tunnel, and follow it until you reach the hole.

Hop down into the hole and follow the tunnel until you reach a now-inert cigar cutter. Slide flip past the opening and continue down the tunnel. When you reach the end, to the sound of some very active cigar cutters, pull up into a higher area and take the first right. Run north and through the phantom block you used earlier, and into the hallway. Turn right and run forward until you reach the ramp. Take two standing jumps forward to clear the ramp, then turn right and look for the corridor leading to the uneven green floor. Go through the opening to the south and you're outside once more. Run down the ledge, jump over the gap, continue forward, jump over another gap, and take a standing jump forward to clear the ramp. Jump forward to clear another gap, then use the ladder to climb down to the ledge below. Reverse roll at the bottom and run east along the ledge until you reach the opening to your left and lose camera control. Turn left and follow the corridor back to the large room where three tunnels intersect. Take a standing jump with grab to the central pillar, then turn left and take another standing jump toward the west tunnel.

Run down the tunnel and continue in a westerly direction past the torch just to your left. When you reach the pit, jump across it to the east. In the next room turn left, jump across the pit and turn left again to locate the now-open door. Run through it and into the next level.


Run forward to the west, but hop back when you reach the greenish tiles and lose camera control. A trio of strangely synchronized Ninjas comes out to do battle with you, so engage them with a powerful weapon. Continue forward and climb up onto the green block a little to your right, just across from the truck you'll explore a little later. You'll also note a surreal structure off in the distance to the west, but you can't access it yet. Walk out to the north edge of the block and take a running jump and grab to the roof of the structure ahead. Pull up and locate the hole in the roof. Drop down into the inky blackness and throw the wall switch. Reverse roll and run outside through the now-open doorway.

Turn left and run past the large opening to a smaller doorway to your left. Go inside and down the corridor, and turn left at the end to encounter another hand-shaped pedestal with a swinging blue ball above it. Shoot the latter with your rapid-firing uzis, then run back down the corridor and make a horseshoe turn to the right into the larger opening. Run diagonally to the left and locate the wall switch just beyond a small pool. Now that the flames guarding the switch have been extinguished, hop across the water and throw the switch. A cut scene shows a block rising elsewhere.

Now hop back into the water and swim toward the SE corner. A door opens as you approach, signaling the start of a timed swim. Swim through and turn right to go through another door that opens in front of you, then another. Continue in a clockwise direction until you pass through the first door once more; but this time, turn to your left and yet another door opens before you. Go on through and swim across and to the right where you'll find another door opening as you approach. Quickly now, as this one doesn't stay open very long. Continue winding your way to the right, where a final door opens before you. In this new area you'll find a ceiling switch to pull down. When you do so, a cut scene shows a block retracting next to the truck outside, allowing access to a floor switch.

To get back out quickly, turn and face the door in the NE quadrangle of this area. When it opens, swim straight forward and around the pillar that's blocking your way, and surface for air. Then pull up and run south outside to the driver's side of the truck. Stand on the lowered block and throw the floor switch. A cut scene shows the now-open rear of the truck. Turn left and make a horseshoe turn to the left around the pillar and jump between the spewing exhaust pipes into the truck. Shoot the empty pot to limber up your trigger finger, then shift to your left and shoot the box in the far corner. Step forward and pick up the SUBARU KEYS. Reverse roll, jump out of the truck and run around either of the two pillars ahead. Head east toward the opening and return to the previous level for a brief visit.


Your sole task now is to return to the Subaru and drive it back to Alabronicus Hall. Run SE down the corridor to the pit and hop across it to the facing ledge. Turn right and hop over the next pit. Enter the corridor and follow it to the intersection marked by the flaming skull. Continue forward through the red-tinted archway and hop across to the central pillar. Turn right and hop across the gap to the south opening. Follow the corridor around until you reach the opening where you can see the Subaru dead ahead. Don't forget to hop over that final gap, then run up the ramp to the Subaru. Use your keys to get in and crank up the engine. The doggone thing is a little difficult to maneuver in these cramped quarters, but remember that the sprint key throws you into reverse and the shift key restores you to forward gear. Very carefully inch forward out of the small garage and turn left. Gun your engine to clear the gap ahead, then turn immediately to the right. Go through the opening and up the ramp. Drive around the green pillar and through the next opening. Negotiate a nasty series of turns and drive west down the ramp and into the next level.


Either turn left from where you are and drive up the slope to a narrow mountain road leading toward the truck, or drive forward and make a U-turn to the left just in front of the truck and drive up the slope headed east to locate the road. (The second choice here will save you the trouble of a difficult hairpin turn at the bend in the mountain road.) Continue up the road until you reach a covered area, then take an immediate right into an opening. Drive down the ramp to your right and turn left at the bend to reach a level stretch with deadly green goo on either side. Drive carefully, but fast enough to clear the gap in the road ahead, then jerk the wheel quickly to the left to continue south. Drive over a second gap at the end, avoiding the pillar dead ahead, and turn the Subaru to the right. (BUG ALERT: In earlier versions of this game some players experienced a fatal problem at this point, where Lara caught on fire while attempting to drive over this second gap.  The builder appears to have corrected the situation in the bundled version by reducing the gap substantially, but if you happen to experience the problem just described, click here for a savegame that brings the Subaru across the gap facing the ramp around the corner to the right.)

You'll find that the way ahead is blocked, so get out of the Subaru and head back to the previous pillar on foot. Vault up onto it and turn north to face the vertical gray slab. Jump up, grab and pull up into an upper room. Run up the stairs and turn diagonally to the left toward a wall switch. Throw it, then reverse roll, head back down the stairs, hop down to the pillar and from there to the uneven driveway, and return to the Subaru. Drive it up the ramp ahead, and you'll find that your path is still blocked. Don't make the mistake of backing down the ramp, thinking that a longer start will enable you to become airborne briefly and shatter what looks like a fragile barrier above the row of bricks. Instead, get out of the Subaru again, slide down the ramp and return to the pillar. Pull back up into the upper room and throw the wall switch again. Turn to your left and run toward the flaming torch. Turn right and go through the doorway for a short cut back to the Subaru. You'll discover that the ramp has been reconfigured, allowing you to back up, turn the Subaru around and continue south.

Rev your engine to clear the deep pit ahead, then get out of the Subaru. Ignore the stairway ahead, which leads to nothing of importance at the moment. Turn to the west and shoot the box that's in your way. Step forward to the ramp and execute a swan dive into the water below. Swim down into the NW opening and pull the ceiling switch just inside. A cut scene shows a door opening, giving you a clear view of the Subaru parked across the way. Continue swimming forward and surface at the air hole. Pull up into a small room and use the ladder in the east face of the overhead shaft to climb up into an open room. Shoot the empty pot in the corner if you like, then turn to shoot the box in the opposite corner. Go inside the next room and turn left toward the doorway you opened just now. Step forward toward the Subaru and turn left to locate a wall switch in the alcove. When you throw it, some instantaneous highway construction takes place, allowing you to drive the Subaru over in this direction.

Run across the new stretch of concrete toward the Subaru. Take a standing jump over the gap at the end and get back into the Subaru. Get a good head of steam to make sure you clear the gap you just jumped over, then continue driving forward across the concrete bridge and against the dark square in the wall ahead, shattering it and giving you access to the next area.

Abandon the Subaru and vault up into the short tunnel. At the end you find yourself overlooking Alabroniucus Hall. Hop down to the left and climb up into an elevated area where you'll find a floor switch. Throw it to open a door down below. Reverse roll, hop down to the stairs and run down to locate the open doorway in the west wall. Go inside and follow the tunnel until you reach a giant cigar cutter just beyond a ladder to your left. (The opening above is blocked, so don't bother climbing up.) Side flip through the cigar cutter and continue along the tunnel. Throw the floor switch at the end. Reverse roll and flip past the cigar cutter, and head back into Alabronicus Hall. Make a hairpin turn to the left and through the adjacent door you just now opened. Follow the tunnel past another ladder to your right, and you'll spook a Ninja from the dead end ahead.

Kill him, then step back and turn to face the ladder. Look up to see a blade trap guarding the shaft. Carefully climb up the ladder and pull up into an area where you'll lose camera control. Walk forward to the end of the walkway, then hop forward over the gap, pick up the EYE OF APOLLO from the hand-shaped pedestal and watch the cut scene.

Now you need to return to the open area where you began this level. Safety drop to the floor, run up the stairs, hop up into the east opening, continue forward until you reach the parked Subaru, then go around it on foot across the miracle stretch of highway you created. When you get to the deep pit you drove over earlier (from the other side), you say to yourself: How am I ever going to get across that? Simple, just run up the first flight of stairs and turn left. Jump up to grab the monkey bars, and monkey swing across the gap to the other side. Retrace on foot the path you took earlier with the Subaru.

When you emerge on the narrow mountain road to the sound of crashing thunder, just slide down the bank to reach ground level. Run past the truck to the west, and take a running jump and grab across the gap to the extended block. Pull up and draw powerful weapons to dispatch the Demigods perched on suspended green contraptions ahead and to your right and left. Then step forward and light a flare. Turn to the left and toss the flare in the direction of the green contraption, highlighting a translucent platform suspended in front of it. Take a standing jump to the platform, then turn to the right and walk out to the SW corner facing the green contraption. Take a running jump to the contraption and drop down into the alcove in the south face. Throw the wall switch to lower a block next to the truck back in the clearing.

Pull back up, take a standing jump back to the translucent platform, and from there turn left and take a running jump to the bridge. Turn right and run to the east end of the bridge. Take a running jump and grab back across the gap. Pull up and run forward and around to the passenger side of the truck. Drop down into the hole and enter the underground area for SECRET #3. Shoot the box and pick up the large medi-pack.

Climb back up into the clearing and jump back across to the bridge to the west. Run forward toward the shimmering blue-white light in the distance, which turns out to be another giant cigar cutter. Hop down into the room below and pull up into the alcove in front of the cigar cutter. Side flip past it and continue west through a red-tinged room and tunnel, and into a hallway guarded by a translucent Demigod on a block to your left. Draw your favorite weapon and take care of him, then step forward into a large open area with a circular staircase going up to your right and left.

Run forward to the block, combine the Hand of Deimos and Eye of Apollo to form the ARMAGEDDON RELIC, and use it in the slot ahead. Flashes of blue electricity shoot around Lara, signaling the start of an end-game campaign that allows the successful completion of this level. The block ahead now affords temporary protection from the invulnerable Winged Marauder that springs from the west opening. Since you can't kill it, your immediate assignment is to bottle it up so it won't be able to distract you from important exit activity.

Avoiding its deadly bolts, dash up the stairs west and lure the Marauder back into its lair. Once it's inside, and it starts to gird up its loins for a pounce in your direction, run around it and outside. Throw one of the wall switches just outside the opening, then side flip and throw the companion switch. This traps the Marauder inside just long enough for you to complete what you need to do. Reverse roll, run down the stairs and throw the two floor switches you'll find on the other side of the room. Then run up either bank of the circular staircase and throw the other two floor switches you'll find on the upper landing. Run into the opening to the west, and follow into a small room with a teleporter device on the floor. Step on it to finish the level.