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Levels listed...
TR4 - 2809
TR5 - 19
TR3 - 142
TR2 - 92
TR1 - 28

60917 reviews (19.7 / level)
3088 (99.9%) walkthroughs
348 Hall of Fame levels
1000 levels rated >= 8



This page shows the Levels that have less than 6 Reviews (sorted by Average Rating).
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Level Author(s)

Tomb Raider 2: Legend Of Xian (Demo)

Gabriel Croft

Tut Revisited FX active - A Time Forgot

Jeff Sadler

Jungle Ruins - The Return

Rating: 9.000
3 review(s)

The Lake of Fire NG

Rating: 8.500
4 review(s)

The Replicants Planet

Rating: 6.625
4 review(s)

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