NOTES and Comments

The Buried City of Susa

In the moveable mirrors room, the mirrors have no colision, but you must move one of them to open the S door. Once that door is open, you should not move any mirror anymore.

Bandit's Keep

There is a rare occurrence of one of the Sphinxes not dropping a key.

When Ancients Ruled the World

-Sometimes you can see flickering objects from other rooms.It's unavoidable due to level design, but it's very rare.

-In the areas where you can't use your guns, flares are also disabled.That's how it is meant to be and don't try to glitch your way into using them because the game might freeze.

-In the underwater area there are only two torches due to technical limits. Save your game before using them, in case you drop both of them in the water.

-Due to technical issues, some turned on faucets don't produce water-flowing sound effect.

-Sometimes it happens that Lara refuses to aim at the last Sphinx.It's very rarely but if it happens you should reload the game.

-The inventory can't show more than one secret item (the hearts) due to the object's nature, but everything shows correctly in the stats.

- When you open the crowbar-door, make sure to take the kebab in front of you BEFORE solving the scales puzzle in the back. Otherwise, the kebab becomes impossible to get.

The Temple of the Venerables

- Save often and use different slots.

- Be careful when you find many underwater levers. Before you pull any of them look for some hint.

- Each time the game is loaded the number of killed enemies in Statistics resets to zero, so you can get some mistakes in the final statistics.

- When you face baddies, bandits, soldiers and horsemen watch carefully where they fall down, because they could loose something necessary to go on with the game (keys, puzzles and so on). Above all search carefully if they fall down on stairs or near plants, palms and trees.

- The horse can't recognise object collisions, so be careful or Lara could be trapped somewhere (e.g. she could fall in the well and she can't rise up any more).

- Lara can pull some large carpet, but you must find the correct position to let her grasp the rug.

- If you find a room with hammers save in a new slot, because sometimes a bug might occur and if you reload that save Lara might hit an invisible wall where the hammers are bumping.

The Tale of the Lost Brother

- Players have to put these settings in the Setup exe:
Volumetric FX = on
Bump Mapping = OFF

- To give the coins to some tuaregs in pink robes, stand in front of them and give one step back. You should be at the border of the floor tile more or less. Hit action to give the coins.

In Search of Immortality

- Save often in different slots

- Don't save and reload the game when you are on the room with Demigods, otherwise you will be stuck in the room

- Read the Assyrian Scroll you get with the coins, it gives you help for something you have to do

- Enjoy the level!

Finding Aladdin

After using the carpet and before fighting the 2 demigods (at the end), ensure you have saved the game because if the demigod dies too near one of the dome support pillars, the item he carries disappears into the pillar and you will need to reload.