NOTES and Comments

On the Edge of Forever

- At random points through the level there might be some intermittent shaking, do not worry - these are just after shocks from the catastrophic failure and should soon pass.
- Please turn Volumetric FX on.

Hope of Meridian

- Please deactivate VolFX in the setup to see distance fog!
- The Rover (Jeep) is immune to water. It still is a bit buggy so better avoid water.
- Cross the bridge with the Rover on the right or left side. Sometimes you will fall through the middle tile.
- Sometimes the mutants are going up in flames instead of exploding. This can be ignored.

The Frayed Ends of Sanity

-You have to TURN OFF volumetric fx
-When you use the torch to open the plant, make sure to throw the torch into the water at first opportunity to avoid FPS problems later.
-Don't try to light a flare while Lara is wearing her helmet.

Lara's Answer: 42!

- Turn Volumetric FX on!

Lost in Space

- Please turn Volumetric FX on.
- Don't kill the blue final torso enemy with explosive ammo.
- The more magnum ammo you collect in advance, the easier it will be for you to fight with the final bosses!

The World of the 3 Wonders

- You must turn on Bump Mapping and Volumteric FX for a better experience!


- Helmet: Wearing the helmet may crash the game on some computers. Measures were taken to prevent this.
- Final Boss: The final boss may not attack Lara. The final boss may not die after the final puzzle is solved.
- Traveling: Lara will be able to move during some cutscenes. Be careful after traveling.

Starlantis - Natla's Trail

- If you use a timed underwater lever more than once, sometimes the second time you want to pull the leaver, you simply need to swim over the tile, and don’t need to actually pull the lever.