Credits and the BtB package team are dedicating BtB2018 in loving memory of our dear Pat Chancey aka Mugs who sadly passed away in August 2017.

You can pay your respect by visiting her obituary here.


Jesus C.Croft – Team leader, Lara’s outfit, objects, original music compositions, textures,
additional animation, wad assembly, documentation, package assembly, audio assembly,
texture set assembly.
EssGee – Objects, additional animation, wad assembly, sound sfx, original music compositions.
MichaelP – Package and competition hosting and organisation.
Bojrkraider – Objects.
DJFull – Objects, original music composition.
Fluen – Objects, technical advice, Title level.
Mugs – Texture set assembly, administration.
Doppel – Artwork and the BtB2018 Space render.
Amethyste – Objects.
Dutchy – Objects.
Bigfoot – Objects.
Sponge – Objects.
LGG Production – Objects.
Titak – Objects.
TheTiger – Objects and textures.
Matie – Objects and screen-capturing of wad items.
SrDanielPonces – Animations.
Jenni Milward – Voice acting.


Thanks to EssGee for all the hard work he has put through all these years of amazing BtBs and for the incalculable help and support you have provided to this package.

Thanks to Core Design and Crystal Dynamics for the wonder that is Lara Croft and Tomb Raider.

Thanks also to all the fantastic TR tool makers:
TRLE - Core Design
NGLE - Paolone
TRep, esse, Leikkuri- Pyuaumch
Wadmerger - Michiel
Strpix - Turbo Pascal and sapper
CD Audio2 - Turbo Pascal
Metasequoia - O. Mizno
TRLESoundEditor, EditWad - sapper
Wad Reorganizer - Josep Borrut