Step 1: Choose the level you want to play from the Downloads section

Step 2: Unzip the downloaded level, review the readme.txt

Step 3: Start tomb4 setup.bat and make sure that Volumetric FX are enabled/disabled as stated in the comments section of the level you are playing.

Please take note that Back to Basics Space is not playable on a Mac.



Lara's Moves

Ledge jump up: Press Alt (Jump) to jump up then Ctrl to Grab

Ledge Hang Back flip: Hold Ctrl (Action) + Press Down arrow

Ledge Hang Back Flip + Twist: Hold Ctrl (Action) + Press Up and Down
arrow (or End (Roll) Arrow)

Ladder to monkey swing:
a) Ctrl (Action) +Up - to grab M/S above
b) Ctrl (Action) +Alt (Jump)+Shift (Walk)- to turn and grab M/S

Monkey Swing turn: End (Roll)

Water to ladder climb: Ctrl (Action) +Up

Roll out of Ledge Crawlspace: At edge of ledge Alt (Jump) +Forward arrow

Mount Rover - Use Puzzle Item 1 to get inside the vehicle.
To Dismount - press Alt + Left Arrow.
Press / (Forward Slash) Button to Reverse.
Press Shift button to return to forward direction.