On the Edge of Forever  

After a very successful dig on an alien planet interstellar archaeologist Lara Croft finds herself adrift in space at the farthest reaches of human exploration, an area called "the Edge of Forever", after her spaceship's on-board computer suffers a catastrophic failure...

Hope of Meridian

Three days have passed since the last signal. Since then, we have no contact with the Station on Meridian...

Meridian is used as fully functional research and training facility. The missing crew consists of eight people, mostly researchers, whose job it is to explore the planet and study the alien architectures. So far Meridian was considered a peaceful planet. Neither flora nor fauna have been hostile in the past.

We send you in to investigate this incident. Explore the facility, find out what happened to the crew and decimate any dangers on your way. Good Luck!
The Frayed Ends of Sanity  
The expedition from Earth has discovered a new planet, but it turned out there is a huge mutant living there. It occasionally produces invisible but deadly poison gas which mixes with the air. The crew managed to establish a base in the close proximity to the mutant, separated only by a huge subway tunnel. Unfortunately, there are also some infiltrated mercenaries in and around the ship, with the idea to use the gas as a weapon back on Earth. The crew managed to create some ways to reduce poison effects but they can't go any further without an experienced fighter to help them with the mercenaries and the mutant.
Lara was sent to the planet and was dropped onto the location close to the spaceship. First she has to reach the ship, then she has to find the way to reach the mutant through the tunnel, so they can kill it for their safety and also examine the gas for eventual usage. (Level title and the main gameplay concept based on a Metallica song of the same name)
Lara's Answer: 42!  

After some invasion from Aliens to the Earth and years of war, the blue planet is struggling with wasteland and drought. To regenerate the vegetation of the Earth we sent a few spaceships to collect plants from other planets. Lara Croft is a crew member on the Spaceship number 42, and she is helping them with her talent to experience the best adventure….

Lost in Space

After running out of fuel and sending emergency calls while being on a mission in space, Lara finds herself soaked up in a mysterious spaceship and tries to escape in a shuttle by finding two access cards to get to the hangar.

The World of the 3 Wonders  

VCI strikes again! Lara, according to her researches, finds out that there's a portal which leads to an otherworld in Von Croy industries. Of course, she's going to find what's happening there, and at night, she goes in there as a thief!


Stranded aboard a space station, Lara and a small team explore the depths of the universe, seeking interstellar adventure. Research of a local artifact causes interference, provoking local alien life to invade the station, resulting in a portion of the team to be captured.

Starlantis - Natla's Trail  

Before they travelled to Earth and established their colony, Atlantis; the Atlanteans lived on a planet many light-years from Earth. Natla has travelled back to her homeworld to rebuild her empire of Atlanteans from the dust of their home planet.

Lara has travelled to the distant future, to planet Starlantis, in pursuit of Natla. Is she too late to stop Natla and her new army of Atlanteans from unleashing chaos on the cosmos?