The Beheaded Mountain

An ancient legend tells that thousands of years ago, there was a mountain higher than Everest and a huge continent in the middle of the Indian Ocean called Kumari Kandam.
However, after a giant cataclysm, this continent was destroyed.
The survivors of Kumari Kandam decided to take refuge on the highest peaks of the Earth, but discovered that the mountain had also been partially destroyed during the cataclysm.

They decided to build large temples in the middle of the vast caves of the mountain to protect their treasures, in case the world were to be sunken again. Today, Lara Croft investigates this mountain that was alleged to have been higher than Everest, which Tibetan tales call "The Beheaded Mountain".
What will she really find out?



The Lost Monastery

Croft Manor is in foreclosure. Winston's retirement fund is on the verge of being gutted. In need of money, Lara, after much careful research, unearths the location of a fabled monastery thought to be lost to time, nestled deep within an icy mountain along the Yarlung Tsangpo river.

Tibetan folklore has it that the monastery was armed with traps and dangerous trials in an effort to protect an artifact harboring the power or reanimation. Armed with a plane ticket bought from the proceeds of her quad bike sale, Lara heads to Tibet to retrieve the valuables therein.

The Dharma Jewel

The Dharma Jewel was stolen from its sanctuary by an evil, despised thug, who wants to take advantage of all of its properties. Lara, vacationing near Brahmaputra, is alerted by a Buddhist friend that she met on an island along that river. She will do whatever it takes to recover the jewel.

Shigatse Stone

Lara is in search of the mystical Shigatse Stone which brings power, wealth and eternal life to its owner.
After a lot of research, Lara has received some evidence that this artifact can be found in Tibet. So Lara heads to Tibet.


A Debt in Tibet

After another plane crash in the Tibetan mountains, Lara is rescued by a local native called Tenzin who aids her and brings Lara back to health. However Lara is now in debt towards Tenzin and the village for their help, and in return have asked Lara to retrieve a sacred artifact underneath their monastery. The path is dangerous, with creatures, puzzles and traps that guard the way. Help Lara in retrieving the priceless artifact to pay back what is due because a Croft always pays her debts.


Save the Cintamani

While keeping an eye on the Order of Trinity, Lara has tracked down a group of their soldiers in Tibet with a secluded monastery in their sights. The fanatical cult seems to believe that they will find the Cintamani there, and use the wish-fulfilling jewel to purify the world. Can Lara secure the jewel before Trinity gets their hands on it?


Nest of the Souls

The road that leads to Shambala continues to intrigue and lead explorers to try to find it in many adventures. Many do not pay too much attention to forgotten legends related to it that may actually give concrete leads to the famous lost city.

Lara Croft knows that whatever may lead her to the city is hidden within another forgotten legend.

She was working on a research regarding the soul gem, a lost and powerful artifact the may have its origins in Shambala.The legend says that the spiritual force of this artifact is so strong that it could bring back the heat and vitality to inhospitable places. This so called artifact might be in a forgotten monastery called Nest of the Souls according to Lara's research. She found out that in the past the monks that used to live there used a red gem to be able to have food and live isolated from the rest of the world. It seems that the place is just a ruin from what it was in the past, but Laras intuition is almost never wrong. She travels to the place to find the soul gem but it seems she's not the only one looking for it.

A Matter of Life and Death

Suspicious activity has arisen across Tibet in search of an ancient artefact, the Cintamani Stone, a sacred gem fallen from the sky. Legends say about its extraordinary, wish-fulfilling power that many treasure hunters and mysterious organisations want to get their hands on. However, the Stone is said to have been lost in the world of Bardo (the transitional state between life and rebirth), while it was attempted to be taken back to heaven.

Lara Croft is, of course, seeking to get hold of this treasure, although she would prefer to avoid dying for it, if at all possible. She managed to locate an ordinary looking village with a not so ordinary gate, closing off an area linked to many disappearances. This could be exactly what Lara needs, so she decides to book herself into the nearest hotel.

Big Trouble in Little Tibet

Some monks from a remote monastery in the Himalayas asked Lara for help to get back their Holy Seraph which some Talion bird monsters have stolen. On her way to Tibet, Lara had a plane crash in the mountains and is forced to get to the monastery on foot. Help Lara reach the monastery and retrieve back the Holy Seraph to the place where it belongs.

Beyond the Caves of Nyalam

There has been a rumour about the ancient temple deep behind the caves of Nyalam, which is said to be inhabited by a huge monster. The few people who live near the temple didn't feel safe.

Lara decided to investigate. She managed to find her way through the caves, to meet a monk named Shin.

Shin told Lara that she must pass a test to prove herself worthy, so that she can get inside the temple. After doing this, Lara managed to defeat the monster and trap it inside the ancient box.

Now, she is having a pleasant time, relaxing in the nearby house of her new friends, before she returns home. Shin wrote a story about her adventure and he is about to read it to them, so that they can all relive the tale once more.


Manjushri's Sword

Manjushri is the oldest and most important bodhisattva - a man
on his journey to become a Buddha. He symbolizes the embodiment of wisdom. Manjushri is depicted wielding a flaming sword in his right hand - representing the realization of transcendent wisdom which cuts down ignorance and duality. According to Lara's research, his flaming sword is probably hidden in a tomb near a small village in Tibetan mountains.

Dolma's Fortress

An ancient Buddhist order requests the help of the brave adventurer Lara Croft to recover the Dolma's dagger, a millenary artefact, hidden in some legendary caves in the high Tibetan peaks. The dagger is the key to break a curse that affects the Buddhist order, but its power is coveted by many, and Lara will have to struggle for obtaining it and return it to their rightful owners.

The Forgotten Sealed Masks

According to an old myth, it is believed that a long, long time ago, 4 masks, which used to keep an evil demigod imprisoned, were lost in 4 different locations of Tibet by unknown forces.
Lara, always intrigued by those old stories, is ready to have a trip there and discover more about all of this.

The Holy Shell

Lara:"Centuries ago, a plague struck this area. Monks tried to purify their souls before dying, by attending a path of voluntary tortures that they've set up here. But a legend tells about a holy golden shell, tied to an ancient family of shamans. Only their descendants can use its power and it is told that the shell would transform them into demigods.
It was able to powerfully destroy and heal at the same time, keeping the influence of their ancient dynasty preserved. The monks were desperately trying to find a descendant, to heal this area from the plague. So, they have hidden the shell somewhere in the area, performing periodic rituals whenever they found a possible descendant. No one ever appeared to be related to the family, and the dynasty is probably lost forever now. But what would happen if a real descendant reached it, and used its power improperly? Whatever the risk, this shell will be a fine addition to my collection."

Garden of the Four Seasons

Year 2020. Lara is in the Tibetan mountains searching for the fabled ‘Garden of the Four Seasons’. The garden is rumoured to be built upon a portal to a nether region containing an ancient evil which was banished there. The garden guardians have been protecting the garden and guarding its portal for thousands of years. Lara suddenly feels compelled to visit the garden and learn its secrets...

Beyond The Sky

Lara goes in search of the Seraph

It's been said it is hidden inside a lost temple in Tibet