Author: Kidoguchi Misao
Unauthorised walkthrough (rewritten): CC

My download had no audio files, so I can't comment on sound, and keep an eye
out for pickups, I haven't mentioned all of them. Youíll also need to
conserve as many medpacks as you can, there isnít that many in this level.

Venice, great. A little flyby shows the route from where Lara starts
standing on a small ledge facing north. Swim forward and climb the crates to
the top. There's a pulldown switch on the corner side of the top crates, use
it and climb up again. Weapons ready before jumping down, a spanner-wielding
thug attacks. Run through the red curtain on the left and keep going forward
to a little room, a dog attacks. Pick up the flares. Run back to the curtain
but before running through turn around and climb to a ledge and pull the
switch. This opens the gate into a storeroom the other side of the curtain.
A gunman attacks at some point in here too.

In the storeroom are crates. You know from experience that some of these
crates are pushable. The first pushable crate on the right reveals a switch,
pull it (this opens the half gate you'll see in a minute). The second on the
right reveals a crawlspace and the now open gate.

Into a room with barrels, a table to get the crossbow, and a ladder. Climb
the ladder. You need to use the crossbow and you only have ordinary arrows.
Face Lara north so that when you use the look button you see a red target on
the other side of the room dead centre through Lara. Use the up and down
keys to position this red target just above Lara's ears and shoot. This will
set off the sprinkler system. It also opens that grate outside in the canal
near the crates you climbed up. Go there.

A bit of swimming down and up again to come out into a room with a slope.
You could go up and see two fireplaces. The one on the left has a metal ball
to shoot above the fire - so you need a lasersight. Go back to the waterhole
and jump in. Just below you'll see an entrance and triangular crack, swim
through and up and there's the lasersight. Back up to the two fireplaces,
shoot the metal ball and climb up through the right fireplace. This took a
few goes, I got up eventually by standing Lara under the ladder on the
right. You come to a room with a balcony overlooking the canal, and you see
a key on the red awning. Jump over and get it, and come back to the balcony,
and back into the room.

See that grate, it's pushable. Push it in twice to reveal a switch. This is
timed, and it's a little awkward, probably a slight bug in the game. Pull
the switch, wait 2 seconds, then run outside to see that trapdoor up, keep
running over the trapdoor and jump to the long red awning across the canal.
When I did this first I pulled the switch and ran straight away, but the
trapdoor did not rise. I believe this jump can be done from the balcony to
the awning without the timed trapdoor. I did try it, about 30 times, but had
no success. Shimmy along this red awning, you'll see the zipline below, the
square to the right of the square over the zipline is the place to pull up
and backflip/twist/grab the balcony behind for a medpack (a rare find). Run
and grab the awning again and shimmy all the way left to the end and
backflip grab the balcony behind. Here is the keyhole for your key.

After using the key have weapons ready. Run in a deal with another thug.
Find the door behind all the bookcases and go in there. Another thug
attacks. You are in a room with steps, and red curtains. Climb into the
curtain on the left and pull the switch. Back out and a part of the floor
has dropped down. Go down there. You'll see a zip line, but you can't use it
properly yet. Go down further and find a crawlspace on the right. When you
come out of the crawlspace turn round and use the pulldown switch (this
opens double doors at the end of the zipline and up the stairs which you'll
come to later on for a secret). Continue on across the zipline to another
switch. Now this is timed so you'll have to be quick. Pull the switch, a
gate opens beside you, hop up and use the zipline to take you across the
canal to another building. A tip for this very frustrating timed run: after
you've pulled the switch keep the action button pressed so that you can jump
up through that door without Lara hitting her head off the wall or bumping
into the zipline. If you've managed to get to the top of the zip line but
not fast enough to get through the door, the handle is stuck in front of the
door. Go back up to the top of the zip line and walk about a bit, then the
handle of the zipline will appear again at the top. So you can go back down
to that switch and do the timed run again.

When you've managed to get all the way across the canal on the zipline.
Don't go up the stairs yet. Turn around and shoot another metal ball on the
wall of the building with the zipline. This opens the door beside it. Jump
over to that door, go in, and open the door just inside. Use the pulldown
switch. Continue along the corridor to a small room with a pool, kill two
spiders. Arrow pickup in here. See that crawlspace - shoot the cover and get
a secret piece of paper! (all it says is prize).

Now look in the pool and shoot the grate. This is a little hard but not too
bad. Swim into that opening in the pool. If you want to, look to the right
and see a big wheel turning. Swim into the entrance on the left and keep
going until you see a half gate, it opens as you approach. Immediately
through the gate look up, there's an underwater pulldown switch. Pull it and
continue on around until you see another entrance on the left with a half
gate. If you swim all the way round to the right you'll hit a dead end. It
opens as you approach to let you back out to the big wheel part. You'll need
air so swim back to the pool. Swim back again to the big wheel, which has
stopped turning and the gate is open. Swim through the gate and down under
the wheel. Behind the wheel is an underwater switch on the wall, use it
(this shows a block lowering in the corridor outside), and swim back to the
pool again.

Go back out the way you came into this pool room. After the block lowered a
door on the right has opened. Kill two spiders. You see more red curtains.
Climb into the one on the right and you're in a small room with a switch,
use it. Back out again and collect that key on the floor. Leave this room
and turn right to the end. Climb the ladder and you're back near the top of
the zipline. There's a pulldown switch here, use it to open the gate. Run up
to the top of the zipline again and use it to get across the canal for a
second time.

This time go up the stairs and through the doors on the left (opened by the
pulldown switch at the end of the crawlspace beside the zipline), along the
corridor and open the doors at the end. Climb down and past the fire barrel
to get Lara's passport secret. Back out the way you came and forward to a
keyhole. Use your key.

In a corridor there are three doors. First on the left, push two crates
around to find the uzis and ammo. The next door on the right is a little
library. Pull the book and the door at the back opens for more ammo. Now
through the door at the end of the hall. Run around to the right until the
camera changes. You can't use the look button. As you're looking at Lara, on
your left, is a trapdoor in the ceiling, pull it down. Up there kill a
spider and find a floor lever. That light bulb on the blink is a very clever
touch. Back down again and through the next door. You're up high and need to
shoot a vulture flying towards you. A vulture in Venice?

From the entrance you can see the slopes on either side and the collapsible
tile. The slope on the right is the one to go for as there's an unbroken
shimmy there. Only problem is you have to jump to it.

See the texture square at the entrance, stand on the join with the square
next to it and line up for the edge of slope. This can be done with a
running jump, but it took me at least 30 goes before I got it. Another way
is to do a running jump/swan dive. Slide and grab the edge and shimmy all
the way to the beam, which will stop you going any further. Pull up and
backflip/twist/grab the collapsible tile behind you. Move quickly and jump
and grab the long solid beam slope that crosses this huge room. Shimmy to
the left. Hang on and look over the beam. It's best to line Lara up with the
right side of the tile over the other side. Pull up slide and land on that
tile, jump immediately to the next tile and a running jump to the next, a
ordinary jump to the last and a jump to the wall and pull up. Turn around
immediately to deal with another vulture. Go through this corridor.

Slide down, Lara will stop at the end. From up here if you wait a little you
can kill a thug, you may be able to shoot the dog as well. Drop down and
you'll have to deal with another thug, a dog, and a gunman shooting you from
the roof of the opera house.

Look around for a slope beside a wall. Stand with your back to the slope and
Lara next to the wall. Backflip onto the slope, jump forward and turn to the
right to land on the wall. From here do a running jump over to the domed
roof and get that key, and ammo on the roof. Back and do the slope again and
use the switch there. Now you see a block rise over where the key was. From
the block jump to the wooden walkway. Use your key, go in and use the
switch. Back outside jump across to the dome roof again. In the centre of
the domed roof is an opening. That block down there to drop down onto was
raised when you pulled that last switch.

Go to the East doors and open them. In there drop back from the edge and
shimmy to the right. Fall to the floor, run to the other side and use the
rise in the floor to grab the next shimmy crack. Shimmy left to the next
opening. Drop back and shimmy left until you're over the ledge, Lara will
bring her legs up here on the ladders. Let Lara fall, but before you fall
off backflip/twist/grab the ledge behind. Run in there and pull the switch
(opens another set of doors outside). If you have a little patience you can
target and kill three spiders down there (they are poisonous, and I wanted
to keep as many medpack as I could because there aren't many so far in this
level). Climb the ladder, when you get to the top let go the action button
for a second and Lara assumes a shimmy pose, so you can now shimmy right to
the exit. A block has risen now in this next room, but before you jump in,
turn around drop and hang for a second to trigger two more spiders, and kill
them from safety. Now use the block to get out.

Outside to the now opened west doors. And into a gorgeous blue stained glass
room with fish tank. Shoot the door on the left, and go through to a
shootable grate and half gate to open. In to the right is a pulldown lever,
use it and go further in to get ammo. Outside again to the main hall and see
that block has moved itself over to the side. Climb it and use the switch.
This opens the south doors, and through them comes a ponytailed gigolo with
gun. When the flyby is finished the block has disappeared, kill the gunman
and take his ID plate. Go through the south doors and place the ID plate.
Another flyby shows another gigolo coming through the north doors, so go out
and deal with him. He leaves nothing.

Through the north door, go to the very end and open the double doors on the
left. In this area a thug attacks, kill him. This is a dark brown wooden
looking room. Open the doors at the end. A crate is in front of you, push it
forward. Push the crate on the left twice. Go around to the right. Pull out
the corner crate, not the last crate in the corner, and push it around
towards the second crate. It looks now like you're trapped, but you're not.
Now pull out that last crate and pull/push it all the way across to the
opposite corner. Pull and push the third crate beside this last crate.
You're way out is now clear. Pull that switch now (it lowers the last
section of the floor outside on the left). Just outside this crate room, on
the right, is an arrow pickup.

Back out into the corridor again, turn left and at the end where the camera
changes, drop down into the hole. Lara can grab at something but can't pull
up so what is it? It's a view-hole to shoot another metal ball, so out with
the lasersight and crossbow again. If you're having difficulty targeting
this ball try this: stand all the way back from the view-hole kindof in the
centre, look through the lasersight and aim for the top left corner behind
the ball, the exact corner.

Now if you head back to where that north door was the door on your right is
open. Shoot the grate and you get a flyby of another gunman running away
from Lara and a quick glimpse of a metal ball. Using the Lasersight and
crossbow again, you can just about see the bottom of the ball, so take
you're time aiming at it. This opens the gate in the corridor outside. Turn
around, go out and left to that gate. Up the stairs and open the double
doors at the end and you're in the opera house main room with stage and
orchestra pit.

Run to the right. You could kill the guy on the level below from up here
with pistols if you like. A door opens as you approach and a dog and gunman
come out, kill them. Go in that room and get the ammo. Go back outside.

Run to the left and pull the switch just to see the block rising on the
other side of the audience space, now pull it again to lower the block,
you'll need it to be down, you'll see later on. From this switch look around
the corner towards the stage, there's a royal box there and the next
passport secret. The only way I could get in there was to do an awkward
running jump with a slight twist right and left to land in the box. Pick up
the passport, forget about the gunman on the stage that may be shooting at
you and dive into the waterlogged orchestra pit. In the water is a key, pick
it up and make your way out to the audience area again. A thug and dog have
appeared. Get rid of them.

Go over to the left side facing the stage and use your key to open the half
gate beside you. Get up into the crawlspace. Drop down at the end. Jump up
and pull down a trapdoor. Get up there, a door opens as you approach,
there's also a torch on the floor. A gunman has appeared ahead of you, kill
him, and shoot out the little balcony also. Pick up the torch and throw it
down to the ground floor. Go down and get it and put it into the hole that
the block will rise from. Behind the curtain here is a crawlspace to get
more ammo.

Go back through that other crawlspace and trapdoor again. This time do a
running jump and grab across to where the ladder is and make your way back
up to the switch to raise that block, which now has the torch on it. Jump
down to where the burning barrel is and jump onto the raised block, pick up
the torch, and jump back to the burning barrel. Use the torch on the
wallsconce nearby and the door opens.

Go through and when you come out two gunman are now on the stage with a dog,
get rid of them and take the fuse. Run through the red curtains on the other
side and place the fuse. A flyby shows the stage backcurtain burning a hole.

Go out and through this hole. There are stacks of crates. Find the moveable
one and pull it out. Go in behind it and climb up more crates to a switch.
Pull it and an earthquake starts, or is it. It stops after a while so what
has happened? The crates have altered and if you go back to where the hole
is there's now another way to get out. Go there and climb a long ladder, and
descend another ladder to a switch. Pull it and keep going until the view
changes to a helicopter waiting for Lara as she slides down to it.
that's the end of a brilliant level.