City of the Dark (Demo)

Level by Ego

Walkthrough by DJ Full

It's not a dark wall around you, like it is in most cases when complete darkness surrounds you. So watch out not to fall from the path, because you CAN. Jump over the motorbike, pick up the Nitrous Oxide Feeder and backflip to get on the right of the vehicle. Get as close to it as you can and DON'T press Action to mount the booster. If you do so, you will just enter the vehicle. To use the item, You have to enter the inventory and select Nitrous Oxide Feeder from it. After Lara tunes the motorbike, enter it and accelerate. Don't get confused by the cameras while running over 48 SASes. Using nitro is optional but, no matter if you do it or not, keep some speed at the end of the ramp to be able to fly over the gap and land on the other side of it. Driving towards the door in front of you ends the level.