Hall of Fame Levels by Miss Kroft (Monika Pawlus)


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, to supplement the one prepared long ago by Monika Pietsch (see further below)



Level 1: KYOTO


In Japanese, hanami means "flower viewing," and the significance of the title will be demonstrated in glorious fashion as the level progresses. After the opening flyby through an Oriental resort, loop left around the courtyard past a monkey with a strange mating call and jump SE onto a wooden ledge. Note the keyhole and be prepared to shoot two hostile butterflies down in the courtyard that may or may not attack, hop over NE onto the rock ledge and pull up into the crawl space.†

Drop down the other side and look for another crawl space at the SE corner for crossbow arrows. Take a running jump N over the spike-trapped flooring and push the floor lever to open a door in the pool. Use the climbable wall to get past the spikes, exit via the crawl space and go around the courtyard to where you began the level. The fish in the pool appears to be friendly, so jump into the water and swim past the S opening into an enclosed area. Stay low because of the darts issuing from the alcove to your left and find a small medipack in the SW alcove. Swim high and enter the dart-trapped alcove to find an underwater lever in the ceiling shaft. Pull it to move a panel aside in the adjacent building, exit to the pool and pull out E at the opening.


Note the keyhole and shoot the upper NE panel. Pull into the opening and hop down into a hallway. Go around past an archway into a larger room and deal with two samurai. The red boxes are all empty, so go through the NE opening, into the E room and up the stairs to your left to an upper balcony. Go past a crowbar door and shoot the huge vase at the end so you can get into the crawl space and work your way around to the CROSSBOW. Return to the balcony, go back to a gap in the railing and take a running jump E to activate a jump switch that moves aside another panel. The large vase in this room hides a rat, if you're interested.


Go S to the larger room, shoot the red box blocking the E opening if you didn't do so earlier and go straight across into a room leading to a private pool. Step into the shallow water and find the CROWBAR hidden in a clump of seaweed. You know where to use it, so go back inside, up the steps in the NE room to the balcony and around to the crowbar door noted earlier. Open it and enter a virtually empty room. Go across into the next room and shoot the huge vase for explosive arrows. In the previous room, turn left onto a raised section of the flooring and shoot the panels in the E wall. Enter a room with an empty red box and three empty vases. Shoot at least one of the vases so you can climb the NW ladder and back flip into an upper room with a roaring fire.


Loop around right into an alcove to find a wall switch, but don't use it yet. Pull the block in the E passage one time to clear a passageway on the other side, then go pull down the timed wall switch to turn off the flame for a couple of seconds. Reverse roll and sprint around left into the N fireplace before the flame returns. Ignore for now a second wall switch and follow the passage past the pushblock into an alcove with the LASER SIGHT. When you step into the alcove a samurai will attack from behind. Return to the second wall switch and save your game for a tight timed run. Pull the switch to move a panel aside in the room down below, reverse roll and run to loop around right from the passage to the ladder hole. Just run off the edge to save time, reverse roll upon landing and loop around right once again into the next room. Sprint a bit to your right to get past the timed panel in the NW corner.


Go up the steps to another upper balcony and find two more pushblocks. Take a running jump to land between them and move each one to the N one time. You can't climb over the blocks, but you can hang from the edge and shimmy past them. Moving the blocks has allowed you to access an opening in the W wall, but first shoot the red box against the S wall for a small medipack. When you go past the W opening a swinging blade is activated in the next room. Stand next to the flaming tile facing the entrance, back flip onto the slope and grab the E ladder. Climb up a bit and take a rolling back flip to grab the W ladder. Climb until Lara's hands are on the top rung and back flip onto a ledge.


Stand at the SE corner, and when the spikes retract take a standing jump to land on the edge of the corner tile. You should be safe both from the spikes and from the dart trap. Sidestep if necessary so that both of Lara's feet are entirely on the corner tile, kneel to pick up the RONINS KEY and safety drop onto the ledge in the previous room at the cost of some health. Safety drop to the lower room and exit E, continue to the balcony and go down the stairs to the bottom floor. Make your way through the house in a generally S direction until you can go no farther, turn right and climb over the block to return to the outdoor pool.

Jump in, swim across, pull out and go back S to the courtyard and jump to the wooden ledge. Use the Ronins Key to move the panel aside so you can enter a room with a sand-covered floor. Grab shotgun ammo at the NW corner and shoot the glass panel in the E wall. Shoot the samurai in the next room, as well as the panel in the S wall. Slide down to a passage guarded by sword-wielding statues. Time your runs past them (crawling won't work) and go up the steps into the next room. Shoot the large vase for crossbow arrows and look up above where the vase stood to see a hanging brass ball. Combine the laser sight and crossbow, shoot the ball to hear the sound of a panel sliding aside and make your way back past the statues.


Hop up the slope, turn right into the E passage where the panel slid aside and follow to an opening. Climb down the ladder and find the pushblock in the room below. Move it two times E and go around it to find a second pushblock. Pull this one two times N, then move it two times E so it's next to the first pushblock. Pull up over the S block and find another pushblock near the SE corner. Pull it once, go around the left side and hop down into the corner for the SHOTGUN. The pushblock is now directly beneath the jump switch you now need to use, and it's not the climbable kind, so turn right and push it two times to get it out of the way.


Turn right again and hop onto the single crate. Hop up NE onto the next crate, pull up onto the left corner of the top crate to avoid the one swinging from a ceiling rope and time a running jump S to land on a slope. Jump without sliding to activate a jump switch. A door has opened in the N wall, so go there and face a blade-trapped slope.


Stand right, slide down, jump over the first blade and jump immediately without sliding to clear the second blade and land near a wall switch. Pull it down for a cut scene of a door opening in the corridor with the sword-wielding statues. Use the climbable wall to get back up the slope past the blades, drop down at the entrance and climb the NW ladder out of this room. Run through the passage, turn left in the next room and slide down S to the familiar corridor. Get past the first statue and turn right past the opened door into a dark passage with a wall switch. Pull it down to move out a block in a previous room, exit to the corridor, turn right and get past the other three statues.


Go up the steps, climb onto the block and face S at the back edge. Jump up to open the ceiling trap door, turn around pull up through the hole into a room with a waiting samurai. Step out through the N opening and take a running jump to grab the ledge across the room with the sand-covered floor. Pull up, shoot a butterfly and jump NW to a ledge with a floor lever. Wait for the approaching rat to come within range, shoot it and push the lever to raise a gate near the private pool.††††


Get back down to the lower wooden ledge, run back N to the outdoor pool, swim across to enter the house and make your way through the rooms, looping around right until you reach the room with the private pool outside. The opened door is in the N wall, so enter the passage cautiously as huge hammers are triggered on the other side. Time your way past them and look for a brass ball hanging NW from the roof. Shoot it to open panels back in the house. Exit past the hammers (just go to the wall and sidestep past them), re-enter the house and† go straight across W to the room where you can now step outdoors into a back yard area.


Run SW to attract three butterflies. If you happen to hit one of the monkeys, it will become hostile and attack you as well. If you have to shoot it, no great loss. Continue SW through a little pass, loop around right and look for a floor hole at the NW corner of the courtyard. Climb down to avoid health loss and follow the underground passage to a crawl space to your left which holds the GEIKOS KEY (cut scene). Climb back out of the hole and look for the crawl space in the N wall. Enter and follow around for shotgun ammo and a large medipack for SECRET #1. Return and go back the way you came to the main house. Make your way to the SW exit leading to the outdoor pool and use your new key in the SE receptacle.


The panel to your left slides aside, so enter a whole new wing of the house, go past the steps to a large hub room, loop around right through the W opening and go past the statues. Shoot the last red box at the end (the other two are empty) for explosive arrows and a samurai will charge from around the corner. He drops another GEIKOS KEY when he dies. Return to the hub room, go right through the S opening and shoot the containers in the next room for explosive arrows and shotgun ammo. Continue through the E opening, turn left and you'll be attacked by two samurai. A remote camera will show you a gem on a high column in this hallway. Continue N to the next room and use the Geikos Key in the far wall to open the panel to your left.


Follow the passage past a closed door, jump over the flame that prevents access to a jump switch and push the button in the N wall that opens the door back in the passage. Return there, take one step past the open door to attract a samurai, deal with him and back flip onto the slope in the passage. Jump off to activate the jump switch and trigger a spikeball behind you. Jump forward immediately upon landing and scoot left to avoid it. The flame at the end of the passage has gone out, so you can now activate the second jump switch to open a panel you can't reach from here. Return to the hub room, go right through the N opening and follow around to the opened panel.


Use the ladder to climb down the floor hole and sprint down the ramp to trigger a spike ball. Jump to safety and continue into the next room to trigger a blade trap. Stand against the ramp, hop back once, take one step back and jump onto the ramp. Jump without sliding to grab the ladder above the blade and climb to an upper room. The large vase hides a rat. Go to the NW steps, look down right for shotgun ammo and go up to a large platform. Jump E into the opening and go around left to find two red boxes containing flares and a large medipack. Shoot two rats and go through the SE opening.


Follow the passage to the E opening and face a spike trap. Time a running jump without grab to land on the column with the GREEN ZEN STONE you saw in the cut scene. A samurai comes to investigate, but you can shoot him from up here. Safety drop to the floor, run through the N passage and turn left to the hub room. Exit NW, go back through the house (loop around left in the room leading to the private pool) and go through the W opening that leads to the back yard area. Head SW past the little pass toward the back door of a dwelling where you'll find the receptacle for your green gem. Place it to open the panel and follow the passage to be taken to the next level.




You pick up right where you left off in the first level, except that the way back is now blocked, and you have all accumulated pickups. Follow the passage to a wider hallway and turn left just past a keyhole. Continue S past a side passage to a room with two hot tubs and an open fire. Search the hot tubs for a large medipack and shotgun ammo, go S into the next room with an empty hot tub and loop around left to shoot a vase. Use the reach-in switch in the corner to open a panel back in the side passage.


Return there, turn left at the wall and loop around left past the opened panel to find a wall switch. Pull it down to raise a block in the NW hot tub, go there and use the block to activate a jump switch. A timed (but generously so) door opens at the other end of the side passage, so return there and enter a room with a flame blower. Shoot two rats and time a quick run past the flame blower into small room. Push the floor lever to re-open the timed door and activate the jump switch to fill the hot tub in the S room.


Return there, jump in and swim through the small opening at the SE corner. Find the DRAGON KEY, return and run back N to that key hole you passed by earlier. (There's another one partially hidden by a flowering plant in the opposite wall.) Use the key to open the panel, enter the next room and go up the stairs past empty red boxes to an upper room where an assassin lurks. Go S through the hallway to a room with pushblocks. Move them one by one as far N as possible until a TORCH is exposed, then pull the fifth and last one away from a large medipack. Go into the S room to draw out two rats, note the wall sconces in the E side room, then pick up the torch and return to the stairs to encounter another assassin.†


Go back downstairs to a room with an open flame, light the torch and go all the way back upstairs to that E side room. Light the two wall sconces to open a panel downstairs, leave the torch here and return to the room with the two hot tubs (at the S end of the house). Hop onto the ledge next to the open fire, face E under the ceiling hole and jump up to open the trap door. Turn around in place and pull up to a room where an assassin is waiting. Go out onto the balcony for the GEIKOS KEY and drop back down to the room with the hot tub.


Run N toward the other end of the house and in the hallway with two key holes use the one in the W wall to open the panel to your left. Step outdoors into a large back yard area, follow the wooden walkway to the end for shotgun ammo and wait for a butterfly to attack. Run W past a tree and loop around left to find flares near a window. Shoot another butterfly on your way back and note the receptacle in the N building. Turn left there and run W through an alley. Loop left around the building and shoot the window at the SE corner.


Enter the building, go through the W opening to a fixed camera, run forward for a small medipack and deal with an assassin who comes charging down the stairs. Go upstairs to a room with a closed panel and look for a hanging brass ball in a ceiling hole near the NE corner. Shoot it to open the panel and go there, but be sure to trigger the giant hammers at the threshold before entering. In the next room shoot the red box against the W wall for crossbow arrows. Go up the E ramp on the right side, find the pushblock in the opening to your left and pull it once. Go back down and around and up the other ramp to draw out an assassin, then continue past the first pushblock to the E wall, where you'll find another pushblock to your right. Pull it once and make a looping circuit up the other ramp to the wall switch that your actions have exposed.


Pull down the switch to activate flame blowers in two reach-in switches to your right. Time the flames to use both switches, and a block will rise nearby. Make another looping circuit up the left ramp, turn left at the second pushblock and use the raised block to pull up through the ceiling hole into an enclosed room. Go to the back side of the central column and pull up into the opening for the PAGODA KEY. Get back down, take a running jump over the hammers so they won't strike you, go downstairs and exit this building N.


Return to the building with the receptacle and use the Pagoda Key to gain entry. Kill the assassin waiting inside and go to the SW alcove to activate a blade trap. Climb the ladder, and when Lara's hands are on the last rung below the yellow ladder supports, back flip safely into the upper room. Open the nearby crowbar door and climb another ladder to an even higher room. Shoot the red box for the SMALL WATERSKIN and activate the jump switch in the window alcove to lift a gate outdoors. Climb down to the next floor, treat the floor hole as a crawl space, lower Lara past the swinging blade and drop to the ground floor.


Exit this building, turn right through the alley and turn right again to find a NW opening in the rock wall where the gate lifted. Light a flare, go down the steps and jump over a floor hole. Emerge at a ramp with a poised boulder up to your right. Walk up to the large medipack and save your game after picking it up. The boulder will be triggered on your way down the ramp and your task is to jump over two spike-trapped tiles and onto the sloped column outside without falling into the deadly water below. To make this easier, just walk backwards down the ramp, and when you see the boulder start to move run forward and scoot to your right into the step passage. At the opening below, don't hop back in preparation for a running jump or you'll be spiked. Take two steps back and perform a walking/running jump (shift + arrow key followed by jump key)onto the sloped column. Jump without sliding onto the W ramp and immediately hop back to grab the edge as a second boulder rolls by.


Fot a secret, pull up onto the ramp, go up near the top and hang from the right (W) side. Climb down the ladder, shift right to the opening and pull inside for SECRET #2. Grab the shotgun ammo, explosive arrows and small medipack, climb back up to the ramp and take a running jump to grab the W opening above a ladder. Pull up to face two swinging spike bags. Time runs past them into the passage, go up the steps and open the crowbar door at the end. Go through a small room to the next room, get the flares behind the column and look up E to shoot out the window on the second level. Next, shoot the hanging brass ball just past the opening to open a nearby panel. Loop around right, go up the steps and climb up higher. Loop around left past the opened panel and pull up into the E crawl space just past a flowering plant for crossbow arrows.†


Return to the opened panel and exit W to an outdoor area. Go up the steps, turn left and come to a small courtyard. At the SW corner is a panel you can kick to create a crawl space. Enter and crawl to the next room. Shoot two rats. The red box in the corner is empty, but the large vase hides a samurai who leaves behind shotgun ammo. Enter the N room and pull the glass case at the NW corner away from the DRAGON KEY. Go to the SW room and use the Dragon Key to open two panels and release a ghostly geisha who floats across the room from N to S.


Go into the N room with empty containers and note the key hole. Go across into the S room and shoot the red box for the GEIKOS KEY as you hear the sound of snapping spikes. Return to the N room and use the key to draw out a block beside you. Use it to access a reach-in switch that opens a door back in the S room. As you might suspect, the ramp beyond the opening is a boulder trap, so hop in backwards to trigger the first boulder, run forward and aside to safety, then hop backwards two times into the passage to trigger a second boulder. This time you'd be well advised to sprint down the ramp.


When all is clear, go up to a room with a spike-trapped gem. Save your game in front of the wall switch. Pull it down to stop the spikes for a couple of seconds, turn left, take a step forward and jump to land on the PURPLE (sic, it's red) ZEN STONE. Pick it up and hop back immediately to avoid the returning spikes. There's a ceiling hole at the SW corner, so face N and jump up to grab the ladder. Climb up to a small room with a wall switch that lifts a gate in a building outside. Climb back down, go down the ramp, run through the connected rooms to the one with the crawl space and return to the outdoors.


Turn left and run straight N to where the gate lifted in the cinder block building. Enter and pull down the wall switch to open the door behind you in the SE corner (and close the opposite door), enter and jump into the hot tub after shooting a rat. Fill the small waterskin, pull out and return to the wall switch. Push it back up to reverse the door activity, reverse roll and enter the W opening. Note the flame blocking a receptacle and carefully step inside the opening at a corner and save your game before emptying the small waterskin. If the flame doesn't go out, get a little closer and try again. When you're successful, go past the smoldering wood to place the Zen Stone (whatever color it may be) in the receptacle and enjoy the ensuing flyby.


Exit this room, loop around left past the wall switch and come to an impressive house on stilts in a small pond. If you were to jump into the water and explore, you would find two closed underwater gates. From the pointed shoreline take a running jump N to grab the wooden ledge surrounding the building, pull up and go around to the other side. If you go around right, you'll encounter an assassin on the way to the S opening, leaving but two remaining enemies to deal with. If you go around left to enter the building, you'll have to deal with two assassins and a samurai waiting inside at one time. Your choice, but explosive arrows will come in handy in either case.


Once inside, ignore the empty vases and climb the blocks to the second story. Shoot the red box in the SE corner for the GOLDEN ZEN STONE, go to the raised slab for the RONINS KATANA (looks like an ordinary sword to me), get back down to the first story and exit the building. Jump into the pond, swim NW and pull out onto a ledge next to a wall switch. Pull it down to open the E gate at the far end of the pool (not the nearer one behind you). Jump back into the water, swim E past the opened gate and follow the narrow passage to the end. Surface, pull out and a blade trap will be activated. Turn around, jump W to grab the ladder, climb up near the top and take a rolling back flip to grab the E ladder above the blade.


Climb up to a dark room with a swinging spike bag. Get around it easily and place the Zen Stone in the receptacle to lift the other gate in the pond. You know where it is, so retrace your steps to the pond, swim across W and turn right into the N opening. Someone says "congratulations, you did it" as you swim down the passage to end the level.


Hanami in Kyoto
By Monika Pawlus aka Miss Kroft

By Monika Pietsch

This is a rather do this and do that walkthrough. It doesnít tell about the beauty of the surroundings and the magnificent rooms. It also doesnít mention the partly wonderful music.
I found this one of the most beautiful levels I ever played.
I just loved this kind of setting.

Hanami in Kyoto

Actually Lara wanted to spend a nice holiday in Kyoto in Japan and enjoy
the cherry-blossoms.
But then an old friend of her called and told her about a spectacular old sword, called Katana, which was stolen by gangsters and that they have hidden it in an old Japanese palace.
Of course this is a "must have" for her ;-)
Help Lara to get the Katana and enjoy the game :-)

There is one secret in every level (2 levels = 2 secrets).


Introduction with a flyby and music.
Run to the left side. Shoot a few butterflies. Look for a crawlspace at the east side. Go up and in. Pick up some normal arrows. Go over to the switch with a running jump. Push it and an underwater door will open. There are spikes blocking your way back so use the climbable wall.
When you meet monkeys you can shoot them or not. Just as you like.
Go to the pool on the other side. The fish is harmless. Swim through the door.
Watch out for poisonous darts. Look for an underwater lever. Pull it. Then pick up the small medipack. Leave and go out the water at the open door.
Look for a white window (Japanese paper) and shoot it. The keyhole there is for later. Go through the opening and you will reach a large room. Shoot the red chests. There is nothing in these ones hidden. Watch out. There are two thugs coming. Deal with them. Go through the opening opposite the geisha.
Go up the stairs. At the end of the up there shoot a large vase. Climb into the crawlspace. You will find the Crossbow there. Climb back out and lock for a missing part in the railings. From there jump over to pull a high wall switch.
This opens a door nearby. Pass a room and get into a shallow pool. Look for the Crowbar there.
Go back up the stairs and use the Crowbar to open that door. Go straight ahead. Shoot the big vases there. One has some explosive arrows and one has a rat inside.
Leave this room and outside shoot the white door. In the next room shoot the red chest and 3 big vases. Climb the ladder on the right side. Back flip.
Up there pull a wooden crate. Then pull the timed switch to put out the fire for a little while. Run along and at the end of the corridor you find the Lasersight.
A thug appears and you have to deal with him.
Now go and use the other switch. It is also timed and opens a door down below.
You have to hurry to reach the open door in time. Donít use the ladder. Just jump down.
Go up the stairs. You have to push two wooden crates. Behind the second one is an opening. First shoot the red chest and take the small medipack.
Inside the room there is a fire, 2 ladders and a clapping knife on the wall.
I jumped to the right ladder. Climbed not too far and with a twist jump grabbed the other ladder. Climbed up some more and with another twist jump grabbed the first ladder so that the feet are just above the knife.
Watch the popping up spikes and the darts when going over to the key.
Pick up the Ronins Key. Just drop down from there and again from where the crates are. Now it is all the way back through the building, use the pool and go over to the side where there is a keyhole. It is near the first crawlspace on the south side.
Use the Ronins Key. Collect some blue shotgun ammo. Then shoot the white door.
Draw pistols and be prepared for a thug. Inside the house shoot at a small door. Go through and you slide down a bit. Now watch out. There are 4 mechanical soldiers hacking the air with their swords. You have to pass them with good timing. In the next room shoot a big vase. Look up and you will see a bronze ball hanging up there. Shoot at it and a door will open. Return passing the mechanical soldiers. At the right side is a door open. Go in and drop into a basement with wooden crates.
You have to pull and push 2 crates. Then climb over to the other side. Pull out a crate in the corner and collect the Shotgun that is underneath it. Push the crate back otherwise you will get caught inside when you fall after grabbing the switch.
Look up and you see a swinging crate, a sloped block and a high wall switch.
Go onto the crates. Grab the edge of the block with the swinging crate. Shimmy around and drop on the other side. Jump over to the sloped block and pull up and jump and grab the wall switch. Go through the open door.
Slide down and jump over the knifes. Down below pull a switch. This opens a door where the mechanical soldiers are. Use the climbable wall to go up. Pass the first mechanical soldier. Pull the switch there. This brings out a block in the room behind the mechanical soldiers. Pass the other three mechanical soldiers. Climb onto the block and open the trapdoor. Pull up and get rid of a thug in that room.
Step out onto the balcony. Jump over to the opposite ledge. Kill a butterfly and a rat.
Push the switch there. This opens a door by the pool where you found the Crowbar.
So go all the way back there.
When you enter be very careful. A stone hammer might squash you. Go to the end of the garden and look up. You see a bronze ball. Shoot it. It will open a door next to the first geisha. Again be careful when leaving because of the stone hammer.
Behind the now open door is a garden. Kill a butterfly. You can leave the monkeys if you like.
Go forward and right. You will find a hole in the ground. Go down. Go along the green passage. Crawl and collect Geikos Key. When picking it up you will see where you can use it. Leave the underground. Look the orange wall for an opening. Go in and there is the 1.Secret. Collect a large medipack and red shotgun ammo.
Now go to the keyhole.
Use the Geikos Key and enter. Shoot the red chests if you like. In the next room are 4 entrances to other rooms.
I did it this way:
Start with the right one (west). Go in and shoot the red chests. One contains explosive arrows. Kill the thug that comes running along. He leaves a Geikos Key. Take it with you.
Go to the south entrance. You will come to a room where you see a gem high up on a block. At this moment 2 thugs appear. Deal with them. When you go on you will find a keyhole. Use the key the thug has left. Go in and in the end room you see a high wall switch with a fire underneath. So your first task is to stop the fire.
Jump over the fire and push a button switch. This will open a door in the brownish corridor. Back over the fire and walk to that door.
There is slope. First you have to kill a thug. Then stand with your back to the slope. Back flip and when jumping forward grab a high wall switch. Now comes the tricky part. As soon as you are on the ground a spiky ball comes down the slope. I escaped it by jumping forward/left (it took me a few tries). This switch stopped the fire.
Go back and pull the high wall switch. You hear a door opening. Go into the north entrance. That is where the door opened. Use the ladder to go down into a hole.
Start running because a spiky ball will follow you. In the next room jump onto the sloped block and forward over the knife grabbing the ladder.
Climb up. Shoot a big vase and kill a rat. Go towards the stairs and collect some red shotgun ammo. Go up the stairs and you come out high up in the first room.
Now make your way till you reach some popping up spikes.
On the way shoot 2 red chests and collect a large medipack and flares. Shoot 2 rats.
Behind the spikes is the block with the gem.
I got over there with a long running jump and no grabbing.
Take the green Zen Stone. Try and get rid of the thug down below. After that is done leave this part of the building and go to the green garden. There you can use the green Zen Stone. Behind the door the next level starts.

Katana Hunt

In the first room you will see 2 keyholes. One slightly hidden behind some cherry blossoms and a blue one. Go to the left till you reach a bathroom.
In the basin in front is a large medipack. In the basin to the right is red shotgun ammo.
Also take notice of a high wall switch.
The basin in the next room has no water in it. Shoot the big vase in the corner und reach into the switch there. This removes a door in front of a switch. Go back to the corridor and right and left and there is the switch. Pull it.
This brings out a block underneath the high wall switch. Go and pull this switch.
It will open a door in the corridor. Inside the room you see an intermittent fire. Kill 2 rats.
Go over the fire. On the right pull the wall switch and you can hear the empty basin being filled with water. Push the other switch to open the exit door again.
Go to the basin and swim into the opening. Inside you will find the Dragon Key.
Go back to the room with the keyholes and use the blue one.
You can shoot the 2 red chests. When you go up the stairs there is a samurai waiting behind a pillar. Shoot him. Continue to the next room. Here you have to pull and push wooden crates. Underneath the fourth is the Torch and underneath the fifth is a large medipack. Take the Torch back to the bathroom and light it there. Go back up the stairs and past the crates. In the next room are 2 sconces to light. Do this and then shoot the 2 rats.
Leave the Torch there. You donít need it anymore. When you get near the stairs a samurai comes up. Deal with him. Go back to the bathroom and climb up the ledge with the lion head. Pull the trapdoor. When pulling up a samurai starts shooting at you. Do what you have to do. Go outside onto the roof and take the Geikos Key.
With this key go to the keyhole behind the cherry blossoms.
Go through the door and enter the garden area. You pass a house with a keyhole. First go left and pick up some flares on the grass. Then go on and left and left till you see a white door. Shoot it. When you go to the second room pick up the small medipack there. Otherwise the samurai will take it and not give it back.
Go up the stairs. Go towards the geisha, turn and look up. Shoot the bronze ball and a door opens. Be careful when entering because a stone hammer is guarding this room.
Inside shoot a red chest and take the normal arrows.
There are 2 stairs going up. Start with the right side. Pull a wooden crate once.
Go down and up the left side. Pull a wooden crate. Go back to the right side and pull a switch there. This removes two corner blocks. Use the 2 fire spitting reach in switches.
This brings out a block on the left side. Go up there. When you enter the room go to the backside of the column. Climb up and collect the Pagoda Key there.
Go down all the stairs and leave the building. Go to the pagoda and use the key there.
When you enter there is a samurai to deal with. Climb up the ladder avoiding the knife. Use the Crowbar to open the door. Now up another ladder. Shoot the red chest and take the Small Waterskin. Pull a wall switch. This opens a door in a grassy area.
Leave the pagoda and go right and right and jump to the hidden entrance.
Better use a flare in the corridor and watch your steps.
You come to a slope. You see a boulder there. You can pick up the large medipack.
Now you have to trigger the boulder and survive.
I looked at the boulder, jumped/walked backwards and as soon as the boulder started run forward into the opening I just came in. There might be other ways too, but that is the one that worked for me.
When going down the slope watch out for the hidden spike traps. With a running jump go over to the sloped block. Jump forward, then backward and grab the edge. Let the boulder roll by. Go up the ledge. At one point is a climbable surface. Use it to go down and get the 2.Secret, explosive ammo, a small medipack and red shotgun ammo.
Look to opening in the building. You see 2 swinging spiky bags. Once you are over there you have to pass them. Lets do it.
Once you are behind them go up the stairs. Use the Crowbar to open a door.
You will find some flares on the floor. Climb up the ladder. Turn round and shoot the door on the other side. Go over to the cherry blossoms. There is a crawlspace behind them. You find normal arrows there.
Go down the ladder, turn and shoot at the bronze ball. Go back up and through the now open door. Go up the stairs and left. In the south west corner you have to kick out the wall. Crawl in. You have to shoot 2 rats. In the big vase is a samurai hidden. If you kill him then red shotgun ammo will be your reward.
In the room with the 4 futons (beds) there is a display case with a ring in it. Pull it.
A Dragon Key lies underneath. Go to the room on the right side and use it. This key opens 2 doors. You see a geisha floating by.
Go to the south door. Shoot a red chest and take the Geikos Key. Go over to the north door. Use the key. A block appears. Climb up and use the reach in switch.
Go back to the south door. Inside a door has opened.
You have to trigger 2 boulders before you can go to the next room.
Now comes a tricky part. You see a red gem surrounded by popping up spikes. You have to pull the switch. This will stop the spikes for a little while. You have to get the gem before the spikes come back up again.
Once you have the purple Zen Stone, go to the SW corner of this room and locate the hole in the ceiling. The north face of the shaft has a climbable surface, so use it to reach the room above. Throw the switch across the room to open a door outside.

Now leave this building and run across to the now open doorway. First pull the switch. Go to the room on the right side and fill the Small Waterskin.
Push the switch up again and enter the room on the left side. Pour the water onto the fire to stop it. (Save first, as this is difficult to do without setting Lara on fire.) Then insert the purple Zen Stone.
Watch a flyby giving you a first glimpse of the Katana.
Go to the lake and swim to the other side of the building. Climb out of the water.
When you enter the house 3 samurais are there to greet you. After you have finished them off go upstairs.
There is the Katana on a pedestal. Take it. Now in your excitement of having gotten the sword donít forget to shoot the red chest and take the golden Zen Stone with you.
Outside swim to where the switch is. Pull it and swim to the east side towards the open door. Inside climb onto a ledge. Use the ladders avoiding the knife. In the room go around the swinging spiky bag and insert the golden Zen Stone.
A flyby shows you what to do next.
Do it and swim through the door.
Now comes the cheerful message: ĒCongratulations you did itĒ.

That is the end of a really wonderful level.